What's wrong with Germans? President Steinmeier exemplifies it perfectly.

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2020-01-26 16:42

Germany's President bows deeply before the "6 million" at the Jerusalem Forum last Thursday. Deutsche Welle's opinion writer Marcel Fürstenau believes that the President "was right to take responsibility and clearly call out the "evil spirits" of the daily anti-Semitism found at home in Germany." Read it. Government and media together obviously relish this kind of image being sent around the world.

By Carolyn Yeager

AT THIS TIME OF UNLEASHED HOLOCAUST-HOLOCAUST-HOLOCAUST in the month of January, there is no breast-beater who takes greater pleasure in submerging Germans in eternal guilt and shame than Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany's president under Chancellor Angela Merkel since March 2017.

Steinmeier is no patriot. His allegiance is to a higher, greater cause: the European Union-global-Jew-controlled-post-war Order and to enforcing the United Nations narrative of World War II.

Germany's president was in his element on Thursday in Jerusalem, given a main speaking role at Israel's “World Holocaust Forum” to the assembled 'world leaders' and some of the claimed 200,000 'Holocaust survivors' living in Israel. Can you believe that number?! You shouldn't. But all those people must be holocaust survivors because they are all getting monthly checks for life from Germany. At left, Steinmeier meets with survivors in Jerusalem; such a happy bunch.

Steinmeier began his speech in Hebrew and continued in that language for several minutes (sounding to me as though he spoke it well ) before switching to English. Clearly, the German language is unworthy to be used in such an international setting where German grovelling is featured so prominently on the agenda. His under 12-minute talk can be watched here.

Some of the things that came out of his mouth:

"I stand before you and wish I could say that our remembrance has made us immune to evil. I wish I could say that we Germans have learned from our history once and for all, but I cannot say that when hatred is spreading."

“The perpetrators were human beings, they were Germans. Those who murdered, those who planned and helped in the murdering, and the many who silently toed the line—they were Germans.”

“The industrial mass murder of 6 million Jews, the worst crime in the history of humanity, it was committed by my countrymen. The terrible war which caused far more than 50 million lives originated from my country.

“I stand here laden with the heavy, historical burden of guilt. At the same time, my heart is filled with gratitude … gratitude for the new trust given to us by people in Israel … gratitude for Jewish life flourishing again in Germany.”

“Germany's responsibility does not expire. We want to live up to our responsibility. By this, you should measure us.”

“There remains only one answer: Never Again. That is why there cannot be an end to remembrance. This responsibility was woven into the Federal Republic of Germany from Day One. … We protect Jewish life.”

It's clear as day what he's saying. On a value scale of 1 to 10 –

Jewish life =10

German life = 1

And this is the German who has been put at the head of the German nation to represent it! Well, German nation no more—that is racist. Now it is the nation of German citizenship, of German passport holders. That's why immigrants who are completely foreign, even dismissive of German values, are welcomed into Germany—to dilute the “German” population in the German state. This is the wish of the Jews. It is to make them more comfortable in Germany. Their wish is Germany's command.

Compare Steinmeier to Manfred Roeder

Last night I read for the first time Dr. Manfred Roeder's [shown as a young man, right]  Introduction to Thies Christophersen's pamphlet The Auschwitz Lie, first published in 1973. What a contrast Roeder and Christophersen present to Frank-Walter Steinmeier, after 40 more years of constant anti-NS drumbeat.

Manfred Roeder was a successful farmer and attorney. Born in 1929, he fought in the battle of Berlin in 1945 as a member of the Hitler Youth. He founded two patriotic organizations: The German Citizens' Initiative and The Liberation Movement of the German Reich. He spoke up for the release of the imprisoned Rudolf Hess (who had committed no crime), and against the myth of the six million. He continued in this way until he died in 2014 at the age of 85.

In his 1973 Preface, he wrote that after he used the word 'propaganda' in connection with Auschwitz:

… it was alarming to realize how every effort to find truth and justice for Germany is termed: political right-wing radicalism. Yes, how much I would like to let the past rest if there was a mutual promise from all sides to forgive and forget as it was done in the peace treaty after the Thirty Years War in 1648.

Who (today) is willing to forgive, to forget and heal old wounds? Only the Germans … What does the other side do?

