Reinhold Hanning dies while still appealing sentence; Zafke trial suspended

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2017-06-02 14:43

Germany's holohoaxers have been cheated out of the grisley satisfaction of jailing the extreme elderly.

By Carolyn Yeager

NINETY-FIVE YEAR OLD REINHOLD HANNING DIED ON TUESDAY , as reported on Thursday by his lawyer Andreas Scharmer. No cause of death was given apart from old age.

Lawyer for the Jewish plaintiffs testifying against Hanning, Jew Thomas Walther (right), expressed disappointment that the elderly Hannning escaped prison. Walther complained, “"If the judiciary had not been silent for decades, then there would not have been this disappointment.”

None of Hanning's accusers in the courtroom testified to any wrongdoing by him – indeed they had no personal knowledge of him at all, did not know him from Adam. They only testified to atrocities they said they saw or endured at Auschwitz, without any proofs, and the special laws in the German judicial system applied guilt to Hanning simply because he was known to have worked in Auschwitz as a guard. Still, the old guy was convinced by his lawyers to issue a self-incriminating statement of apology for the fact that he “saw injustice and never did anything about it.”

Rest in peace, Reinhold Hanning.

* * *

The trial of Auschwitz medic Hubert Zafke, also 95, has been set back indefinitely due to his being diagnosed with dementia. He is in the same situation as Hanning, accused by two brothers who say their mother was murdered at Auschwitz during the time Zafke was working there. They also had no personal knowledge of him at the camp. The brothers were represented by the same Jewish attorney, Thomas Walther, who apparently studies the names the federal prosecutors have gathered as ex-Auschwitz employees and then searches for “survivors” who will testify in court against them. It's a scam.

Fortunately, it is pretty well agreed by all that Germany has run out of victims who qualify for prosecution and Zafke might be the last “nazi” to be dragged through this ugly ordeal.

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These elderly Germans accused of this evil holohoax stupidity are very vulnerable. Herr Hanning was 95 - he may have had Alzheimers, and probably would have said anything if pressured. Do these degenerate Jewish accusers get any money from Jewish groups to make these allegations?