The Charlottesville Travesty

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2017-08-13 12:52

Robert E. Lee monument in Lee Park (recently changed to Emancipation Park to please the Blacks), Charlottesville, Virginia.

By Carolyn Yeager

I FOLLOWED THE EVENTS CONNECTED TO THE "UNITE THE RIGHT" RALLY YESTERDAY as closely as I could on the Internet. Thank God I don't have TV to influence me with a totally distorted picture of what took place.

Today, the best write-up I've found about it is on the website itself. Written by Vincent Law, it's title sums up the main take-away from the aborted rally very well: “Charlottesville Was A Turning Point For White People In America.” Under the title, the next line adds the further key idea: “The White Civil Rights movement began in Charlottesville.” I believe this is spot-on the reality that we now have.

A press-conference by Jason Kessler (who I didn't know before yesterday) and Richard Spencer is promised for this afternoon. But without waiting for that, I want to post some of my reactions and what I like about the above-mentioned article that you will never hear in the mainstream media or from the politicians.

The Alt-Right went to assemble in order to advocate for the rights of White people to exist and to protest the erasure of American culture, history and to uphold the right, their right, to free speech.

It was not about “Hate” or “White Supremacy”, which is all you hear in the media and from the politicians. It's important to remember that White activists and identists are always called “white supremacists” by the left and the politicians, but they do not call themselves that. None of them do.

Anyone who still thinks free speech and freedom [of] assembly still exists anywhere in the White world can clearly see for themselves what happens when White people try to peacefully assemble and advocate for their interests.

The state disregards our rights, we are physically assaulted in the streets by non-Whites and political opponents, and the lying media runs propaganda campaigns to smear us. As of now, they are blaming the three deaths in Charlottesville on us. Yes, the three deaths. As you will recall, two of those deaths resulted from a police helicopter crash. By what stretch of the imagination are we to blame for pilot incompetence?

Neither the media or the politicians have waited for either event to be investigated, but have rushed to make it the fault of “hate-filled White supremacists”, ie the rally goers and organizers who had nothing to do with either death event.

Furthermore, the young man [in the Dodge Challenger] was not part of any Alt-Right group. Also, there is reason to believe that he [is] himself Jewish. This is highly irregular, especially when one takes into account that the Alt-Right as a movement is very critical of Jews and membership of Jews in the Alt-Right is frowned upon. James Alex Fields, Jr’s mother is named Samantha Bloom. That is a very Jewish name.

Indeed it is. It can, but doesn't necessarily mean that he is part of a conspiracy to create death and destruction in the name of “White Supremacy” at Charlottesville to manufacture a reason to deny any future rallies or legal protests by members of the White community. It will be important to watch what happens to Fields and what sort of statements he makes.

Let us be clear, this was an Alt-Right rally. This was a rally by people advocating for White identity. And it was brutally shut down.


We did everything right and we STILL GOT SHUT DOWN. And I suppose that means that we are now official [sic] the enemy of the anti-White state.

This is clear. The city did everything to stop this event and called in the big guns when we showed up.

It was a trap, plain and simple.

But let us be clear.

Ultimately, this was a victory for us. Our movement will be emboldened by Charlottesville. The ‘Unite the Right’ rally legitimized our struggle. This is the beginning of the White Civil Rights movement. Before the rally even started, the National Guard was put on standby. The state of Virginia illegally used military force to override a Federal court decision.

That means what they did was illegal. And it also means we are going to sue the state of Virginia for the actions of the National Guard and the city of Charlottesville for creating the situation that allowed the chaos and violence to ensue.

By making a big deal of this, with an investigation by the Dept. of Justice and even perhaps congressional committees, the officially sanctioned anti-White Establishment will truly “Unite the Right” in a way that is surely not their intention. But their incompetence and idiocy is already on display, so it appears there is some advantage to be had from that.

UPDATE: I finally found a recording of Jason Kessler's news conference from today, in front of Charlottesville City Hall at 2 p.m. just as he promised. But what a travesty once again - before he finished his statement, he was attacked by liberal loonies who called him a murderer and chased him through a flower garden, knocking him down, with no assistance from anybody! Eventually a police officer showed up and helped him get away. A shocking display of American hatred and violence from the "all men are created equal" crowd, with the media treating it as a laughing matter. I think President Trump should condemn what happened here, if he condemns anything. From the NY Daily News:


Race, White Nationalism


For further information about Samantha Bloom's probable Jewishness, see : Saboteur 365, August 13, 2017 : Va. Car Attacker's Mother Samantha Bloom, Probable Jew, Interviewed by AP. In the photo both mother and son look very Jewish. In the video the profile of the mother's nose is visible. Looks also Jewish. Curiously enough she shows no emotion on hearing that her son has killed someone. Very suspicious.

