Thoughts for the New Year 2018

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2018-01-01 17:50

Looking for an image for this difficult-to-illustrate post, I came across this one and found it was attached to a very good essay written in 2014. I read it, having already completed my essay below, and think it is an excellent complement to my own thoughts. So I highly recommend you read it too.

Whatever happened to the Truth Movement?


Are we living in a climate of anti-truth?

by Carolyn Yeager

TRUTH HAS ALWAYS BEEN SAID TO BE SELECTIVE. That is, we select that which we hold to be true because it agrees with us for a number of reasons, and on the same grounds we hold its opposing position to be false, often without actually having a clear understanding of why.

When it comes to the question of the viable ongoingness of the European people and our culture on this planet, we face that problem of truth. How important is it? Is it better to have the right strategy, or to seek power, or to work toward a larger following? Should we try to defeat our enemy outright in battle or should we use stealth to insinuate ourselves into increasingly powerful positions? The arguments can go on endlessly. And truly, I have gotten weary of all this theorizing in article after article about how to approach the issues, how to respond, how to, how to …

When I first got into this “movement”, I was on a quest for truth. Actually, I'd been on a quest for truth all my life but when I began using the Internet, my quest speeded up considerably. I had been on a slow track; now I was on a fast track. I was excited about all I could learn, how much knowledge (or at least information to turn into knowledge) was available so easily. So I learned, learned, learned. I then began to express myself, and talk, talk, talk. That was harder because I right away got a certain amount of blowback that was designed to put me off what I was doing. But I persevered because the ability to come to absolute conclusions about important questions of fact was so rewarding to me.

At this time it was called "the Truth Movement.” Historical (in particular WWII) and Holocaust Revisionism were a big part of the truth movement for me. I admit that I became critical of several people who used that name for themselves who I thought were not at all devoted to truth but rather to their own or their friends' advancement in a movement. I eventually became critical of what I considered the low standards of the “Truth Movement” itself and switched my attention to the “White Nationalist Movement,” retaining revisionism as a major area of interest.

But this too became unsatisfactory when historical and holocaust revisionism collided with the ideas of an 'all-Europe White Unity' or what was sometimes called “White Pride Worldwide”. In this view, all whites are equal and one has to be very careful when praising a certain ethnicity or nation over another. I came to believe that this contributes to lies in history exactly as all “equalization” ideas do.

In time, this definitely Pro-White movement morphed into the less definite White Identity/Identitarian movement, and now into the Alt-Right movement which seems to have no boundaries or 'rules' to the point that just about anyone can identify themselves with it. The debate going on lately is about how much non-White genetic material one can have and still be considered White, or loyal to the White race, or able to speak for the white race and the alt-right. For me, who is 100% White, 100% German,  100% a non-mixing racialist and committed holocaust denier, the current situation is far from appealing. 

Thus, my preference in all this degradation is to return to the Truth Movement from whence I began, and here are my arguments to recommend it to you.

What can go wrong when the standard is the truth? Under such a banner we can argue among ourselves, if need be, about the facts rather than about strategy. Facts can be ascertained; this is the work of scholarship. Even though our scholarly class has been infiltrated and degraded by liberals, marxists, jews and homosexuals, it can still be straightened out with true effort. To ascertain the facts must be king, the highest good and the main interest of us all. When that is done honestly, we can all form our beliefs based on those true facts – we don't need to be convinced of this or that by the endless essays written by intellectuals on the major pro-White websites. That only provides a platform for a few to keep spinning their wheels in groupie conversations with others of like mind, and not do anything of substance.

We would do well to familiarize ourselves intimately with our 20th century history, valuing facts over opinions, and be willing to acknowledge and accept the proven truth of every matter. We would do well to condemn the censoring or ignoring of any relevant information, and to not accept acts of omission any more than acts of false commission. Let the truth speak for itself! I am not afraid of that. Are you?