The government of the German Reich was illegally removed from office. German officers, who had done nothing but their duty, and whose characters were far superior to those of the Allies passing judgment on them, were sadistically strangled, whilst no single soldier or partisan of the enemy was brought into court for war crimes. German jurisdiction and search for truth was made impossible. Only the victors were to sit in judgment and to write history. The prosecution of war crimes in any other country was promptly prohibited. Not only were alleged deeds of Germans prosecuted in a most brutal manner, without consideration for any international legal principle, but it was explicitly ordered to lift the Statute of Limitations for so-called German war crimes or genocide. The Germans, thus being marked as outlaws as a result, can now have revenge taken on them until doomsday. This way, insidious partisans became national heroes; honorable German officers who defended themselves against these scoundrels were called war criminals.

Compare Roeder's powerful words in 1973 with Steinmeier's wimpy comments in 2020.

The Minister of Education in Hesse has commissioned the Jewess Hannah Vogt to write a book about Germany’s past entitled Guilt or Destiny, which already had its 11th printing, and is distributed to all high school graduates. A Jewess will hardly be qualified to judge Germany’s past objectively. This book turned out to be an absolute masterpiece of historical smear and hate propaganda in a scientific cloak, and can be put on a par with the works of the Komintern agent, Willy Muenzenberg, the unsurpassed master of anti-German agitation and lie propaganda who would shout to his collaborators, when they wrote an article against Germany:

Too weak, too objective! Knock them on the head. Make the world stand aghast with horror. Make them the stench of the world. All men must curse them and shudder with horror!”

There is not one authentic document in existence which places the overall losses of the Jewish population during the last war higher than 200,000. During one single night, in Dresden, more defenseless, innocent Germans perished—children, women, old people and especially wounded men than Jews have died in all the concentration camps in the years of the National Socialist Regime!!! And in these Jewish total losses even natural deaths are included. Thus the losses, taken as a percentage and absolutely, are much below those of any other power taking part in the war; keeping in mind that the Jewish world organizations had already in 1933 declared a holy war on Germany to be fought to the death.


We Germans should, therefore, rejoice when today witnesses do appear who can prove that Auschwitz was no death machinery, but an enormous armament factory and that the inmates of the camp were on the whole treated decently, and that any people from outside could visit the camp at any time. Most of our people react quite differently though. They behave as if one wanted to deprive them of their most precious post-war experience—their guilt complex. With claws and teeth they hang on to a German guilt. This is quite a unique phenomenon in the history of mankind. In any other people such a reaction would be unthinkable and can only be described as a deep mental disturbance, as it is not normal that someone should insist on being guilty.


Why are we Germans so in love with the fairy tale of the six million gassed Jews? I can speak here from experience because I, myself, believed in it at one time. We Germans like brooding about a problem. We are God-fearing by nature. Therefore, we had to have a profound religious explanation for the immeasurable misery our people had been plunged into. To merely except the explanation that the others were stronger and more reckless, is insufficient for the German soul. We believe that nobody has to suffer such misery without a reasonable cause. It is the well-known problem of Job, who was talked into believing — by his ‘friends’ and re-educators — that every blow from fate is a punishment from God. In that way, many Germans saw in the catastrophe of 1945 a divine judgment for sins and Crimes committed. The myth of six million innocent, murdered people actually satisfied the demand for a metaphysical explanation and was therefore so eagerly accepted. It seems to become all the more plausible when based on the Bible: We did not murder just ‘any’ people, but we murdered the ‘chosen’ people! As one of the readers wrote to me in these words: “Yes, we have assaulted the apple of God’s eye.”; what a ‘wonderful’ explanation! Now we know why. Now we have got something to suffer for, and through subservience to all Jews and by paying colossal sums of money, we can regain at least part of God’s favor, or, as repentant sinners, look forward to forgiveness. That is the reason why the German clings to the ‘murdered Jews’ as though it meant the salvation of his soul. Without this explanation our terrible downfall would have had no higher meaning and be all the harder to bear.

Manfred Roeder advised at that time, for which we are still waiting, and still calling:

The time has come to stand up and be counted to bring about a change of fortune. We shall conquer fate because we are fulfilling God’s commission. Therefore I am so very grateful to Thies Christophersen, who has set a shining example to our people with this courageous work and is a guarantor for the fact that we shall reverse the tide of the time.

