'Tanstaafl' joins the Metapedia Mafia ...

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2014-05-21 08:26

...is allowed to rewrite and lock The White Network page to reflect his own views.

By Carolyn Yeager
copyright 2014 Carolyn Yeager

In his unflagging quest to create a totally false and prejudiced image of me, Carolyn Yeager, in order to justify his senseless act of shutting down TWN on 4-15-14 ...the annonymous blogger known as 'tanstaafl' [from here on known as 'staafl'] has followed me to Metapedia and become an editor there … just as he has followed me into what was new territory for him previously.

Several things to say about this:

  1. I had been talking on my radio shows about how I was editing The White Network page (which was put up not by me but by the User NatAl175 on Sept. 11, 2013). 'Staafl' heard me talking about this and hurried over to become a User himself. Being a professional computer programmer, he naturally has the advantage in knowing the technical ins and outs to accomplish what he wants. 'Staafl' joined Metapedia and did this editing on May 19, just two days ago.

  2. While I had edited the page to simply give the bare facts without prejudice, 'staafl' basically put down his own narrative, adding links to all his postings about his “reasons,” including “My Mistake,” “The End,” “Why this Archive” and some comments written at his blog which he calls “an informative exchange between Tanstaafl and Carolyn Yeager.” Oh sure. For my side of the story, he has only linked to my first response written immediately following his shocking announcement, “Meltdown for Tanstaafl.”

    This is all completely prejudicial, but cannot be changed or added to because …

  3. On late May 19th when I happened to check the page, I was not able to do any editing, though I am still listed as a “User” in good standing. I received the message that I do not have permission to edit the page, and yesterday (May 20) the “edit” option disappeared from my page, even when I am logged in. Is TWN page locked down for all users or just for me?

'staafl' as a Metapedia User

Contributions of Tanstaaf:  

Who I Am

I am the pro-White blogger who writes at Age of Treason (previously at http://age-of-treason.blogspot.com). I partnered with Carolyn Yeager to create the White network (which was at thewhitenetwork.com until 16 April 2014, when Carolyn redirected the DNS elsewhere and shut down the original server). I have since partially restored the site at http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com

Why I'm Here

I have used Metapedia as a resource and have recommended it to others, especially for race-related topics. For example, in "My Mistake" (which explained why I was ending my partnership with CY) I pointed out that Metapedia was better than Wikipedia for information about White nationalism and its connection to the Fourteen Words.

In a podcast on 12 May 2014, The Heretics' Hour: German Reich, May 1945, Carolyn Yeager stated, starting at 14:00, that she had registered an account here and was editing The White Network page, apparently as Eliza. More disturbing, at 21:12 CY stated:

So I dont know if that will stay there, but I'm gonna keep working on this, and I actually think the whole page should come down, because the White network doesn't exist anymore, and so why have a page at Metapedia about it, with all this old junk on it, you know uh people's uh people's uh desire to uh promote one side of something and tear down the other side.

I would like to see this page http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/The_White_Network and other records of my site - what it was and what became of it - preserved. In short, I am here to expose and oppose CY/Eliza's intent to "promote one side of something and tear down the other side".  [Is this what I said? -cy]

The first thing I will do to make the The White Network page more informative is add a link to the archive [meaning his archive cy] because it contains all the non-CY content which is not available anywhere else, and because it embodies and/or links the most complete record of both sides of the disagreement [NOT -cy] which ended tWn.

On Tanstaafl's Metapedia User Page (Discussion):

Good work

Here and elsewhere. I have to say, I am very suspicious of Ms Yeager myself. A lot of people are accused of being "agents" in this kind of politics, however, something about her seems not quite right to me. The trail of destruction left in her wake* and the personal vendettas she stokes is quite fishy. It may just be a personality issue, though. Basileus 19:36, 19 May 2014 (CEST)

Thank you

I don't think Carolyn Yeager is anybody's agent. I ascribe the demise of tWn to a fundamental disagreement between us over the purpose of the site. I think the nature of that disagreement has been made plain enough, and ironically, thanks in large part to her denying that there was any disagreement while going out of her way to make it harder for others to see any side of it but her own. Tanstaafl 00:57, 20 May 2014 (CEST) 

Why no explanation?

