Tanstawful opts out, or is it cops out? Says tweets are enough.

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-09-11 14:48

After doing very little on his Age-of-Treason website during July and August, Tanstawful has produced a podcast telling his listeners that he is basically retiring from the White Nationalist struggle. The reason given is that his life and attitude have changed. He doesn't give any clues as to what that “change” is but does mention his job. Since he told me in late 2013 or early 2014 that his job was part-time, either he has changed that status, taken a second job, or this is simply a handy and impossible-to-refute excuse that anyone can give to “beg off” from things they don't want to do. I suspect he just doesn't feel he's getting enough psychological reward from it. Here is what he said [You can also listen to it on the player above]:


It's been awhile since I've podcasted or written anything of any substance and I think I should probably explain why. In a nutshell, my life has changed and my attitude has changed. I've done enough thinking and speaking and writing to understand, I think, all of the basics, all of the things that I used to wonder why these things are the way they are. I've pretty much figured it out. And I'm not all that interested in just repeating myself, heh, speaking for the sake of speaking, so I don't.

I've remained active on Twitter where basically the process is reviewing the news that is highlighted by other people – the trends in current events - and I make brief comments on those things and tying it usually into some of the insights that I've talked about many times in longer form over the past several years. So there's really … I feel very little need to write long essays or do podcasts … research, detailed research on things.

There's plenty more subjects that I'm interested in delving into, but I don't expect that I'll be all that more educated by that work and I don't think I'd be convincing very many more people if they're not already convinced by the kinds of arguments and analysis that I've already provided. So, I don't. And I've also got other things going on in my life that … my job that, uh, what I actually do for a living to pay my bills. I've, uhm, poured more of myself into that.

But there are a few things I wanted to talk about. Two Trends: The invasion of Europe. And that it is treason … with Jews behind it. [...] And Trump.

And he goes on for an hour in a rambling monologue proving what he said - that he has nothing new to say, or nothing that so many other have not already been saying, so why be repetitious? He wants folks to listen to his archive, like they do with William Pierce. But "Tan", Wm. Pierce was a real and very active person who died, that's why he didn't do any more. You're not dead, are you? Nor are you very real. Talk/words is all that Tanstawful has ever been about; he's never been interested, or willing, to engage in any physical activism. He finishes this way:


So that's it. Talk again the next time … I don't know when that'll be, I'm not really on track to do regular podcasts anymore, or even regular posts, as I discussed at the beginning, but I'll see you when I see you.

Not much of an explanation, is it? I'd say it's because there is none, except that he's gotten bored with it now and would rather do other things. Just like he got tired of The White Network but wanted to keep it as a tribute to himself. As he said, it was all about his own learning curve, not really about anyone else. So long “Tan,” not sorry to see you go.

Image: This image is titled "Citizen's hands" on Yahoo Images. Up close, the hands look too rough and unkempt for a computer science graduate who makes his living as a computer programer. I always thought that Tanstawful actually took this photo of himself, but I guess I was fooled in that too. When I told him how clever I thought it was, he accepted my compliment. Enlarge


Hi Carolyn. I first became acquainted with your work through the White Network which I regularly checked into and really ate up all the information. I loved it. And then the day came when I logged in and to my chagrin and disappointment it shut down, as I'm sure that anyone who valued that as a source of talk show information also experienced.

I read and listened to all the ensuing back and forths and the harsh cold, if not downright nasty, remarks by this "Tanstawful," (if that's really his name) and the result of really immature smearing of your person on some other sites from various self ordained righteous and pure "white nationalists" which I thought you certainly didn't, by any means, deserve, not one iota.

I heard a podcast he did recently on MIR in which he whined and woosed about this and that and the other and the White Network incident was of course mentioned in the passing. Why MIR would feature an interview with this lackluster, limp wristed, poseur is beyond me.

Thanks for bringing such vital information as you do to public awareness and for continuing to do so. It has been an important link for deconstructing the historical lies of the last (100?) years.

Tanstawful = Pathetic

Thank you for your endorsement of my efforts. Yes, indeed, one of the things that Tanstawful is in denial of is how many people he let down by shutting down their favorite network! Let's face it - there is not now and was not then a lot of quality programing for White people and we had a real good environment at TWN for that demographic. It was working. Our Alexa ranking had hit 200,000 worldwide. We were ready to celebrate our 2nd birthday. Then Tanny-boy decided to pull the plug ... ostensibly over "the 14 Words" which weren't even an issue to anyone!

And now, after all the noise he made about his devotion to White Nationalism, he is no longer interested in it himself! (he has "changed") ... while I remain a White racialist activist as always.