See my article on "the end of Auschwitz" at https://jan27.org


My only objection is that tools pushed to model behavior are not representative of authentic Germans; and that a more secular Germany should break any need for Christian guilt; which is why they push the environmental guilt.
If German children were allowed to develop naturally without the British-American FAKE STATE perversion, and its educational and media complex, they would NOT model behavior that is expected of them, but express behavior that is natural to them. All they need are the right words.
That's our dream. That is why the British and American gvts have to go. Their power is genociding all of Europe.
It's hard to live in someone else's echo chamber.
It is best if Germans would listen to no one but themselves; and tune out everything else from foreign sources that harms them.
It does seem they were pouring on the holocaust garbage a lot this year.
Firebombing is a holocaust.
A gasacaust is not a holocaust; and to have a gasacaust, you need gas chambers, which they never produce, nor do they produce the bones and ashes of 6 million Jews.
For the record, I never felt guilty about the claim of a holocaust of Jews; true or not. To have guilt, you have to explain why it is WRONG. That requires a philosophical reason, not emotional pleading.
Here is a story, "Rabbis call for removal of Church at Auschwitz."
That should tickle the hearts of any Christians who bow to Jews. They want a monopoly on Auschwitz and will tear down churches to do it. Aren't Jews insane? They want to roll around in it, like it's a pile of money.
Without Hitler and the German people, Stalin would have turned the Vatican into gravel. If the Vatican won't stand behind the German people, Germans should not stand behind the Church. This is in response to the cowardice I experienced, recently, after my invitation to debate at St. Anselm's Lesser Known Candidates Debate was revoked because of my will to repudiate atrocity propaganda as not being history.
On a very positive note, I found a good book called a Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics. It explains how Germany was building a railroad for the Ottomans through the oil fields of today's Iraq, and how this would have meant German oil independence on peaceful terms; meaning a sovereign Europe, not a Europe under the boot of British conquest and oil rent-seeking; which is the reason for seizing German rare earth contracts after the Bolivian coup, and trying to shut down the Nordstream pipeline.

I might have come up with a better title, but Manfred Roeder does seem to think that Germans are gluttons for punishment. Maybe otherwise said, they don't expect to get anything for free, and are willing to pay the price.

I think Roeder was a pretty strong Christian back then; had priest friends. All Germans were more Christian in the 1970s than now. But I agree with you that the Christian churches and religion played a big role in the acceptance of guilt way beyond what was reasonable to accept. Christianity also led them to believe they would be forgiven; that their situation was temporary. They were wrong about that!

"It is best if Germans would listen to no one but themselves."  Absolutely, yes!! But then they would be accused of Hitlerism.

Rabbis are relentless in wanting to destroy Christ and rule exclusively. I notice that the article you linked to states: "Weiss led a long and ultimately successful campaign in the 1980s to secure the removal of a Carmelite convent from outside the Auschwitz grounds" As long as it takes ... Yes, they are insane, certifiably.

Of course, there are no bones in the ground at Auschwitz, and if there are a few they are not necessarily Jewish. All in all, a disgusting article.

Thanks for the link to this absolutely "disgusting story".

Thank you for reminding me of the Berlin to Baghdad railway plans! Timely, I find. W.E. is an interesting writer too.

You raise a really important point and one that cannot be so easily over-looked when coming to terms with the current state of affairs and just how we got here.

That is the "rent-seeking" behaviour of Britain and the USA. I recall that Germany's barter arrangement with countries in the late 1930's (particularly with south-America) enraged the Americans - what with it bypassing their lending and interest rates business.

Perhaps more than trying to redraw borders and disolve artificial states, this behaviour threatened the newly found global dominance of the US. And they've been trying to defend it by force ever since. Is this really working out to anyone's satisfaction?

Ironic, isn't it... Given your final note on Bolivia. Can't have independence of any sort for Germany. Just maybe, in that idea there is another way of looking at this Energiewende business. Tickle a people's sense of morality and it's easier to get things done. Unused religious nerve-endings, as a commenter once put it. I'm not a "Greenie" by any means. Just another perspective.

Independence - this is long unresolved issue and after almost a hundred years, it almost feels like we've coming close to full circle. Things are ripe for a change.

"Weiss led a long and ultimately successful campaign in the 1980s to secure the removal of a Carmelite convent from outside the Auschwitz grounds"
Please note that he was helped in this infamous task by the Head of the French Catholic Church at the time;

Can we break the spell of Holocaust Worship of evil?  
The great evil that the Zionists have cast upon the world is the bearing of false witness against the neighbor.  The German's are good people and in order to burn them alive they had to be demonized. The great lie of the holocaust is a way of silencing what really happened, from the the Zionist's starting the first war to its conclusion in the second war.  If the world knew the truth the Zionists would be revealed for what the are, anti-Christian (and therefore anti-Human) Marxists disguised as an ethnicity.  If that happens the Zionists would be judged by the world as a terrorist organization and very quickly eliminated.  (The native son of Israel Miko Peled says this in The General's Son.) There is no such thing as an ethnic Jew just as there is no such thing as an ethnic Christian.  Therefore neither is there such an identity as an anti-Semetic in reference to Jews.  Arabs and many Christians are ethnic Semetic peoples.  
During the War the German churches were filled with Christians.  Flying above them were war planes serviced by other Christians dropping fire bombs on their churches, streets and communities burning alive hundreds of thousands fo innocent men women and children.  This had to be justified by turning the narrative upside down and having the German people doing this to 'Jews'.   (See the late Ernst-Zuendel, Hellstorm for the story of the real genocide.)  
As for the numbers dieing in concentration camps, I the International Red Cross put the number of total deaths in all the camps in German and Poland of all causes was under 700,000.  But when it comes to bearing false witness that which is convenient will serve the cause better than the truth.  People have the number 6 million burned into their brains and can not be bothered with the truth.  

