Further evidence that Joshua Kaufman is lying about being Auschwitz prisoner 109023

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-06-03 23:42

By Carolyn Yeager

JUST LIKE ELIE WIESEL, Joshua Kaufman’s claimed Auschwitz number doesn’t fit his own story of how and when he could have been assigned it.

At the end of my previous article on Kaufman (at left in 2015), I asked readers to join me in demanding answers from him about his claim to be Auschwitz number 109023. He said to reporters in the courtroom in Detmold, Germany, as quoted by NBC News:

Can you imagine working in a crematorium, when you are only 15 years old? I had to break the bones of the dead to get them untangled … I am not Joshua Kaufman, I am number 109023.”

I heard nothing from Kaufman, but I did hear from Carlo Mattogno, the accomplished Italian revisionist. Carlo looked up the numbers and helpfully sent me the following information (my bolding): Continue reading at Elie Wiesel Cons The World


To blake - A lot of hullabaloo over very little ... as usual at Holocaust Controversies. That's all they've got going is to try to make some minor point here or there.

Apart from the reliability of the search program used (Joshua Kaufman came from Debreczen, not Szbreczen, Hungary, which does not exist), when does any former inmate speak of his Dachau prisoner number? Never. If [Jeno?] did, it was only to mislead.

He was speaking of Auschwitz when he used it. As I have quoted, yes, many times:

Can you imagine working in a crematorium, when you are only 15 years old? I had to break the bones of the dead to get them untangled … I am not Joshua Kaufman, I am number 109023.

He claimed he was a commando in Auschwitz, in the gas chamber, and that was clearly the context of the number he gave. I do not fault myself for going ahead on that basis. Kaufman himself could have written a comment at either Web site correcting my statements. He did not because his whole shtick is to confuse since his story is crap. When he got selected for the staged meeting with Gillespie, it was only about Dachau. But after all that attention, he decided to add fake stories about Auschwitz. That's what he was doing in the courtroom in Detmold, Germany. Since the trial was about Auschwitz, he became an expert on Auschwitz.

But since he was only at Auschwitz a very short time and is not even registered there, he tried to combine being at Auschwitz with his Dachau prisoner number. He must have researched in advance to even get that information. What a lying schemer. What I have done to bring attention to this fraud should be applauded by revisionists; in any case, I applaud myself. This so-called controversy just brings more attention to this man's lies, so it is all for the good.

By the way, someone at Codoh Forum said I asked Carlo Mattogno for the information he sent. I did not, he voluntarily sent it to me ... which just shows that it was widely recognized that Kaufman was speaking of an Auschwitz number.

The NBC news story is here: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/nazi-guard-reinhold-hanning-s-trial-auschwitz-survivor-denied-voice-n573516

and it reads:

"It is not fair," the Holocaust survivor told NBC News. "They know who I am. I lost my whole family, I survived five concentration camps and I represent the dead people. They should at least respect me."

Looking at the two daughters who joined him in Germany, Kaufman added: "This is my revenge to the murderers that I have four beautiful daughters, college educated, and four grandchildren."

Kaufman also recounted his time at Auschwitz for reporters.

"Can you imagine working in a crematorium, when you are only 15 years old?" he asked. "I had to break the bones of the dead to get them untangled ... I am not Joshua Kaufman, I am number 109023."

For his daughters, the trip was a difficult and emotional journey.

"My father is strong and determined, but it would be sad for us if they do not let him speak," Rachel Kaufman said before the decision was announced.

This makes clear that Kaufman was speaking about Auschwitz when he gave his Dachau number without specifying he was switching to a different camp. The ellipsis in the sentence does not represent a major break in his thought. Obviously, the reporter didn't intend that. This switching he does is something I wrote about in my articles at Elie Wiesel Cons The World. I think it's mostly because he doesn't know himself what he's talking about.

I have searched the net and it turned out he never said that was his Auschwits number. But that this number was his Dachau number. Since you already know this to be true you should really pull down the heading of this article which is clearly not true and apologize to that man who did nothing wrong. Keeping this title on is simply slander.

WRONG. Kaufman did not say it was his Dachau number. I have clarified and added the new information in my comments.

It is not my policy to remove or change posts that I have written in good faith with the available information at the time. There are other parts of his testimony that Kaufman is lying about and that is probably why he will not contact me and set the record straight. His entire Auschwitz testimony is a lie and he knows it. Where is his apology?

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