Erika Steinbach objects to the reference to AfD as "brown dirt" in Bavaria; returns award

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2018-05-18 00:02

Remember Erika Steinbach? For more than 40 years a Christian Democratic Union  (CDU) member and friend of Angela Merkel, she was also a recipient of the Bavarian Order of Merit for her tireless efforts on behalf of the cause of the German expellees. She has returned her award to Bavaria.

She did this in response to the General Secretary of "sister party" Christian Social Union (CSU) publicly describing the AfD as "brown dirt." (One may deduce a reference to 'Nazism' in it.)

Alice Weidel, leader of the AfD parliamentary faction, said:

I pay tribute to Mrs Steinbach for this step and thank her for her solidarity.

Following is my translation of Erika Steinbach's letter to the current Prime Minister of Bavaria, Marcus Soder, who called AfD "un-Bavarian" :

Dear Prime Minister,

When I was awarded the Baviarian Order of Merit by your predecessor Horst Seehofer, I was especially happy and honored. Today I give this high award back, depressed.

I have a lot of sympathy for the hard fighting between the parties in the election campaigns. For more than 40 years I was a member of the CDU and witnessed heavy campaigning. Often I had earlier wished that the CSU could have been voted for nationwide. Today I am party-free! [An independent.]

I support the AfD out of conviction and have voted for it, since all other parties, like the CSU in the German Bundestag in the last legislative period, willingly and even with joy have supported the policy of the Chancellor -- far from law and order.

In the political opinion fight, there are limits to the bearable. He who proclaimed, referring to the AfD, "Brown dirt has no place in Bavaria", undercuts and stigmatized in the style of Nazi jargon, the conviction of very many voters who have turned to the AfD out of concern for Germany.

The CSU had no problems dealing with the incredible statement of
one Claudia Roth: "Germany, you lousy piece of shit." After the [latest] election, it would have entered  without any problems in a coalition with the Greens (Roth's party).

Unfortunately, your party does not have the clairvoyance to recognize that the AfD is a deeply bourgeois (people's) party only because CDU and CSU failed blatantly. It is meat from your flesh.

With your hard-to-tolerate description of the AfD, you have soiled yourself.

The Order will be sent to you by mail.

With sincere regards,
Erika Steinbach

She has always been one tough lady.


AfD sues Merkel government for 2015 asylum decision to suspend the Dublin regulation.

The party is arguing to Germany's Constitutional Court that the decision by Chancellor Angela Merkel was unconstitutional because parliament should have been consulted. 

Merkel announced at the time she had decided to waive European asylum rules and open Germany's borders to a stream of refugees, insisting that there should be "no legal limit to refugee numbers" from Syria.

"This lawsuit could change the world. And it will change the world if it's successful," said Stephan Brandner, who said Merkel should stand down if the case went against her. [Hard to believe the court would allow it to.]

Merkel has seen more than 1,000 complaints for treason brought against her since the refugee crisis in 2015.

Claudia Roth (Green Party) vice president of the German and member of the European parliament can openly and without consequences proclaim: "Deutschland, du mieses Stück Scheiße", "Deutschland verrecke". It's the foulest way to articulate something and roughly means: "Germany, you appalling piece of shit", "Germany peg out".
The collection of hateful ant-German quotations by German leftists seems endless.
 In rare court cases they generally are seen as freedom of expression and remain un-punished.
 Will it ever change?
Klaus Borgolte


This kind of hatred  for your own nation and people has now come to America. The Left here, even a majority in the so-long established Democratic Party (in a 2-party system), feel no revulsion at expressing hatred at traditional Americans and their values. That hatred is usually in the form of anti-White tirades.

Frau Rorh had no objections going to Iran to meet those iranian troglodytes, wearing a headscarf and going along well with the regime bosses. She supports Iran's "peaceful" use of nuclear energy while at home she fanatically demands the shutdown of German nuclear power plants.
Why that lousy piece of shit Roth is so supportive of the Iranians and Muslims in general? It's bc they are are Muslims and brown skinned, also they are part of the oppressed humanity. Why is she so critical of Israel and prone to condemn Israel while defending Hezbollah and Hamas? It's bc the Israelis are the "oppressors" and Palestinians the "victims"  Her worldview fits perfecty well with  social Marxism that rules in the West.
Merkel, Roth- who is the vice president of the Bundestag- and the rest of the establishment all support the ridiculous Iran deal! 


In the situation in Palestine and the formation of Israel, the Palestinians WERE the victims, and everyone knows it. The British who allowed it to happen knew it. But the 'rules' of (((international law))) are overlooked for Jews.

You spend most of your time defending Israel. Do you think Jews are harmless for Germany? Where is your outrage about how Germans are victimized and financially extorted by Israel and International Jewry?

The shut down of nuclear plants is one of the aims of the Merkel administration to de-industrialise Germany - Merkel's Morgenthau Plan.

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