Another disappointed person' who was a keen supporter of both of ours, was Mary, who wrote this comment in May 2013 on the occasion of our 1st Anniversary:

Happy Anniversary Carolyn and Tan!

I love the WhiteNetwork and hope it's here for many years to come. Thank you for all you do.

Well, her hope meant nothing to Tan. So yes, poseur may be the right word. But I think 'failure' is good too. He can't get up much of a following apart from TWN -- his Alexa ranking is still over 3 million. He just doesn't have anything interesting enough to say.

Thanks for writing.

TANSTAAFL is such a non-entity. On the other hand, Old RodneyCodney just wrapped up his "last show", with special guest Veronica Clark, about the failure of the movement and why he quit white nationalism. Comments? :-D

I listened to some of it ... less than an hour. Most of the part about me, I think I heard. I can say that EVERYTHING that came out of Rodney's mouth was an outright lie, or should I be nicer and say 'falsehood.' I don't know another person who is such a shameful liar.

Veronica Clark was the same, but not on the scale of Rodney, who is the world's champ. Her version of Wilfried Heink was distorted past any resemblance to the truth, except that he did agree to translate that speech, and other things too, for her. It was Wilf that helped me get my copy of the Platterhof Speech from Munich. Wilf and I correspond today, but he does not have anything to do with Veronica. She says they made up ... yeah, they said no hard feelings and ended their communication. A long time ago, now.

Rodney and Veronica make a good pair.

In December 2013, both Rodney and Veronica made a number of comments to this "Saturday Afternoon" program.

VKC - #3, 9, 10, 15, 21, 24, 33, 36, 37, 39,

RM - #6, 12, 23,

They were  both wanting to get along with me, but not with each other. Laughing

I understand you are calling me a liar about Wilf Heink on your blog. You posted some emails between Wilf and yourself from August, 2014, one year ago. That was at the time that I had posted at this website the Platterhof Speech that Wilf had sent me as his own first translation (!). You, Veronica, are very good at confusing the issues, but you can't make black into white (pun intended). When I told Wilf that I had taken down the translation he had sent me, at his request, I HAD. No one could find it unless they did a search on Platterhof Speech as it was still in my content. As you yourself know, Wilf is polite to all, so he accepted you at your word when you said that I had not taken it down. As I have said many times, he is not even interested in the speech, nor does he take seriously your sense of "ownership" of it.

I had continued to believe that it was Wilf's original first translation, and not what was copyrighted in your book, because that is what Wilf continued to tell me. It wasn't until AFTER your DMCA that he told me he had been wrong and it was the final translation after all. 

There is no truth in the idea that I "stole" something from you. Nor is there any truth in your fanciful claim that I "bullied" him nor that I "tried to get the Himmler speech too." None of this came from Wilf, it's your own invention. You make more and more irresponsible accusations in your blogs. The only thing I have ever said about you and Wilf is that your relationship ended after you spitefully denigrated his translating abilities (also here) publicly to get back at him for sending me his translation copy, and that you have not communicated since your "parting of the ways."  I never said you were not friends at one time; in fact, I acknowledge you were. His name is on your books, for God's sake! I have gone over all this before, but people like you and Rodney ignore answers you don't like, so I will risk my long friendship with Wilf again with a few current emails. (Sorry Wilf, but this old friend of yours is forcing me.)

Here are 3 mails between Wilf and me from yesterday and today. Our previous email exchanges were on Sept. 4-5 and August 17 and on a pretty regular basis for the past year.

Wilf Heink



Sep 13 at 4:11 PM

Thanks for the well wishes, Carolyn, they are appreciated.

As for ‘Dear’ Veronica, now what? Then again, forget it, she is a person of no interest. I’m moderately aware of the efforts by Eric Hunt, but I’m not with it at the moment. I understand Fritz Berg has published a book, G. Rudolf reviewed it, somewhat negatively, Fritz is on the war-path again. It is possible Veronica helped him, he referred to the editor as ‘she’, they worked together before.
Take care,




Wilf Heink

Today at 8:44 AM

Wilf ... of course that "book" by Fritz was put together directly from his website and published by Veronica - it's her cover design (red and green) and she's advertising it. Germar wasn't just "somewhat negative" about it, but he totally panned it. It's too bad, but I have had my own experiences with Berg. Yes, he can't be bothered to organize anything.

For me, I'm glad the summer is over here in Texas.


Wilf Heink



Today at 1:21 PM

Carolyn, I’m obviously not with it. Berg is of no interest to me, ditto for Veronica.
Unrelated conversation deleted.
Take care

Veronica - don't bother to reply. I will not post anything from you. I have no interest either.

