The Heretics' Hour: Traitors and Misfits

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-06-02 18:46

June 2, 2014

Carolyn does her first show under the heading “Traitors and Misfits," alluding in this instance to Tanstaafl and DanielS respectively, who are both currently active at the Majority Rights web site, where Adolf Hitler is seen as the "anti-White." Some highlights:

  • How I met Daniel Sienkiewicz and his relationship to Tanstaafl;
  • "Tan" comments on German-Americans, Carolyn Yeager and TWN, and his role in White Nationalism as a guest on Majority Rights Radio on May 29;
  • "Guessedworker" believes (see comment #25),  like so many others, that the Germans genocided the Jews;
  • DanielS posts all over MR the reasons why Hitler cannot and does not represent "White/European" people: Because he fought against other European people (scratch your head on that one);
  • Carolyn's bottom line: There is no unity among Whites and there never will be - it's a false hope that fits into a a leftist ideology;
  • Nothing can take the place of strong leadership.



People like Daniel deny reality and basically follow mainstream history, but are against what is happening to Europe and America. They refuse to connect the truth about Germany and her central part in WW1&2 as victim and current events. Farrage, Alex Jones etc. are in the exact same boat, although they don't openly support White Nationalism but only its philosophical byproducts. Daniel hates the sound of German only because he can't stand Hitler's spirited speeches, which is "mean and hateful" to him. Polish though, sounds a lot harsher than German, even when speaking in a emotionless fashion. Daniel never criticizes Italian Fascism, which is very similar to German National Socialism. More proof for his blind hatred for Germans and not the political foundations of the Reich.
Daniel compares a few hundred collateral civilian killings of Frederick's Prussia of Poles when the Russians once again tried to advance into Central and Western Europe to the expulsion of millions of Germans after 1945. Prussia compensated the Poles shortly after this happened, while Poland makes no big deal out of wiping out an entire state and its people from the map (Prussia).
I had a long comment debate with Daniel over this and finally let him off the hook and we parted in good terms. That he calls me mean spirited now shows his traitorous mentality. Just what I expected but I gave him the benefit of doubt. A traitor to our agreement to stop the infighting over this. He keeps bashing me behind my back, apparently.
German-Americans= Germans have proven themselves to establish new nations, both in Britain and America. Once a German makes the decision to be a citizen of a new country, he is loyal to that people, even if it is not in one's own interest. What other European people can claim that?
White Nationalism will always be German-centric, as long as Western Europe and North America are made up of majority Germanic peoples (incl. the French). The non-Germanic Western Europeans seem to tolerate that much better, since they have a successful history full of inventions and art themselves (Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Greek, Celtics). The main trouble makers in Europe are Russians and Poles, plus the Brits that don't even see themselves as part of the European Continent. All Slavic nations score lower than Germanic nations in most categories. Only Russia has one advantage, her gigantic size and she wants more and more land for no reason other than to prevent others from having it. If the Central European Slavic nations want to protect themselves from Russia, cooperation with Germany, France and Italy is inevitable. Poland is not The Man that she wants to be and tackle both Russia and Western Europe. The statistics simply do not support this idea. Poland is the pole in Europe, meaning she is located in the geographical center of Europe. Poland is not the Center of Europe though. Most people in the world outside of the European cultures, have not even heard of Poland. Diversifying Poland is also not a priority of the Jews. Why not?
National Socialism is as much left as it is right already. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and adopt White Marxism anew. We had that in Eastern Europe already.
If the Axis had won, Italy would secure Europe's shores from the non-Whites from Africa and Arabia, Britain and France would still have their empires, the US would still be a White country with new immigrants from Europe only, Spain and Portugal would have regained influence over lost colonies and Germany would have secured her righteous place in Central Europe as largest ethnic group and most talented people for the benefit of all Central Europeans that live in that realm and have relied on German ingenuity and still rely on it. They just don't like to admit that and rather get endless bail outs and reparations without playing the ball back in a fair manner in a harmonious symbiotic relationship. Germans can live without Poles and trade with Nicaragua or Congo for raw materials in exchange for know how and machinery. Can Poles live without Germans and replace that trait? That seems to be the agenda to achieve. While Britain does the same by destroying Germany, she at least has a functioning alternative. She just doesn't like to be outsmarted by the "Huns" that do everything the Brits do better.
Daniel, like Franklin, call pointing out these facts arrogant. If these people weren't White by birth, they would perfectly fit in the Jew-Negro alliance against Aryan civilization. Yet they are, so they want to determine what White Nationalism is and what isn't. This equality gibberish is the same the humanitarians utter, it is just a White flavor of it. Germany is a lot more equal to Japan than to many other White nations based on merit only. The Chinese whine about Japanese excellency, just like the some Slavs whine about German excellency. If the Axis had won, Japan would be Asia's hegemony and put China in her place. Now, the world faces another Jewish led giant Communist state that merely exists by imitating a great country by being prepped up artificially to hold the top nations down. Just like the Soviet Union was. This kind of mentality has destroyed all nations, including the ones that thought to benefit from it. 