The current status of the history of the second world war can be represented as a huge high dam of lies &  fabrications, that restricts the flow of the collected mountains of water, the flood of the truth that will sweep and wash away the lies & the piles of garbage history manufactured by the evil Jewish maniacs who dream of controlling the whole of humanity under their enslavement rule.
The good news is that this dam of lies is showing more & more cracks every day, and the powers that maintainig this weakining structure is getting weaker & weaker, one day it will collapse, and this wall of lies and hate will be swept by the monumental force of truth, and the Jews will pay back all their dues of the crimes they committed against not only the German people, but the entire humane race.
Humanity will be free again.

Putin's speech at Vad Vashem was expectly a eulogy on the "liberating"  Red Army!
Putin even mentions, and praises the "liberator" of Auschwitz marshal Konev.  This is the guy who put down the uprisings of Budapest and Prague by massacring tens of thousands. This russian gentleman is also known to have ordered that the Cossaks who were taken prisoners and who had previously collaborated with the Germans , to have their hands hacked off! Even Stalin praised his ruthlesness.
Surely Putin is no better than his predecessors: When you see him at the annual military parade to commemorate the WW2 victory,  standing atop Lenin's mausoleum and greeting his troops, with some of them wearing the Red Army uniform.....
 Excerpt of Putin's speech tells it all:
"The Holocaust was the deliberate annihilation of a people. But we must remember that the Nazis intended the same fate for many other peoples. Russias,  Belarussians, Ukrainians, Poles and many other peoples were declared untermensch. Their land was meant to serve as living space for the Nazis, providing for their prosperous existence, while the Slavs were meant to be exterminated or to become slaves. Without rights, culture, historical memory, and language. 
Back in 1945, it was first of all the Soviet people and their glorious Red Army who put an end to those barbaric plans."
It's noteworthy that Putin calls the Nazis barbaric but he never condemned Stalin for killing tens of millions, or Lenin etc...on the contrary: He praises them!

Putin's full speech can be read here: https://www.timesofisrael.com/this-crime-had-accomplices-full-text-of-vladimir-putin-holocaust-forum-speech/

When it comes to "the holocaust" Putin is no better than any of them. That is his downfall in my eyes because that is the key issue. However, some of the things he does as Russian president I think are good.

If he were truthful about everything, I think he would be more successful, and admired.

Did you read that speech Carolyn?

"The Holocaust was deliberate annihilation of [a] people. But we must remember that the Nazis intended the same fate for many other peoples. Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles and many other peoples were declared Untermensch."


"Back in 1945, it was first of all the Soviet people who put an end to these barbaric plans. As it has just been said, they protected their Fatherland and liberated Europe from Nazism. We paid a price no nation could even imagine in their worst dreams: a toll of 27 million deaths."

Putin spends a good amount of time attempting to rehabilitate the image of the Red Army, distorting history, facilitating myths (Lebensraum, Untermensch, etc) and then, attempting to use his "facts" to beat his neighbours over the head with. Neighbours who have none to fond memories of these so-called "liberators." So much for Slavic unity.

It is no accident perhaps, that some of the largest alleged death tolls were manufactured behind the iron curtain. Given what I've been spamming your site with lately, what do you make of this?

"Did you read that speech Carolyn?"

You are becoming a contender for the Most Cluelessly Offensive German Award. If I linked to such an important (and short) speech, did I not read it??????? Am I as lazy as that? Your "spamming" is because you are insulting without realizing it. It's your responsibility to edit your rambling thoughts to be more to the point. I write what I "make of things" in the posts and I think I did so here. Maybe I should ask you: Have you read it? ... before commenting.

In addition, what you quoted from Putin's speech had already been quoted by Gilson, whom I was replying to.

You end your final thoughts about Putin with "If he were truthful about everything, I think he would be more successful, and admired."

I found it amazing that you actually read that short article and came to *that* conclusion? This is the stuff of fantasies. Admired by whom? Successful by what standard? What a riot. Why engage in such wishful thinking? Succinct enough for you?