My suggestion would be to insist that those “in the movement” defend their statements rather than get away with avoiding doing so with the excuse that “they have the right to opt out of topics they feel would endanger their well-being.” Bull on that. These are questions that endanger our entire race and, as spokespersons for White well-being, we must insist they add to the truth, not the lies. For example, and this is just one of many well-known people I could use: Dr. Kevin MacDonald, editor at The Occidental Observer, has said in recorded interviews that when it comes to holocaust revisionist arguments, he has looked at them but not found them convincing. [See here and here]. At the same time, he has said he has not studied it. This statement is itself so unconvincing that MacDonald should be required to enter into a friendly debate with a qualified revisionist to defend such a statement. He has said the same about the 9/11 Truth movement, that it's arguments are “not convincing” to him. It's understood by most that he just wants to avoid such controversies, which reveals either a fear of or a fondness for the Jews, the very Jews of whom our understanding has been aided by his work. To clear up ambiguities and to advance our cause forward, “leaders” should not be able to get away with avoiding the facts of history and the laws of physics.

So as not to pick solely on Dr. MacDonald, I will give another example from a very different corner of the White Movement. This is Cesar Tort, owner of the Blog “The West's Darkest Hour.” Just yesterday, he posted a rather violent quote identified by him to be from Heinrich Himmler, with no indication of where or when Himmler said it, but accompanied with an image of Himmler. I wrote a comment to the post, questioning it's authenticity and then searched and found it in an out-of-print book by an Hispanic psychologist – not sourced there either. The words are clearly not from Himmler. Tort removed Himmler's name and image, but said in a comment to a poster who called it a bogus quote that “It doesn’t matter if it’s bogus. Either Aryans will think like that or they go extinct.” In other words, using bogus quotes, if you think it furthers your aims, is perfectly alright, because the only goal is to win. As if this would help us win anything, anyway. This, in fact, is what the Allies did against the Germans and here we are still doing it to them!

(Tort also censored two of my comments and didn't allow me to write any more because, I suspect, he considered I was impugning his motives. It just so happens I have also been censored several times at MacDonald's The Occidental Observer.)

For the New Year 2018, I offer a toast that we return to seeking to pin down and follow the truth and the historical facts … above all else. Anyone who impedes that or fails to cooperate in the search for the truth of a matter should be held in contempt of our values. I think it would have a very salutary effect.


The truth is nice for those who have it but the average white person is alienated by it because the Jew controls their mind or they just don’t care. In order to get some power or acceptance, the pro-white movement must tread carefully on this issue. Truth is often a hard pill to swallow. The Jews control the West and it’s not a good idea for most whites to be fired from their jobs because of the truth.

Patty, I think you misunderstand what I'm saying in this essay. I'm talking to the leadership who continually write about these issues, not to ordinary working people. These "leaders" don't have jobs; they are retired or they live off donations to their websites. In the U.S. they are not in any danger when speaking "truth to power" - I do it all the time.

Your wish to excuse those who don't want to stick with the facts and evidence only shows that you you don't want to be held to the truth either. If we are legitimately put in harms way by it, the right course would be to say nothing at all. This is not what these folks do. Thanks for your commnet.

The Truth is the hardest way to victory, yet the only one to secure it!

