Why I think Blasey Ford lied under oath

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2018-09-29 11:27

Dr. Blasey Ford, whom we are expected to take as "highly credible", exhibits a typical expression during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Sept. 27 at which she accused a federal judge of attempting to rape her when she was 15 years old - 36 years ago.

UPDATE: Blasey Ford one of 11 authors of 2008 research article titled “Meditation with Yoga, Group Therapy with Hypnosis, and Psychoeducation for long-term depressed mood: A randomized pilot trial". Scroll down to end.

By Carolyn Yeager

I WROTE ON SEPT. 22 THAT I DID NOT BELIEVE Christine Blasey Ford's claims of attempted rape that she laid out in her published statement prior to the public hearing. Contrary to the Jew York Times editorial board, who lie unashamedly and without consequence, I still do not believe Blasey Ford's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee was credible. Yet everyone in media and politics, both liberal and conservative, proclaims her to have been very credible and also a very sympathetic witness (although some also believe Kavanaugh). It is fully accepted that she is a victim of something.

They cannot say otherwise. The reason is Political Correctness. Democrats and Republicans alike, CNN and Fox News alike, women and men alike, are under threat of losing their careers if they were to say otherwise. This is obvious.

Only independent people like me can say it. People with nothing to lose.

So how do they deal with the quandary that both Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh can't both be telling the truth? They don't … just like in all ultimate questions when people's beliefs conflict with other things they know or accept. They just ignore it. This breeds a certain amount of hypocrisy.

Blasey Ford will not ever be charged with lying under oath, or even with any morally wrong behavior in misrepresenting what she knows to be true because she was already cemented in the public mind as a VICTIM before ever showing herself in the Senate hearing room. If she herself BELIEVES it, it cannot be a lie. She learned this in her many years of study in the field of psychology, her many years undergoing therapy to uncover all the pain inflicted on her innocent self by the men of this world … beginning with her father. What about her father?

In a recent mainstream news story I read prior to the Thursday hearing (sorry, I didn't keep it and it may very well have been scrubbed by now) a 'good friend' in California described Christine as not being on the best terms with her parents, and that's why she moved all the way to San Francisco … to get away from the discomfort she felt with her own family. Her main complaint was that she had not been given the attention she wanted and felt she should have gotten, growing up. The family's attention revolved around her brothers, not her, she felt. This friend emphasized how important it was to Christine that she get respect and attention for herself. Maybe that's why she kept working on university degrees. It's not surprising she would choose the field of psychology.

When you're in therapy, everything is about you. Every feeling and fantasy you have is worthy of the undivided attention of you and your therapist. Not that I have ever had any therapy, but I have done a good deal of meditation and what I would loosely call 'channelling.' It is amazing what comes out of your mind in response to suggestion or prompts. But I have come to understand that it is all personal to you, and while it can seem that you are remembering events (sometimes you are), it can just as easily be scenarios that your mind creates as representations of feelings and/or beliefs you are currently focusing on for whatever reason. Just as your dreams tell you a great deal about yourself – they are not haphazard thoughts – that doesn't mean the events you see occur outside of your own mind. Another way of putting it – it is for and about you and you alone.

I want to emphasize that, as the creative mentalities we are, we can come up with many details that can mimic a physical life event. However, as in the case of Blasey Ford, exact physical placement like what house address, the date it took place, oftentimes what preceded or followed it, cannot be provided. Thus, what comes up in therapy can be discussed and taken seriously in that setting, but as for law enforcement or any physical investigation, it will not pass the reality test.

Problems in Ford testimony

Some of the things I noticed: First, it was well-prepared ahead of time that she would be treated as an extremely fragile being. She did indeed at times behave like a child, helpless and not understanding what was going on. Her facial expression changed rapidly from composure to fright, with her eyes darting around, and then back to composure again. She's over 50 years of age but she was treated as if she were a 5 year old child, and appeared to require that special treatment.

From her own testimony, the door of the bedroom had been locked by the boys. After the threesome fell to the floor, she said she “got away,” without explaining how, and ran out of the bedroom. She would have had to unlock the door, which would have given her at least a slight delay if indeed she was in the state of fright and panic as described. The questioner Rachel Mitchell didn't ask about that.

