Is the COVID-19 pandemic racial? Yes, it's racial.

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2020-03-19 19:49

At the opening news conference in the White House Rose Garden, President Trump (far right) appeared with his Covid-19 team, including Dr. Anthony Fauci (far left), Treasury Sec. Mnuchin (behind sign), VP Mike Pence, Dr. Deborah Birx, HHS Sec. Alex Azar.

By Carolyn Yeager


Just this morning, I read on the Deutsche Welle coronavirus update web page -

14:18 Chinese police acted "inappropriately" towards Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang, who raised the alarm on the new outbreak, according to investigators from the central government. Li was reprimanded by the authorities in December for posting information about the epidemic on social media, before the government officially acknowledged the issue. The 34-year-old doctor was made to sign a pledge not to commit any more "law-breaking actions."

Li died of the new coronavirus in February, with his death prompting anti-government outrage on social media.

The investigators "suggest" that Wuhan authorities "supervise and rectify the matter" as well as posthumously revoke the disciplinary statement issued to Li, China's state broadcaster CCTV reported on Thursday.”

At the White House press conference today, Donald Trump indicated by certain statements that he is well aware of the facts and will pursue this topic in the future. First things first, he needs to put all his attention on slowing the pandemic in the US, but it will not be forgotten once the damage caused by this virus has subsided. Some lawmakers, including my favorite senator, are already on that task.

Senator Josh Hawley (R., Mo.) on Wednesday warned the Chinese Communist Party that it would have “to pay” for its attempts to cover up the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, and called for a “full, international investigation” to get to the bottom of the situation.

“There needs to be a full, international investigation of #China Communist Party’s actions that helped turn #coronavirus #COVID19 into a global pandemic,” Hawley tweeted Wednesday morning.

The freshman senator was referencing a story that Beijing has attempted to drown out with a propaganda campaign. China on Tuesday stripped press passes from reporters at the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post who were stationed in China and Hong Kong, its latest action to escape accountability and international censure over its handling the outbreak.

In December, genomics laboratories in Wuhan sequenced coronavirus and discovered it closely resembled the deadly SARS virus which broke out in 2002-2003, but were subsequently gagged by authorities, who ordered them to turn over or destroy the samples.

Hawley, a China hawk who slammed the regime for its crackdown on Hong Kong protestors in the fall, has been vocal in recent months as the coronavirus pandemic grew. He sent a letter in January to the heads of four government agencies to ask whether the Trump administration was considering any potential Chinese travel ban to prevent an American outbreak of the coronavirus — a move the White House made soon after.

Last month, the senator introduced legislation to reorient medical supply chains and to reduce reliance on China for the manufacture of certain prescription drugs and other medical supplies.

Orthodox Jewry is also contributing to the spread of the coronavirus:

Members of New York City’s Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish community openly defied social distancing orders Tuesday by hosting raucous weddings with hundreds of guests amid the growing spread of coronavirus. 

The first outbreak in New York was centered in the Jewish community of New Rochelle in Westchester County, brought in by an orthodox man who returned from overseas carrying it and spread it within his synagogue. We have two “foreign” cultures: the Chinese with their live-animal food markets, and the Orthodox Jews with their dislike of bathing, their closely-packed living spaces and extra-large families. When all this is said and done, our country may be ready to consider that total religious freedom, which has attracted so many culturally alien sects to the USA, may need to be reconsidered in that light.

*     *     *

A young Republican Congressman from Texas District 27, Michael Cloud, has published a tough opinion piece on Fox News setting out the argument for changing our relationship with China now. He starts out:

Through a series of lies, blunders and cover-ups, the communist government of China has intensified the spread of the novel coronavirus. Tragically, the United States and over 130 other countries are now dealing with the serious health and economic impacts of this global emergency. 

After decades of unethical trade practices and human rights violations, the coronavirus crisis should be the final straw against China’s case for global leadership. The Chinese government has used the benefits of participation in world markets to further strengthen its control over the Chinese people, to strong-arm other nations and to finance its aspirations for world dominance. 

