PEGIDA supporters fill the Theaterplatz in Dresden again on Jan. 25

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Livestream ‪#‎PEGIDA‬ @ ‪#‎DRESDEN‬ 25.01.2016

From The Epoch Times:

The weather is cold and clear. The scheduled speakers are Tatjana Festerling, Paul Weston of Pegida UK, Tanja of Pegida Denmark and Ann-Marie Waters of Pegida UK.

6:50 Tatjana Festerling reported on the "cross-linking of the patriots of Europe", which she and Lutz Bachmann worked on over the weekend in Prague. The following countries have participated: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Holland, Finland, Estonia and Italy.

The group will call for "Fortress Europe" and aims for "our Europe, as we know it and love it."

The goal is networking for international understanding. Festerling read out the so-called "Prague Declaration" signed by the group.

7:05 Paul Weston of Pegida UK is the next speaker. He announces that we'll hear from Pegida United Kingdom a lot in the future.

"Pegida UK is just getting started - inspired by Dresden." They watched the Dresden success with great admiration and hope to achieve the same in the UK.

If there were something that politicians fear, it is a peaceful mass movement of the people. Weston said: "We have been betrayed by our politicians, the mainstream media and the elites." He expects that they must now be taken seriously by politicians. "We will not stand by to see our countries be transformed into Islamic states" and not wait and see "how our culture and our heritage are destroyed before our eyes."

"Pegida is our driving force of resistance. I hope we will see that there is a huge international movement. "

"Together we will resist, together we will win." He thanked Pegida, Lutz Bachmann and Dresden.

7:18 Now Tanja of Pegida Denmark speaks. She says: "Denmark will not watch while the country goes to the dogs."

"Danish citizens and I have been impressed by your walks in Dresden"

It is an enormous inspiration that so many German patriots participate and " you stand up for your values ​​and your lifestyle".

She is here to show that Denmark was on the side of Germany and all other European countries to save Europe and "our civilization".

"You are hit especially hard because of Merkel's insane, open invitation to this near-invasion." Most migrants are well-fed young men, "full of greed for our prosperity."

"In Denmark we are scared too, as more and more of them are also beyond our borders." The Danish politicians are paralyzed, unable or unwilling to intervene. "Our elected leaders behave as if they had the right to reshape our countries how they want it."

"We have chosen these politicians to protect us and they failed miserably. It is our job to remind them that the real power lies only in the people. "

Without culture a country is only a piece of land. It is the people and their hearts that make up a country and a culture. "Our culture is European and not Islamic," she says. In Denmark there is an increase of violence, crime, rape and sexual assault.

7:27 The people's representatives must finally do what they need to do, or withdraw, said Tanja. (calls of "Resistance-" and "Merkel has to go")

"What kind of future do we want for ourselves and our children?" She asks.

"We should ask ourselves whether it is worth our civilization with equality, freedom, democracy, women's rights, sexual self-determination and many other values, to fight for it," says Tanja. Or should we sacrifice that on the altar of political correctness for a "multi-culti madness" that does not work?

She announced that they "will not go on our knees" and will not accept that Europe and its culture will be destroyed. "We will continue to protest until we are safe and this grotesque invasion is stopped. We will give whatever is needed, and we will win". (Loud cheers)

After the walk:

8:23 "Alexander Konigsberg" is next speaker on the podium. His message is short and is formulated in Russian and German.

"Russian patriots and nationalists welcomed Dresden," he exclaims.  "We support your struggle for German cultural preservation, sovereignty and tradition. Russians and German should get ready for the fight against invaders from the East and West. "

"German, fight for your freedom. Russians and German may no longer make war on one another. Long live Germany, long live Russia!"

8:31 The next speaker is Ann-Marie Waters of Pegida UK. She asks how to recognize that a society is Islamized and gives the answer: First you lose your freedom of speech and second, women are no longer safe in the streets.

The European elite deny the Islamisation of Europe. Those who have warned of the consequences were branded a conspiracist.

If you follow Islam, then be afraid; rape, war, violence and tyranny are the consequences. Whoever opens the borders for people who follow this ideology may have to face these consequences.

Muslim immigration to Germany has already led to violence, rape, hatred of the Germans, No-go Areas and gang violence.

There are already more lawsuits against people who simply tell the truth about Islam: such as female genital mutilation and child marriage.

"The Liars in Brussels have taken away our ability to protect our nation states."

