The Heretics' Hour: The Right Not to Associate in America

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-05-19 18:20

May 19, 2014

Don's Freedom of Association admendment would not affect public schools, but private schools would be protected from forced integration. Just look at the result.

Don Advo, the California attorney who has become co-host on Don Black's Stormfront radio show, talks about the importance of Freedom of Association and his proposed amendment to the US Constitution that would make it an expressed, not just an implied, right.

  • Don was last on The Heretics' Hour on September 23, 2013;
  • Proposed amendment: "The right of freedom of association, however and by whomever exercised on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, whether real or perceived, whether exercised individually or otherwise, contractually or otherwise, in commerce or otherwise, by persons over the age of 18, is absolute and shall not be regulated or abridged by the United States, the several states or any political subdivision thereof."

In the second hour, Hadding Scott shares with us about his efforts to discover and disseminate some facts about Frazier Glenn Miller in the wake of false reporting about him.

  • Federal Govt. wanted to take Miller out of action as a White leader and was embarrassed at getting no convictions from his testimony;
  • Former Federal Prosecutor Doug McCullough has admitted the rumor that Miller was caught in a sex act with a black transvestite is false;
  • Do we not care if someone is lied about if we think they are a bad person, is discussed.

Don calls in to test the phone system at Blogtalk - my first caller.


Excellent show with very interesting guests. Hadding at his best!

Don and Hadding did nice presentations. 

About Miller, why go to a jewish center, ask people if they are are jews and then kill some innocent random non-jews? Why not go and assassinate some high ranking guilty jew, kamikaze style if at all? This story of him killing 3 random people including a child sounds so unbelievable. Especially after he allegedly confirmed that they are not jews. What kind of antisemite is that? 

Raw Story paraphrases Kirk Lyons saying that he picked up the transvestite prostitute story from rumors at the courthouse during the Shelby III Adult Bookstore trial. I think I overstated when I said that KL said that he had gotten the rumor from prosecutors.

It was actually Harold Covington -- of all people -- who specified (in his generally strongly anti-Miller  Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement) that the Negro transvestite story was put out by prosecutors. He said that they also put out the rumor that Miller had AIDS.

Thank you for another excellent show Carolyn, and a very big well done to Hadding for exposing the controlled medias lies about Fraser Glenn Miller. Don's views on this topic never really surprised me as he has always come across as favouring reaction over revolution on previous shows.

YouTube also make it appear as though posters comments are visible to other users when they are not. Here are a couple of screen captures exposing this practise from when I commented about the fraudulent Sturdy Colls survey of Treblinka on YouTubes Smithsonian Channel a while back .


The description on TruTube of my presentation about Glenn Miller is funny: "Hadding Scott reports on his investigation into Frazer Glenn Miller on Carolyn Yeager’s show. Don Advo phones in on behalf of all those who deny and abandon their own people when things go wrong."