Cloud goes on to detail why China is not a reliable partner and is even a danger to the rest of the world. “[T]he United States relies too heavily on Chinese-made pharmaceuticals and medical devices.”

Reliance on China also puts much of our supply chain at risk, since parts used in the construction of so many American-made products come from China. The Port of Los Angeles is projecting a 25 percent drop in container volumes this month as shipping out of China plunges.


Companies should seriously consider moving production to the United States or one of our many trading partners that have much better records than China.

India, the world’s second-largest nation, is an American ally, an important partner in military and cybersecurity affairs, and a major purchaser of U.S. crude oil exports. Our nations already share a $142 billion bilateral trade partnership. 

Indian Barnini Chakraborty writes for Fox News: 

It's an extraordinary transformation

In a matter of weeks, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Communist Party have apparently managed to convince the world to foget that they muzzled the coronavirus for months as it grew into what is now a global pandemic, silencing doctors and critics whose early alarms could have saved thousands of lives. Instead, the communist-run nation has now positioned itself as the country ahead of the coronavirus curve, even as they make unsubstantiated claims that the U.S. is behind the crisis.


“Two narrative tracks that we're seeing advanced by China is malign information trying to finger the US as the orgin of the coronavirus, and then the second narrative track is what we call 'Brand China,' which is the [Chinese government's] effort to try and turn the crisis into a news story about the supremacy of the Chinese Communist Party as opposed to democratic systems that have allegedly mishandled the crisis,” U.S. Special Envoy Lea Gabrielle told The Washington Times. “So [it’s] basically a 'China' good, everyone else bad’ narrative.”

As our national response to this unprecedented pandemic continues, I'll present updates that I think are most informative and important to my readers. Good luck to you all.


"Only the democratic nation state is a reliable factor," says Gauland.

Berlin, 18 March 2020: European cooperation is a good complement to the nation state, but can never replace it.

Honorary Chairman Dr. Alexander Gauland explains the state measures in the Coronavirus crisis:
"Numerous measures are only now being taken in times of acute crisis, which until recently were claimed to be unfeasible. Borders can suddenly be controlled and protected after all. The sell-out of German cutting-edge technology can now be prevented after all, as the example of CureVac shows. And nobody is calling for European solutions to be awaited first. The current crisis shows us with alarming clarity that the only reliable factor can be a strong, democratic nation state that is capable of taking action.

And once again the other European states have understood this much faster than Germany and have taken appropriate measures. In many European countries, the awareness that European cooperation is ideally a good complement to the nation state, but can never replace it, is firmly rooted. The Germans in particular are only now having to painfully regain this awareness.

I hope that the lesson here in Germany will be that politics in the national interest is not chauvinistic, but necessary. And to demand it is not radical, but sensible.

TruNews is one of the few reporting that a now quarantined Englewood doctor is a super carrier who brought it to AIPAC's early March conference and spread it to hundreds, including Ted Cruz and other lawmakers.  18,000 attended that conference including synogoue members in New Rochelle.

For my entire adult life I have supported traditional American "protectionism" - the economic policy that made America and Germany, and every other industrial power, great.
I would say it's nice to be vindicated by this pandemic, but, it's not nice. It's not nice at all. I didn't need this to know I'm right.
"Little" Marco Rubio was on Tucker Carlson's show saying, hey, maybe we shouldn't have sold off our means of production to other countries.
Wow, what a smart little lad you are, Marco. He must be worried that he won't be able to get his Adderal fix.

I'm with you, and I thought the same thing about little Marco. How these politicians can change their tune in order to "fit in" with the current zeitgeist.

Well, at least he's a Republican, that counts for something currently.

"I would say it's nice to be vindicated by this pandemic, but, it's not nice."

Understood. But I do think we should make the most of the opportunity this is giving us. It's taken a little time to grasp the full measure of what was happening, but now we have and I'm starting to get some ideas. The globalists' message is to get over this as soon as possible and back to "normal." We need a different message.

