Media distorts “Nazi” presence at Charlottesville rally

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2017-08-19 20:14

Look closely to notice it's the man hidden by the flag who is carrying it, not the woman on the right who can easily be mistaken as the flag-bearer. Is the framing of this shot accidental? Not a chance. Also notice the square creases, revealing the flag was just purchased and unwrapped.

By Carolyn Yeager


In spite of that, “Nazis” and “neo-Nazis” may be the MSM's most-used word to describe the participants in the Friday night march and Saturday's legally-permitted-but-aborted rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11th and 12th.

But their photographers had to look hard to find evidence of that claim.

Various pictures were taken and published of one man in an olive green t-shirt who carried this flag. Go to any search engine and type in Charlottesville rally + Nazi flags. You will find 4 to 5 different views of this one silent guy wearing an olive green t-shirt and khaki cargo pants carrying a freshly unwrapped Swastika flag with crisp fold creases very evident. To say there were “Nazi and Confederate flags waving in the crowd” is a deliberate lie, but not surprising.

Three more views of the same guy - click on images to enlarge

The Washington Post had written of “the Nazi flags (plural) and salutes in Charlottesville over the weekend ...” was a little more careful: “the Nazi flag, which at least one of the demonstrators carried openly in the streets. 'How is that even legal?' [my girlfriend from Germany] asked me.” – “Attendees at the rally also wore Nazi paraphernalia, carried flags with swastikas alongside Confederate flags, and wore shirts with quotations by Adolf Hitler.” (One such was photographed)

Vox goes on: “the Charlottesville demonstrators aren’t just expressing hatred against one group of people, which would be sickening enough on its own.

Rather, they’re doing something even more terrifying: advocating for a radically reactionary understanding of societal relations that’s predicated on the idea that people are solely obligated to fight for the future and well-being of people who look just like them.”

Wow, oh wow. Isn't that what Blacks have been doing for the last 50 years in this country? With the full blessing of every government and, of course, the media.

The television commentators put White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis together in every description of the event. They do it because they think it sells, but it also goes over well with their Jewish bosses.

So take everything you see and hear with a grain of salt. Study every photograph carefully. Just as with James Fields, no one seems to know this guy with the N-S flag. Some are saying he's a Fed infiltrator and it seems highly likely … which means he's not a Nazi at all. Neither rally organizer Jason Kessler, nor anyone else involved, ran a very tight ship. Better luck, and smarts, next time.


The 1st. Amendment grants human right to expression without penalty.  The flag is symbolic of thoughts we hold to be true.

But should it have been at this particular American event? Do you know the man who was carrying it? Do you think he is a sincere National-Socialist/Nazi? The woman marching behind him looks like she has a matching brand-new Confederate flag. Something questionable here, at the very least.

I think now this rally had two themes that did not go together well: "Unite the Right" and "Preserve Statue of Lee" (and by extension all Confederate statues and Southern tradition). Under the first theme, the N-S flag fits just fine, but under the second, it doesn't. Nazis trying to make a statement is not the important point of this whole endeavor. I will say the NSM involvement, from what I could see, was well and quietly done. They had no swastika flags.

This thematic confusion has to be blamed on the organizers, including Jason Kessler who is now being seen as either an unstable person who claims he's having a nervous breakdown from the stress and is therefore over-medicating himself ... or he's an agent wrecking ball.

Of course the powers that be in Virginia have their own illegal acts to answer for. I only hope the Justice Dept. Civil Rights division will come through on that. 

Donald Trump’s controversial aide Steve Bannon was ‘pushed out’ by his daughter Ivanka and her husband because his far-Right views clashed with their Jewish faith, according to Washington sources.

Many blamed him [Bannon, 63] for Trump’s failure last week to condemn neo-Nazis after a violent rally in Virginia at which a woman was killed and dozens were injured.

A source said: ‘Jared and Ivanka helped push him out. They were concerned about how they were being viewed by the Jewish community.’

