Lawyer Horst Mahler released from prison in Germany after serving 10 years

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2020-11-01 12:48

Horst Mahler's long-awaited release from prison was not covered by the mainstream media. He's one of those charismatic "heroes of the Right" the establishment tries to "cancel."

By Carolyn Yeager

THE 84-YEAR-OLD LAWYER WAS RELEASED FROM A PRISON IN THE EASTERN STATE of Brandenburg on Monday afternoon, Oct. 26, a spokesman for the Brandenburg Justice Ministry said.

He was released under strict security conditions, which may have included 'no welcoming party' because it seems there is practically a news blackout on the whole affair.

Mahler was jailed in 2009 after being given a 10-year-plus sentence for “incitement to racial hatred” and for Holocaust denial — which is a crime in Germany.

Mahler was temporarily released in 2015 for medical reasons—he suffers from diabetes and reportedly has had two foot-leg amputations while in prison because of lack of exercise and inadequate diet, and is now confined to a wheelchair. After being released in 2015, he made 'non-permitted' statements and traveled to Hungary where he requested political asylum. The Hungarian authorities (under Orban) refused his request and extradited him back to Germany where he was transferred back to prison in 2017.

New Charges

Mahler's freedom may be once again cut short because German authorites are already coming up with new charges against him. Prosecutors in the city of Cottbus (on the German-Polish border) say they are putting out a new arrest warrant against him for remarks published online. A spokesman for the Potsdam Reginal Court announced a total of six charges for texts, writings and publications, all of which are intended to constitute an offense of sedition.

Mahler has denounced the new charges, saying his remarks were “purely opinions” that he has never denied. "These are contributions to the interpretation of contemporary events on an ideological basis," said Mahler.

The above information was gleaned from Deutsche and The Teller I will follow up on this news as I am able to find it. Readers' legitimate contributions are welcome.

Ursula Haverbeck is now scheduled to be released on November 5, so we look forward to that also. Stay tuned.


No words can express the horror of the N(j)ew World Order.  I could never be so brave.

The world has lost freedom of speech.
"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."

Indeed, we have lost the freedom of speech - even in the United States.  Isn't it ironic, the "people we despise" standard; as plenty of absolutely despicable people across the West practice Anti-White freedom of speech with impunity.  And are celebrated for doing so.  There is only one standard; and, it is Anti-White.

I am so pleased that Horst has survived and been released.  I feared he would die in prison.  God bless you, Horst.

I am happy that Horst is at home.
Please, take good eat, good vitamins.
I am fro Spain, and was born on 1960, under Francisco Franco Regimen.
I was poor, and had to go to public school (Escuelas nacionales).
Never, never, I was told any at all about holocaust, nor about nazis.
The francisco Franco España, never give on school any 'indoctrination', nor on a ay, nor on other.
And laws never made a crime to talk on this, wheter on one side, or on other side.
now, I realize how fortunate I was.
I see USA, with 'wokes', 'queer', CRT, and so much evil for minds.
I see not only German, France, but actual Spain, full of 'hate speech laws', and yes, on politics, many, many 'influence' from those you know.
I was very, very fortunate.
I was like a children, going happy where he chose, 
Give Horst , like we say in España, 'UN GRAN ABRAZO'.

There seems to be no justice for Germans - my poor, persecuted people! Horst has suffered enough being in prison for 10 years, and having his feet, and legs amputated! Shame on Hungary for not allowing him to remain in their country, and SHAME on these dregs of society that want to arrest him again for writing texts! When will this end? I am very sickened by all of this cruelty, and unending stalking of my German people who are brave enough to come forward and tell the truth concerning the German side of history! My thoughts are with you, Horst!

These k I k e s will lose more than their legs.