Lutz Bachmann's show trial in Dresden coincides with Adolf Hitler's 127th birthday

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Adolf Hitler on the veranda of his private home "The Berghof" in the Obersalzberg of the Bavarian Alps. While he is looking very serious here, he said he was always happiest when at home among his beloved high peaks.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE BIRTH OF GERMANY'S GREATEST LEADER took place on April 20, 1889, as you should know. Every year it is celebrated by those of us who love the German Nation as Adolf Hitler represented it. Once again this year we say “Thank you, our Führer, for the example of strength and sacrifice you bequeathed to us. Our gratitude to you is boundless; your light and brilliance shine ever more brightly in the social and political darkness that we are experiencing in 2016. Our hope is that your memory will continue to undergo a renaissance of love and admiration from all the world. We love you!"

* * *

Now, I know that Lutz Bachmann and his PEGIDA movement publicly rejects Adolf Hitler and National-Socialism, but even so the work he does is more in line with the values of National-Socialism than any of the political parties of standing in Germany today, with the exception of the new Alternative für Deutschland.

Lutz Bachmann, wife Vicky and a supporter all sporting specially designed sunglasses meant to mock the censorship laws in Germany.

Lutz appeared with his wife in a Dresden courtroom on Tuesday wearing specially-fashioned sunglasses giving the effect of a black censorship bar across the eyes – he told reporters they represented censorship in Germany. Bachmann's attorney, Katja Reichel, spent much of Tuesday's three-hour opening session arguing that there was no proof that the the Facebook account in Lutz Bachmann's name was public at all. [Back in Sept. 2014 before PEGIDA was organized, a post had appeared under his name calling “refugees” cattle and scum.] The whole trial revolves around how many people saw this post because he's charged with” inciting hatred with the potential to disturb public peace.” If found guilty, he could be sentenced to a fine or all the way up to five years in prison.

Here is a nasty anti-Bachmann video produced by Deutsche Welle.

(l to r) Defense attorney Katja Reichel, Bachmann, Vicky Bachmann stand awaiting the opening of the trial in Dresden Tuesday.

During this first session (the next are scheduled for May 3 and May 10), defense attorney Reichel declared Facebook to be a “highly untransparent company.” The state's attorney responded that the case is based on statements made by Bachmann acknowledging he made the comments, not on the Facebook page itself. It's really silly but this is the way Paragraph 130 works in Germany to simply harrass patriots who speak their mind about the forced racial/ethnic change of their country. It reads like this:

Whosoever, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace:

  1. incites hatred against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins, against segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them; or

  2. assaults the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning an aforementioned group, segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population, or defaming segments of the population,

shall be liable to imprisonment from three months to five years.

For myself, I don't know how newly-arrived “migrants” can be defined as “segments of the population” already, but that is a matter of political interpretation. This special provision §130 was put in the German Basic Law especially to prevent any recurrence of an Adolf Hitler and his brand of German patriotism. This tells us clearly that no Nationalism and no Patriotism can be allowed by the Powers-that-be, because it prevents, or greatly slows, the mixing of the races and ethnicities in the speeded- up time frame the elites want.

Berlin at midnight on April 20, 1939 -- specially lit up for the Führer's 50th birthday celebration. Superb!

Lutz Bachmann may not want to be associated with Adolf Hitler … but he is anyway. White Europeans who care about a White Christian Europe will never get away from this great leader.  We should all stop trying to do so and just embrace him. His words:

We will do whatever is in our strength to resist our enemies. A spirit has arisen in this land that the world has never conquered! A faithful sense of community has seized our people! No people in the world will take from us what we gained after so long a detour of domestic strife, and that makes us so proud over against other peoples. In the age of Jewish-capitalist rule by money, status and class, the National Socialist people’s state stands as an unshakeable monument of social justice and clear reason. It will survive not only this war, but the coming millennium!

An empire will collapse. Mr. Churchill may believe it will be Germany, but I know that it will be England!

