The Heretics' Hour: Metapedia as a mirror of White Nationalist failure

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-05-26 18:32

May 26, 2014

Carolyn relates some strong prejudices and inaccuracies she has come across mainly on the "White Media" pages at Metapedia and describes the very open process that produces these pages. The end result is that much of what is presented about pro-White and "patriotic" websites and networks is written by very few people, and some pages are totally the work of a single person (called a User). Some of the reasons for this:

  • Necessary but problematic anonymity of all Users at Metapedia;
  • Volunteer nature of the work means very few are willing to do it;
  • Favoritism based on in-group thinking, for example among homosexuals or among different "alternative" factions;
  • Users without the necessary research and writing skills;
  • Tolerance of misinformation, disinformation, use of rumors, second and third-hand information, and even lies;
  • A true, healthy Anglo-Saxon based nationalism for the U.S. needs to be developed.


AIDS is another example of politicalized science. HIV that supposedly causes AIDS does not even exist, but in the theoretically computer animations. The Gay-Lobby (and we know who is behind that) was not satisfied that AIDS (which is real) is caused by behavioral patterns, namely drug abuse, other evident sexually transmitted diseases and hygiene and nutrition. So, they came up with the theory of a virus causing AIDS. Because HIV is not the cause of AIDS, the funding to cure the disease is unlimited since there can never be found a cure based on false assumptions to begin with. 
Dr. Duesberg, a German scientist who works in the US, is the leading "HIV-denier". In this documentary, even the leading HIV advocates admit the flaws of the theory. The French discoverer of AIDS even admits that improving hygene and following a healthy lifestyle, AIDS can be cured. 
Most alleged medicines (toxic cocktails) given to "HIV" patients even cause AIDS, at a time when the patient is still healthy, as a preventive meassure. 
But this kind of logic and empirical science was unaccaptable to the Gay Lobby and other politically correct organizations and it is also bad for funding. Chasing ghostsis incredibly  profitable and can be used for population control and social engineering. 
HIV was not unleashed in Africa by the pharma industry. It doesn't exist. (but AIDS does exist. It is not cause by a virus though and can be cured by changing your lifestyle). 
Watch the award winning documentary House of Numbers 

Something that I should have said in that last segment of the show is that Mike Conner was very polite to Lorraine Day while he was in the conversation with her. He didn't have the courage to say to her that he thought she was a kook, that her AIDS theory was all wrong, and he would not air her interview for that reason. No, he forced me to do it. That is cowardly right there.

Markus I watched the entire documentary "House of Numbers" and I have to say at first it had me.  However when I did further research on the topic I found that both Christine Maggiare and her child died before the documentary was even completed and several of the interviewees said they were misrepresented with editing.
Now compare this documentary with "The Last Days of the Big Lie" by Eric Hunt.  As far as I can tell nobody has been able to refute Eric Hunt's documentary; instead they just try to ignore it.

They ignore it? There are hate speech laws to silence holocaust revisionists. And the "I have been quoted out of context" is an old trick to retrack truthful statements. If the science was all so evident, there would be no controversy. Dr. Duesberg named them prostitutes. He said if the new -concensus- was that the cause of AIDS was merely side-factors, most would go along that for group think and funding purposes. AIDS research monies are only approaved if the scientist applies the hypothesis that HIV is the cause. And the media hypes and -AIDS Walk- activists perpetuate the whole hysteria. 
Science should look into all possible causes. A never isolated virus that has never been proven to even exist, is the foundation of their religious science in order to have a vaccine or something for the consequences of promiscuity, drug abuse, the typical gay culture, malnutrition. It's also great to poison people and actually cause AIDS in healthy people as a "preventive meassure".  
But you think that we evolved from bacteria and viruses also, despite empirical evidence. You would have believed that smoking was good, when American scientists and Hollywood promoted that, while the "propagandists" in Germany made up claims that smoking was harmful. Whose science was evident and whose was religious? 

Light in the loafers.

I've heard it, of course, but wasn't sure of the meaning.

