Sexual perversion

The Heretics' Hour: The Homosexual Menace, Part Two

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2012-06-11 20:49

June 11, 2012

Carolyn Yeager looks further into the difficulties “gaydom” presents to the building of strong, white communities. Using for primary examples Luka Magnotta, the  “Canadian Cannibal Queer” and “rent boy,” and a University of Delaware art professor who creates and teaches courses such as  “Queer Sexual Imagery in the Visual Arts” and uses the erect male penis as the subject matter of his paintings, drawings and prints, Carolyn concludes that the degeneracy and corruption that necessarily accompanies homosexuality is harmful enough for its practitioners to be expelled and all hard pornography outlawed in White-run societies.

Carolyn asks:  Are homosexuals born or made? Why did the 6 year-old pictured above right grow up to be the porn actor-murderer Luka Magnotta? As the National Socialists found, some are born but many are made, and programs to heal and rehabilitate these persons can have success. Homosexuality is,  in many cases,  just another addictive behavior. Shouldn’t we insist that certain standards and norms be followed, and not allow “libertarian freedom” to hold sway?

Apologies for the technical problems in the beginning of the program. Those portions have been removed from the archived version.