Adolf Hitler, Jan. 30, 1942

Hitler spoke the truth. The British Empire did collapse, and soon, never to return. Britain allowed immigration from its former colonies until they took over their one-time master. Germany, on the other hand, was rebuilt and, instilled with the enduring spirit of National-Socialism and love of their own, remained a mainly ethnic German state until the recent heavy targeting from the middle-east by the Globalist-Zionist powers.

In today's insane world, Churchill the destroyer is still lionized in Britain, while Hitler the savior is condemned in Germany. Ask yourself why.

Happy Birthday, Adolf. And good luck, Lutz. We're all Germans.

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Everyone cowers to political correctness ...

Yesterday, the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, compared the AFD (Alternative für Deutschland political party) with the Nazi party, but now he is being reminded from all quarters that Hitler and the National Socialists made a pact with Islam as “brothers in spirit.”

[However, in reality it was simply agreements between Germany and Arab leaders, but including a high profile meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini in Nov. 1941.]

Two of Mazyek's statements:

 “For the first time since Hitler's Germany there is again a party that discredits and threatens an entire religious community. We need to realize and stress this. "

    “It is not Islam that is not compliant with the German Constitution, but the AFD is not compliant with the German constitution. "

Not a single media mentioned the historical relationship between Islam and Nazis. George Pazderski, a leader in the Berlin AFD called it a malicious defamation, stressing the AFD stands for religious freedom and the Basic Law. He added. "Mazyek's words are at the edge of legality and far beyond good taste.”

Another Islam leader in Germany was asked to comment on Mazyek's statements. Imam Idriz Bajrambejamin said:

The crimes of the Nazis had undoubtedly dimensions that do not allow comparisons.

This is but the history. The specific exclusion of people because of their religious affiliation, as it takes place today against Muslims, reminds us of the fear, mistrust and hatred which had preceded the Holocaust in Germany.

Islamophobia has become the most widespread form of extremism in Germany, it can be found in right-wing extremists and populists like the AFD, but also throughout society. However, we must act together. [...] believers have a special obligation to help ensure that the world is finally how God wants it: a respectful and peaceful coexistence of all peoples, languages, skin colors. "

Watch out and think carefully about what snakes like this say. They are on the same page as the globalists.

7:50 AM

Fredrick Toben

To  [email protected]  

Recently I was asked: What’s a good way to celebrate Hitler’s birthday?

I replied: I don’t know. – I’m working in the garden to rest my feverish mind, then I listen to Wagner’s Ring operas and reflect on how Richard Wagner’s daughter-in-law, Winifred, refused to recant her long personal relationship with Adolf Hitler. Some 200 letters between them have still not been released – why not?

Anyone who enjoys and understands what Wagner is all about is a real MENSCH – not a tyrant, mass murderer, etc...three days later, on 23 April, it’s Shakespeare’s 400th Birthday, and I do not reflect on whether someone else wrote the plays. The important thing for me is that the works of Shakespeare and Wagner are light-years ahead of Freud and his rubbish sexual nonsense trying to sum up what human nature is all about.

Likewise with Adolf Hitler – and after the war when the USA war machine stripped  Winifred Wagner of all her claims to the Wagner heritage-legacy she agreed to this so that her sons could continue to sustain this German cultural tradition. – and not have it destroyed by those who are still occupying Germany to this day.

But annually on 20 April she, friends and supporters demonstrably raise their glasses and toast the USA – UNSER SEELIGER ADOLF!

Best wishes.



This paragraph is never used to defend Germany's titular-nation, Germans. Judaism calls non-Jews in general cattle and scum, yet this ideology is still allowed. Muslims commit endless hate crimes against a particular group in Germany, namely Germans, yet their actions are treated as non-hatred based individual cases. 
Germans, as other Europeans are fed up with this blatant tyranny. 
P.S. I heard USA as code for Our beloved Adolf before. It's a good one. The sunshades are awesome. Top Kek trolling. 
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 127., Herr Hitler! 

You are so right that this special code in the German constitution is never used to protect Germans from the noted offenses, but only to protect non-Germans.

