What would Hitler say about Table Talk today?

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-07-29 21:14

In a poll asking the question about famous people “Who do you wish were still alive?” Adolf Hitler got the most votes by far. Our dear Fuehrer came in first with over 41,000 up votes. The next highest number of up votes was 26,000, so Hitler was far out in the lead.

The evil dictator Josef Stalin received only 11,000 up votes and was in 9th place.

Adolf even beat out Jesus Christ, who got only 26,000 up votes to come in 4th place.

The over-rated “genius” Albert Einstein came in 3rd place, beating Jesus Christ even though he received only 22,000 up votes. But Einstein had fewer down votes than JC [due to Jewish and pagan Christ-haters, no doubt], and the way this poll works is that the combination of up vs down votes determines the placement.

My only reason for wanting Hitler to be alive today is so that he could answer questions about “Table Talk.” It's pretty clear that he could not be allowed to exist in today's world. So I would have him return just long enough to tell us, on videotape, whether those are indeed his words that were recorded and published as Table Talk [Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier]… or that they weren't, if that should be the case.

It would be great if this argument could be settled once and for all, directly from the mouth of the man himself … which is the only way it will ever be settled! In my opinion, this is the most important thing we still need to know about Adolf Hitler.


Adolf Hitler


Adolph Hitler is in good company in this poll, on the second place is Osama Bin Laden.But how can we be so sure that so many people want him back because they admire him so much? Perhaps many people want him back to give him a good trial at Neurenberg.

The FBI never had bin Laden on their most wanted list. He was just a media boogeyman. 
It surprises me that you can't spell Nuremberg, neither in its English nor German spelling. 
P.S. Just a reminder: IMT (Nuremberg Trials) procedure guidelines 19 & 21: Evidence not needed. 

Neurenberg is the Dutch spelling of the German name. I'm Dutch. Google "Proces van Neurenberg" and you'll find a Dutch Wikipedia article on the Nuremberg Trials.No I don't endorse the Nuremberg Kangeroo Court, my remark  was only meant facetiously.

I wouldn't say that Franklin, but I would say that failing to mention Osama bin Laden is a serious omission.
So will there be any podcast covering Rodney Martin's exit from the Movement? lol

So what is the problem with Osama bin Laden? He worked for the Americans, as far as I know, and is not personally guilty of any crimes. If you pay attention, you will see he did not get a lot of votes either way, so I don't understand why he is #2. If they judged only by up votes, Osama would be #8, after John Lennon. And Jesus Christ would be #2, following the Fuehrer, which is more sensible. The Jew Einstein would remain in 3rd place.

Currently Stalin has lost ground and is #19.

A serious omission? I linked to the page where ObL was very visible. If you think there is something to say about Adolf Hitler compared to Osama bin Laden, then go ahead and do it. YOU DO IT! Because I don't think there is.

To Franklin: Are you endorsing the Nuremberg Tribunals? You do seem to agree with their findings.

Franklin, cough up a nice wikipedia link for us along the lines of your Wehrmacht-authorized mass rape of Russian women one.  You know, something to prove Osama did it.  You can find Frankie's "Noble Hitler & Noble Nazis" revelations at http://www.darkmoon.me/2015/defending-the-stalin-regime-is-indefensible-...

I've heard there is a second book that followed Mein Kampf that was found at Hitler's montain top get away. The manuscript was found while the invaders searched his home. Is this book authentic, was there a second book that Hitler authored as a Part II to Mein Kampf? Thanks.

Yes, there is a second book, called Zweites Buch in German, and you can even access it for free at archive.org: https://archive.org/details/ZweitesBuch-AdolfHitlersSecretBook

You can buy it at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hitlers-Second-Book-Unpublished-Sequel/dp/1929631618 and/or http://www.amazon.com/Hitlers-Second-Book-Unpublished-Sequel-ebook/dp/B0... ... and read about it at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zweites_Buch

It wasn't found at his mountain-top home though, but supposedly much later in the huge mass of documents confiscated in Germany by the Americans. I have read it and believe it's authentic. You can feel confident about that.

David Irving considers them genuine.
And Jack Frost has just posted a comment on The Occidental Observer arguing that they're genuine.

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