AfD vs. Angela Merkel in Germany's Constitutional Court

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2020-07-22 18:44

Germany's highest court, located in Karlsruhe, in session.

By Carolyn Yeager

GERMANY'S PATRIOT PARTY, THE ALTERNATIVE FUER DEUTSCHLAND  (AfD), filed two important lawsuits on Wednesday against Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Karlsruhe High Court for statements she made back on February 5 after the election of Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) as Thuringian state premier.

Merkel, a member of the CDU party, was on a state visit to South Africa at the time, and publicly called the election “unforgivable” and stated “the result must be reversed.” Within a day Kemmerich did voluntarily resign, and a re-run of the vote ended with the re-election of Bodo Ramelow of the Left (communist) Party, which Merkel obviously prefers to any hint of cooperation with the hated (in her eyes) right-wing party, the Alternative fuer Deutschland.

The reason for Merkel's outrage is that it was the combined support from her own CDU and the more nationalist AFD delegates for the small Free Democrat Party's Kemmerich (FDP) that resulted in the upset election of the FDP candidate over the incumbent Left Party's choice. The picture painted was of cooperation between the the CDU and AFD parties (something declared verboten at the CDU party convention under Merkel's leadership) even if no outward cooperation has been shown to have taken place prior to the Thuringian voting.

It's important to note that German ministers and chancellors are generally expected to steer clear of partisan domestic politics while on state visits or when communicating via their offices. Plus this is seen as interference in a state election in the interests of party politics. The Afd has charged Merkel with:

"The use of the international stage to delegitimize the results of democratic elections in Germany and to issue a coalition ban."

And of

abusing her office and violating the equal opportunities for political parties guaranteed in the German constitution.

These seem like serious offenses to me. The AfD also asked the court to look at allegations that "calls to boycott the AfD" have been published by Merkel's government on its official websites.

Court rules in favor of another AfD lawsuit

AfD won a different lawsuit in the top court against conservative CSU Interior Minister Horst Seehofer for violating neutrality rules. He had published an interview on the Interior Ministry website accusing the AfD of working to undermine the state and labeling it as being "corrosive for the state." 

Federal Executive Board co-chairmen Joerg Meuthen and Tino Chrupalla comment on the court action

"Anyone who, as head of government during an official state visit, uses the international stage to delegitimize the result of democratic elections in Germany, and to pronounce a ban on coalitions, abuses his office and violates the Basic Law and the equal opportunities of the parties guaranteed therein," said Federal Spokesman Prof. Dr. Jörg Meuthen. 

The Federal Government and the Federal Chancellor have published this declaration on their respective state websites to this day. The Federal Constitutional Court is therefore called upon to establish the illegality of the Chancellor's actions.

Adds Chrupalla, “But that's not all: the Federal Government, led by Mrs Merkel, is still spreading this unconstitutional call for a boycott against the AfD on an official website. The government should have recently informed its Constitutional Minister Seehofer that taxpayers' money must not be used to attack the political opponent."


The FDP (business-friendly Free Democrats) joined the AfD (Alternative fuer Deutschland) in adopting a two-thirds majority approval as a condition for the EU-Corona aid package being recommended to the European Union. Said Beatrix von Storch:

"The AfD Group welcomes the fact that the FDP is taking up our demand for a two-thirds majority in the Bundestag, because a debt union, as Merkel and Macron want it, violates the law in force (Art. 311 TFEU, Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union). This breach of the law changes the EU's contractual foundations in one central point. In accordance with Article 23 sec. 1 p. 3 GG i.V.m. Art. 79 GG, the Bundestag must approve a change in the EU base by a two-thirds majority. We had already made this demand in the last week of the Bundestag – during the meeting of the group chairmen with the EU Commission on 2 July – and, on the current occasion, two days ago we reiterated it via Twitter. Otto Fricke, a member of the Committee on Budgets, said it was "a new type of budget" – and also "a structural change in Europe."

Good afternoon, Carolyn,
deviating from the subject, I would like to stress that many "awakened" people in Germany are watching with great concern the events that are currently being initiated by the Deep State against the foundations of the United States.
Your President must be under excessive pressure, which we believe he has coped with admirably so far. Most of the media here in Germany comment on Mr Trump rather spitefully, they produce nothing but lies.  We - I would like to call ourselves patriots - hope and pray that Mr Trump will remain in office and that he can continue to carry out his important projects. Never before has it occurred to us that the outcome of the elections in the United States would this time decide the good or the evil in the world.
One may not always have agreed with Mr Trump or even puzzled, but his fight against the swamp of the Deep State deserves our utmost respect - God be with him.
And to you, dear Carolyn, our best wishes.
Klaus Borgolte

What you've said here means a lot to me. It's so important that our brothers and sisters in Europe understand what is going on now in the USA -- an "unprecedented" all-out assault on the very edifice, philosophical and physical, of this nation. It's shocking to most Americans how suddenly this grew to outsize proportions (shades of revolutionary Russia 1917) and how much of the elected political class is accepting it. Well, at least the lines are clearly drawn.