Of course, they say there is only German citizenship, and to speak of German blood, German ethnicity is racist, xenophobic nazism, which is illegal elsewhere in the contsitution (the nazism part).

Nationhood is what Europeans are not standing up for. Adolf Hitler represents freedom, autonomy, prosperity and survival for Europe, yet Europeans continue to blindly believe in "the Holocaust" conjured by World Jewry and thereby take the side against themselves.

So Markus, when you say "Europeans are fed up with this blatant tyranny", I disagree. They are not fed up enough, and certainly the weak and cowardly 'Alt-Right' in the US is not fed up enough at all. They're very comfortable in their little Internet niche. The only thing they are really afraid of is touching on the "Holo-cost," and Hitler himself. They write vapid academic articles on why "it doesn't matter." It's they who don't matter. But the European so-called "resistance" translates these American articles and publishes them to their own people. It's a case of passing on bad ideas.

IMO we are not on the right track at all, but it is really the American 'Alt-Right' that now relies on Eastern European "Whiteness" to have some hope to hang on to. They think they can avoid taking on the revision of WW2, leaving everyone with their false illusions of innocence and grand deeds. Won't work.

Colin Liddell's latest, 'Hitler as an expression of German "bad form"'
is a perfect instance of of what you're saying here.
Interesting comments in the comments section of Liddell's piece. Good to say that the vast majority are not taken in by him and the so-called "Alt Right".

Thanks David, I had not seen it as I'm not a reader of that site unless something in particular takes me there.

I wouldn't have expected such an in-your-face demonstration of British supremacism based on highly-selective history and personalities. My first reaction is that Liddell goes to such extremes in order to generate attention and compete with Daily Stormer (lol - which now, for some reason, calls itself Alt-Right). He also makes clear what I have been noticing for some time, that the 'Alt-Right' is an Anglo-American domain with a distinct aversion to Hitler and indeed all German history. It does what the English have always done, look for allies in nations surrounding Germany such as Poland.

Liddell even tries to make out that Germans are more cozy with Jewry than the English - a far stretch that simply cannot be demonstrated. The Alt-Right is well-named - an alternative to the real Right.

P.S. Liddell says he is Scottish. I have observered that the Scots are the most intense of all haters of Adolf Hitler and his brand of Germanism -- I can't say why.

Some Austrians celebrated 4/20 by eating Hitler's favorite dish


Although many people across the globe traditionally choose to celebrate April 20th in a quite greener fashion, the date also marks Adolf Hitler's birthday, with some citizens and restaurants in Austria marking the day by serving up Hitler's favorite food, Vice News reported on Thursday.

The rumor that Hitler's favorite food was Eiernockerl, an Austrian dumpling served with scrambled eggs and a salad, was popularized by a former Austrian district council member for the Freedom party and convicted Holocaust denier Wolfgang Frolich. The Prohibition Act of 1947 criminalizes the denial of the Holocaust or sympathies to Nazi atrocities.

"For many many years I've been eating Adolf Hitler's favorite dish Eiernockerl with green salad almost every week," wrote Frolich in a statement. "I do that, because this highly political one of my favorites. If my memory serves me right, I've eaten Eiernockerl with salad every year on April 20th, Hitler's birthday."

The dish, which is not illegal and is regularly served at restaurants, is particularly popular on April 20th due to its well known association with the Nazi dictator.

Many Austrians, proud of their association with the genocidal mastermind who was born in Austria, took to social media to brag about their 4/20 feast. One user even posted a picture of an Eiernnockerl birthday cake with a candle.

Restaurants gleefully advertised the dish as a daily special for April 20th.

"Do you always have Eiernockerl with green salad or is that only today?" Vice asked in an interview with Austrian eatery Börnys S'Wirthaus, who advertised the dish on social media.

"It's our special for today... We always serve it on the 20th," they responded.

Another restaurant The Wirthaus am Wasserpark in Floridsdorf, posted their special April 20th menu complete with Eiernockerl with green salad, along with a winking emoji.

No, it's not a coincidence we serve the meal today, said the restaurant after Vice inquired.