"Europe can survive, but it is not enough to just close the borders, we need to return the people who are here. This wave of illegal migration across the southern borders must be reversed "

It demands that jihadist mosques have to be closed, their imams  expelled along with all individuals who use barbaric practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation.

We also call for an end to the speech prohibitions for the population. We call for giving our kids knowledge of and pride in European culture by teaching it to them.

The first and most important step that "we need to take" is to develop more pride in our European civilization and its heritage, said Ann-Marie. She wants the European nation-states to be preserved, so there will continue to be a Germany, a Sweden, a Denmark.

8:44 The National Anthem is sung, led by Ramona.

Lutz Bachmann announces that there will be no demo in Dresden next Monday, instead, on Tuesday an event in Chemnitz, which Dresden was asked to assist with. On February 6, Dresden will go on the road with other European cities.

8:49 Siegfried Däbritz declares the event ended. The plaza empties quickly.

8:55 INCIDENTS on the edge of the demo are reported: While the walk was going on, five cars were torched under the Marie Bridge. They were seen about 8:00 clock in flames, Mopo24 reported.

Also a smoke bomb was thrown at Postplatz from the rows of counter-demonstrators towards the Pegida participants.


(CNN) A 15-year-old asylum seeker stabbed a refugee center worker to death Monday in Sweden in an incident that's not being classified as terrorism, police say.

The boy, who is in police custody, has not been identified, though his country of origin is known, said Hans Lippens, a police spokesman for the Västra Götaland region.

The incident happened at a home for asylum seekers younger than 18 where the boy was staying, about 6 miles (10 kilometers) from Mölndal town center, in the Gothenberg region of western Sweden. The victim, a 22-year-old woman, was alone with eight young male residents of the home, Lippens said. Only one is believed to have been directly involved, though police are questioning the seven other boys.

"This was not terrorism. We think it might have been an accident, or there was a fight," Lippens said. He added that police would release more information Tuesday, but because the youths are from different countries, they need various translators to interpret their statements.

Incidents involving asylum seekers in the Västra Götaland region are happening "more and more. We have a lot of work to do here" Lippens said, though "this is the worst case yet." He estimated the region is seeing an additional 50 asylum seekers every month, mostly from Syria and Afghanistan.

Most incidents involve the refugees "starting fights with each other" and do not involve the local Swedish population, he said.

Comment: This can only be good for PEGIDA and other anti-Islam groups. I think the governing elites are losing control of the narrative.

(Take a look at the picture)

Dresden police reported late on Monday that 10 cars had been set alight during the protest. The vehicles were in a parking lot under the city's Marienbrücke bridge where many PEGIDA supporters usually leave their cars while attending the weekly demonstration.

It was not immediately clear if members of the anti-PEGIDA movement were responsible for fires. [hahaha]

According to student initiative "Durchgezählt," between 250 and 350 people turned out to demonstrate against the xenophobic movement on Monday. Counter-demonstrators attacked some of the PEGIDA members with smoke bombs, but the situation was quickly brought under control by police. [Oh, not serious since it is the lefties]

According to Reuters today:  The latest INSA poll, published by newspaper Bild on Tuesday, showed that 13 percent of German voters supported the anti-immigrant party - its highest level of support yet.

I´m sorry, if its is a bit offtopic.Altermedia (Germany) got busted and banned today,on 27.01.15 ... they clearly have chosen a "special date" for that. Two guys are in prison at the moment. Altermedia is said to be the biggest "Neo-Nazi" network / website in germany.

Notice how they put up an offensive picture that has nothing to do with the people they're writing about. DW propaganda.

"Prosecutors believe the platform was being used to coordinate the activities of a criminal syndicate. [This is how they can get them on "conspiracy" laws, the filthy skunks -- meaning the prosecutors]

German authorities also alerted their counterparts in Moscow, who shut down the Russian server being used by Altermedia. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere then declared the site forbidden following the prosecutor's investigation." [Maiziere is beyond disgusting and should be one of the first to go. He protects the Muzzies, hates the Germans.]

A 17-year old Afghan in Austria ANALLY raped a 72-year old woman who was out walking her dog. Two friends helped him hold her down and cover her mouth. The rapist was positively identified by DNA. Yet he gets only 20 months and won't be deported, for all the various reasons that they have. It's totally indecent but the police and press play it down so as "not to incite racial hatred."

The woman was badly bruised, traumatized, and is now afraid to leave her house (even her dog has died) but who cares?...she's not a jew. Only attacks on Semitic people count in German-speaking countries. If you're found guilty of holocaust denial you get 5 years!