German Court hands down 2 year suspended sentence to 97 yr old former typist 80 years after the fact

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2022-12-21 14:30

Irmgard Furchner sits well-covered in the courtroom in Itzehoe, Germany  appearing to be 'holstered' to her seat, apparently to keep the 97 year-old from collapsing forward?

By Carolyn Yeager

IRMGARD FURCHNER IS THE LATEST VICTIM of the Jewish-controlled so-called German “justice” system's pursuit of  nonagenarians (persons aged 90-99) they can convict for the crime of “accessory to murder” based entirely on being employed in a concentration or labor camp during the last years of the National Socialist regime. The whole purpose of this costly, taxpayer-funded endeavor is to further blacken the reputation of Adolf Hitler's government, and to bolster belief in Jewish suffering and losses during World War II, that Jews were pivotal in bringing about. That's really what it comes down to, but it's doctored up with contrived language and vivid 'survivor testimony' to make it appear the sacrificial goat being convicted “knew” or “had to know” that detainees at whatever camp they were at were being murdered on a mass scale.

In the case of Irmgard Furchner, who was 18 at the time in question, her attorneys argued that she did not know that the later-claimed murders were taking place. She was one of three stenographer/typists working in the office of the Stutthof camp commandant. Her job was to take dictation in shorthand and then to type up the results in full in the form of reports, correspondence, etc. She was NOT “the secretary” in charge of the commandant's office, as she is sometimes casually portrayed by media. She has also been dubbed "the secretary of evil" by others in the press. They love to coin nicknames like that; they think it feeds the readership.

Prosecutors countered that  the muster point for new arrivals to Stutthof was visible from her office window. They also claimed that the crematoriums at the camp [there were only two ovens, not two crematoriums, if you can believe this photograph at Wikipedia] were running constantly during her time there. How do they know that? They don't. I would like to see a transcript of the testimony but all I have to go on are news reports. Even so, these two claims (seeing new arrivals and seeing-smelling smoke) do not add up to evidence that she was aware of killing in a “gas chamber” and by various other methods, but only adds up to imagination and/or speculation. But in German courts, in “Holocaust”-related trials, this is deemed good enough.

The testimony of so-called survivors is taken as honest and truthful. The lawyers for the defense know this and know not to fight it, so the best that can be done for their client is to claim ignorance and “I was just a cog in the wheel” form of denial of responsibility. Irmgard, to her credit, did not admit anything, but only said:

“I'm sorry about everything that happened".

"I regret that I was in Stutthof at the time - that's all I can say,"

Who wouldn't regret it later on, considering developments in Germany? But I don't think she regretted it in the beginning for the simple fact that she had witnessed none of the things they now claim were taking place.

Media coverage

I can compare four Internet news outlets' stories appearing on Tuesday, Dec. 20: Associated Press, the BBC, CNN and Fox News. They have some interesting differences in spite of appearing on the surface as similar. Associated Press (AP) is usually where most news outlets get their information, although a large organizaiton like BBC credits only themselves. In my opinion, the BBC was the least truthful but the longest. It is very selective compared to the AP story, and more noticeably anti-'Nazi.'

The AP was the most complete account, and included quoted statements by the judges and from court reports. It wrote:

The verdict and sentence were in line with prosecutors’ demands. Defense lawyers had asked for their client to be acquitted, arguing that the evidence hadn’t shown beyond doubt that Furchner knew about the systematic killings at the camp, meaning there was no proof of intent as required for criminal liability.

Furchner appeared to follow the verdict attentively but didn’t show any obvious emotion. It wasn’t immediately clear whether she would appeal, though lawyer Wolf Molkentin said the defense team thinks the case presents 'insurmountable doubts' as to her guilt.

But presiding Judge Dominik Gross said it was “simply beyond all imagination” that Furchner didn’t notice the killings at Stutthof, German news agency dpa reported. He said she could see from her office the collection point where new prisoners had to wait after arrival, and the crematorium was in constant use in the fall of 1944, with smoke spreading across the camp.

Here we go again. It is known and been repeated many times that crematoriums do not produce smoke, yet it is a favorite feature in the stories by survivors – who are mostly taking their testimony from what they've heard and read by other 'survivors.' Since the survivors are believed no matter what they say, there's no motivation to put an end to the “smoke from the crematoriums” narrative (lie).So it persists, as we see here, even in courts of law and by prosecutors and judges. In a previous AP story on the trial, this sentence was found: "She [Furchner] also must have been able to see and smell smoke from the burning of bodies at the crematorium, the prosecutor added."

It's buffoonish. Who can take it seriously? But the media does, so we're forced to also.

Of the four news stories I mentioned, only Fox mentioned that “Irmgard Furchner argues she did not know about the murders at the Stutthof concentration camp.” The others skirted around putting it that plainly.

Another questionable part of the story is that Furchner was “on the run” from her court date. BBC said: “When the trial began in September 2021, Irmgard Furchner went on the run from her retirement home and was eventually found by police on a street in Hamburg.”

And CNN: “Furchner went on the run weeks before her trial was due to begin, but was found by authorities after several hours. Proceedings eventually began late last year.” [This is wrong. It was only the morning of her trial, not 'weeks before.']

To their credit Fox did not use the words “on the run” but simply said, “Furchner reportedly attempted to skip her first hearing related to the trial, leading authorities to detain her.”

