The return of Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn?

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2014-05-25 15:24

Thanks enzog! I love it.

You've really cornered me with this. If Adolf himself wants me to continue producing Saturday Afternoon shows, how can I not? In fact, just seeing this gives me a burst of energy. Laughing

I thought I might have a Saturday show yesterday, but other things got in the way. I will need to do some, though, because I have more material and topics than available show space with just The Heretics' Hour.

I want to confess that I was uncomfortable in the past when you proclaimed me to be "a leader in the pro-White movement" or, as you're doing in this current post, "the world’s leading commentator on the Third Reich." I did not love you for it. But now, after all that has been happening in just the past month and a half, I am starting to agree with you!

As I look about, I see less of both leadership and respect for truth. I see a lot of retreat and cowardice. I don't see much of anyone with what I consider compelling things to say. So, while it's a sad day, in my opinion, when I feel that I have as much or more to offer than whoever else is out there, I am ready to take myself more seriously. That doen't mean I will start leading anything, but I will try not to retreat into that false modesty and/or fear of success (which is always accompanied by loss of privacy) that I have always tended toward. One thing going for me: I've always been right. Me and Adolf, eh?


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I concur with Endzog!

Look forward to it.

I only discovered your site and work over the winter and I learn a great deal from your broadcasts and articles. I was also shocked at what happened to you at The White Network.  I'm really happy to see you take the bull by the horns and continue with your programs. I'll surely be listening in. Thank you.

Sorry to be off topic, but Carolyn I found some new evidence that seem to vindicate your suspicions regarding Vladimir Putin and his endorsement of Alexander Dugan's Eurasia party especially.
I discovered this on a blog that is unremarkable and poorly presented, but the man seems to have done his homework and is independent as far as I can tell so far.
It seems that Vladimir Putin and Alexander Dugan are both in the pockets of "Lubavitch", a right-wing Jewish organisation that is anti-liberal and anti-US, but are still pro-Zionist and of course biological Jews.
Here is what I posted on DS:
[first comment]
This is a very long essay and I found it hard to get into, but it gets good towards the end.It links the Eurasia Movement political party, endorsed by Putin and founded by Alexander Dugan, an adviser to Putin's political party, to Lubavitcher or ‘Chabadnik’, a right-wing Jewish organisation that is very powerful in Russia.
While it can be said that Lubavitch opposes Western Liberalism and "Atlanticism" (the US), they are both staunch pro-Zionist and biological Jews.
Probably the most damning part of the essay (assuming it is authentic) was this:Finally, as if the above were not bad enough, we find an even more obnoxious ultra-Zionist involved, if this anonymous and undated (2004?) communication (13) to the admittedly erratic Barry Chamish is to be believed:"Hello Barry, There has been a recent important development in this. Avigdor Eskin has been elected (in absentia) as a member of Political Council (leadership) of “Eurasia” Movement based in Moscow, Russia. The Eurasia socio-political movement is financed and structurally supported by Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russian Presidential Administration. Although it is officially a “patriotic”, “neo-Eurasian”, “anti-American” organization, it serves the purpose of NWO and is paid by its emissaries in Russia. Basically, it is a pro-NWO party which hides behind a pseudo-patriotic facade. The official organizer is talented Russian geopolitician and political philosopher Alexander Dugin. It seems they are trying to use Avigdor Eskin and his cohorts to smooth the relations between pro-Western Russian elite (Putin, etc.), criminal oligarchs (Deripaska, Abramovich, Chubais, etc.) with Israeli business elite and political circles. It is known that Avigdor Eskin has connections with Israeli lobby in Washington, with the late Republican Senator Jesse Helms, and with head of Committee on International Relations of Russian State Duma Dmitri Rogozin, and has been used to make contact between Russian and US administrations."
It is also worth making note of Golden Dawn's recent diplomatic dialog with Dugan.Here is the full Essay:Source:

[second comment]
This very revealing memoir is linked to in the Dugan essay. It is allegedly by a Ukrainian Reform Jewish organiser who had the misfortune to fall under the wheels of the Lubavitch take-over of Jewish organisations throughout the FSU. So disgruntled was he that he wrote a revealing memoir, (which the author rescued from oblivion, in this case from a now-defunct Russian Orthodox Christian web page). The burden of it is that Putin is pretty much in the pocket of the “Lubavitcher werewolves”, as the writer calls them.

I appeciate this information. NigNaq is a solid researcher-writer who has been around for a long time. I wasn't able to read it all, and I don't have the time to spare to really look into this as would be necessary to come to a clear opinion of my own. But I remain very suspicious of Putin, and I will look into whether this NigNaq will come on a program and talk about it from his perspective. That would be great, wouldn't it?

Thank you for you kind comments.
I think at this stage it is not a matter of leading but breeding and breeding and weeding White nationalists is what you were doing when the cowards, running as hard as they could for the hills after Glenn, howsoever derangedly, had laid down his life for his volk, called it "criticism of Whites."
Don't forget that it was only after the French had been under 'British' occupation for over a hundred years that a simple peasant girl; the Emma West of her time Joan of Arc, deceided to lead them to victory. Later after being captured in a skirmish the 'British' Jew's Anglican 'church' bought her from captors and put her to death, though Rome which was still Real at the time made her a saint.
Jewish male-created feminism has given birth to most modern males and perhaps it looks like it may take a Uber-Germanic woman to shake things up and encourage a stronger variety to stand up, "Mutter und Kind" as they used to say in Germany.
The very young are not showing the cowardice of their older siblings who form the vast majority of WN at this time as you can see from the thread on a site where some Jew who thought his tribe were in full control of the Jugend's minds got a thrashing:
Of course as to action external to radio a lecture to students at a university campus, or at least some public speaking engagements at other forea on Reich and Reality, at so-called 'truth events' recorded for Jewtube etc would not go amiss :)

It's difficult because you yourself are anonymous, and you are calling anonymous commenters on this anonymous "Lunatic Outpost" site the heirs of Joan of Ark and Emma West?! Anonymous Internet faux battles, multiplied on hundreds of websites, is not a sign of courage in my mind, nor a sign of progress.

I sure would not encourage people to go to a site like Lunatic Outpost and waste their time. I also would not characterize Glenn Miller as having "laid down his life for his volk." Something more constructive should be the goal.

Actually it was YOU I was comparing to St Joan :) and yes that is a rubbish site, I only heard of it because the list the Jew gave directed some traffic from it to my site but I thought the response to his posting significant in showing how youth are turning against the JWO. Yes, you are right I am anonymous but for good reason. Personally I do absolutly see Glenn as having done as I described, howsoever insanely so we will have to agree to disagree on that point.

Glad to see the old Saturday Afternoon show being revivied.  I have a sentimental attachment to it.  Persistence has its own quality.  You are leading by example.