Bill Rhyes interviewed me on his "Might Is Right" Power Hour

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-08-23 00:27

August 22, 2015

On August 20, I was the guest on Bill Rhyes Thursday night radio program on Talkshoe. He asked me about my work and my thoughts on National Socialism, the holohoax, and Adolf Hitler; also on The White Network, White genocide, the 14 Words, the IHR and Christianity.

Bill is a passionate and tough defender of the White race and advocates the Lone Wolf approach. I felt very comfortable with him and enjoyed doing the program. I was especially grateful for the opportunity to respond to what Tanstaafl had said when he was on Bill's show just about a month ago. We'll see what comes from that.

I hope you enjoy what I think is a laid back, but interesting program. 2hr20min


In this podcast, I said that I have often criticised White Nationalism. Actually that is incorrect. I have not criticised White Nationalism as a general concept or idea. White Nationalism is sound & essential.  I have criticised some of the weaknesses within the struggle. I have criticised certain tactics that  various individuals that profess to be White Nationalists promote. I usually refer to myself as a White racialist, but sometimes as a White Nationalist. Being strongly pro-White, and thus strongly for The 14 Words no matter the label is what is important to me.  If one is strongly in support of The 14 Words then they are under the umbrella of White Nationalism & White racialism.

From being on your show, Bill, I've decided I like the term Racialist as a replacement for Nationalist. Whether with White or not.

To say I'm a racialist means that race is important to me, and also that I don't think being racially-conscious and particular is a bad thing. It might even be a better propaganda term because I don't think the White public has the foggiest idea what White Nationalism is (except something bad), and it's hardly possible to explain it. They can understand White racialism, and a whole lot of them agree.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to hear about your religious beiefs on the show. I am glad that you have Christian friends. I wish you were a Christian but if you have read through the Bible and it doesn't do anything for you you are probably never going to be a Christian. It is important to remember that during the era of the Crusades Europe and the Christian Church were unabashedly both racist and anti-Semitic. This notion that Christianity and the Bible teach egalitarianian and the brotherhood of man is questionable in my opinion. There is only one verse in the Bible that teaches this explicity. That is where Luke writes in the Book of Acts that we all come from one. Sometime God works through people who do not know him as he worked through Cyrus the Persian.

Hi Daniel,

There was a time in my life (a long time ago) when the bible did a whole lot for me. I was kind of in love with reading certain "books" in it. I loved Genesis, and Romans, and many others. Some I did not like, mostly the ones dealing with so-called jewish history, like 1st Kings, 2nd Kings, etc. I was very focused on bible reading (on my own) for a couple of what should have been my most productive years. Instead I was all caught up in religion. But I have had extraordinary spiritual experiences all my life, though they have stopped since I got onto the Internet. I now must think all knowledge can be found thereon.

Anyway, I got married and grew away from my bible reading, and I have to say now I cannot believe that "GOD" or our "CREATOR" would put his message to his "creatures" in a book! We realize the truth within ourselves and I have my own ideas about God and Creation.  Jesus said the Father was within us, too, and would tell us what was true. "The book" has been and continues to be so misused. And much of what is in the it does not actually fit what we know historically, in spite of what some say. 

Thanks for all your good participation on this website, Daniel. I hope you keep it up. All the best ...