AP wrote:

”The 96-year-old woman left her home near Hamburg in a taxi on Thursday morning, a few hours before proceedings were due to start at the state court in Itzehoe, court spokeswoman Frederike Milhoffer said. […] The accused woman previously had “announced that she didn’t want to come” to court, but that did not provide sufficient grounds for detaining her ahead of the trial, Milhoffer said. Given the woman’s age and condition, she had not been expected “actively to evade the trial,” Milhoffer added.

Police found the defendant and she was brought to the court on Thursday afternoon.

LOL. This makes more sense to me than any 'official' part of this trial-farce. Ms Irmgard is a  better, more spirited former National-Socialist than most of the other nonagenarians who've been brought to trial in Germany, including her SS husband (who wasn't that old at the time), from reports of his trial comments. Although reports are just that, and could be misleading, so I shan't judge him.

All in all, this is just another black eye for the Federal Republic of Germany, and it's complete submissiveness to the Jewish Holocaust Industry. I think the JHI will find some grounds to keep trials going even after there are no more 'survivors' they can pull out of the woodwork. My guess is they will go for antisemitism as a hate crime in a bigger way. We need to drive them off at the pass on that one. Starting NOW, for those who haven't started already. This is no time for complacency.



Regrettably, Germany is so submissive to the zionist filth and  has regressed to below banana Republic status.
It is so sad, I'm not sure if the situation is reversible. Not sure how we can drive them off at the pass when (((they))) have already occupied all the passes with the help of many of our own people, traitors who prefer to be like lemmings not hawks.
The late great revisionist Frederick Töben has once said "do not blame the "dzews" (my spelling) for what they do, blame those who bow to their pressure". It's so true. I read the AP report on this matter and what surprised me is how casually they list 10,000 murders without providing any proof whatsoever.
It is so pathetic; Justice, due process and courts,  in Germany and I'm afraid soon in the rest of the world has lost its true meaning. It is truly a farce ... Themis, the ancient Greek goddess of Justice, must be truly exasperated.
I'm afraid nothing short of a bloody revolution will restore our lives back to a semblance of normality, and I'm sure the people are ready, but I'm afraid, I don't see any worthy leaders willing to draw their sword and point forward. I hope I am wrong. Thanks for the update Carolyn.
Here's the AP link:

"I read the AP report on this matter and what surprised me is how casually they list 10,000 murders without providing any proof whatsoever."

Good on you for noticing that. There is not a shred of proof for what ((they)) claim took place at Stutthof. It was just an ordinary detention camp beginning in 1939, for Poles who were actively engaged in resisting and sabotaging the new German rule. We always have to remember it was the Polish leadership who brought this result upon Poland--it didn't have to happen this way.

On Wikipedia, there are NO citations for the empty claim of "a gas chamber" (said capacity 150 people) and "gas wagons" (which never existed) said to have been "used when needed." And the use of both only started in 1944! Clearly what happened at Stutthof (near Danzig) was the same as what happened at Dachau and Belsen: massive Allied bombing of German infrastructure and transportation caused mass disruption of food and medicine deliveries, along with all other goods and services. The population of the camp also increased from overcrowding. Any death and starvation that took place was the fault of the Allies, not the Germans.

I share your concerns. All we can do is keep telling the truth, and staying faithful to it. We are chipping away little by little. It has to become weaker, like a big tree, before it will topple over.

Thanks for covering this disgraceful "trial" Carolyn, what a total farce. What an absurdity and embarassment for not only Germany, but all of Europe and America!
Until White leaders publicly "deny the Holocaust" - i.e., think critically about WWII and its aftermath - we will continue to be slaves to the Jews and their systematic campaign of lies, defamation, and inversions of reality.
Question: are there any White leaders capable of publicly "denying the Holocuast"?
Only ones I've come across are the guys at The National Justice Party.
National Justice Party

Hi John. Thanks for checking in.

To answer your very good question: I don't think they have to be "White leaders." Any people in public life. And I do think we're getting closer. Besides "Ye" (who is quite famous), I think Elon Musk's 'Twitter Files' are doing great damage to the institution of the FBI, and of course the CIA too. I see this as possibly momentous.

The FBI has a very close relationship with the ADL, for many years already. I learned just how close when I wrote that post analyzing James Comey's speech to the ADL in 2017. Please check it out. That speech was a real eye-opener for me. And just 2 days ago I saw a former high-level person in the FBI say to Greg Kelly on Newsmax that the FBI was hopelessly corrupted and needed to be completely taken down and started afresh! He said Congress should do it. Greg Kelly (something of a Christian Zionist unfortunately, along with that whole network) agreed and has been tearing into the FBI lately, big time!

So a lot of what appeared to be rock-solid is looking vulnerable now. But any big change won't be done under a "White" banner. I think changed attitudes toward the Holohoax will just follow along naturally. Not with any great fanfare. And it won't happen everywhere at the same time. Will probably be spotty.

It takes some real courage to round up a 97 year old woman and try her. 18 years old? How in hell can anyone take real responsibility at that age? She had no real authority. Could barely vote in USA at that age and couldn't drink nor buy smokes legally.  I'm ashamed of anyone who remotely considers this justice. If i had any courage myself, I would quit everything, fly to Germany and insist that I stand trial for her.

What is up with these stupid masks, whenever the truth is silenced? Since the jews control the courts, guess this makes sense.

Well, in her case I think it's a good way to hide her face which she's clearly wanting to do. However, during Covid a lot of people found they were more comfortable behind a mask and didn't/don't want to give it up. It will hide judgemental facial expressions, for one thing. Which makes it not a good thing for society to get used to.

The mask is another jew tool to further humiliate and dehumanize Whites. 

Thanks, Carolyn, for coverage of this latest outrage.  Merry Christmas.