Thank you for your well wishes and your support of our beleaguered president. The next few months will be a crucial test; we have to get him re-elected first, then we can assess how best to proceed against this vicious enemy. Thanks for your prayers!! You're a true comrade.

A chancellor calling for an election to be reversed is 2nd or 3rd world tier corruption.  And why did Kemmerich resign?  People have to stop capitulating.

I would say that Kemmerich, as an FDP member, wants and chose to cooperate with the CDU and the "established" parties. The FDP was never in league with the AfD; it just happened that the AfD delegates made their own decision to switch their support to Kemmerich in order to prevent the communist Ramelow from winning another term. That's just normal politics, but Angela Merkel went beserk because the AfD ended up on the same "team" as her party! Talk about controlling!! The CDU had emphasized at its last convention that NO MEMBER COULD COOPERATE WITH ANY MEMBER OF THE AfD and passed a party rule to that effect.

Politically, the CDU doesn't want any party to the right of itself; that explains part of their wish to destroy the AfD.

Don't know if you've commented on this and it's easy for one to get distracted in trying to find out. Looks like the only defendant so far (with the short-stay arrest coming in 2016) is the Spitzel, with one other person having questionable motives doing a lot of finger pointing. I consider signs of any like-minded - short of violence - existing in Germany to be encouraging news. (Having reserves of force in hand, is good.) Naturally the NY Times has a lot of loose ends in their narrative: - Would be interested to know what you think about this and thought it might make a subject for some of that C. Yeager Research. As for overthrowing the United States: they used up their last chance in 1917.

Hi Bruce, thanks for the article. Good to hear from you; been a long time.

Never know what to believe but it only figures that there are Germans like these who feel strongly about their country and hate the Federal Republic. I only wish there were more of them than there are. They are the best Germans, thus they're harrassed and investigated.The feds will try to get them all to work for them; that's how they do it rather than put them in prison. So very sad to think that ridiculous Kramp-Karrenbauer is Defense Minister. What a humiliation.

I lack the skills to do any further research on this topic - ie the German language - so anything more you wish to send would be appreciated. I can always machine translate items in German. I mostly just get my German news from the propaganda outlet DW - which is never as extensive as this from the NYTimes. Good photos too. I copy-pasted it to keep in my files.

They do tend to be expansive. Have lost patience with almost any reading at all, and usually just listen to selected Youtube vids while frantically working on my train foaming designs in Google Earth - my "Nazi Plot to Take Over the World". Though do mean to get that book of yours and will do it just as soon as I write this damnit! Very rarely hear anything that grabs my attention in that way about Germany any more but cherish the 17 months I had there. It seems with so much censorship and ascendancy of the Alt Right (a mixed bag) denial is somewhat dying out. Sometimes think it might be helpful to try and start a "Germania" or such nonprofit/website and work toward getting a right-of-return like Israel. (Hell surely they couldn't fault us for that.) And that way might have some pretext for being in touch with some people there on the front lines. It does sound like they're very active, but NY Times would want to make it look that way. Whatever they said about "danger" of having them involved in the government is devoutly to be wished.

As you wrote in one of your previous posts, today's Germany is run for the benefit of the political parties - they control everything. Gordon Smith came to the same conclusion - in 1979! See Democracy in Western Germany : parties and politics in the Federal Republic. Smith writes: 'In the Federal Republic the public interest has to be equated with the enlightened self-interest of the parties'. One can find key quotations from the book in this article which I wrote ten years ago under the heading '3. Liberal Democratic Totalitarianism'. (I wrote the article as a much younger man in different political circumstances; ten years later I don't agree with it entirely).
Germany hasn't functioned under a democratic system since 1932. It fell down after 24 years of relentless assault by the Left, and America is now following Germany. Since 2016, the Left have sought to dismantle American democracy bit by bit, and it looks like they're succeeding. I don't think any political system can remain impervious to such an assault. Trump will win, but after that - I shudder to think. The Left will not give up.
Perhaps it's a case of you don't know what you've got until it's gone, but now I'm quite fond of American democracy, which is now in its dying days. The conservatives who oppose Trump and want to 'save' democracy from him are fools, as Trump is the last (?) democratic president.

The funny thing is it's not the left the biggest problem, it's rather the conservatives, on both sides of the pool.
The catholic old man Konrad Adenauer started the demographic demise of Germany in the fifties by inviting the "guestworkers" "to help"  rebuild Germany. Next the "guestworkers" were making many children, and the children of the "guestworkers" were very busy making more children and hardly any of them returned to their countries.
Next, with the never ending expansion of the EU to include even the shitiest countries like Romania, Bulgaria etc..the demographic Armaggedon was almost complete. Merkel, in a master's stroke, completed Germany's destruction by allowing millions of Muslim refugees.
Hats off to the christian conservatives of the CDU-CSU: Mission accomplished!
I do hope that Trump-The US greatest ever president- gets reelected.
Might be a good idea, Carolyn, to inform us on how the globalists in the Republican party -the Bushs etc..-are sabotaging Trump's reelection campaign (Lincoln Project) by openly asking Republicans to vote for Joe Biden.
Support Trump!