Hatred of minorities or Love of country and kin?

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2020-02-21 19:02

Tobias Rathgen, the Hanau gunman, recording a short video that he posted online. He left behind a 24-page “script” detailing recollections of his life and his “racist, sexist” worldview, according to the media. It's been confiscated by authorities and we will probably never be allowed to see it, instead be fed quotes by the media, or possibly a radically condensed version after it's been carefully studied. This man should have mailed it to someone if he wanted it to be known.

By Carolyn Yeager

The recent “shooter” incident in Germany that resulted in 11 deaths is being predictably hyped for all it's worth as an indictment of “Right-wing” thinking. Equally, it is being used as a slamming blow against any revival of German identity and German pride. See how it is being covered on Deutsche Welle, Germany's national broadcaster.

The nine victims of Rathgen's planned rampage (the other two were himself and his mother, in their home) were all of foreign parentage, most not even citizens. Of what has been revealed at this writing, five of the nine were Turkish citizens, living and even running businesses geared to Turks in Germany. One each was from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Bulgaria. The ninth was a Roma woman who was shot and killed in an adjacent corner store, not in one of the two "hookah-smoking" bars where the others were shot.

When “innocent” people are killed, it is extremely dangerous to speak up on behalf of their killer. Yet there comes a time when the danger to a people is so great that, no matter what the circumstances, we must speak up for our own. As far as I have been able to learn, this German man, Tobias Rathgen, who at age 43 lived with his parents, was a psychologically troubled person. He seems to have been delusional and paranoid from a young age, but was able to conceal these tendencies from authorities who might have intervened. If he never got into any trouble, then he never raised any red flags in a country where German-blooded folk don't get much attention anyway. Just pay your taxes and keep quiet.

Rathgen's father has been identified as an unpopular figure in their neighborhood because of a tendency to complain about minor things like garbage cans and hedges, once even being accused of hiding his neighbor's trash cans. The mother and son were rarely seen, said neighbors. It appears he was part of a dysfunctional family, to say the least.

However, Tobias was a member of a shooting club where he practiced with his handguns, but no one there knew him well. He's not been tagged as a member of any political party. No friends have come forth, so far. So here is a person who was apparently intelligent enough not to give himself away for 40 years, while he incubated in his own ideas about the nation and city he was supposed to feel a part of. Conspiracy theorists and intelligence agencies are working to tie him to any larger movement they can, via the internet. And they will, in order to have a reason to shut it/them down. But in any honest process, one cannot easily get from his background as it's known to that he was a product of “far-right extremism.” He was more likely a product of a suppressed anti-German police state that cared little for people like him. How can you shut down a sensitive and non-compliant individual's reaction to such a repressive environment for Germans as Germany is? You can't, and still have something resembling a democracy.

Still, that is what they will try to do. All we're hearing so far is the usual cry to “do something … about the far right.” It's easy to direct the populace to blame “far right extremists”—even before the facts of the case are all gathered, let alone analyzed. There is no analysis worthy of the name allowed by the left. Justice minister Christine Lambrecht, a member of the Social Democrat party in Angela Merkel's coalition government, right away pointed to the “far-right” as the "greatest threat to our democracy," and said she would introduce new legislation against hate crimes. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas echoed the same sentiments, as did German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Both are also Social Democrat lefties.

Angela Merkel herself immediately came out to make a public statement that began: “Racism is a poison, hate is a poison, and this poison exists in our society and it's responsible for far too many crimes.” We know who she holds responsible. Thus the die is cast; there is no hope for coming together. The AfD is being blamed, with the face of Björn Hoecke shown when “extremism in Germany” is discussed on television. This is a global manifestation that is coordinated to the extent it can be, and definitely includes attacks on Donald Trump in the U.S., even though he is sure to win another term as president, barring some extreme illegality. Trump is becoming more aware all the time of the depths of this resistance, and every one of you reading here should too. Please stop being sidetracked by minor disturbances and face the fact that the Left rightfully fears losing to populism all the ground it has gained since its World War II victory, thus will pull no punches from here on. They are going all out, everywhere, to save their dominant position.

Why does “racism” exist?