Rodney Martin always seemed unstable. On a 'certain' aggregator site a commenter has linked to this


wherein you will find the comment by alter ego WV Foundations February 3, 2014 at 5:16 PM

"This Ironshore person has NOT exposed Veronica, she has always held these views and her positions Re: the Third Reich are meritless. If you read this closely, he was duped by her and just learned of her support for the SPLC and ADL as well as her Antifa positions. The "Psyop" she speaks of are ALL OF HER BOOKS" wherein she attempts to paint a picture of a Multicultural Third Reich and most recently said German women yearned for black males and Germany was a multi-Racial Nation." ... [blah blah ad naus ad inf]

Meantime Charles Giuliani, near sole-remaining host on same, continues his daily 2-hour self-indulgence on Rodney's BlogTalk site exploring Tesla technology, rehashes of 911 investigations, Biblical textual criticism, etc, while Europe is invaded. . .

Container with aid for 'refugees' full of weapons & ammo (in Greek)

"Meantime Charles Giuliani continues his daily 2-hour self-indulgence on Rodney's BlogTalk site ..."

Haha, that's well put.

Samson Option, if you go down, try to take as many others with you. 
So Tan just wanted to retire from WN, made a big stink about nothing, just to fool people that he leaves TWN because of Carolyn and not because of himself? 
This is very womanly, trying to get a divorce without being responsible plus taking all the inheritence and blaming "he raped me" or whatever.
And this from a man? Man up, just say "I'm done with this WN".
Also, the handsign is Merkel's favorite one too. It's Masonic. 

I don't know what Tanstaafl's real motives are, but from what he says I gather that he now knows enough about WN so he is no more interested. What he doesn't understand is that WN is not a case of "self-study" but of propaganda. Once you have a basic knowledge, you don't study anymore but try to reach as many people as possible. But Tanstaafl seems to be an introvert to me.

i thought you might be interested to check out the comments over at mami's
lol, he got banned - although that's no mean feat at mami's
in one comment there's a link to a skye convo between ms clark and another  idiot called iconoclaust

It's interesting that Tanstawful and Rodney Martin are leaving the White Nationalist scene at the same time. And both tell about an equal number of lies about me in their efforts to paint themselves as victims.

I'd like to see those comments by Rodney that Mami's moderators threw into the spam folder. Of what we can see, there's not a single pro-Rod comment. No wonder he got mad and stormed off with threats.

As to me calling his wife an 'injun', may I remind people again the source of that information was Rodney himself, not me. I only quoted from his 2007 interview published in his local newspaper which is still there and has never been removed or corrected, as he said so many times it was or would be. It reads:

"Martin, as busy as he is in his professional life, is a dedicated family man. He has been married to his wife Peggy, an Eastern Cherokee, for 12 years. The couple has five children: Johnathan, 11, Justyn, 9, Abby, 8, Destiny, 8 and Ana, 4."

Martin's whole family lives on the government dole since he joined ROTC in high school already and got himself injured and disabled as soon as he landed in Somalia for his single tour of duty. So can he please stop with the bs that I "accused his wife of being an indian and ended up with egg on my face." It just doesn't align with the facts.

Similarly, Tanstaafl's family income is guaranteed by his wife's inheritance from the Jewish side of her family - I am quite certain of that. That's why his (part-time) job is not the reason for the "change in his life." It's about his kids' activities in college.

LOL, oh Rodney.  The fact that he's aligned himself with the likes of Veronica Clark on the sole basis of having mutual enemies really says it all about this guy.  The fact that he does so after repeatedly attacking her for being "antifa" (his words) makes it even funnier and speaks volumes to his complete lack of principles and shameless, self-serving antics.
In a way, I'm almost gonna miss the guy and the constant laughs he provided tripping over himself getting caught in lie after desperate lie, though I'm pretty sure he's pulled whole "I quit!!!" emo tantrum routine several times before, only to come slobbering back for validation moments later.  He just can't seem to stay away, and ultimately has himself to thank for the backlash he single-handedly generated against himself with his disgusting, dishonest behavior.   Even now, he's still actively engaging in internet comment wars lol. For all his grandstanding about "looking in the mirror" wherever personal problems occur, maybe he should actually take his own advice?  Of course, that's never gonna happen as that implies self-awareness on his end, something which he hilariously lacks.  I’m sure he’ll honor us all with more barely-literate, rambling blog posts cursing the universe for not recognizing his self-declared inherent genius. 
I'd like to thank Carolyn for the excellent work she did flushing this clown out, and we should all remain vigilant as to Rodney attempting to re-enter racialist and revisionist circles- someone that desperate and self-absorbed simply won't stay away, as such, the onus falls on all of us to whack him down wherever and whenever he rears his ugly, retarded head.