I guess it doesn't bother you, tanstaafl, that Basileus is the one who inserted "Dr." in front of Rodney Martin's name on Martin's Metapedia page on June 7, 2013, without there being any information whatsoever posted about Martin's education. This "Dr." remained there until Jan. 28, 2014 (over 7 months!) when I saw it and removed it. You'll find all these dates on the 'history' for that RM page. Basileus has never given an explanation for this strange action of his, although it fits with much of his other work on White Nationalist pages. Eliza 21 May 2014, 01:22 Central US time


No, I don't care**. Go put on your soap opera somewhere else. Tanstaafl 16:31, 21 May 2014 (CEST)

*What trail of destruction? I left Voice of Reason … I did not destroy anything there. Mike Conner destroyed it by his lack of leadership and his failure to get things done on time.

I gave 3 weeks notice and then stayed four weeks. The Heretics' Hour was the top program on VoR. The only thing I did to hurt it was to leave it!

**He doesn't care that supposed WNs are entirely mis-represented on an Encylopedia for White Nationalists; that truth and facts are entirely ignored in favor of preferential politics ... as long as he can say what he wants in his own interests. This is the confession of 'staafl'.

Carolyn is accused of being an agent by Basileus on Metapedia!

On 'staafl's User discussion page, Basileus welcomes “tanstaafl' (no one ever welcomed me, and in fact I could not get an administrator to contact me for help) and actually writes:

I am very suspicious of Ms Yeager myself. A lot of people are accused of being "agents" in this kind of politics, however, something about her seems not quite right to me. The trail of destruction left in her wake and the personal vendettas she stokes is quite fishy. Basileus, 19 May

He doesn't say, naturally, what he's referring to (shades of Rodney Martin?). I certainly did nothing to harm The White Network, anymore than I did VoR. I was the harder working person, always. The success (Alexa ranking of 200,000) was due to me and my discipline, creativity and respect for truth. Now my personal site carolynyeager.net has quickly moved down close to that same number, from 400,000 a little over one month ago. TWN fans are following me.

Everyone whom I have researched and commented on have well deserved it and the pro-White movement is better for it. The people who are harming White Nationalism are these people I'm naming here, these conspirators who can't tell the truth for the life of them. And who are hostile to one degree or another to women in the movement.

Who runs Metapedia?

Is Frank Roman a prominent figure at Metapedia?

On Metapedia's White Nationalism page, we find a flyer from "European Americans United," an organization co-founded by Frank Roman. We also find Frank Roman's name on a List of prominent figures in White Nationalism.

List of prominent figures (in White Nationalism)

  • Bob Whitaker

  • Don Black

  • David Duke

  • Paul Fromm

  • Robert Jay Mathews

  • Revilo P. Oliver

  • William Luther Pierce

  • Frank Roman

  • Jared Taylor

  • Don Wassall

Why is Frank Roman on this list of recognizable names? His name is not recognizable to most. I seem to recall seeing some time back that he was associated with Metapedia. I bring it up because I would like to know. Don Wassall is another very conservative nationalist. Both these men are personally anti-National-Socialist and anti-Hitler, and partially believe in “The Holocaust.”

The Jew “Big Lie” Scam

On 'staafl's User Page, he pulls the jewish “Big Lie” trick. Just as the Jews have always turned back onto Adolf Hitler himself his description of how Jews use The Big Lie, so 'staafl' quotes me as saying about "The White Network" page at Metapedia that it revealed a “desire to promote one side of something and tear down the other side.” He then writes about himself: “I am here [as an editor] to expose and oppose CY/Eliza's intent to "promote one side of something and tear down the other side."

This is an exact copy of what Joseph Goebbels has described many times as the Jew “Big Lie” lie. Gosh, 'staaf' is caught in the act!

'Staafl's jewish wife

'Staafl' quotes himself on TWN page he wrote at Metapedia as to the reason for his unilateral decision:

'I will not allow her to abuse the system I constructed to undermine the purpose for which it was constructed …

The link is to the About page that was originally at thewhitenetwork.com. The last paragraph reads:

Jews are not White. They are obsessed with their own group’s best interests, not ours. Our network is and will always remain by, for, and about the best interests of Whites, and only Whites. We are uncompromising on this point. We do not hesitate to identify and criticize Jews and will not allow them to hide amongst us.