"In today's insane world, Churchill the destroyer is still lionized in Britain, while Hitler the savior is condemned in Germany."
If one truly believe's in Hitler's espoused National Socialism (which includes ALL of Nature's Laws as their tenets)... then one needn't worry about the truth in this statement.
Yes, it is obvious to those with clearer vision that the destruction of the British Empire occured generations ago, but to those naive dumbed-down sheeple of our race who still remain ignorant -- their great awakening will soon come.
The Second & Third World invasion of both England and Europe will eventually  stun the indigenous population to a stirring awakening.  At that time, they will finally ask themselves... "Why did this happen?"  "How did this happen?"  "Who CAUSED this to happen to us?"   Only THEN will Hitler's wisdon finally dawn on them through the fog of Politically-Correct-induced propaganda.

Eiernocker is not illegal? I have never heard of anything so offensive! Think of the pain that many survivors face when they look at the eggs and flour that might be turned into this dish! (sarc off)
Is this even true? I have never heard of this dish before. Is it popular? Did Hitler even ever mention it? Does anyone have the recipe? I could only find out it is a type of Spaetzle. I have never had any luck making "regular spaetzle" it dissolves in the salt water, if Eiernocker has extra eggs (as I am guessing it does the name contains the word "eggs") maybe it is easier.

I just came across this interesting website Germerica and found them featuring an article about Eiernocker. Here it is, Evelyn, just for you:

Eiernockerln – Hitler’s favorite Viennese food

Eiernockerln or “flour dumplings with egg” is a typical “leftover food” – the Nockerln, flour dumplings, are usually eaten with hungarian Goulash. Making a giant batch of them and warming them up with some egg when the goulash was eaten was a way of dealing with not having meat every day in those days.

How to make Nockerln:

For 2 persons (or one person that is very hungry):

1 egg 1/8 liter milk 250 g flour (that is what the recipe said, but I added more flour when mixing because the consistency was definitely not thick enough with just that)

A pinch of salt or two

Get a big pot of water with a pinch of salt in it boiling.

Meanwhile, put the flour in a bowl, make a depression in the middle and crack the egg into it. Pour the milk on top, add a pinch of salt and start mixing from the depression on out. Or be lazy, don’t care about depressions and use an electric mixer.

Add more flour if it seems too runny. I don’t have a mixer and the rule of thumb is that if your hands don’t hurt while mixing, the dough isn’t thick enough.  It should be sticky, but get off the side of the bowl easy.

When the water is boiling, take half a spoonful of dough at a time from the bowl, and scrape it into the water with another spoon. It’s not a beauty contest – the dumplings don’t need to be pretty, but half a spoon is about the right size for them. Boil until all dumplings have risen to the top, then pour them out into a sieve or fish out the ones already done with a ladle if you want to be complicated.

Eat with your favorite Goulash or read on below:

Now add the eggs!

In a big pan melt butter or heat some corn oil (any tasteless oil). Pour in the fresh, steaming Nockerln. In a bowl, mix 3-4 eggs with a pinch of salt and some freshly ground pepper. Pour over the Nockerln and fry, stirring occasionally.

(Now that’s a question of taste – some households serve the stuff with some eggs still runny)

Serve on a plate with some sweet hungarian paprika powder, ground pepper and chives on top. The paprika powder is a must for me – my parents brought me that original Hungarian sweet paprika that you see in the bag in the picture from a spa in Hungary and it’s just phantastic! It’s not strong, but has an irresistible taste.

The best side for this is green salad with a vinaigrette, chives and maybe some onion.


The dumpling part looks similar to my recipe for Spaetzle (if you take into account the extra flour). The main difference is that I have always used water and this uses milk. I will try again and see if this makes any difference. If I could only make the Nockerln, the egg part will be easy. Here are the measurements in non-metric form for anyone interested: 1+1/3 cup flour, 1 egg, 1/3 cup milk (instead of water), salt to taste.
Thanks for the orginal article too, it was a hoot. Imagine being offended by a homey, Austrian comfort food!