German establishment tries to create scandal around AfD star Alice Weidel

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2018-11-17 11:33

By  Carolyn Yeager

AS THE AFD'S ANNUAL PARTY CONFERENCE BEGAN in Magdeburg on Friday, one issue on the agenda is dealing with the improper donation charges being thrown around  by the other parties and the media, particularly the Deutsche Welle (DW) International broadcaster and it's allies.

I have already read at least three full articles at DW claiming improper handling of Swiss donations by Weidel's campaign. Alice Weidel (pictured) was elected to the Bundestag from the Lake Constance district, which is right on the border with Switzerland. I don't see anyone else playing this up to the extent that DW is doing. As the AfD has risen, DW seems to be intent on its own campaign of talking down and posing AfD as a threat to the Federal Republic's constitutional order.

Now, the responses have come from the party in clear and strong language. The AfD Federal Board in Berlin issued this statement, dated 16 November 2018.

The Federal Board of the AfD has in its meeting just now in Magdeburg u.a. with the Causa "Donations to the KV Lake Constance Circle" and states:

1.) Dr. med. Alice Weidel today made a personal statement on the matter.

2.) At the moment, the facts are being clarified very intensively at all levels of the party. A lawyer was tasked with the comprehensive work-up of the facts and the preparation of a detailed statement to the authorities.

3.) All temporarily received payments have been repaid - without public pressure!

4.) The Federal Board sees no fault of Dr. med. Alice Weidel.

Alice Weidel's personal statement saying she rejects the allegations with determination:

"The charges against me in connection with allegedly illegal party donations are so far only known to me from the media. I resolutely reject these allegations. They lack any basis and represent an attempt to discredit me personally and politically. The issues reported in the media are essentially flawed, incomplete and biased. In the interests of my party, I will contribute to the clarification of the facts with all means at my disposal. I have tasked a lawyer with the comprehensive processing of the facts and the preparation of a detailed statement to the authorities. With regard to the apparently intended investigations by the authorities, I ask for your understanding that I am not going to comment on individual issues in public at the moment."

The German media, jointly with the establishmentarian left-wing and 'centrist' political parties used such methods to marginalize and impoverish the National Democratic Party (NPD), and now are doing the same to the AfD. This is not democracy! The German PTB go on and on about being a democratic state, but when it comes to true democratic practices in allowing the will of the people along the spectrum from Left to Right, they deny the expression of national pride and historical research.

Immigration policy failures highlighted

On another front, AfD parliamentary group chairman, Dr. Alexander Gauland, continues to speak against the immigration policy failures. On Nov. 15, he put out a statement saying that although fewer illegal migrants are coming to Europe via the Mediterranean, the number of asylum seekers in Germany remains at a high level.

"Of the asylum seekers who are now coming to Germany, many had previously been accepted in another EU country. But they see the promise of better care with us, and [ because of our low deportation number] … the prospect of being able to remain permanently even without asylum [approval]. "

"We need a deportation offensive that deserves its name. "

Gauland demands that all asylum seekers from a safe third country [usually European] be rejected at the German border. The generous admission policy of the German government is the magnet for illegal immigrants in Europe. As long as this does not change, says Gauland, there will be no European solution to the refugee issue, because that is simply not in the interest of the other EU states

This is the same problem we face in the United States. There is not the will to really slow down immigration - it is all talk. Whoever shows the will comes under attack from the globalist lobbies and media. The will must be strong enough to resist this ... and expose it.

DW is so international ...

... most of the people working there are not German. For example, this woman: Tamsin Walker

She was born in Britain, but makes Germany her home. She's very 'progressive' so naturally fits in better with DW than many 'xenophobic' Germans. In her latest article  bashing Deutschland (she writes and records her essays in a crisp British accent that the non-English never seem to tire of), she takes on a program the AfD inaugurated to enable students to report political indoctrination by teachers, calling it “encouraging snitching.”

Established, (so goes the official line), to promote freedom of opinion and prevent violations of the 1976 "Beutelsbacher Konsens" (Beutelsbach consensus) under which teachers are forbidden from politically indoctrinating their students, the platform actually seeks to normalize an acceptance of the AfD's nationalist agenda. And we know how that can end.

Oh yes, we know, And there is no one better than a twenty-or-thirty-something British female to make that point. Because she knows so much about it, right? Every Britisher knows what a great job their country did in knocking out Hitler and ending the Shoah (she brings that up too). Of course, back when they were more worried about right wing indoctrination by teachers, forbidding it was a propert thing to do. But now, leftist indoctrination is another matter - it's called "equipping students with needed critical thinking tools."

As for DW who hired her and pays her salary, can you spell t-r-e-a-s-o-n.


"Judaism belongs to Germany" - Alice Weidel

You are a phony and not a German. You used the name 'Reichsminister Göbbels,' which is not how Goebbels or anyone else ever spelled his name, Dum-Dum.

I posted your phony comment only to demonstrate that poorly informed people who are influenced by fake commenters and bloggers like you are being misled. Everyone in every political party in Germany accepts the insane label 'Judeo-Christian.' Blame the Christians for that.

So what is your political advice for Germans or anyone else? If you don't have any sensible advice to give, don't ever show up here again, A--hole.

P.S. He came back immediately with two replies, neither of which had any political advice, only insults and more complaints. Still not from .de but defending his name spelling. Good riddance.

After its recent rejection by the Saxony-Anhalt state association of Christian Democrats, AfD Federal spokesman and Chairman of the AFD Group in the Bundestag, Dr. med. Alexander Gauland comments on whether there could be a rethink in the ranks of the Union [CDU]: "Late, probably too late, the rational ones in the Union begin to wake up. There are some hopes that there are still a few rational ones left in the CDU and CSU."

However, he considers it questionable whether this will halt the attack on Germany's state sovereignty, the social and constitutional state, and domestic security.

"Shortly after the UN Migration Pact, the UN Refugee Pact is to be pushed through. It provides for an organized resettlement - ie the resettlement of refugees from Third World countries. Also this so-called agreement is held under the radar by the federal government and intended to pass silently and unnoticed by the public. A debate will be avoided."

Gauland said: "If we, as the only opposition in the Bundestag, cannot stop this insanity, we will nevertheless ensure that more and more people recognize the true face and intentions of this government. "

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