Here's a better version of that video:
You can see that she is in a wheelchair.  Apparently she is a paraplegic from a drunken driver that maimed her and killed her husband a few months before Fields was born.
The Bloom name is probably a second marriage for this woman - who very well could be Jewish.  The kid doesn't look at all Jewish to me.  She only looks like she COULD be Jewish;  but I doubt it.

Apparently she is a paraplegic from a drunken driver that maimed her and killed her husband a few months before Fields was born.

The Bloom name is probably a second marriage for this woman

You're guessing there. But she doesn't look, sound or speak like a Jew to me. And she did reveal emotion during this interview that was edited out of the previous video. It turns out from a high school teacher that Fields had "extremist views" in high school. I'm worried what the police and Feds will get him to say that isn't true. He must be pretty scared.

I think that they need more organization to reduce the possibility of bad incidents. It is extremely important that antifa be allowed to reveal itself as the force of chaos, and that nothing happen to obscure this fact, because White people hate chaos.
Whenever a call is sent out for people to come participate in a protest where violence is an obvious possibility, there is a high probability that some of those who turn out for your own side will be troublemakers or loose cannons that carry the risk of discrediting what you are trying to do. They need to devise a way to include only vetted people and exclude undesirables and non-vetted people. One reason why they have not done that, I suppose, is that they are eager for numbers and therefore reluctant to exclude or discourage anybody who offers to participate, but it has to be done.
Also in line with the eagerness for numbers is the fact that this was supposed to be a big-tent event, including not only the Alt Right but some "Alt Lite," among them the Proud Boys, and that didn't work out, because of Gavin McInnes' sensitivity to racism. 
I am somewhat reminded of the demonstrations that Billy Roper staged 15 years ago, which became smaller and smaller as the participants became more conscious of their differences. But, White media, through Internet, is a much bigger factor now. So maybe this ball can be kept rolling.

Congratulations to the organizers! 
One important point to stress: At public events serious -and normal- patriots should not bring up the Jew- issue for a few very obvious reasons: Firstly the sheeple are not interested; secondly and most importantly it's the treacherous globalist White people who cause by far most of the  damage with their nation-wrecking politics. Blaming the Jews for all our misfortunes is just too simplistic and boring: No normal person would take seriously an one-issue guy like say David Duke, a bore who can only talk about Jews and Jews.... and say "what a great leader Bassar Assad is".   It's like  some dumb Irish who constantly badmouth the English (mah famine blah blah). Hitler himself very seldom talked about Jews. 

Gilson obviously is not very familiar with this blog.

You mean my blog? Yes, he is, but he specified "at public events."

Do you agree with that? I don't agree with that. It makes no sense.
There's no point in having a metapolitical movement that doesn't tell the truth.

I didn't say I agree or disagree. I just posted his comment. He's commented here several times before and they were alright, as I recall. That's his view.

Hello Carolyn, Why aren't you on Twitter? It would give you a bigger audience and bring more people to your website...

Well, I just never wanted to bother. It seemed like one more thing I would have to keep up with. But I have added a Twitter icon link to every post. Smile I'm not on Facebook either.

Thankyou for the Twitter links, Carolyn. Your articles have proven quite popular when I share them on social media.

The police not only didn't protect the Alt-Right attendees, they were trying to cause them harm by physically assaulting and forcing them into contact with the BLM and communist scum. The Political Cesspool had a good show on the rally.

Why couldn't all those people who went to this event lobby Congress to watch Adolf Hitler Greatest Story Never Told?
That would have had sent a message, connect millions to our side's creative work, and advance our metapolitics. That builds a movement.
This event doesn't have any obvious message, except, white activism results in death. One GOP Senator told Trump to declare white nationalism EVIL terrorism. This is like the machine gun march in Whitefish. A total failure.
Can't anyone see that street activism is the wrong place to be? You need to be barking orders into Trump's ears. If Spencer could talk with Laura Bush, he can talk with Trump. Why can't he do that?
Richard Spencer is just a celebrity character leading whites down the drain.
This white movement will be over before December.
Whites won't survive with Spencer-Anglin. It is obvious now.
They wasted the momentum of the election to do street activism, instead of, get a seat at Trump's table and talk policy.