You have brought up two very good issues such as the “Truth Movement” itself which cannot exist without keeping each white nation responsible for their own misdeeds. This is clearly not very palatable to many so Truth has to go by the wayside. Should an Icelandic be held responsible for what the British did in India? Should a Finnish national be held responsible for what was done in the Congo by the Belgians? In order to have truth each nation will have to carry their own sins. This is not going to happen. Only Germany appears to carry her sins which dont even exist. Why should others get a free ride?
.Since nobody is going to tell the truth and accept that their nation did wrong it devolves into the “White Pride Worldwide” rubbish which Stormfront entertains. Even there you will see this issue raising its head all the time and the threads being deleted especially when one praises certain nations over another. The “equalization” ideas are exactly what I am talking about. Not so much about who is more white than the other but in ability and in the evolution of ideas, skillsets and historical valor in facing the enemy head on. The “equalization” you speak of is what always left me with the idea that all of this has devolved into a sort of liberal “we are all the same” mentality. The very same thing I oppose of the left is what we are seeing on the right – Marxism.
On another post I said that you can remove the Jews tomorrow and nothing will be solved as the sins of the past and present of whites is where these pitfalls lay. Jews simply exploit this chauvinistic views, sense of entitlement as well as envy of the dumb goy towards each other. You highlighted a good example of this with the “The West's Darkest Hour” blog where the retort was “It doesn’t matter if it’s bogus. Either Aryans will think like that or they go extinct.” It reminds me of the Jew who was caught making up lies about his Holocaust experience and his reply was – but it was real in my mind as well as but the Germans could have done it, but did not – but could have. There is absolutely no sense of ethics or introspection.
.Happy New Year to you and keep up the excellent work you are doing.
.PS: You know deep in your heart that another European war is inevetable. 

So Richard, could we say that those White Nationalists that have been pushing the theme that all Whites must unite to become a strong enough force to exert power have been taking us down a wrong path all these years? They have failed to deliver any success?

Success has come from national-oriented parties like the FPOe in Austria, the PiS in Poland, Orban's party in Hungary, and others, including of course the Trump revolution in the USA. I think that's what we're seeing and this is what I was suggesting in 2012 at The White Network when Tanstsaafl got so overwrought by my voicing such ideas he shut me out and shut the whole thing down to stop me!

And these people are still pushing this same losing idea ... and getting nowhere. They think enforcement of the historical truth is too alienating for some people who can't or couldn't handle it, and their "feelings" must be considered. Because these Whites are stuck there, they have to make the Jew responsible for everything since they won't make any Whites responsible ... except Germans. I believe they partially stick with this "out" because they know Germans can take it, while weaker ethnicities need to be "built up." It's like a family where the parents don't want to discriminate among their children, and try to "even things out." The Jew doesn't seem to mind this at all because it's True History -'the truth'-  that he is most afraid of. As long as we keep lying about it all to ourselves - or simply avoid talking about it - the Jew is safe.

So I guess this will have to be 'the Year of the Truth.' Thanks a lot for your support.

PS: No, I don't know that another "hot" European war is inevitable ... I hope not. I'd like to think the whole Jew-far Left-multi-culti narrative could fall like the Berlin Wall did, and the Soviet Union. Bankrupt.

PPS: You notice most folks are not comfortable with this essay, would not agree with it - so won't comment on it.

Richard, you said of this blog: "There is absolutely no sense of ethics or introspection."

You probably don't follow it so you wouldn't have any further or deeper thoughts about it as a whole, but I am very troubled by this blog. I have considered writing whole posts about it but I then think, "Why waste my time and give it so much attention?" But I'll just make a few comments now.

It troubles me because it's run by someone who has turned more and more to National Socialism as his stated belief of choice and posts items about Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler and uses their images. The owner is a Mexican national who portrays these German leaders the way he likes to imagine them (the way he wants them to be as examples of what he pretends to promote at his site).

I say pretends because he will never do anything like what he promotes, nor will any of the few loyal blog followers that comment there in the same fashion. They are all safely hiding behind their screen names while they enjoy talking like tough guys who can look down their noses at all the White Nationalists, etc. who refuse to call for violence the way they do, but insincerely.

What bothers me is that the blog owner, Cesar Tort, has only a rudimentary and childish understanding of Hitler, Himmler and National Socialism, so he passes on a great deal of misinformation to his readers, who appear to be as childishly immature as he himself. It's like they are all playing a game that boys enjoy, and don't want a woman like me to come in and ruin it. (I know that men do this sort of thing but I don't want to paint with too broad a brush.)