I understand your feelings about Rodney. He is quite an entertainment.

The whole topic has now been removed from Mami's, apparently after legal threats from RM. This has been posted at the top of the blog:
"I guess you won this battle Rodney but the only reason why you did, is because you threatened my co-admins with legal action too when you knew full well that I was the only one responsible for posting the shows coming out of what you call a network.
Getting them in trouble for my actions was not an option for me because I have a conscience and empathy. After two years and a half of promoting you for free this is the thanks I get? In my opinion, the only good thing to come out of this is how you exposed yourself as being a petty man. I hope that we cross paths someday."

Last word is that Charlie Giuliani (who they love at Mami's) is moving to Renegade, so Rodney is left with no shows at ANN, I guess. The new page for comments - http://grizzom.blogspot.com/2015/09/about-rodney-martin-20150916.html

Rodney Martin has been a copy-cat from the moment he appeared. Of course, he's not the only one but everything he's done is a copy of what someone else was doing already. He's also never been able to follow-through and stick with any of the "bright ideas" he sets out on. No one, and I mean no one, has stuck with him - and now he's down to VKC who has earned the hatred of everyone. She has no doubt advised him on threatening to take legal action against every slight. This will lead him right into oblivion which is where he belongs. Unlike VKC, he doesn't have all those books on Amazon to keep up the appearance of a serious entitiy.

My situation with Tanstaafl is quite different from the inconsequential complaints these two have. They're like the Jews, saying 'no one has a right to publicly express their dislike of me.'

There is a foursome that has worked together for a number of years now: Deanna Spingola, Rodney Martin, Veronica Clark, Wayne Prante. What do they have in common?

Rodney and Veronica are mentally disturbed, remember when Veronica went off the rails last year on one of her blogs. Is Rodney aware that Veronica claims to be part Jewish? I still have that screenshot of that claim from one of her very early blogs.

Yes, I agree with the mentally disturbed. Veronica has taken every position there is since she started. What is her aim? Hard to say if she is not just seeking attention in whatever way she can get it.

I'll play amateur psychologist and speak for the importance of a stable, two-parent family upbringing. V's last name is Clark, but there has never been any mention of a Father Clark; she only talks about her mother. Who was Mr. Clark and what happened to him?

Rodney's mother [from South Carolina] gave him away at birth to his father's parents in Arizona, who adopted him. His father was hardly around. There were 3 siblings who stayed with the mother whom Rodney never knew, apparently. This is all according to Rodney himself. He appeared on the outside to adapt just fine, but also [like Veronica] needs to overdo proving his worth all the time. These two are trying to get self-validation that they missed out on, but can never make up for what they lost. So they make themselves a nuisance to everyone else.

So he quit? How does one profess to fight for Whites then retire? He has done some excellent shows. Maybe his views now conflict with his jew wife Or he's moving israel. hes figured jews out and retires? 

But he said he would not do anything on a regular basis. And that his attitude had changed. Did you listen to the clip or do you just write comments based on a headline?

both... I know his work and yours, retirees can also work on an irregular basis. Maybe semi-retirement is a better term? Either way, jews never stop so a voice that does must not really understand them as much as they think. Unless their purpose was selfish and not for the Whites he professed his work to be for. 

I know that Tanstawful is not a hard worker. When he puts some time in on something, he speaks as if he really knocked himself out. Only I knew, from working with him for two years, that he never knocks himself out. Maybe this "change" he's announced will change his supporters view of him, as it seems to have affected yours.

Re "what do they have in common"
Well, I can't say for sure as I've never payed much attention to Prante or Spingola - they never seemed to bring anything particularly noteworthy to the table of revisionism beyond rehashes of other people's work, usually found in more accessible forms elsewhere. I suspect that's the point.  Also can't help but notice that Prante and Spingola latch onto and profit off every possible tinfoil crackpot conspiracy theory and wacky new age alt medicine theory, tarnishing their credibility in the process.
As to what the four have in common, it looks like they're running some sort of hustle off rehashing (and in Veronica's case, mangling) other people's work and covering for each other, with Rodney and Veronica being the most inept of the bunch.
Speaking of Rodney, he's back cranking out raging diatribes against the entire world at an unprecedented rate.  So much for quitting to take care of his wife and kids, as he said he was. I guess he just likes to exploit his children's ongoing parental neglect and his wife's (alleged) suffering as political props when he's losing arguments on the internet.  Classy.