Either way, message received loud and clear. Backing off.

Do you think there is nothing to admire about Putin?

You left out that first I wrote: "When it comes to 'the holocaust' Putin is no better than any of them. However, some of the things he does as Russian president I think are good." Then I said what you quoted.

One cannot fault Putin for defending his own nation and its soldiers; everyone does EXCEPT German leaders. I've in no way defended Putin's pronouncements about the war and the holocaust. When you asked, "what do you make of this?" it was not clear to me what you meant. The largest alleged death tolls were manufactured behind the Iron Curtin? You know what I think of that! Yes, I like 'succinct' comments. I don't mind them being long if there's a reason (need) for it.


Fair enough Carolyn, thanks for the feedback.

I see you cancelled the email account you were using with me and a reply I just wrote today bounced back to me. I had truly lost track of that email, and just noticed it today, so if you want to send me another e-address, I will forward my reply there.

Oh wow. I had forgotten all about this videio. It's well done; I recall I wrote it, and supplied the images. We had big plans back then. Okay, I will respond. Thanks for alerting me to this. Curmudgeon is a good guy.

I like Putin also, but he really makes me cranky with this stuff.
It is such a shame, isn't there a narrative here that might actually suggest that the Nazis would have been aligned with the White Russians? Why cant the Russians see that the revolution was something that was done to them, rather than something they are now forced to agree with?

Carolyn don't worry, you're not the only one to be clueless about Russia!
One big mistake some make is to apply western concepts to alien cultures. Russia culture is very! different: Unlike the West, Russia never had democracy or anything that looks even remotely to the civil liberties we're used to in the western world.  Russians have suffered incredibly during their whole history : They have always been treated as masses of serfs/slaves by their rulers.
Hitler's Table Talks is a rich source of information about the russian character!
Google "Twelve reasons why Russia sucks", written by one of the few smart Russians telling the reality about the russian shithole.
Last but not least, there are  tons of General Patton's quotes on the Russians, e.g:
"The difficulty in understing the Russian is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European. but an Asiatic therefore he thinks deviously. We can no more understand a Russian than we can a Chinese or Mongol. From what I have seen of them I have no particular desire to understand them except to ascertain how much lead and iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other amiable characteristics, the Russians have no regard for human life and they are all out sons of bitches, barbarians and chronic drunks."
"The Russians are Mongols. They are Slavs and a lot of them used to be ruled by ancient Byzantium. From Genghis Kahn to Stalin, they have not changed. They never will and will never learn, at least not until it's too LATE!"

I am not clueless about Russia. What YOU are is someone who considers your hatred of Slavs as "knowledge" about Slavs. Nothing you've said here is instructive to me because I've said it all myself at one time or another. Are you copying me?

But Russians exist, they are a nation, they cover a lot of territory and Vladimir Putin is their leader. As a leader, he does a pretty darn good job ... better than Germany's current leaders, by a long shot! Are you an American Democrat!

And I have a bone to pick with you - that the email address you use comes back to me all the time, because you check a comment box you shouldn't check if you're using a fake address. You are under such deep cover ... why? I'm not trying to find out who you are -- don't care -- but I don't like constantly getting notices of rejected mail in my inbox because of you. I do not send anything to you, they go out automatically. Please straighten that out or I will have to refuse all your comments.

I read 'Twelve Reasons Why Russia Sucks' here, and my goodness, it gave me trauma. I always thought that 'Table Talk' and Himmler's speeches exaggerated when it came to the Russian question, but now I see that they understated.
The sections on WWII in 'Twelve Reasons' will rouse indignation and pity for Russians in equal measure. I used to think that the spread of Revisionism in post-Cold War would help soften the Russians towards Germany and by extension the West, but no more.
A huge gulf exists between the idealised version of Russia (held by Pat Buchanan, James Kirkpatrick, and so many others) and the reality.
Much of 'Twelve Reasons' confirms the Himmler speech at Posen that Carolyn had translated. And this from a SJW site (medium.com) by a left-wing author (James Sunderland) who hates the 'Nazis'!

This was very interesting, David. The writer, though his name is Sunderland, says he lives in Russia and it is "his country." There are a number of typos - maybe because he's going between English and Russian? This one is strange though - "cell alcohol and tobacco to teenagers," instead of "sell."

It does make one aware of one's good fortune to be born in the USA - a truly great place in spite of it's faults. But for how long? I'm convinced just a few points in average IQ - like 3 to 5 points - makes a big difference in the functioning of a country. If there is a 10 point difference, it's a monstrous, unbridgeable gap. While there's something to be said about Russian culture, history, etc., I still think IQ is the most important of all. And that's what makes Race and sub-race the most important consideration of all.