She said she then went into the bathroom across the hall and locked the door. The boys made no attempt to stop her or open the bathroom door – they simply walked back down the stairs, laughing. Even though the loud music was still playing in the bedroom, she said she could hear them talking again with the others down in the living room. When asked about that again, she said she couldn't hear them then, but only after she was back down in the living room. She at one time said she had gotten out of the house without being seen by anyone; but under Rachel Mitchell's questioning, she said she had to pass by them all when she left. Was the gathering taking place right at the bottom of the stairs? Earlier I read that it was in a small family room further back in the house. She was not asked to provide a diagram of the house as she remembered it.

Mitchell accepted without comment whatever answer Ford gave because, as it turned out, she saw her job as forming her own professional opinion as to whether Blasey Ford had a prosecutable case or not. (The next day, she informed the committee that it was not.) Her job was only to ask questions in a non-threatening manner so as not to make the quivering professional woman, flanked by two lawyers, uncomfortable during the hearing. In contrast, Judge Kavanaugh sat alone at the table, without a lawyer. He did not object to any questions from the Democrats, but Ford's lawyers did make some objections to Mitchell's questions.

Other discrepancies in Blasey Ford's story dealt with the alleged “fear of flying” (used to delay the hearing) due to her alleged claustrophobia caused by that few minutes in the room with “Brett and Mark,” which turned out not to have prevented her from extensive airplane travel throughout her life, including overseas flights! She admitted this with a shy smile, a smile she used often to disarm whoever she was speaking to. Then there was the extra front door she and her husband had added to their house in 2012 because of that same claustrophobia. The Gateway Pundit has shown in an updated story that the extra front door was already on her house in March 2011, and that it may have been done so they could rent out a portion of the house. Were they in need of money?

As already mentioned, she had a startled look on her face often. Was this to convey that she truly did suffer from PTSD? If Blasey Ford does suffer from some form of PTSD, it can't have come from 17-year old Brett Kavanaugh, whose character references from high school are numerous and convincing. The effort to portray him as some kind of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, who had a hidden, violent side that revealed itself after drinking beer with his school friends is a very hard sell to rational people. His entire life record belies this.

I think it's highly likely this whole story was invented in Blasey Ford's mind during her therapy sessions.

PC rules the day

It makes me a little sick to hear all these media personalities. even the popular Tucker Carlson, repeat how sorry they feel for the activist, super-liberal Blasey Ford, calling her a victim. I see her more as a perpetrator who is knowingly victimizing Brett Kavanaugh for political reasons. She could be somewhat victimized by her ultra-leftist lawyers. When she stated during the hearing that she was not made aware “clearly” that the Judiciary committee would come out to California to interview her rather than she having to travel to Washington, no Republican questioned her about that, which they should have. Grassley should have. This is all due to the spell of political correctness and radical feminism that's been cast over everything in and around our national capitol.

We are certainly in for a dramatic increase in the number of 'progressive' women claiming they were sexually assaulted years ago, or in their youth. This will require only the vaguest of 'memories' of something not being 'right' about this or that for many women to want to join the growing list of victims. “I was a victim” they will proclaim, and are already doing so. Who will have the courage to question them? To doubt them? The only possible route is to ignore them, and they make that very difficult.

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UPDATE 1/1/18:  From Prof. Margot Cleveland, Conservative, Catholic, law clerk-25 yrs 7th Circuit judge, Adjunct Prof Notre Dame, Lawyer, CPA

Blasey Ford is one of 11 authors of a 2008 research article titled “Meditation with Yoga, Group Therapy with Hypnosis, and Psychoeducation for long-term depressed mood: A randomized pilot trial".

Cleveland wrote on Twitter:

1/ Memory science is extremely complex and as expert witnesses will testify, false memories will seem real. Notwithstanding Ford's lack of credibility, I've equivocated between she's lying & she's having a false memory. 2/ memories retrieved during hypnosis are more suspect and more likely to create false memories. And if Ford used self-hypnosis to create alternative scenarios to treat her anxiety & PTSD, that creates risk of false memories. Ford's participation in study shows she KNOWS both 3/ as well as people trained in both. Her therapist's records would be very key...but haven't been turned over.


