It's not just the Jews … says critic

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2017-02-04 20:57

The 1948 World Jewish Congress in Montreax, France, the year Israel became a state.

By Carolyn Yeager, February 2017

MY PREVIOUS POST (The World Jewish Congress and the Auschwitz Myth) got a response from “Joe” on another discussion space that I want to reply to here in a more thoughtful manner than I did there. Joe wrote:

It's not just the jews who are heavily invested in this yarn...without it World War ll would have been fought in vain; it's what gives the conflict its overwhelming moral dimension. Churchill lost an empire as a consequence of destroying Satin incarnate. Without Auschwitz  his war mongering would have not been vindicated. The reputation of Roosevelt would  also have been relegated to the toilet if not for the Holocaust. He saw the '' danger '' when the American public did not and marched his country into an unnecessary  war . Furthermore,  the terror bombings of the Anglo- American air forces can only be justified by the existence of the death camps. 


Many of you might generally agree with Joe on first reading, but I disagree. And I want to tell you why. Who but Jews are “heavily invested” in this yarn, as he calls it, to the point of actively propping it up not just year after year, but day after day. Is it the US or British governments, or the Army, Navy or Air Force doing this? No. Their “investment” rarely goes beyond honoring the anniversaries relating to the 2nd World War, which includes honoring the fallen and the veterans. None of this includes the Holocaust.

What we have are Jewish citizens, Jewish congressmen and senators, Jewish groups and organizations initiating and supporting innumerable memorials, referendums, remembrance days, history weeks, museums, tours and, most importantly, school curriculums intended to keep “Holocaust” front and center particularly with the youth, with the help of the Jew-dominated media. Without Jews providing this leadership, the holocaust myth would have retreated to become a minor aspect of WWII, or even debunked altogether as happened with the highly publicized (at the time) war atrocity stories of WWI. So Joe has got it backwards.

Churchill and Roosevelt died long ago; it is certainly not them or the keepers of their legacies who have any influence over history today. And let's remember that Churchill did not mention the German concentration camps in any of his six books, let alone a “holocaust.” Neither Churchill nor Roosevelt did anything to personally uphold, or profess belief in, Jewish mass extermination in gas chambers.

It must be said that movies and television played a large part in building up the Auschwitz Myth, produced in every case by Jews. The standout is the so influential 4-part television miniseries “Holocaust” that premiered in 1978. It was created, written and directed by Jews. It aired on NBC, whose chairman in 1978 was Herb Schlosser and Fred Silverman, both Jews. This fictional miniseries had a 50% market share viewership both in the US and Europe, and brought the subject to widespread public attention in a way it never was before.

'Holocaust' was named German Word of the Year. A good article to take a look at in this regard is “Auschwitz as we know it is a Hollywood creation”. [currently offline -cy] It shows that the U.S. Government and military was only interested in creating hatred toward Adolf Hitler and his National-Socialist party and government. It was later that Jews took on the “Holocaust” in films as a story in itself.

What about the secret services?

If you think that there was a secret CIA or MI-6 program working behind the scenes to engineer all this, you would be wrong. It was just Jews doing it, and maybe not even all that highly organized in some cases, but in other cases, yes. I don't mean to downplay the work of the British Department of Psychological Warfare or the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS – forerunner to the CIA) in creating anti-Nazi propaganda, but again most of those hired to do this work were Jews. And the gas chamber-mass shooting stories did not come from these agencies.

The #1 organization upholding and coordinating the gas chamber myth was and still is the World Jewish Congress (WJC). It was there at the beginning. Founded in 1936 in Geneva, it's purpose was to encourage opposition to Hitler and sympathy for Jews in Europe and America by spreading rumors and news stories about atrocities against Jews. The very first “unconfirmed reports” of mass shootings of Jews came from the World Jewish Congress. The final unconfirmed reports of gas chambers and mass cremations came from the WJC. The heavily Jewish US and British prosecution teams used some of these unconfirmed reports at the IMT in Nuremberg, and in other post-war tribunals and trials to criminalize, punish and delegitimatize National Socialist Germans. The World Jewish Congress played a major role in the trials. But by then they had coerced 'confessions' by former SS officers to 'prove' the truth of the gas chambers.

Wikipedia says this about the intense involvement of the World Jewish Congress:

At the end of the war, the WJC undertook efforts to rebuild Jewish communities in Europe, pushed for indemnification and reparation claims against Germany, provided assistance to displaced persons and survivors of the Holocaust, and advocated for the punishment of Nazi leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The World Jewish Congress notably took part in the formulation of the principles governing the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and furnished evidence against Nazi leaders to the US prosecutors.