P.S. If Sunderland hates the 'Nazis', is that why he chooses to live in Russia?

Hi Carolyn and David!
Obviously Sunderland is a pen name, the writer is russian. This great  and truthful article about Russia is forbidden in Russia. The FSB -the "new" KGB -  controls the russiarn Internet: You can't have a blog, website, IP address etc...without them knowing exactly who you are. And now they have their own Internet, the Russnet. Also Russia now is exactly like North Korea.
As the Americans say: Outside the US is hell;  
And I say: Outside of Russia is heaven!
PS: Thank you Mr Trump for wrecking the Northstream 2 gas pipeline : We don't need gas from that empire of evil: It was traitor Merkel's project to benefit her master Putin and to bring Germany and Russia "together".

To Michele and Carolyn,
Dear Both,
The explanation of what is "wrong" with the Germans, why they humiliate themselves in accepting  the blood-libel that this most civilised people are mass-murderers:
They fear that the other White nations will go mad again and launch without any good reason a Third World War against Germany, using nuclear weapons and  Germany will be wiped from the face of the world. At the line-up at Jerusalem on "Holocaust"-day: you see the "victors" of WWII, Putin, Prince Charles, Pence and Macron plus the president of Israel: that line up means: We will do it again, if necessary. Wicked beyond words and hence Steinmeier's humiliation. How to beat this?
The only solution is for Britain, France and Germany together to reject the political world order that resulted from the WW II and this rejection starts with exposing the propaganda-lie of the "Holocaust".
Regards, Richard.
P.S.: Carolyn, you can put this comment of mine on your web-site, if you want.

What you say about Putin, Prince Charles, Pence and Macron being present in the audience as the German representative Steinmeier spoke at the Jerusalem Holocaust Forum on Jan 23, makes a very strong case for your position. [I think it's interesting that the US sent its vice-president to Jerusalem, but only its Treasury Secretary, Jewish Stephen Mnuchin, to Poland on Jan 27th.]

However, I don't think your solution is viable because the government(s) of the Federal Republic of Germany are just as committed to never allowing a nationalist political movement to arise in Germany as are France, Russia, Britain and the US. They are leftists, or Jew-controlled. If you follow German news as I do, and maybe you do, you would see that the German media, etc are fierce about attacking/censoring the "right" even in its most innocent forms. I don't think Steinmeier (a lifelong member of the Social Democrat Party, the party that opposed Hitler and NS back in the 20's and 30's, and returned to power post-war) feels "humiliated" ... or Merkel either.

This year's January Holocaust events, and writing this particular post above, have affected me toward a more decisive attitude than previously. A window opened in my mind that the only way to "save" the German nation is the total overthrow of the FRG. It's been illegal from the get-go. I know that true patriots created Reich parties after 1945, and there are still such movements. I had previously thought they were too far-fetched (and dangerous) to even talk about, but I now see that it really is the only way.

When you say that "Britain, France and Germany should together reject the political world order", I take it you mean patriots from these 3 nations need to work together toward this goal. I'm sorry but I don't see that as doable or the best way forward. Each group has its own priorities and historical sense. In fact, I'm inclined to think the entire "Whites Unite Worldwide" movement from the 70's just set us back because it's been entirely ineffective. For a long time now, I've said "country nationalism" is the best way forward. I still think so. And I think Germans have to stand for an end to the post-war Allied control and an end to the governments it has installed. I know it's pie-in-the-sky, but it's also true that nothing less will allow Germans to continue as Germans. Yes, ethnically pure. Other suggestions are welcome.

The Jews do it; the Israeli's do it. Why can't we copy them, lol? I plan to (try to) develop this in a future essay.

Of course patriots, not just in the Federal Republic of Germany, need to overthrow their corrupt, genocidal goverments: this is as true for Britain, France and all White countries, without exception. We are all in the same boat.
When I talk of an alliance (of some form) of a renewed Britain, France and Germany, I have in mind the threat that emanates from the USA: the people who control Washington DC just love bombing people. Only  a combination of the three nations that I have listed would provide sufficient (hopefully) military force to dissuade the USA from thinking of reversing our Liberation from the USA-governed New World Order.

Aha ... now we get "the rest of the story." You have it in for the USA. And who in "a renewed" Britain, France and Germany would lead this alliance? Do you have anyone in mind? You talk of "military force" by these 3 European nations "to dissuade the USA" from bombing Germany ?? ... hahaha, I'm laughing so hard, talk about pie in the sky!! You take the cake.