To answer why racism divides society, it must be asked: Why the insistence on bringing different races together in the first place? It is not because of the need for their labor; that is a deception. Such people are mainly unable to succeed in the higher level jobs that first-world countries have need of. This is a no-brainer, and when first-worlders see through the charade and the lies, some become resentful of what's being done to their country, and to their own personal influence within it. If they have any spunk in them, they will! They become racists.

Germany, first in the line of attack because of its role in the world wars and it's economic strength, exhibits for us what will follow for the rest of us “first worlders.” And done with our help, which is what makes it even more appalling and hard to swallow. When we are not allowed to exercise our voice on these issues, some will find a way to take action in desperation or hopelessness, as we're seeing in the form of these sporadic multiple murders. History is replete with this lesson. Don't fall for the charge of "evil" when it comes to these perpetrators. Take that dumb-dumb word out of your vocabulary altogether.

First necessary thing: Do not say, write or repeat that “Racism" is bad, wrong, or "the problem” in any circumstance. You thereby reinforce their idea that “race has no meaning," usually accompanied with the deluded idea it's clever to use it against those who are using it against you--by calling them racist! Race difference is a reality that can be studied and not a bargaining chip with which to win cheap points.

Second necessary thing: People have a right to live in peace in their own historic areas, within their national boundaries, among their own cultural and racial kin, without being forced to accept thousands, even millions of “refugees” or “migrants” that are culturally foreign to them, and without it being described as “racist,” xenophobic, or hate-inspired when they won't. Along with this: Democracy must be clearly defined whenever it's discussed, and also what is a Republic. These terms are being trampled by the Left with the help of the world-wide far-left media that works to dumb-down the populace.

Third thing: None of us have to atone for the past with financial reparations, especially since fault is usually found on both sides. We should admit the mistakes of the past in order to help us to more intelligently move forward, which is called Historical Revisionism.

Get your head straight about these three things and VOTE accordingly to the best of your ability. It's understood that candidates don't always fall across clear lines. Dismiss most of the conspiracy theories that soon become passing fancies, but are used to distract us from keeping our attention on the above three things. You'll be happier and more productive.


From Jan Lamprecht:

Really great article. Thanks.

Another fine analysis, Carolyn. And totally correct. I see this fellow as one of many sparks that are now starting to react into what one hopes will be a raging bonfire that those who are destroying our race will NOT be able to always extinguish. At some point down the line, individuals like him - and their actions - will be recognized and saluted as martyrs.

Thank you.  Good thinking always reflects the obvious.  In his great book Freedom: the End of the Human Condition, Jeremy Griffith talks about the obvious biological truths that most of the human race is in denial of and which leads, in one instance,  to hatred of genetic differences.  Rather than take pride in our own genetic make-up we are then made to feel guilty.  The psychological, psychotic, upset can be relieved by understanding the source.  In this respect Griffith deals with the cause of our upset rather than the symptoms like racism or the irrational fear of our differences. Griffith points out that the left uses these fears to promote an idealisms that always end in destruction.   Your advice to not play the game is important, that boundaries are important to the Democratic Republic, and we can not and should not atone for sins we have not committed, that revision in history is our teacher not our accusor.  

Thanks! This is the best essay on the scaremongering about "Rightwing violence" that I have seen in a long time.

Corolyn, you write: "Love of country and Kin ?"
This fellow committed murder. It may be that he was mentally ill, and not responsible for his actions, the details we obvuously don't know.
However we Whites will only win by being true to ourselves and expecting only the highest standards from our side. Clearly the average, decent German will be disgusted and horrified by Rathgen's rampage. How could it be otherwise ?
The only correct course for the Rathgen's of this world is to stand up bravely for their White people and to speak the Triuth to Power. That is brave and honourable. Anything other is either cowadice or criminal,

Well, I don't think I called him a hero, but I'm saying this is what will happen when all avenues to express one's legitimate point of view are shut down. The German Left's answer is to shut it down even more! What happens then to their beloved democracy? 

And Richard, since you mentioned the importance of bravery twice, I think this Rathgen did show quite a bit of bravery, and he carried out his self-appointed "mission" quite successfully and cleanly. He didn't botch anything up. Maybe he's a genius, for good or for bad. Not too many capable of that.