I suspect that the coronavirus is just your everyday flu virus that has been hyped up by the media to crash the economy and prevent the reelection of Donald Trump.  If that is true, we should act just like the wedding celebrants described in your article and defy the hoax masters.

You suspect ... based on what? Sure, it's easy to 'suspect' such a thing, but how and by whom? You have no idea.

"If that is true, we should" ... but what if it is not true? Your comment doesn't fit the facts that we know, but of course that does not bother you a bit. Facts?

I suspect it is nothing major because people have the inate ability to fight off germs with their immune systems.  The reason we used to have epidemics that killed major portions of the population is that people used to drink sewage.  It was mixed in with the drinking water. We now have sewage systems that separate sewage from drinking water.  So if we are hearing about some "deadly pandemic" that we all need to tremble over, it is not the germ that we need to fear, but fear itself (as well as any killer vaccines the government intends to force on us).

Covid-19 is not a germ, it's a virus. I think you need to read up on what a virus is - hint, it's not bacteria. I've given you the opportunity to share your ideas here, but don't want to hear from you again.

"Germ" comprises bacteria and viruses.

Ok, thanks for the correction. I guess I meant to say a virus is not a bacterial infection, which I did wrongly  take his reference to "gern" as referring to.   

Sorry if I gave a misimpression.  I meant to say that people used to succumb to diseases such as measles, cholera, bubonic plague, etc., because of poor hygiene.  Hygiene and other living conditions improved dramatically during the 20th century, and as a result, people are only very rarely seriously affected by these diseases anymore.  People can resist diseases naturally so long as they are not burdened with an environmental insult such as pesticides, contaminated drinking water, etc., that weakens their immune system.

I agree wholeheartedly that viruses have been around forever and our immune systems are designed to deal with them. It's the advancement of pharmaceuticals for every ailment that has allowed unhealthy people to live longer via drugs, and these people have very weakened immune systems. This virus is new, virulent and contagious, with no current "cure or vaccine," so that is the problem. There is no evidence as yet that it was loosened "purposely" on the public.

To suggest that we should all ignore it is irresponsible, and your first comments were irresponsible, not a misimpression. What we should learn from this is that there is no alternative to following healthy habits as a self-responsibility. It also brings to mind national eugenics programs (like N-S Germany) that have been so villified by the establishment. Why breed people who are unhealthy to begin with and require all kinds of drugs just to live their lives?

Your pointing to the celebrating Hasidic Jews, who suffer from many genetic diseases as well as being experts at living on the dole, is the opposite of what I'm recommending. For saying that, you remain on my "idiot" list.

I agree, they didn't understand Germ Theory until Lister after the Civil War. They did know that boiled water didn't make you sick, but tasted like shit. That's why they drank ale and hard cider, they knew it didn't make them sick. But also, they had to do hard physical labor everyday of their lives, just to survive. Today, a  lot of pepple don't exercise at all and are dozens of pounds overweight, even the young.

Religious fanaticism on many fronts; if the Orthodox Jews are whooping it up at weddings and still insisting upon kising the Wailing wall, then for sure the mohels are still biting during bris. Everyone knows Shi'ite Chinese carrying Covid-19 pilgrimaged to Qom where the custom is to lick the doorknobs and gates of the saintly shrines. A Christian cult in South Korea spread more than the Gospel when they claimed they could cure Covid-19 by shooting holy water into the mouths of the faithful with a water gun.
It came to Italy with the Chinese working in the fashion and clothing industries who had returned from vacations in China.

Coronavirus, fear porn to further accelerate U.N. Agenda21.
Amazing how people who have seen the corruption and immoral behaviour of the establishment, from researching The Industry, have learned nothing from it. They still believe every filthy utterance from the fake politicians. The criminals are devoid of values and they hate you. Why do you still trust them? How many times must they shit on you before you lose faith?

