Professor Robert Faurisson found guilty of racial defamation in French court

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2016-09-29 16:29

Robert Faurisson (right) with unidentified man at the Paris correctional court on Sept. 27, where he was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment (suspended) and a €4,000 fine.

IN AN EMAIL FROM DAMIEN VIGUIER, ROBERT FAURISSON'S BARRISTER, to certain interested parties, it was learned that on September 27th, the 17th chamber of the Paris correctional court ruled that Professor Faurisson was guilty of one charge out of the three that were prosecuted against him on June 21.

All charges stemmed from the talk Faurisson gave in Tehran in 2006 titled “The Victories of Revisionism” and his published paper of that name. [See also Faurisson's recent follow-up at] The lawsuit was brought, as usual, by the Jewish LICRA [International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism], who were granted €3,000 in damages and €2,000 in legal costs. Adding that to the fine of €4,000, the total judgment amounts to €9,000.

Faurisson was also sentenced to four months’ imprisonment (suspended). He is 87 years old and in poor health. He cares for his wife who is in even poorer health than he.

Professor Faurisson immediately lodged an appeal against this decision.

The other two charges of disputing the existence of crimes against humanity were declared null.

In addition, the next day on Sept. 28 he appeared before the same court for having spoken about the Nazi gas chambers on the website Meta TV [in June 2014: n-au-bal-des-quenelles].

In this one, the sentence won't be announced until later. Incredible! ... that this subject cannot be discussed because it offends the Jews. The false narrative is state-sanctioned. This is what we must avoid at all costs in the United States.


They never give up. TPTB just can't stand any living being spouting the truth.
Why can't more people see and understand the proverbial axiom...
 find out who it is you cannot criticize and you'll know instantly who rules over you.  So simple.  So succinct. 

Thanks Joe. Because it's interesting -- there is lots of reaction to Ursula Haverbeck being sentenced to jail for holocaust denial because she is 87 years old. But Robert Faurisson is 87 years old too. yet there is little reaction to this story. Is it because she is in Germany and he in France? Do people realize how repressive France is? And the entire EU, for that matter.

Incredible that the French people who are supposed to be such lovers of liberty have fallen for the Zionist propaganda.  But more importantly they should be ashamed that Robert Faurisson was found guilty of telling the truth and has to pay for it.  But you are right, Carolyn, about the French and the EU in general, that they are the ones commiting the crimes against humanity.  If Clinton wins there is a higher probability that it will come here, too.  

" ... who were granted €3,000 in damages and €2,000 in legal costs. Adding that to the fine of €4,000, the total judgment amounts to €9,000."

These fines seem very low for the supposed seriousness of these so-called crimes. With all of the hell raised by the Jews and their sycophants in response to holocaust truth-tellers, I was expecting higher amounts.

Faurisson was only found guilty of one charge, so probably only has to pay 1/3 of the Jews' legal costs.

In addition, they know "you can't get blood out of a turnip," so ask for an amount he might actually be able to pay or they can wrest out of him. 

He had another trial the next day, with other charges.