Tort is a guy who believes whatever David Irving says about the "Holocaust" and about WWII because he is too uninterested to read/research any of it himself. He admits he has only read parts of Mein Kampf because most of it "is too boring" to him. He has to read things in fictional form, such as William Pierce's "Hunter" and "The Turner Diaries", and Harold Covington's novels. This is where his ideas come from. His ideas about "Nazisim" come from George Lincoln Rockwell, not from the actual life and thoughts of Adolf Hitler, whom he misrepresents and misquotes all the time.

The thing is, though, he has an artistic nature and his blog is visually very attractive, and he has an easy and open commenting system - unless you attack him where he feels it, of course, haha. Then he takes your comments down. The site is not very well organized though, and it can be almost impossible to find certain things he's written in the past. The site's Search function is in a very strange place, almost as if it's camouflaged.

The bad part is that when it comes to Adolf Hitler and his associates, there are very few people willing to defend them against nonsense; or who know enough to do so. Most don't care what is said. So many so-called "fans" enjoy the lies over the truth anyway; they are not really interested in "the man" when "the myth" is more fun to them.

And let me just add while I'm at it that Counter-Currents is another WN site that is very bad when it comes to what they publish about Hitler and National Socialism. It's a fag site and fags cannot tolerate any real National Socialist regime. It's interesting that Cesar Tort was always a big Counter-Currents/Greg Johnson fan up until recently, when he became more critical. It's hard to say what his actual opinion is now because he's pretty vague about it ... as though he can't make a conclusive decision one way or the other.

Carolyn, you wrote a truthful and scathing factual essay about the current status of the Truth Movement.   I know no one online, besides you, who is willing to reckon with the sad accounts of where the Truth Movement has been and can tell the people what is truly going on.  The strong voices of clear leadership are missing or vaporizing or merging into vague and contradictory vibrational ideas of confusion as time moves forward. 
As happened with you, Cesar Tort censored my comments to him when it came to his very limited knowledge of historical revisionism.  Yes, he has an artistic nature, as you say, but it is as well a highly temperamental, fussy nature, and he doesn't want to know anything from anyone unless he himself makes the discovery.  He is not really a member of the Truth Movement in my opinion as truth is not what he has shown himself on his blog to be after.  He's after winning only -- and destroying the enemy -- even at the cost of what's true.  He seeks the sound of truth only, which is why he didn't appreciate you pointing out that the Himmler quote was a fake.  His audience is young and ignorant and Cesar Tort does it a disservice by spreading his fictions as if they were fact.  His audience won't be able to carry its "knowledge" to anyone in the real world since it lacks facticity or historical foundation.  I also question why he seems to favor both Greg Johnson and Gore Vidal, the latter whom he quotes extensively on his blog.

These "leaders" are taking half measures and  facilitating the Talmudic Big Lie. 
This was a great essay to begin the new year with Carolyn since 2017 brought at least some chipping away at official lies.  McDonald is whimping out when he states that legitimate and factual challenges to kosher scripts are "not convincing."
It seems like if he can expose the Sacker family as being kingpins of the opiod world in the same vein as the Sassons, then he could just as easily go full bore on the holohoax and 9-11, but this is not the case. 
"The Big Lie" which engulfs a people and takes on a life of its own is transgenerational.  The holocaust narrative as we know it today began after 1978 following a Televison miniseries titled "Holocaust."  It is interesting to note that the term holocaust is not to be found in the 1962 World Book Encyclopedia. 
Challenging the lies of Elie Wiesel today damages the"feelings" of those instructed in the gospel of Saint Elie and multiple Jewish produced holocaust flims since then. 
The baby boomers get butt hurts as well because "My daddy fought those evil Germans!"
It is the same thing with the physical science defying, official kosher version of 9-11 or mentioning the exorbitant crime rate of Negroids against Whites.
In dealing with my fellow boomer generation Whites since 2001, I realize we have become a weakened nation of "feels" and emotions.  
Emotions now trump facts and truths.  These "leaders" you mention are indeed leaders.  They lead and guide their readership into the failure to face and deal with reality and truth, no matter how many butt hurts they experience in the process.