CC publishes some worthwhile books (and gets them distributed = appeared as  recommendations from Amazon, reasonably priced, and the usual free shipping).  By way of contrast, I tried ordering a Carolyn Yeager book and the "supplier" wanted *** $25 *** postage.  No thanks... :(
Too bad it's a hotbed of homosexuals.  Didn't know that.  Like the poor, I guess they will always be with us...  Given the desperation of our current situation, better homo NS sympathisers than homo Marxists.  Somehow the Führer managed to tolerate and get along with Ernst Röhm for many years.  Does anyone doubt that Ernst Röhm contributed in a major way to bring the party to power in 1933?
The news from Europe is encouraging.  Enjoy it whilst you can. (It won't last.)  Just about every little country in Europe seems to have developed some kind of significant pro-White movement.  And that in spite of the shackles on free speech and wall-to-wall polcor mass media (such as many gov't run radio and TV stations).  UKIP, Front National, etc. may not pass muster around here, but at least they are a step in the right direction.  As opposed to the usual movement in the wrong direction.  If something is not done about immigration soon, there won't be any White people to worry about any longer...
So I think it ought to be a wake up call to Whites in both Amexica and Canuckistan. Where's our Marine Le Pen?  Or even our Alessandra Mussolini?!
"Meglio fascista che frocio"

Sawa Nakamura,

You are close to being a troll. Some people say that I am too selective in what comments I allow on my site - only favorable ones. But I don't like to waste my or my readers time with people who aren't serious. Your comment very much fits the "whatever" category you yourself gave it.

Do you have a good reason for hiding in anonymity? Probably not. You say the "supplier" wanted $25 postage for my book. Who is the supplier? Where do you live? Fill in the details. You indicate at the end that you are an American or Canadian by saying "Where's our Marine Le Pen?" 

I can sell you my booklet for $10 and charge you only the actual postage incurred for a very small, lightweight book, but for that you will have to give me a name and mailing address in advance, which I doubt you are willing to do. If you are, just send it to [email protected] or to my PO Box. If I don't hear from you, I'll let the readers know.

How far out of the loop are you that you didn't know that homosexuals operate Counter-Currents? But you are blase' about it and come up with the usual commendation of Ernst Rohm. Rohm turned into a "traitor within" and Hitler had to carry out a "night of the long knives" (for which he and his party are still today subject to harmful accusations) in order to clean Rohm's treasonous plotters out of his (yes, Hitler's) party. Where does that leave the homosexual Rohm as a "major contributor" to bringing the party to power? In the end, homosexuals are nothing but bad news who damage the public good. Like Jews, they refuse to stay in their place, instead they always seek more power and work together to get it. The favoritism of queers for other queers is overwhelming.

I have no problem with UKIP, FN or Austria's FPO. I'm all for them and like you I say, Where is our national leader against immigration? We had Ron Paul but something happened to him along the way - I'm not sure what. He had plenty of support but seemed to squander it. It appears he was all intellectual, not tough enough to want to go all the way.

"Who is the supplier?"
Barnes = where the book link on your page sent me.  If you are willing to sell it directly and can figure out an acceptable price, I can send a "donation" to cover the purchase. I am not in the USA. The domain stuff on my email address (which you have) should tell you that.
"How far out of the loop are you that you didn't know that homosexuals operate Counter-Currents?"
Far enough it seems.  I just have purchased a few of their books through Amazon.  There was nothing "gay" about them. 
I think Röhm's record prior to June 30, 1934 speaks for itself --
1) Awarded the Iron Cross First Class on 20 June 1916
2) Joined the German Workers party (DAP) in 1919, (party becomes NSDAP in 1920)
3) Led the Reichskriegsflagge militia at the time of the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, when it occupied the War Ministry for sixteen hours.
4) Tried for "high treason" along with Adolf Hitler, General Ludendorff, and 7 others in Feb. 1924 
5) While Hitler was in prison, Röhm helped to create the Frontbann as a legal alternative to the then-outlawed SA.
6) In September 1930... Hitler sent a personal request to Röhm, asking him to return to serve as the SA's chief of staff.
[all from wikipedia]
I don't want to get stuck here defending homosexuality.  If you think we're better off with them all being Marxists, then we'll just have to disagree.  I believe Adolf Hitler was focused on victory, whatever it would take to win, not worrying about Röhm's private life.  If the Führer thought Röhm was not helpful for the movement, he would have been long gone way before 1934.

