Happy 90th birthday to Arthur Butz, one of the greats of the 20th Century

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2023-11-11 19:57

By Carolyn Yeager

DR. BUTZ (LEFT) WAS BORN ON NOVEMBER 10, 1933. Though he has long been an associate professor of electrical engineering at the elite Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where he earned tenure in 1974, Arthur Butz is best known for his 1976 ground-breaking book, The Hoax of the 20th Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry.

Google Books writes of "Hoax" that this book "exhibits the overwhelming force of historical and logical arguments which Revisionism had accumulated by the middle of the 1970s. [...] Because of its prestige, no library can forego offering it, and no historian of modern times can ignore it."

The book is available for downloading and reading online, and also sold by most booksellers. It is considered a "must read" for all holocaust revisionists and debaters.

Arthur Butz is still teaching classes today; he is not retired.

We send the amazing Mr. Butz our warmest greetings on his birthday and congratulations for reaching his 90th year in such vigorous good health. It goes without saying we hope to do the same for his 100th birthday. Good going, Arthur! You show 'em.

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Hi, Carolyn. 'Glad to see your website is still in operation and 'hope you are well.
I am amazed and happy to read that Dr. Butz is still kicking and active. I think of him often.  His book was the first that I obtained, which clearly and professionally refuted one of the most repeated, outrageous falsehoods of the 20th century.
Take care. 

Thanks Carolyn for the post. Hope all is well with you! Miss your shows!

Thanks Madeline and Steven. I am well but definitely slowed down. Spend most time with my spiritual interests and trying to keep up with technology, eg. finally got a smart phone. I also have a 7 month old cat since 3 months ago. He's a fun companion and a good boy in general.

His faculty page at the Norwestern Univ School of Engineering:
Arthur Butz
He's listed as an Associate Professor -- for those unfamiliar, the normal academic hierarchy is this: with a PhD you are hired as an Assistant Professor -- if your teaching and research is seen as good enough, you are promoted to Associate Professor and given tenure (this usually happens after 5 - 7 years) -- otherwise you will probably be encourged to seek another opportunity -- later comes promotion to full Professor.
So Butz has been at the Associate Professor level for more than half a century without promotion to full Professor, which is a LONG time -- it makes you wonder if his controversial side interest in the 'Holocaust' is responsible -- note there is no disclaimer or disavowal posted by Northwestern on his faculty page.

Thanks. I considered making that very same point myself, but just didn't (no reason), so I'm glad you did. I'm of the opinion his book "Hoax", which came out shortly after he was made Assoc. Prof. and gained tenure, is unquestionably the reason he was never given a full proferssorship. Thus, let it be known that Arthur Butz has also suffered retribution/retaliation for standing up for Holocaust Truth, even though he's remained employed.

He was also socially & professionally ostracized by the other faculty at Northwestern, which he stoicly endured. That may have lessened over the years, I don't know. I can't find his email address now bc it doesn't include his name, & my poor memory cannot conjure it up, or I would write and ask him. I'll go further back in my Inbox later today and might come up with it.

It's amazing that Dr Butz is still involved in teaching engineering at such an age -- teaching engineering students is intellectually demanding in a quantitative sense, even at the undergrad level -- I would be less surprised to see someone teaching e.g. ethnic studies, or some other junk academic discipline lacking rigor, at that age.

We're fortunate that he got interested in the "Holocaust" enough to write a book on his research & discoveries, one book only, that has turned out to be among the very best of the Revisionist literature. Hit the jackpot! He doesn't have a scintillating personality, maybe, but he's a giant in the realm of reasoning and fair treatment.

His email address is given on his faculty page (I provided the link) -- just mouse over 'Email Arthur Butz' to see it.
He also gives it on his personal page (there is a link to it on his faculty page):
Information on courses, teaching, and grade reporting
I'm pretty sure that previously Northwestern had a disclaimer on Butz's page, where they disavowed his views on the 'Holocaust', saying these views were not shared by, or represenative of, the university, and unrelated to his work there -- but I don't see anything like that today -- ?

Thank you for this, I'll use this address (if I don't find the other), although I'm sure any communicating with "holocaust deniers" is not permitted on his school email account. So I'll be discreet.

You are right that Northwestern DID have a very prominent disclaimer as you describe on it's school faculty pages. I remember reading it. Don't know when they removed it, but glad they did. Time softens all outrages - that's one good thing about it.