You said: "This is like the machine gun march in Whitefish. A total failure."
What the hell are you talking about? You are spreading false information. There was NO march in Whitefish, Montana much less one with machine guns.
The rest of your nonsense I won't lower myself to address.

Andrew Anglin called for a machine gun march in Whitefish.
Another bright idea of his, besides, raping white women to save the white race.
This movement has been ruined. You cannot win elections with an endorsement from the Daily Stormer.
Renegade has a great article summing things up.
To make the point clear, you don't do protests, if you have power. You don't protest yourself.
If Trump is your man, you want to be in the White House sipping a hot chocolate, while Jews are on the outside looking in, protesting in the freezing cold. This Dukes of Hazard protest showed that white nationalists are at the bottom of the political barrel. They are the Charlie Browns again lead by Charlie Browns.
Why can't Spencer-Anglin admit the truth, they failed whites, they failed to get anywhere with Trump. They are either frauds or failures; most likely, huge frauds. It's up to the white audience to find new leaders. In the end, the white audience is responsible for the quality of the leaders they fund and follow.
Spencer-Anglin should resign from speaking on behalf of whites from now on; and the white audience should fire them for incompetence.

I'm well aware of that article; read it when it was first posted.
Don't take literally everything that Andre Anglin posts. He loves to troll people. It worked on you.

 It seems that they have shut down the Daily Stormer website. They have even followed the Daily Stormer into the dark web to shut the site down when it tried to set up there.   Regardless of what one might think of the Daily Stormer this does not bode well for other websites that the powers that be may deem offensive.  Anglin's provocative tactics have given the (((elites))) the excuse they needed to crack down on free speech.

Anglin wanted to be the baddest of bad boys - no matter what it took. He bragged about it all the time and said that was the winning tactic. He is like the mythical greek youth Icarus who flew too close to the sun and his fake wings burned up. Lets hope he hasn't burned us all down.

Anti-racist Putin has banned Daily Stormer in Russia:
Love the irony... 

There's an error in that article: "The Daily Stormer, which helped organise last weekend's rally ..."

It didn't. It publicized it, and sent Azzmador to it, who did not play a big role at all. DS had no invited speakers there.

Thanks  for  this  succinct explanation. ALthough I  live within  range to visit  Charlottsville I was not  well enough to attend since I anticipated violence. This is  not  another  Virginia  town. It has historical , political and cultural  importance.. Therefore it  must  be a prize of the  JEws and is in fact a Jewish enclave.
Virginia must  be the  first  victim of  reconstruction which is  the  present destruction of  epigraphic  evidence  of  an old  culture.  It is  evinced  through  change  of  names and  removing  or  destroying the  monument  to  the  best  of  its  people.  Internet  is  only misinformation. All are condemned as  racist , white  supremist. This  means  you  can  murder them and  be extoled as  a hero. This is why I  did  not attend.. As explained  here well it was a trap.

Jarrod Kuhn, 21, of Honeoye Falls, [New York] said he was at the "Unite the Right" rally at the University of Virginia on Friday night and was photographed carrying a lit Tiki torch, USA Today reported. The photo made its way to the Internet where social media users identified Kuhn and attempted to shame him publicly.

"I went down to Charlottesville to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue," Kuhn said. "It’s a piece of history, and I felt really strongly that it shouldn’t be erased. I identify with the right wing. I’m not a national socialist; I didn’t go down there with any fascist groups."

Fliers that read “No Nazis in our neighborhood” and contained the photo with Kuhn’s name and address listed were spread around his communityWHEC reported. A post with the photo was also shared on Facebook more than 1,000 times. The Eastside Antifascists, a group based in Rochester, N.Y., allegedly created the post. The group said its goal is to “work to monitor and fight cases of local fascism,” according to USA Today.

Kuhn said he also initially attended Saturday’s rally -- which eventually turned deadly -- but left less than an hour in after he was hit on the back with a brick and splattered with paint. He also said he was not in the area at the time when Heather Heyer, 32, was killed when a car allegedly driven by a white supremacist rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters.

Kuhn said he received death threats and some people even came to his residence after the Facebook post and poster identified him as a rally participant.

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