When are White people going to stop making Jews rich?

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2017-10-10 19:16

Harvey Weinstein (standing), Michael Kors (center seated) and Donna Karan (right) share a joke at the amfAR New York Gala in 2010. AmfAR is The (American) Foundation for AIDS Research. Could that be Kors' partner at left?

By Carolyn Yeager

HERE IS A PICTURE OF THREE very successful Jews yukking it up at a New York Gala in 2010.

We all know Harvey Weinstein, a celebrity Jew movie producer. Stein is pronounced like “mine,” as in a stein of beer, but for some reason, probably because they think it sounds less Jewish, Jews want to pronounce it as “steen.” So everyone in media does. Isn't it odd though, that 'wein' and 'stein' are spelled the same, but we don't say “Weensteen”, do we.

Harvey is saying something that makes the homosexual fashion designer Kors laugh out loud. Kors was brought up by his Jewish mother, and his stepfather Bill Kors from the age of five. Named Karl at birth, he selected the name Michael Kors himself, at around that age. As a teen, he began designing clothes and selling them out of his parents' basement. The list of celebrities who have worn his designs is very long. Kors married his 'partner' in 2011.

Donna Karan grew up in Queens, born Donna Faske. She began her career as an assistant designer with another Jewess, Anne Klein, in the late 1960s. Klein was also New York born, with the name Hanna Golofski. After Klein's death, Karan began a new partnership with Klein's business partner Tomio Taki, starting the successful 'Donna Karan New York' label.

In all three cases, these Jews became millionaires and/or billionaires because White people purchased their products. I can understand that before the widespread use of Internet it was not easy to know who was a Jew. Growing up, even though my father was not a friend of Jews, our 1950's home was filled with the sound of “All-American” Jewish comedians on the radio and Jewish-produced magazines and comic books. Most White Christians shopped at Jewish-owned stores and department stores equally with non-Jewish, without realizing it. You can believe the Jewish homes did not reciprocate in kind, and that they made a point of shopping with their own coreligionists whenever possible.

We should be more discriminating in how we use our money – what little we still have. Another thing we can do is to promote to others products we know are not Jewish-made or owned as superior to the Jewish equivalent. Don't say, “That's Jewish, don't buy it” because some people think it is morally admirable to specifically purchase Kosher products. Just say you've found the one that isn't Jewish to be superior, or you like it better. This, of course, requires that we know the background of people, places and things. But the Internet makes it easy to find out.

White people making Jews rich is one of my pet peeves. Don't do it!


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This steen/stein nonsense annoys the bejesus out me also. Can't people see this stupid contradiction?

Thanks John, I don't think this is a minor issue. Jews have been changing our language to suit themselves for as long as they've been changing so many other things in our societies. A stronger society wouldn't allow it.

Last night I watched a short show clip from The Five. Greg Gutfeld pronounced Weinstein correctly (the two parts of the name rhyming) and then looked to his right and said, with a big smile, Weinsteen ... showing it's all a game they have to play with Weinsteen's name. Orders from the top. All I can say is: Good for Gutfeld. Others should be so brave.

Yet, and I may be wrong, the surname Rubenstein seems to be pronounced as 'stein' and not 'steen'?
In any case, they can change the pronunciation of their family names, it won't change 'them'

Well, in most cases, 'stein' is pronounced correctly. Gertrude Stein, Gloria Steinem, Frankenstein, and as you say Rubenstein.

I don't agree they can change the pronounciation of a common name like "stein." Since they take/expropriate names from the German language, they should not be able to distort or mispronounce them. If they want to do that, they can go back to their Hebraic name.

"Names ending with -berg, -stein or -man are often thought of as Jewish, but are of German origin" - Wikipedia

And from the World Reference Language Forum: "These names are of German origin, and in German "stein" is always pronounced with the same vowel found in "fine" (/aɪ/)."

Norman Finklestein, author of The Holocaust Industry, also uses "steen" and everyone goes along with it. We are just pushovers.

Speaking of Norman Finkelstein:
I don't know what to make of this? Surely, this cannot be??
No doubt, some policemen in some areas do beat up people before arresting them but...Norman Finkelstein?
Pas possible!?

If I knew who were the non-Jew alternatives of these Jews, I would consider patronizing them instead of these Jews, who most probably appropriated the work of non-Jews anyway.

Well, some djooz are now opting to "americanise" by full literal translation: Redstone, Goodman, Field. It won't work. In any case I have always pronounced Harvey's surname as 'Swinesteen'----and he is the King of the pigs.
But to digress a bit, anyone who has tuned into the Rush Limbaw Show recently has heard him try to analyze and dissect the Swinesteen Slob Scandal, and express the view that this is not happening in a vacuum---that there is some purpose and motive---and that perhaps Swinesteen did something so egregiously offensive or threatening to the Sanhedrin that they destroyed him. What could that be?
Edit: Limbaw also says Swinesteen will eventually be rehabbed like Woodie Allan and Ruman Polansky
On the other hand, perhaps this is a worldwide revolt against djoo hypocrisy and supremacism---primarily by women. Perhaps these women who were forced to go along with the Hollywood-Media 'War On Women' memes and with the Trump 'Grab 'Em by' denunciations were finally so enraged with the injustice, hypocrisy and pathology Big Djoo that this explosive reaction occurred.