Yet 'staafl's wife for approximately the past 20 years is a half Jew, making their three children ¼ Jewish. They “hide amongst us” with him. Still. 'staafl' considers himself a model White Nationalist, while I, a never-race-mixing white woman of 100% German ancestry am “abusing the system he constructed”.

What system? The rather fragile skype interface that 'staafl' himself always admitted was not very good for live shows (the kind I do) because so subject to crashing and which he never found the time to really improve.

'Staafl's jewish false promises

He has said on numerous occasions that if a White separatist community actually succeeded in become a reality in the United States, he would voluntarily move away from it with his wife and children, into the general population. Should anyone believe such a claim?

[And if he would not fit into a White Separatist community that did not want jews, why does he fit into the White Nationalist community now, at least the part of it that feels the same way about jews?]

He said to me on numerous occasions that he “built” the podcasting/broadcasting Skype Connection (he called skycon) for me to do my radio shows w/o any interference from censorship. He easily ignored that when he wanted to and will easily ignore the other too. 'Staafl' is not altruistic in the slightest. He protects himself by assuring his absolute anonymity as far as he possibly can.

'Staafl's jewish lies

On top of this, 'staafl' made up his story that I was promoting jews by reading from the European Knights Project on a program, which he said, without any knowledge or proof whatsoever, was a jewish site. He nastily wrote on TWN program page:

Pictured above are Carolyn Yeager’s experts on Whiteness and White nationalism: Leonard Zeskind, professional anti-White jew; European Knights Project, run by ?; John Tehranian, author of “Whitewashed: America’s Invisible Middle Eastern Minority”.

This was a cynical misrepresentation of what I actually said on the program, clearly intended to provide some grounds, however untenable, for the dastardly act he had already decided to carry out. When I describe it as dastardly, he denigrates my words as “drama” and “soap opera.” He does this because he doesn't want YOU to listen to or believe what I say. But also, was not what he said and did in his “My Mistake” broadcast not drama and soap opera?

And more, 'Staafl,' who did behave like a egomaniac in taking control of The White Network as if he had every right to it, is now calling me an egomaniac on his twn-archive.com site.

UPDATE 20 May 2015: More demands from Carolyn.

I will not heed or make any direct response to this egomaniac’s demands, but I will take the opportunity, since I’m here to update this record anyway, to add a few relevant notes.

So he is making a direct response while claiming not to.

I have not uploaded any Heretics’ Hour radio programs to Age of Treason. Carolyn is probably referring to links in a few older blog posts which originally pointed to thewhitenetwork.com ...etc. etc.

Just more wordplay from the technocrat. I will have something to say about this issue in a separate post.


I don't imagine that anyone cares about Staafl or what he has to say.

He's an uninteresting person.

This is not just about 'staafl' but about Metapedia too. And also who represents the "White Nationalist" movement.

Who owns TWN? Case closed. A trusted manager has no ownership rights and should simply resign if he feels the work place doesn't meet his requirements anymore. And this should be done confidential and in good standing, not with smears and destructive behavior. 

What I'd like to say about The White Network page at Metapedia is that it's not about "what it was" as 'staafl' says he wanted, but it's only about the end of it - according to tanstaafl. Is that all there is to say about TWN - how it ended?

This is why I think it's a bad page.

"Staafl' wrote on Metapedia the following dishonest statement:

For example, in "My Mistake" (which explained why I was ending my partnership with CY)

He didn't "end a partnership", which would have been easy enough to do. He shut down the entire network for good. Is that how one ends a partnership?

'Staafl' further wrote on Metapedia:

I ascribe the demise of tWn to a fundamental disagreement between us over the purpose of the site.

There was never any defining of this "fundamental disagreement" that existed in his mind, but was never brought out for a full, or even a partial, airing. It was unknown to everyone except him. He did not go into any detail about what the "problem" was until his radio program at 9-9:30pm on April 15, at which time he had already locked up the network. So after the fact, he attempted to put his disagreement into words. That is entirely shoddy and indefensible.