There's usually a fair amount of truth behind most racial stereotypes.
Polish people are often found to be a bit dim-witted, but Daniel tries to use big words and run-on sentences to make himself sound smart...his reference to "co-evolutionary women" is an example of this....his writings are full of pseudo-intellectual gibberish.
I once knew a half-Polish/half Italian man who joined the Sicilian mafia...he knew that he was supposed to kill someone, but he kept forgetting who.

DanielS should be sent into enemy territory. They won't know what hit them.

This is the first time that I heard Daniel Sieniewicz talk. He comes across as really having a complex about being a Slav.
I don't think I ever heard GuessedWorker before either. He speaks well but he still believes in the Holohoax! That is dumbfounding. We have too many foggyminded noobs in WN that haven't even learned the basics -- but are sure that they know best.
I think you are overreacting to what Tanstaafl said, which, in regard to you, wasn't much. I don't think that he should have shut down TWN the way he did but you are not helping yourself by continuing the negative focus on him. Anyway he seems to be more on the ball than the other two dopes.

"he seems to be more on the ball than the other two dopes."

True, but that's not saying much, is it?

I find DanielS to be a problematic child. Everywhere he goes he winds up in trouble. But Danny found a safe home at MR.
Moreover, for all practical purposes, Guessedworker judged Danny to be worthy of taking over the day to day operations at MR; which, of course, lends credence to the rumor that GW has a screw loose. In any event, now that Daniel has full editorial control at MR, he's arbitrarily deleting comments of those whom he disagrees with. Furthermore, and much more egregious, the little weasel goes so far as changing and or tampering with the content/wording in other commenters' posts. Suffice it to say the dude has some serious issues.

My,my - if what you say is true he really does have very serious issues and won't last long at MR. I wouldn't think so, anyway.

Majority Rights' Daniel Sienkiewicz has admitted in a comment at Age of Treason Radio, June 3, that "I contacted tanstaafl after he broadcast his departure from The White Network, so it had to be April 15 or 16; He responded to me on April 16." (If he knows when he received a reply, he also knows exactly when he sent it.)

Funny that the program "broadcast" at 9pm Eastern time; ending at 9:30, and DanielS was listening. Did he know something important was going to take place? DanielS seems to never miss a thing anywhere; I don't know how he does it. He immediately wrote to "Tan", he says, asking him for an interview on Majority Rights. For his part, "Tan" lost no time in replying to DanielS -- his friend? -- on the very next day, April 16.

I understand from comments elsewhere that while DanielS was eager to get hold of "Tan" for Majority Rights, "Guessedworker" was not so hot on the idea, It took him several weeks to get warmed up to it. This all relates to the relationship, possibly prior to April 15, between "Tan" and DanielS that I alluded to in the program post above.

One observation: DanielS never once commented on any of "Tan"'s shows at TWN that I recall. In other words, he doesn't seem to have been a follower.