Mitt Romney is an example of "White Suicide"

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2016-03-03 11:54

Mitt Romney today publicly smeared Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in a speech in his home state of Utah, calling Trump a phoney, a fraud and saying "his promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University." He actually says that Republicans "should shun" Trump for the good of the country and party!

But Romney did not endorse another candidate.

So what is he trying to accomplish? Mitt Romney made his money as a stockbroker, for God's sake. How uplifting is that? Romney also lost twice, first in a primary battle with McCain and 4 years later running against Obama's second term.

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee, has a history of crimes and misdemeanors trailing behind her and has been under investigation by the FBI for months. She clearly mishandled her high positions in the Obama Administration. Her support comes from fascist groups like "Black Lives Matter" who engage in lawless activity, yet if people who care and look out for the interests of White lives express a preference for Donald Trump, Mr. Trump is expected to disavow, disavow, disavow ... even though his doing so will not end the media mantra of association with "White Supremacists", a very inaccurate term. With all her baggage, the Democrat Party backs Hillary, gives her every courtesy and no Democrat speaks ill of her.

Not so with the frightened White Republicans. They are truly suicidal and seem to be right at home kowtowing to establishment, super-liberal, anti-White "rules" of political correctness. They don't want a majority White Republican Party; they accept continuing immigration from 3rd world, non-white countries; they want to allow tens of thousands of Muslim migrants into the US on the stated basis that they are afraid of offending the Muslim Middle East who "we need."

Today Mitt Romney stands before us as a politically prominant White man intent on White suicide - living proof that there is such a thing.


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Limbaugh is doing a good job of emphasizing the contradiction between what Romney said about Trump in 2012 and what he said today.
Now he's talking about how the Republican Establishment is hostile to conservatives. But I think he's offering a false explanation of that hostility.
Limbaugh is saying that it's because they believe that Trump would lose like Goldwater, but the fact is that the Jew-dominated Republican Establishment would rather see President Hillary than President Trump. Some of them have already said so.

Limbaugh does a good job of being a craven coward. I listen to him in my car if he's on, never at home, and what I hear lately is he is most afraid of losing his conservative credentials. Meaning his listener base who are basically for Cruz. He's also afraid of being "rassist."

That's also true. If Limbaugh consistently did the right thing then it wouldn't be worthy of mention when he does.
It's noteworthy that Limbaugh isn't dumping all over Trump the way he did Buchanan, with the same core issues, in 1996. Today, Limbaugh said that there was some common ground between Cruz and Trump voters and that he expected that if Trump were somehow cheated out of the nomination, he would still make a longterm project of taking over the Republican Party. My impression is that Limbaugh wants to be part of that. He said some very negative things about the Republican Establishment today.

Hey, I heard some of Rush today at a time he was doing really well. He's "figured out", he said, that the Republicans, and Romney in particular, never went after Obama hard because of race -- they're so afraid of being labeled a racist party. This explains why they can't let go of the Trump-David Duke KKK thing because they're so afriad of the racist label, Rush said. He went on to discuss it intelligently.

He said something else that implied he was deaf. I looked it up and turns out it's true. I have more regard for him now that I know he's operating under such a disability.

You might have less sympathy for Limbaugh's deafness if I tell you that he went deaf during the period when he was abusing oxycontin.
Limbaugh has been saying that the Republicans went easy on Obama because they didn't want to be called racist ever since Obama took office.

Well, then, he's perfected the theme during the past 8 years! Laughing

Perhaps, but what bothers me is that he isn't teaching anybody not to be afraid of being called racist. Limbaugh's formal position is denial that conservatives are racist. When Cruz and Rubio performed well in Iowa he made a big deal about how diverse the Republican Party was.
In fact Limbaugh deals with racial issues a lot, but always while maintaining the figleaf of not being racist. This limits him to complaining about and mocking unreasonableness on the non-White side (Blacks being by far the favorite target), but of course there has been a lot of that the past few years.

Black Lives Matter is NOT a fascist group. I am a fascist and I would not be caught dead with such creatures. Fascism is generally traditionally Catholic. Those blacks are left wing.
Also, that was the most despicable political main stream speech I have ever heard.
It was quite simply a HATE SPEECH.

Fascist in the popular sense, meaning they dictate.

And you're right, the actual speech was worse even than the preview of it. It amounts to mutiny within the traditional party rules.

Update: Here's a good explanatory article I just got around to reading:


Thank you. That article on Breitbart on Romney was good.

As I'm understanding it, the Republican Party has reserved 400 of the 450 seats at tonights Republican debate.  These 400 seats have been given to Establishment Republicans. Only 50 are available to the public.
Can anyone say Stacked Deck !

Roger, are we going to hear booing when Trump walks out on the stage?? I imagine Reince, the GOP Chairman, will give instructions to the audience to cut out that kind of thing. In the last debate, all the booing was missing, thank goodness. But they sure don't clap or cheer for our man.

Per Christopher Bollyn, Romney is a closet Mossadamite, or at least, a sucker to their infiltration. He put a Mossad agent into his own company.
One of the tricks Jews play is to pawn off the myth that because they suffer under terrorism, they are good at preventing it.
Thus, they should run our airport security and security because that's a job Americans don't know how to do. That's how they attained control over the WTC security after the flub in 1993....which gave them access to pull off September 11th 2001.

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