It was the WJC leaders and its Jewish supporters like Roosevelt's Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau, Jr that persuaded the US president to stand behind the War Refugee Board fake documents about Auschwitz in 1944. It was also Morganthau who devised the plan to weaken Germany forever through the extremely harsh measures of his post-war occupation scheme. Roosevelt's decisions in this regard appeared to be in response to the Jews around him, not of his own devising. The same goes for Truman – by then the Jews were too powerful for him to oppose.

The Holocaust provides the moral dimension of the war?

I disagree that WWII would be perceived as having been “fought in vain” without “the moral dimension” of the Holocaust. World War I is still given respect even though the reasons for it given at the time have been debunked and, upon close inspection, it is clear that it was fought in vain. That speaks to the power of ceremony, flags and cemeteries full of war dead to affect the emotions – and demand a show of respect.

Joe says that Auschwitz “vindicates” Churchill's warmongering behavior. But any vindication of Churchill lies in Britain ending up on the winning side, defeating Hitler. It is not Churchillites, but just the Jews in Britain who keep up the treks to the former concentration camps and the reminders about Holocaust remembrance. Not even the “terror bombings” are being justified by the so-called death camps. The terror bombings are justified by the need at the time to force the Germans to capitulate in order to save Allied soldier casualties. No historian would argue that the February 1945 bombing of Dresden was justified by what they only later found in Bergen-Belsen.

Similarly, Roosevelt's reputation has nothing to do with the Holocaust. In fact, he's heavily criticized for not allowing European Jews to enter the US as refugees, and actually sending them back. Pearl Harbor is all 'Roosie' needed to justify a declaration of war. Paying more attention to the war in the Pacific than to the war in Europe, he let his buddy Stalin advance there, much to Churchill's chagrin. Roosevelt enabled the Jews around him to do as they wanted with the Auschwitz rumors, while he was rather blase about it himself.

* * *

Joe wrote a second email, saying “The yarn would have been debunked years ago except for the fact that others have a vested interest in keeping it alive.” He means Churchill and FDR, and what they represent.

It's actually the other way around. It would have been debunked years ago except for the Jews vested interest in keeping it alive. And the Jews are a formidable force. Are you ever surprised at how Jews exist everywhere, even in communities where you would not expect them to be. Jews are in India, in China, in Outer Mongolia! Jews have their communities in every city and county in Montana, in Idaho, in North Dakota. What are they doing there, you might well ask. They're in real estate, in business, even in ranching! There is no place they are not. And they bring their liberal, international values to wherever they are. They bring the holocaust too. There are thousands of one-room 'holocaust museums' in one-horse towns containing whatever items they can scrape up. They may have very few visitors in a year, but they're there. Jews keep churning out books, too, and magazine articles. None of this is done by non-Jewish people representing government agencies, or the descendants of Roosevelt or Churchill.

Lately the Jews have been decrying 'Universalizing the Holocaust' … which follows 'Denying the Holocaust' and 'Trivializing the Holocaust.' What they mean by this is to fail to specify that the extermination of Europe's Jews was the main goal of the Nazis, to the tune of six million of them. Only mentioning “unwanted” or “inferior” people, or minorities, will get you in trouble, as will not specifying “anti-Semitism” as the cause. Jews hold that anti-Semitism is the world's most dangerous problem that must be ended through legal action.

To sum up, then, I say it is just the Jews. To deal with the Auschwitz Lie (Auschwitz Myth), we have to take on Jews and their lies singularly, and not spread the responsibility too thinly and where it doesn't belong. A good place to start is with the World Jewish Congress. 


I never understood why the Jews started their Holocaust myth campaign so late. The film series "Holocaust" that made the myth known to the wider public started in 1978, 33 years after the end of the war. Why not right in 1945 ?
I suspect that the notorious "Nazi march" in Skokie by fake Nazi Frank Collin (real name : Cohen) was a PSY-OP in concert with Jewish controlled ACLU and the Jewish press, to start the ball rolling. But that was in 1977, 32 years after the end of the war. Again the question : why so late ?

Well, let's see. Auschwitz was presented as the center of mass-murder of Jews at the Nuremberg IMT in 1946. The number presented was 4 million! But the public was war-weary, or they were sceptical, and those ideas never took hold.