I agree that it is conceding entirely too much, to say that Blasey Ford suffered something. People who are so impressed with her overwrought emotional state during testimony don't seem to know anything about method acting.
If you look at other women who have suffered traumas much worse and more recently, they do not become hysterical when talking about it the way Blasey Ford does. A good recent example is Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnaped for nine months and raped repeatedly when she was 14. She has been in the news recently and was interviewed, because one of her kidnapers was paroled. Although Blasey Ford's alleged ordeal is nothing by comparison, and was much longer ago, Elizabeth Smart remains composed during her interviews. The same can be said for the women that Bill Clinton attacked.
When somebody acts hysterical about something that happened 36 years ago, that is emotional manipulation.

This neurotic fake is the poster child for Toxic Femininity. Didn't someone warn us about a "tyranny of the unwell?" 

I heard a female, former Federal prosecutor say that even if what Blasey-Ford described happened it was not a crime and would not be investigated by any level of law enforcement. It was teenagers horsing around at party – no genitals were touched, no skin exposed and no clothes removed. 
If what Blasey-Ford described is now "sexual abuse" then almost every teenage boy in America will be in jail and have their careers ruined. And, if silly stuff written in high school year books is now considered the test of character then what will become of all the peopel who post naked pix on facebook and tweet inappropriate comments? 
I think she was a promiscuous girl who had many unhappy sexual experiences and under (((guidance))) cut and pasted Kavanaugh's head on to the body of one of her dates-gone-wrong. 
Have you seen the films of police interviewing kids who claimed to have been raped by satanic cults? The cops implanted the memories with leading questions and embellished the invented memories until the kids thought they were their own. A pill-head like Blasey-Ford who is addicted to analysis is a prime candidate for such manipulation and thought control. 

P.S. I was almost raped by two fags in a hotel room when I was 17. I fought them off and fled. I didn't call the police or tell my parents but I told all my friends. I learned a lesson and moved on. But, because that happened to me it doesn't mean that everyone accused of attempted rape is guilty. False accusations of rape and child molestation are very common in ugly, divorce fights.

Ford has made 500k from her go fund me account. A good motivation to lie. 
No one has asked Ford what her politics are. If she is liberal and pro abortion that could be an excuse for lying. She can justify lying by telling herself she is helping woman and the liberal agenda. It is ok to lie if you are helping the greater good.
Also what about the basic tennant of a preson granted the assumation of innocence until proven guilty? The cross examanition of Ford was very weak. Ford can destroy Kananaugh's career by telling this story at the last minute? A sad state our world has become and the Zios are pulling the strings to divide us.

We know Ford's politics; she is super liberal and pro-abortion. She's anti-Trump.

She has never been cross examined , so that's less than weak. Do you think the FBI will go deeper into her story than has happened so far? I wouldn't bet on it, but we'll see.

I had a link to a page on the web that had a copy of the yearbooks that floozy Ford scrubbed. They showed her as a drunken party goer that routinely got passed out drunk at party's and gang raped. That link has since been scrubbed from the internet just the same as many of us who are to the right of Chairman Mao are scrubbed routinely. I feel like we are living in Germany in 1932 when the Communists were trying to take complete control. Either we take our country back again or else these Communists will have us all in death camps !

Yes, they will. We have to accept that this is all-out war. That's why the Democrat Party is moving to the extreme left. They're not hiding it. They're making the move bc they're afraid of more like Trump. They can see his appeal.

The white guy-sies who were writing here and bashing Trump had better wake up and realize what's really going on. It's the average, patriotic American working men and women out there who are going to save us from these bolsheviks, if it's possible. I'm optimistic.

You are probably aware that Michael Savage (a.k.a. Michael Wiener), a Jewish talk show host claims that Ford was on the CIA payroll when she worked on a program at Stanford University that was funded by that organization. To protray her as a weakling who lives in a fantasy world is naive in my opinion. 

I don't portray her as a weakling who lives in a fantasy world. That is the persona she is presenting. And how do you know Savage is not on the CIA payroll?

There are a lot of threads, or sides, to this SC nomination subject.