The couple’s Rabbi Emeritus Haskel Lookstein wrote a letter condemning ‘this resurgence of bigotry and anti-Semitism and the renewed vigour of the neo-Nazis, KKK and alt-Right’ in a letter posted on the Facebook site of the synagogue the pair attend.

Bannon’s ousting was ‘done to save the Presidency’, a source close to Ivanka claimed. ‘Him leaving changes everything.’

Just in: White House strongly denies Daily Mail story about Ivanka role in ousting Bannon.

It's the official flag of Germany still. The Allied occupational forces have outlawed it in their respective/ united zones, that is true, but the German government or the German state (not operating due to a lack of organization / legal entity) has never revoked the 1935 flag law. 
The "Nazi flag" isn't some gang sign, but a national flag that deserves respect. Even if you don't like, it's part of history. Just as the Hammer and Sickle flag of Russia. Love it or hate it, no reason to flip out all the time, just because someone is displaying it. Likewise the Left is flying the Commie flag openly and nobody cares, even though Marxist Russia killed millions of people.
I'd go so far as to say, for White history purpose, our guys might also fly the USSR flag. It's part of our history and racial kinship. Not that I support Communism but just to make a point and reclaim all our historic symbols. (I know Marxism is Jewish but that is more or less hidden knowledge to the public. You could also go on and on that the US Union or Confederacy are Masonic and therefore also Jewish). Point is, all of this is our history and we should have a right to preserve and discuss our past in public.  

Today Her Kosher Highness, princess Ivanka tweeted :
"It was beautiful to see thousands of people across the U.S.A. come together today to peacefully (sic !) denounce bigotry, racism & anti-semitism."
I don't care if some people are stupid and naive or are so rich that they can afford to live outside the harsh realities of life, but if such people have influence on the most powerful man in the world, we have a problem. This woman should concentrate on designing and selling clothes, what she used to do and let her Dad "make America (and not Israel) great again".

Well, I couldn't agree more. Ivanka shouldn't be allowed in the White House. She has no role to play.

You know, I was just watching a bunch of video of the rally attendees in various stages of the (aborted) rally, filmed by Occidental Dissent, and there was the same guy in the olive green t-shirt wandering around by himself in a couple of scenes! That was the only Swastika flag that showed up, carried by him. People who want to say there were more of them need to show some evidence.

One couldn't be more proud of the White men who participated. They were young, well-groomed, well-dressed, well-behaved and unified. Impressive.

That man with the brand new Swastika flag was in all probability an agent provocateur and so was that woman with her equally brand new Confederate flag. The Jews who are behind this want to create the impression in the public mind that white nationalists are only a bunch of crazy KKK or Nazis, in short "haters" and that therefore they have no right to free speech, because "hate speech is no free speech". The ADL has now convinced nearly 200 mayors of big American cities to "combat hate and bigotry". See : National Vanguard, August 18, 2017 : Jews Dictate to US Mayors, Tech Firms : Suppress "Rights of Racists". Like the "Nazi March on Skokie" of yore, everything is orchestrated.

I would agree Franklin; this is a really good article Carolyn. I have been showing the pictures to people at work and they're pretty outraged at the deception.

That's great, Rick. Going that extra mile. I hope people are reposting this on social media because it's direct evidence.

 They were young, well-groomed, well-dressed, well-behaved and unified.

The haters have turned the universal symbol of peace and brotherhood into a symbol of the big lie.  Straight out of Wells: Peace is war and war is peace.  For the Jains and the Hindu the symbol of peace and humanity is the Swastika.  That is probably why the National Socialists chose it in the first place.  But now the haters have made this symbol to reflect their hatred in the name of love.  
I consider the use of the term 'Nazi' to depict the National Socialist Germany both ignorant and racist.  To call a German a 'Nazi' is like calling a Jew a 'Kike', or a black person a 'nigger'.    All three usages are unacceptable.  To call the Flag a 'Nazi' flag is to use the language of the Zionist haters of Western Civilization.   These people actually argue that the God of Creation calls on them to mutilate their own children and sacrifice animals to him.  This is pure barbarism.  
One thing we can do is insist on getting our words right.  A person who is against Zionism is not an 'anti-Semite'.  Most of the Arabs in Palestine are more 'Semitic' than those who use this term to hide their crimes behind covert racism.  The Zionists have turned history upside-down.  They are the true 'Nazis'.   