The World Jewish Congress went right to work seeking reparations from Germany for "survivors" and for the new Israel based on those numbers though. Making money off it and establishing Israel was their main goal. It was thought that satisfying World Jewry in that way would bring an end to it. Everybody, including the "survivors," wanted to get their lives normalized again -- plus Jews didn't necessarily want to draw attention to themselves as victims, preferring to blend in and get ahead.

If what was portrayed at Nuremberg actually happened to them, they would have been too traumatized to "get over it" as fast as they did. The 1950's and 60's were a boom time of rebuilding and economic growth. Jewish 'refugees' in the US would get together and trade stories and, as Jews will do, embellish and exaggerate and make things up to top one another's stories. Some wrote them down and also had ghost writers do it for them. It became a genre.

This is one way to look at it. Then, as times changed, as the mood changed, as Hollywood and Jewish orgs (like the ADL and WJC) looked for new material and new sources of income, this theme of Jewish suffering was resurrected under a new name: The Holocaust. And this time the public, so prosperous, so unmoored from traditional social values due to Jewish culture conditioning, was ready for it. Ready to be guilty. Ready to take on a cause that wasn't their own. Ready to blame themselves.

Is that possible? And is it possible that the mood of the times may be shifting again, toward Holocaust weariness? Toward more Jew wariness? If there is a chance of that, we must take advantage of it just as well as the Jews took advantage in the 1970's. Donald Trump can be an impetus to this kind of change so we ought to get out in the street to support him! We can't be lazy about it but must hit when the opportunity strikes.

I think to create this HOAX required the assurance that No one would be able to successfully challenge it.  I think the Holocausted needed Hate Speech Laws to be passed, social conditioning to take root, Jewis Propaganda Hollywood films to firmly brainwash Americans and perhaps many of the high ranking German Officer's had to be tracked down, extradited to Israel...tried in a kangaroo court and hanged...silencing them forever.  I think the Jews tracked down these suppposed Nazi war criminals not to bring justice but to kill them and silence them from ever challenging their Holohoax.  Immagine an aged Nazi General publishing his memoirs that absolutlely deny their holocaust.  Now this montstrous HOAX is the life blood of Israel. It is a zero sum game being played.  If the Jews can't keep the lid on this pandoras box, then they lose everything.  All eyes turn to Bolshevism, Communism and Zionism and all of humanity awakens to the horrendous genocides committed throughout the world by this tribe of self isolated, hate filled parasitic shit heads.  They will be the laughing stock of the world for a thousands years to come when the mass awakening happens. The vast majority of Jews will disown Israel in a blink of an eye when they realize they have been lied to all of these years.  They will know what the German people feel like today; forced to carry a false shame their whole lives.

I am so glad to have this interpretation of recent history. Your critical anlaysis is second only to that of Dr. Joseph Goebbels. (I believe that Goebbels had a superior analysis to that of Hitler). I just hope and pray that you keep posting!

I always figured that they waited for the older generation to die off or be replaced.  By 1980, those in power had been raised on war time (((news reels))) and other assorted lies. 

Dear Carolyn,   I totally agree with you about the Jews manipulating history for profit.  The United States is supposed to be a bulwark of freedom for all people but this nation, too, has become a servant of the Jews.  The whistle-blower Jew Arron Russo revealed that the Federal Reserve was created as an extortion racket of the Jews.   I also agree about President Trump as being a last-ditch effort to ‘make our nation great again’.    In this I am greatly concerned now that there is a movement to put a tax on CO2.   To me this is a side run for global domination where TPP failed.  I hope the President will veto any bill that asks for a carbon tax.  (I think it would be a tax on the poor.) 
A corollary to this Jewish hegemony I think there is no greater lie that we have fostered and encouraged than that cutting an infant boys prepuce off is a good thing and is beneficial to health and life.  But we cannot address this if we argue that it is a private matter or a religious right.   It is child abuse.  Take a look:
The prepuce is a natural covering of the glands penis for protection and cleaning, later on in life it facilitates sexual pleasure of both male and female.  Under the Constitution every person has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Infant circumcision of a healthy boy is an infringement of his rights.   Very few men would allow this done to them as consenting adults.   A baby has no choice.  Stop this child abuse. 
Thanks for letting me say this.  Al  

Carolyn, thank you so much for your hard work and valuable information which is important in revealing the who that's behind the control of our country aand the west. We miss and I think I can speak for others, your excellent programs you've done in the past.