Corona questioning: Regarding the "Turpitz" comment: In the comment section, no fundamental discussion can be held, but it should be noted that also in the German-speaking countries there are numerous top-class physicians and professors of medicine who critically comment on the topic of corona, e.g. Dr. med Claus Köhnlein [1], Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg [2], Dr. Stefan Lanka [3], Prof. Dr. Karin Mölling [4], Prof. Dr. Enrico Edinger, Dr. med Rolf Kron, and many more. The statistics fraud is well known, since many decades. There are also well-founded articles, studies and interviews that there is a connection with 5G, although of course it should not be denied that there have been efforts for a long time to destroy the white peoples/races also by means of biological (bacterial) warfare. Furthermore it was written that "Corona" was prepared as an explanatory model for the coming economic collapse: Not the NWO policy (printing of fiat money, multiculturalism etc.) is to blame for the economic collapse, but the virus.
 China danger: "[...] China is not a reliable partner and is even a danger to the rest of the world. [...]" China is just as dangerous for white people as Islam. According to [5] China is facing an existential problem: Under Mao, 90 million farmers were forced to build (useless) blast furnaces for a demonstration of power; China's forests were destroyed for the charcoal, so that now and in the future a drought catastrophe of gigantic dimensions is threatening. The Chinese must expand if they do not want to starve, because their country is becoming a drought area. Also India is supposed to be at the end [6]: No grown sewerage infrastructure, sewage is directly led into the landscape, large scale contamination of the landscape → future evacuation of the population is inevitable, because the contaminated areas become uninhabitable. The Chinese have already successfully helped to bring down Rhodesia in the past, and they are now taking over not only Zimbabwe but also other African territories, and they also have such ambitions for Europe and for the USA, the American ports are already supposed to belong to them, although this will certainly be reversed, under Donald Trump.
 Shift of power in Germany?: Dear Carolyn Yeager, it could be that now in Europe and in the USA the old order is collapsing, that gigantic battles are taking place in the background. As you know, Donald Trump has always been pro-American, pro-White and pro-German.[7] The SHAEF framework of laws [8] is still the supreme (enslavement) legislation of the Allies in Rest Germany. There is much to suggest, however, that Donald Trump is now using this very framework highly officially to oust the previous (anti-German) puppet government of the FRG and prepare for Germany's independence, as unimaginable as this may sound.
At present a huge US military march is supposed to take place (Ramstein etc.). But "Defender 2020" may no longer be a NATO manoeuvre, it may even be THE operation that will bring about the shift/replacement of power in the background to establish a transitional military government. Do a Google image search for: SHAEF logo and compare with the "Defender 2020" logo. It has been written that possibly from the beginning of April until April 10th, the Internet in Germany will be shut down, combined with the broadcasting (emergency television) of information films to inform and prepare the population about what happened and is happening these days and weeks. There are considerations that the countless high-ranking politicians and celebrities who are supposed to be in corona quarantine may in fact have been arrested. Comparable events are said to take place in the USA.
[1] Claus Köhnlein erklärt den Corona Wahnsinn
 [2] Krieg gegen die Bürger: Coronavirus ein Riesenfake? Eva Herman im Gespräch mit Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
 [3] Coronavirus - Dr. Stefan Lanka – Virus […]
 [4] Coronavirus: Prof. Dr. Karin Mölling warnt vor Panik | 21. März 2020 |
 [5] China- ohne Mampf keinen Kampf
 [6] Indien meldet sich ab
 [7] [English original] Donald Trump : Ist Stolz auf sein Deutsches Blut
 [8] Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force

Your last paragraph could very well have been left off, as it is pure speculation:

It has been written that possibly from the beginning of April until April 10th, the Internet in Germany will be shut down, combined with the broadcasting (emergency television) of information films to inform and prepare the population about what happened and is happening these days and weeks.There are considerations that the countless high-ranking politicians and celebrities who are supposed to be in corona quarantine may in fact have been arrested. Comparable events are said to take place in the USA.

I think we will see that none of this turns out to be true.