I am not in the USA. The domain stuff on my email address (which you have) should tell you that.

Since you do not have to verify your email address at this time, I DO NOT see it. This is not a Wordpress siite. There are many things in this world you are sure to be unaware of and thus should be a little more modest. Since you are not in the U.S. why say, "Where's our Marine Le Pen?" speaking of U.S. and Canada. This is what I can't stand about anonymous people - how they try to avoid being pinned down.

I told you the price: $10 plus whatever the postage is. It's up to you to tell me where it's being mailed to; then send the correct amount of money and a mailing address. Then you will receive the book.

I don't know if you would recognize "gay" if it were right in front of you, but of course most of C-Cs books are not outwardly "gay." Words have influence. How about changing it to "sodomite" and you might have a slightly different feeling.

I don't want to get stuck here defending homosexuality.

You already are. You want to frame the argument as saving queers from being leftists by allowing them to be White Nationalists. What the queers at C-C and elsewhere are doing is inventing the "New Right" in order to move the "Right" to the left. You are using Ernst Roehm as an example of a good, even irreplaceable queer that Adolf Hitler could not have done without. A typical queer argument. But no mention that once Hitler took power, this queer turned traitor and tried to take over the party and thus become Chancellor himself. This undoes all the good you think he did, does it not? Roehm ended up a dead queer, but I guess you want to memorialize him as a martyr.

Most certainly you are recommending tolerating queers, and known queers, in WN and in any pro-White party or organization. Most white men agree with you, but it's because they are too weak on the issue and cannot stand up to other men. They are more comfortable with queer men than with women. It's the queers who mostly don't want the women around -- competition, I guess. But also because so many women are "queer-wise." If you did not even know about C-C, then you are not queer-wise.

Of course it's true that Hitler was focused on victory, but Roehm was still a traitor and not a loyal soldier in the end. Lots of traitors are queers and deviants. It's just not a good idea to have them around.

I'm all for UKIP, too, but Nigel Farage will never say a word about the problems which jewish immigrants have caused for western European nations. Maybe that's the secret of his success.
I'm one of Nigel's biggest fans, but his comment at the beginning of this video seems insencere - I'm sure he knows better.

The date of articles, videos, comments, etc. is very important and should never be ignored. Politicians say a lot of things - even Hitler made some allowances in order to get the vote. Without the vote, you get nowhere.

It's really impossible to tell who is really sincere. Is Griffin? Farange knows better than to appear as a racist. I don't think he is the answer, but he appears to be a good step along the way, meaning we are lucky to have him! One has to keep their eyes always open and not go to sleep.

Griffin and Farage are sincere, but their public statements are sometimes less that completely sincere, out of political necessity, as you pouint out. Griffin was a sincere revisionist, as you would know, but I don't think you'll hear him speaking too much about that in public, anymore, even though I suspect that his opinions on that subject haven't changed. Nick & Niles can survive the "racist" charge, but both of them know that the "anti-semitic" charge can be fatal. Griffin isn't afraid of what Muslims think of him, but he's scared to death of what jews can do to him, and it's easy to understand why.

As per Carolyn's reasoning, I guess the Führer made a mega-mistake ever having anything to do with Ernst Röhm, let alone over some 14 years.  You heard it here first people.
I don't mind having a civilised discussion on issues related to the survival of White people on this planet and historical facts and fallacies.  However I'm not interested in participating in name calling, insults, nasty arguments, etc.  Think I got beyond that stuff (for the most part) in High School.
Reminds me of something a teacher used to say -- "Takes two to make an argument."  Thus this one now ends...
As for the book, keep it. 

But do we really need more examples? This is what happens when I post "opposing viewspoints" in order to be a fair person. This guy never wanted the book to begin with. What he wanted was to defend homosexuals, based on Ernst Roehm where he thought he would "have me," and waste my time.

Remember who Sawa Nakamura is - a fictional character.
On Metapedia, it's written of Mike Sledge that:
"He has brought to the attention of people the disproportion position of Chicago in US subversive movements.

Thank you for having the strenght to speak the truth.