I would like to add something here, Daniel. I have complained a number of times about White Nationalists who want to focus on government-or-Jewish conspiracies of one kind or another which, in practice, cause them NOT to support Trump, or Republicans in general, or engage in the current electoral process. In the case here, you want to focus on a 'theory' that Blasey Ford is a CIA asset because she headed a CIA intern program at Stanford U. Maybe she is, but you'll never prove it. Since the world is focused on the claims of sexual attack and who will sit on the Supreme Court, this is where the battle is taking place. Talking about the CIA program at Stanford instead becomes a distraction because it might very well be a trap to catch fools like you and take you out of the fight.

It's the battle for public opinion that is important, not who can come up with the most secret information circulating amongst a small group. In other words, you're accomplishing nothing.

The United States is becoming a carnival of the insane! The two party system reminds me of two people on the Titanic getting into a fist fight over who is going to sit in the deck chairs as the iceberg slowly approaches. Whoever wins the ship is going down! Anyway the Dems hope to stretch this out until the midterms-expect more accusers to step foward- hopefully that will be enough to create a blue wave(they hope) whereby the Dems can take the house and impeach Trump and thereby keep him from picking anymore Supreme Court justices for time and all eternity until the system undergoes a Soviet style Geopolitical collapse. At least this late in the game history has afforded us a unique opportunity to discern the toxins that are destroying-and will destroy -the United States so that when we finally establish a white Ethno-State we will make certain that none of the political toxins that doomed the United States are allowed to take root and grow in the White Republic. (Or whatever we call it.)

Phillip - Here's what I think our slogan as we move toward our white ethno-state should be:

Save our Republic

Down with Democracy

We should start this slogan right now! Once our ethno-state exists in some stage of security, we can bring back the Democracy.

"The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution!" Or a slight modification such as "The Ethno-State resolution is now the only solution!"

Well, my slogan was not designed for promoting an ethno-state, but came to me earlier as how we need to think. This was my first chance of floating it out there.

I'm not really interested in promoting an ethno-state that would be a subdivision of the USA. Americans let this country go a long time ago. White people have fucked up badly and can't admit it. Even though it's the work of the Jews, white people let it happen.

Here's a good list of why Blasey Ford's testimony is NOT credible, from John Nolte at Breitbart.com:

By any standard of truth, fairness, classical liberalism, evidence, and facts, Dr. Ford is not only not credible, she is nothing close to credible.

Let me count the ways…

  • She has aligned herself with the far-left.
  • She straight-up lied about being afraid to fly.
  • She said she wanted anonymity but continually reached out to the far-left Washington Post.
  • Her polygraph is a farce.
  • Her story has been carefully weaved into a Kafka-esque nightmare no man (even with detailed calendars) can ever escape from.
  • Every single one of her witnesses refutes her story — has no memory of the gathering in question or says it doesn’t happen, and this includes a lifelong friend.
  • Her team was so desperate to have The Woman Who Wants Anonymity to testify publicly, they turned down the opportunity to have her questioned in private at her home in California — and then lied about it.
  • Ford’s therapist’s notes from 2012 also refute here tale, even as the media and Democrats try to gaslight us into believing the opposite. Ford originally claimed four boys tried to rape her when she was in her late teens in the mid-eighties. Now she says it was one rapist and one bystander when she was 15 in the early eighties.
  • Ford refused to give her therapist’s notes to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • In the statement she wrote out in her farce of a polygraph test, Ford crossed out “early 80’s” so it would only read “80’s.”
  • Ford told the Committee the “primary impact” of the event occurred during the “four years after” it happened. She goes on to say, “I struggled academically. I struggled very much in Chapel Hill and in College. When I was 17 I went off to college, I had a very hard time.” Note how she skips over two whole years, her junior and senior years in high school; the two school years directly after the attack (unless it did indeed happen in her late teens).
  • To later confirm the event did in fact happen in 1982, Ford told the Committee she was able to pin it down to 1982 because she remembered she did not yet have her drivers’ license. But… she also says she doesn’t remember how she got to or from the house party, so how does she know she didn’t drive herself?
  • Ford also used Mark Judge’s Safeway job to confirm the 1982 timeline. She testified she saw him working there 6-8 weeks after the attack. She could not yet drive, so her mother drove her there, but for some bizarre reason Ford and her mother entered the Safeway using different doors. (And now mom can’t confirm this happened!)
  • Five times during her testimony she mentioned Safeway to verify the date. How could she know such a thing unless it really happened? Well, in his memoir (which began circulating online among Kavanaugh critics in the week before Ford’s testimony) Judge helpfully reveals he was working at the “local supermarket” during the “summer before senior year.”
  • In summation: On top of all four of her own witnesses refuting her allegations against Kavanaugh, so too do the notes taken by her own therapist. (Margot Cleveland’s tweet thread was indispensable for much of this — you will want to read it all.)