I feel that the swastika flag is a real blessing to white people. It represents the nation that fought to defend Western Civilization at Stalingrad and lost in the bloodiest and most decisive battle in history. Unfortunately the Soviet Jews and their allies in Britain and the United States won. They are mopping up now. Still we must resist as a matter of existential courage if for no other reason. It's not over until its over. Having said that it is essential to have a strategy for victory. Right now in the United States it is probably best not to display right-wing symbols at rallies of white people. The white citizens of this country, to the extent that it is a country, have been taught in a massive propaganda campaign to fear National Socialist and KKK symbols even though these symbols represent their own survival. The Negroes came to dominate us during the past 50 years with a strategy of non-violence when they were not really committed to non-violence and we must be strategic also and not alienate potential recruits by trying to radicalize them too quickly. By all means, let us expose false-flag events (like this one) as you have done so that the truth about our duplicitous enemy is known.

Violent???  Then why were so many people more concerned with taking pixtures and videos with their mobile phones.  I guess they were not the least bit concerned about injury?

I am the one in that picture above. I am the man that was carrying the swastika and I can tell you there is no one that is MORE NS than I am. I am THE ONLY ONE that wants to fight and protect the white race to the point that I had the balls to bring a swastika. I am not FBI. I have no Government job whatsoever and I am not an aggitator of any kind. I am proud of my white race and Adolf Hitler is my hero. He spoke truths and fought the evil of Zionist Jews that is continuing to this day and threatening to eradicate the white race through diversity, multiculturalism, and miscegenation. So there, now you and everyone knows what he is all about. The flag had just come out of a bag but was not just purchased. I have a dozen of them and pulled out one for this event.
We will not be replaced, the white people will not succumb to genocide from the Zionist Jews! Sieg Heil Viktoria! 1488! White pride! \o

If so, why did it take you so long to reply? If you are as you say, you should have already been familiar with this site.

And if you are so proud of your views, why not use your real name?

I just found out about this site yesterday. For awhile after Charlottesville I kept up with it by doing searches for "charlottesville man with swastika flag" and such. I had all but stopped when I thought I had seen all there was to see when, lo and behold, I do a search for the hell of it and end up discovering this place.
Ask yourself this, what would I have to gain from sitting here pretending to be someone in such a manner? I don't need to be that man in that picture to be a hardcore NS, know that Hitler was right, and see the truth of the Zionist Jews. But as I perfectly turns out, I AM that man in the pictures that was at Charlottesville. Everything was new, me and my parents had prepared for it because we thought it would be bad beforehand...Which it was.
Bought the green German-Confederate shirt from a Confederate store, khaki tactical pants from the Army Navy store as well as the steel toed jungle boots...Even the baton was new. I got it from Cabela's.
Now the reason I don't use my real name? I'm not that stupid to divulge myself in a society we're currently at where that one pertinent piece of information could go loosely and be used to doxx me and mess up my life. Especially when the truth I see and what I am doing is actually trying to SAVE the white race, not destroy and kill others out of hate and "racism" as the Zionist Jews have brainwashed everyone into. So question you should be asking yourself now is, wouldn't this be an amazing opportunity to "interview" the man that carried the swastika flag? Find out what he really thinks and what really happened at Charlottesville instead of falling along with the people they think they're oh so smart for deducing I'm an FBI plant because my stuff looked "new"? I know real Sherlock Holmes reasoning because I read the books growing up and he was another hero of mine besides Hitler. I am able to think and reason as he does.
Of course you are also within your right to disbelieve me as some troll or such. Your opinion and your choice but as I said, I know the truth about what's going on and myself.

Nobody cares about you - real or fake - including me.  Go tell your story to someone else.

Harsh. Okay, noted. But just let it be known that the man in that picture is not an FBI plant...He is a devoted White social justice warrior that fights to protect and ensure the survival of the white race being killed by the Zionist Jews.