But this pretty much sounds like what I said, only not as an alliance. Like Donald Trump (the practicing nationalist) I prefer going it alone. I don't have any faith in Brits or Frenchmen. So you had better get busy engineering Britain's renewal, because it's a monumental task.

Sounds right.
I feel that it is really important that people on the right start understanding that how they come accross is very important to those who we need to win over, Can't give into hatred, or be construed that way because the people who are on the borders react really harshly against it. They don't see any reason to be angry because they have been so lied to. So I think, without ever compromising the truth, people who want justice for Germany and for all of the people who've been screwed by this, need to really decide to come accross as respectful and loving as far as is possible. There are still times for angry words, but less is better. The bible says to love those who mistreat you and this is an opportunity. No compromise never! That's how this mess came about, but there is a balancing act to be perfected. That's my sermon ro myself at least.

Who are "those who we need to win over"? 

"... without ever compromising the truth", we "need to come across as respectful and loving."  That sounds like it would requre quite a bit of compromise of the truth.

"The bible says to love those who mistreat you and this is an opportunity." What exactly is an opportunity?

"No compromise"!... but "a balancing act." Isn't to balance, to compromise?

You are not really saying anything at all, are you.

You are a good example of why attracting more commenters is overrated.

Perhaps one might have said "that comment was a classic example of bla bla bla". Rather than making it about me as a person. That is my point about the alt right, they come accross pretty agro sometimes, I think its counter productive.

I confess I didn't connect your FIRST comment above with the one we're discussing now, so that is my fault. My first reply to you was therefore uncalled for, and I apologize. Too much going on. I don't do well when I have too much going on. So try again sometime, if you like. Hopefully, it will go better.

I mean there is no point alienating  people when one doesn't have too. And noe I speak in defence of the many people here who get the Carolyn shotgun pointed at them, who were just trying to connect with you. I get that my comment was vague and I so take the wrap. But you know, you can't have a revolution by yourself, for this a leader will be required who people will actually like.

I am aware I am hard on comments, thus on the feelings of those who write them. But commenters have some responsibility too. I get a lot of troll comments which I delete, and yours was borderline. Here are some questions for you:

1. Why do you give yourself the name Belchazar? That makes a screwy impression right off the bat, as if you are a religious extremist.

2. Why did you write a vague comment, instead of stating clearly what you want and why you want it? Are you just testing me or trying to prove a point about my temperment?

3. Since I do not promote Christianity, why approach me with that belief system?

I am not a potential leader of a revolution. All I can do is influence people's thinking and so I don't want to include beliefs I don't think are in alignment with mine. I've said many times this is not a free-speech forum. That doesn't mean you are not welcome.

I'm so fed-up with Zionists pushing the holocaust upon us.  They're clearly using it just to advance their global political agenda.   And, it's becoming clear that holocaust propaganda is increasing year-after-year.  We heard alot about it, in the 1980's.  Even more often, 20 years later.  After 2010, they stepped things up even further.  But, in 2020, it's gotten even worse. 

I'm with you, IQgo! So fed up I'm angry as hell about it. They're ramping it up by connecting it to their big win: antisemitism. Everyone and their brother accepts the idea that antisemitism is equal to murder - one of the greatest sins of the human race.

The truth is out there, for sure, but it gets drowned out by their constant drumbeat. I'm convinced more people need to be speaking out directly against these Jewish tactics, but most still won't. Alt-Righters do way too little. Do you agree or not? Everyone is welcome to answer this qustion about the alt-righters.

The Alt-Righters have hurt our movement in many ways. But, I also believe many of them are sincere.  (example: Richard Spencer).  It's an ongoing debate.  As for the issue of Zionism;  there's many problems.   You could argue that it's not socially acceptable to oppose them.  They've been using the media to dictate social norms. But, in reality; most conservatives are truly brainwashed into believing that we should put Israel first.  I have elders in the family who are staunch followers of Mark Levin, etc.  and they've been subverted into being partial to Jewish causes.  But, democrats are much worse.  They're self-hating. Dems show a huge out-group preference.  That's why we must educate the masses.     So, it's us Vs. ourselves. 
On the holocaust issue.   Jewish elitists had launched a secret war against Germany prior to the rise of Hitler.  In fact, this is common behavior among them.  Remember then they bankrupted the British economy in 1819?  Remember Communism?  The Opium Wars? Slave Trade? Helping Ottoman invasions? Helping Moorish invaders? Gates of Vienna?  So, Germany was the only country who fully retaliated.
  Plus, there have been many tragedies since World War 2. Rwanda, Cambodia, Maoism, Idi Amin.  All killed innocent people.  SO, there's no reason for us to focus on the holocaust.    This is all meant to shame us, while Jewish elitists aim to control our lives. 

