The Holocaust scam continues to be the #1 identity factor for American Jews

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2021-06-01 21:15

Considering the outsized role Jewish-Americans and Israel play in our national life, two or three 6-pointed, double triangle 'stars' scattered among the five-pointed stars on the American flag (as seen here) would be appropriate--and send the right message.

By Carolyn Yeager

ACCORDING TO THE LATEST PEW RESEARCH SURVEY of American Jews since 2013, the just-released “Jewish Identity in the United States 2020” survey, 76% of all U.S. Jews say that remembering the 'Holocaust' is essential to their Jewish identity. That is the highest of all reasons given, more than consider it as being a member of the Jewish religion – Judaism – which rated 72%.

In other words, more who identify as Jews think that 'Holocaust' remembrance (and corresponding belief) is the essential ingredient to their life as a Jew than is the Jewish religion itself!

Trailing that, 59% selected “working for justice and equality in society”, 56% “being intellectually curious”, with only 51% choosing “continuing family traditions.”

The observance of Jewish law – halaka – was most important only to Orthodox Jews, 83% of whom deemed it essential. Among all Jews, the number was just 15%. Only 20% consider eating traditional Jewish foods to be essential to their Jewish identity. Pork and bacon anyone?

So the 'Holocaust' cult continues to win hands down as the best uniting force Jews have—not only in America but no doubt everywhere. One can easily understand why the Jewish elite work so hard to keep it alive and well – while we should be working just as hard to expose the fakery behind it. Imagine what the collapse of the 'Holocaust' narrative within the Jewish community would mean! I can see it coming about due simply to more non-Jews becoming non-believers, and non-believers becoming better informed and more vocal as to 'what really happened.' Importantly, the information we have keeps growing, and many people who think they're “in the know” do not keep up. We should always be on the cutting edge of revisionism and never rest on our laurels.

There is plenty of still scarcely known Holohoax truth to be learned in the articles on this website, some recently added -- just look under 'My Articles' on the sidebar.


They have to keep the Israel foundation myth of the holocaust strong in or[der] to keep a sense of unity so that their network of control continues.

That is obvious. Maybe you should call yourself "Mr.Obvious" instead of  "Mr. Wonderfulness."

I think it's important to look more at the motivation of these creatures. What drives their desire for supremacy?
Need for power/control?
Is it cultural? Racial?
Can you imagine how much they've analyzed gentile behavior? Where is a good modern book that probes their psychosis (written by a gentile).
-Mr. Obvious

You're obviously not addressing the above posted article. Did you read it?

To answer your question(s), the person you're looking for is Kevin MacDonald, whom you should know. His website Occidental Observer  covers these very issues on a consistent basis. But there are a whole lot of books on this topic by others as well. I would suggest you also  read my articles under "World Jewish Congress" on the sidebar to the right.

You sound like a beginner but at least you have a sense of humor. That's important! Best of luck.

Dear Carolyn,
This is an extraordinarily enlightening article about our special friends, the Jews - perhaps your best?
It helps me to better classify the Jews. I consider them the worst enemies of Germans and their history.
All the best
Klaus Borgolte

Thanks Klaus. I thought this latest survey result was essential knowledge for our people to understand how easy it is to fight back against the inexplicable hold Jews have gained over Western societies. That's why I decided to feature it in a post, even though it's not new; the power of the HOLOHOAX, supported by media and global institutions, has been understood for decades already.

Thanks to the work of revisionists, it's very easy to prove its impossibility to anyone with a reasonably open mind who is willing to look at the evidence. Discouraging people from looking at the evidence, through guilt, fear and ostracism (plus outright censorship and now even criminal sanctions), is how it's done.

I recognize your authentic suffering as a German. Unfortunately, most "Whites" do not feel they are suffering from this, and younger Germans have been heavily guilt-tripped since 1945. All we have to rely on is a stronger desire for historical truth in more Gentiles, along with a weakened resolve among Jews to uphold lies for the sake of tribal unity. As Jews 'break apart', this could occur.

I don't think the "The People of the Book" would have any  privileges without idiotic american Christians supporting and worshipping them!
Btw, the christian clergy in NS Germany were commiting all imaginable acts of treason against the new, revolutionary Nationalist Germany and its leader Adolf Hitler. 
NS leaders like Goebbels, Hmmler, Bormann etc... were pressuring Hitler to arrest and hang the christian clergy.  Hitler opposed this "final solution"  lest the executed pastors, fathers, bishops,  etc...would turn into martyrs. 
Was the Fuehrer wrong on this issue??!!

Thanks for this comment to Klaus, Gilson.

I'd like to say that I believe the "People of the Book" were gaining privileges well before the "Christian Zionists" came about -- even before Zionism became popular. Read or listen to Henry Ford.

Also, can you tell me where it's documented that "Goebbels, Himmler, Bormann, etc pressured Hitler to arrest and hang [certain] christian clergy?" I have forgotten. I can imagine they might have mentioned it, but already knowing it was unfeasible.

And no, imo the Fuehrer was not wrong in his reasoning.

Hi Carolyn
I read somewhere about Goebbels etc.. urging Hitler to crack down on the Abrahamists..
Also Alfred Rosenberg redacted a thirty-point program for the future of the German churches, approved by Hitler: The National Reich Church of Germany was to claim exclusive control over all churches; publication of the Bible was to cease; crucifixes, Bibles and saints were to be removed from altars; and Mein Kampf was to be placed on altars as "to the German Nation and therefore to God the most sacred book",  and the christian cross was to be removed from all churches and replaced with the swastika.
Now what is not to like -from a patriotic point of view - about these anti-church measures that would free Germany from centuries of alien abrahamic/semitic  brainwashing???
If you live in Germany, support the patriotic AFD!

If you knew how I hate to see "I read somewhere ..." in place of a source for information. You are a huge disappointment!

And nowhere do you come up with a single word about "arrest and hang the Christian clergy." That's a far cry from "cracking down on the Abrahamists." As are all the other things you said ... but without proof.

So you're a vehement anti-Christian; you're also vehemently anti-Muslim. You've never seemed anti-Jewish. Wonder why that is? Are you just strongly atheist? In any case, you do seem to like Deutschland. If I were a Deutsch citizen, I certainly would vote for AfD candidates. However, it doesn't seem that enough Germans are ever going to. What do you think the problem with them is?