Dr. Ford’s allegations are not only not credible — they are ludicrous, a joke…

Even what she does remember is so full of holes you could bounce Brian Stelter through it:

  • She didn’t hear two very drunk and belligerent boys sneak up on her?
  • Why was music already on in a room no one was using?
  • Wouldn’t blasting music ensure someone came upstairs to see what was going on, especially whoever’s house it was? This is completely counter-intuitive to criminal behavior.
  • After she locked herself in the bathroom, her rapists didn’t try to get at her? Didn’t jiggle the doorknob? Didn’t try to claim they were kidding? All tuned up for a rape, they just gave up and went downstairs laughing like nothing happened?
  • She remember how many beers she had (only one), but has been wildly inconsistent on the number of people who attended this small gathering, the number of people who were  in the room where the assault allegedly happened, and by extension the number of boys who tried to rape her.
  • She left without telling her best friend?
  • She left without WARNING her best friend there were two rapists in the house?
  • No one asked why she was leaving or found it strange enough to ask her the following day why she just vanished from the party?
  • She can remember how many beers she had (one) but not whose house she was in, how she got home, the date, the place, how many people were there (sometimes it’s 4, or 5 or 6), or anything solid?

She will show the Washington Post her therapist’s note but not the Senate, which represents We the People?

I read about this and checked it out myself, ....she claimed to be a "research psychologist" and I remember thinking she was not only a college professor but an actual Pyschologist so that resume was impressive.  Only one problem, she isn't a Psychologist at all, just a college professor.  So she lied about that as well.  California like most States has a web site to verify licenses, ....anyone can check and see she isn't listed as having a Psychology license.

That's great work, Joe. I think it was Gateway Pundit that had a piece showing her Stanford (I think it was) web page, with an earlier version listing her as a Psychologist and a later version where that was removed, and only the classes she taught were listed.

It went so far as to say she didn't have the right to call herself Dr., but only PhD. It's because she doesn't have a practice (with patients), nor is she trained in that. She's just a teacher/specialist with a PhD. My word choice might not be the best here. But the bottom line: they've been trying to build her up beyond her actual status.

 An insigtful and thought provoking post, as always, Carolyn!
 Watching the Ford testimony, I saw a distressed Germanic woman flanked by Jewish lawyers, and a Jewish senator Feinstein in front of her: a real Devil's Triangle. I hated what she was trying to do to Kavanaugh and Trump, and all of us, but I saw a victim in her too. I do not believe she was acting at all. 
 And whatever false or real memories lie at the bottom of what she was saying, they have been amplified and modified by the Tribe and perhaps even her own subconscious to please her opressors and suit the tribal agenda. They weaponized the woman, to put it short.
 I had seen such tear eyed and extremely credible victims before.  Holocaust survivors produce very similar dreamy memories of smokes of different colors, gas chambers in a variety of layouts, the miraculously omnipresent dr. Mengele etc. etc. That's exactly what false memories look like. The Tribe weponizes their own members for their goals. Impressive and awe inspiring, if you ask me.

You nailed it 100% exactly like I felt.  At this point she can't be prosecuted even if totally came out she lied due to the obvious protests and probably violence it would cause.  She also lied right out the box by calling herself a research psychologist when she should have said she did research in psychology.  A total misrepresentation of her credientials.  Obviously 4 people are saying she lied or made it up or believed her own made up story,....she's a kook.

My favorite part of your article is where you say Dr. Ford is 50, yet her questioners treated her like she’s 5 years old. Excellent observation.
Also I liked her reply that her attorneys hadn’t “clearly” informed her that the Senate had offered to interview her at her home to avoid imposing the great trauma of flying. A nice pat answer her attorneys had undoubtedly coached her to say in response to the anticipated question. She could thus protect her attorneys from being charged with malpractice for not informing her of that option, while still pretending she wasn’t aware of it (even though everyone else in the world had known that option was available just from watching or reading the news).