I have a "constitutionalist conservative" nephew who loves Mark Levin - never misses anything he says or writes - and hates Islam. So I know what you mean.

The only other thing I'll say is: Rwanda, Cambodia, etc. didn't contain Jews. That's why the focus is on the holocaust. I realize Jews already practically own the world, which makes it difficult. Where to start?

... at first; I was reading through your next article.  and this thread was basically archived & done.  Until today;  I thought about something..... [[ Mark Levin ]].   Years and Years ago, I was driving with my father.  and, he's a faithful Mark Levin fan & daily listener. 
and, I remember Levin yelling at the top of his lungs: "There should be no limit to how much property you can own".    In other words; he's suggesting that if a handful of his people wanna own the entire State of Virginia, or California; then it's perfectly okay.    and, this explains why some Jews are attracted to conservtivism.  It's not because they believe in moral principles.  Instead, it's the land-owning part.  Having everything, while most people have nothing.   Although ironically, this is one aspect where I disagree with Conservatives.  One person should NOT be able to buy the entire village.  (I still steer far from the Left, though). 

Again, I refer to my experience being stationed in Germany in the 70's. Germans just seemed different, not quite so beaten down and somewhat proud, with reservations, but part of the 'Nato friendship.' Again, I note how once Germany became reunited, the shame stuff seemed to grow. It is also when Jews started pouring back into Germany, many from Russia.
As for the Russian pride, I recall a visit Ernst Zundel made to Russia in 1995. He actually liked it there, noting a lot of open antisemitism, and a real Russian pride.As he put it: 'Not a single Russian I met dishonors or defiles himself or his country. Veterans of the Red Army, for example, could and did accept criticism of the Soviet military. While hating communism, and loathing the Jewish role in the Soviet regime, every one is proud of his service as a Red Army officer or soldier, and is loyal to his unit. Make no mistake about it; the Russian spirit of patriotism and nationalism is very strong.'
He compares this with: 'I saw none of the groveling that Germans have been engaging in for the last 50 years-trying to apologize for or explain away employment in Hitler's government, membership in National Socialist Party formations or the SS, or even military service in the Wehrmacht.'
Zundel had a very good opinion of Russians, and it's a shame that the war between Hitler and Stalin was so savage. Zundel said many Russians he talked to regarded Hitler and Stalin as tragic figures of history, thinking something must have happened to explain Hitler going to war against Stalinist Russia.
As for those who call Russia savage and barbarous, Zundel spoke to some:
'Look, I understand your objection to the term Untermensch. I admit this was a stupid propaganda slogan, but you should understand it in the context of the time, that it was based on the behavior of Bolshevik revolutionaries who did in fact behave like subhumans...But keep in mind all the women who were raped across eastern and central Europe, all the people who were killed, all the personal belongings that were looted and torched, and all the victims of the postwar Soviet-run camps. That wasn't the work of nice people. It's why you got a bad reputation.'
Bismarck was always happier with a Russian alliance then a western alliance, and he would have been furious at the Kaiser's letting the France/Russian alliance happen. I think a good, desicive German chancellor and his followers could end this stranglehold the west has on Germany, and a German/Russian alliance could dictate to the world.

"I think a good, desicive German chancellor and his followers could end this stranglehold the west has on Germany,..."

I agree with that wholeheartedly, but I don't know about the German/Russian alliance. Cooperation sounds alright. Russia has never been trustworthy, and they've never treated their people well.

I love Ernst Zundel but I think he was too good, a bit naive? Remember he was a pacifist. Thus an idealist.

I also agree that Germans were not so beaten down in the 50s, 60s and 70s as they are now! They had political hope then, and energy, which they don't have now. The holocaust lobby got fired up in the 70s and that seems to have taken hold in the entire world, better than what Jews could have even dreamed at the time. It's possible that was because of the advances Revisionists were already making. Still, I think I am right that this is the key, and all those "whites" (like you have been as I recall) who are not 100% revisionist supporters need to ramp up and get onboard. I'm sick and tired for the excuses made for Prof. Kevin MacDonald and those like him!

(Do I sound like I'm blaming you? Sorry if I do, I am not.)

Looks like the cordon sanitaire on the AfD has been broken, or if not broken, perforated. From the Financial Times this morning:
Far-right party becomes German regional kingmaker
 To get behind the Financial Times paywall, do a Google search on the title, and then click on the result.