USHMM takes on the Alt-Right

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-11-23 22:22

Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald talking about White people's interests in relation to Pres-elect Donald Trump inspires images like this to the United States Holocaust Museum staff.

Hadding Scott has posted a good article at the CODOH website in response to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's over-reaction by Andrew Hollinger concerning Richard Spencer's Saturday night NPI conference in Washington D.C. Hadding writes:

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is obviously not just a museum, but has a mission of political propaganda in service to specifically Jewish interests. On Monday, 21 November 2016, the museum issued a public condemnation of statements reported to have been made by Richard Spencer in a speech at a conference of his National Policy Institute two days earlier, just a short distance from the USHMM. The museum declared itself “deeply alarmed” and called for action.

The text of the declaration makes clear that the author of the museum's proclamation did not even bother to make a careful determination of what Spencer had said, but simply trusted accounts given by news-media. The USHMM really did not have to rely on press-reports, since the conference was streamed live on YouTube, and the content was accessible immediately afterward. Because the USHMM relied on news-media, its account of what Spencer said is not entirely accurate. Continue reading at


I read somewhere that HJ were not allowed to read Der Stürmer. Maybe they are critiquing it.

Maybe it's photoshop and he was really holding something else.

Then again, I don't think anyone could have prevented boys from reading it, individually. Curiosity is too strong. N-S Germany was not a police state, as you know.

The two men giving the so-called nazi salute with Tila Tequila outside the Richard Spencer meeting were Jewish. Figures.

Please be aware of groups that may be controlled by Jews {controlled opposition):

Richard Spencer does a poor job of representing White people and our interests. I saw him doing a half-hour interview with a Washington D.C. black dude and thought he was awful. A WIMP. Came off like a teenage boy getting a lecture from his pastor.

Spencer coined the word Alt-Right and it seems to mean anything one wants it to mean. I do not use it for that reason. AFAIC, Steve Bannon can walk back his statement that Breitbart was the "platform of the Alt Right" by saying he meant something else. Not that I'm in agreement with Brietbart either but they're better than the MSM. I'm glad Bannon has left Breitbart. I'm for Trump and his deep immigration changes, period. And for Bannon, as far as he's helping Trump accomplish that. Go team Trump.

Please check out Joe Owens' youtube channel:

He is in the UK, and he makes some interesting observations and good points about prudent political approaches and tactics that may be more effective.

See also this video by Joe Owens:

Donald Trump needs the FBI to investigate Alt - right and Richard Spencer

Spencer probably coined the abbreviated term Alt Right but "Alternative Right" was introduced by Paul Gottfried in 2008. It was from a speech to the Mencken Society that was published in Taki's mag. At the time he said that the Alternative Right included Peter Brimelow and Jared Taylor.
Interestingly Gottfried says that he is not part of the Alternative Right, although he coined the term with apparent approbation of it.

This guy is being used by the left to smear the Trump campaign, willingly, in conjuction with Stein's plan to spend 7-million while claiming she's for Trump. No, he is definitely not in any danger, he's extremely useful, and he's an IDIOT. He didn't know that what he was saying would hurt Trump? I think he did. I think Infostormer is being forced to promote this guy as legitimate, but no, it's just like the infowars jew Cernovic says. Hell he had that whole hateful USHMM decaration read aloud to him and couldn't seem to find fault with it. That's exactly what's wrong: we need recantations signed and spoken, and the false claims refunded. The interviewer completely bowled him over with facts.