One thing that seems wierd to me with the German system is that the political parties actually run everything. I don't care for the Parliamentary system when I see its results. And then in your country,  there is also "the Firm", the Royal Corporation, of which the world is learning more of how it operates because of Miss Meghan, her Royal Pain-in-the-Ass. Wow, it's nothing but PR. With so much nonsense going on everywhere, its hard to condemn the actions of the humble mentally ill.

You and I know that there is only one way to bring this wicked anti-White system down, and that is to proclaim publicly that the so-called "Holocaust" is a propaganda-lie: a blood-libel against the German people whch is employed in an attempt to justify every attack on our White civilisation. Any other activity is time-wasting, cowardice or criminal.

On 21 February 2020 in Berlin, Deputy Federal Spokesperson for the AfD, Beatrix von Storch, also member of the Bundestag's Committee on Internal Affairs, explains the current developments in the case of the Hanau shooting:

"The Federal Public Prosecutor General has confirmed that the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office was already aware of the persecution mania and the extremist world view of the murderer of Hanau last November. Nevertheless, nothing has happened. He had obviously not been monitored, his gun licence had not been confiscated - this is a total failure of the federal authorities.

The correct reaction now is not to instrumentalise this terrible crime in a party-political way against the AfD. The demand we must discuss now is the resignation of the Attorney General." (Currently Peter Frank)


AfD warns Federal Chancellor, Federal Government and Federal Press Office -

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said during her visit to Africa in Pretoria, South Africa on 6th February 2020 that the election of Thuringian Prime Minister Thomas Kemmerich was "unforgivable" and that the result of this election would have to be "reversed".
     The Federal Press Office subsequently published the transcript of this press conference on the website of the Federal Government, see here: bundesregierung.de.
With these statements, which have no connection whatsoever with the fulfilment of her official duties, Ms Merkel has, however, breached the official duties of neutrality and objectivity in the performance of her public office, as well as violating the requirement of objectivity and neutrality. Because the rights of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) were thereby blatantly violated, the AfD Federal Executive Board issued a warning to the Federal Chancellor, the Federal Government and the Federal Press Office on 18 February 2020. Should the attached declarations of discontinuance and undertakings not have been issued by 26 February 2020 in relation to the alternative for Germany, the AfD Federal Executive Board reserves the right to take legal action.

Board member Dr. Alexander Wolf comments as follows:

"The Federal Chancellor has once again shown that fundamental principles of our constitutional state have obviously remained alien to her. Merkel's approach does not correspond to the free democratic basic order in Germany. The AfD will therefore go to the Federal Constitutional Court for legal clarification of the matter if necessary".

Dear Carolyn Yeager,
It is really recommended to read today's special edition of the National Journal (in German), it is 100% related to your article:
A Reader

Hi Carolyn,
if you didn't find it already, Rathgen's manifesto is supposedly found here:
...and an english translation of same:

After reading the English translation of Rathgen's purported manifesto at the Dropbox link, I would say it's a pretty good description given by authorities that "one doesn't know what to make of it." "Rambling" is a good word to use. It has the feeling of being authentic for that reason. He's a functioning adult who went to university and held a job at a bank (or banks) and communicated normally with other people, but had a secret life in which he felt/believed his thoughts were being monitored by a secret organization. He exhibits a kind of perfectionism and distrust that could be called disabling. He should have gotten help, but didn't. He did believe that the immigration into the country of so-many non-Germans was a negative in the long run, and that included the Turks beginning in the 1960s. He was right about that. They started out as guest workers who would not stay, but as these things always go, once they "settle in" they will not leave and the left-wing forces, always strong in Germany, will portray removing them as "Nazi."

Rathgen did not espouse National Socialism at all--seems as if the indoctrination in his school years worked with him. He did not talk about Jews--only saw culturally different, less capable and intelligent 'foreigners' as a problem. It's the idea that he's been surveilled since childhood by an unknown group that makes him feel singled out and special, with the need to tell/warn the world about it. He seems to say at the end that in order to get people to listen to him about the surveillance, he needed to do something to get our attention. Thus the shooting of some disliked foreigners.

There is nothing political to make out of this, but plenty to make out of the way it's being used. To wit: to further outlaw all politics of the Right in Germany.

I'd be interested in hearing from others on their impression of the manifesto.