Jack Sen IS Giacomo Vallone

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-03-28 22:23

This is "British" politician Jack Sen, also known as Italian-English-American Giacomo Vallone. No pictures of Giacomo ever appeared, at least that he acknowledged.

By Carolyn Yeager

YES, IT'S TRUE. I first came upon this connection only yesterday after writing and posting my critique on the Jack Sen-Nick Griffin interview, seen below. No one sent me any information; I just began searching Jack Sen and came upon the page called jacksenukip.wordpress.com, and read it. Well, a lot of it. It's been online for less than a year.

Renegade Tribune has also written about it. They published an article about Vallone in Nov. 2014 before there was any  mention of Jack Sen; I left several comments there at the time. I included European Knights Project and Vallone in this radio program in April 2014.

I thought the double identity was quite bizarre and was looking for some proof. However all I found was a lot of circumstantial evidence. This, however, made sense to me because I was familiar with the quite unreliable (in my eyes) European Knights Project website; I had my own experience with Mr. Giacomo Vallone in May of 2014, leaving me not wanting to have anything more to do with him. He has a vicious, threatening streak, as well as a dishonest one, which he keeps under cover of a superficially friendly, talkative personality. More on that later.

I found it inexplicible that the well-behaved and respectable, as far as I knew, British politician that I had been reading about here and there could be the same person as this shyster Vallone. Vallone has linked up with several flakey White Nationalist types since coming on the scene: Rodney Martin, Veronica Clark and John de Nugent to name just three. He wanted to link up with me, also, and that's how I got to know him.

Last night, when I went to bed, I was not convinced of anything, but I was only wondering at the possibility. This morning, after rising late and doing some work on the Internet, I put on the new Nick Griffin-Jack Sen radio interview at Red Ice to listen while I worked in the kitchen. And then I heard that voice. It was the same voice I heard during the hour-long skype conversation I had with “Jack” Vallone back in May of 2014. [I just checked on the emails that transpired between us – I still have them. He spelled his name J Vallon, without the “e”.]

I realized that when I watched the videos the voice came from Jack Sen's own face and body, and while I did wonder about his New York accent and noticed the slurry quality of his diction, I didn't connect it with Vallone at all, who I had long ago put out of my mind. But, as a disembodied voice on a radio program, I immediately had the shock of recognition as to whose voice it was.

Voices are completely unique, as you may know.

As I listened to the program, Sen's voice brought back the same voice I heard through my earphones two years ago – the same lazy  pronounciation, the rather surprising New York accent, the same vibrational quality and manner of speaking. There was no doubt at all it was the same person. I was transfixed. At the time two years ago, I noticed that Vallone's voice was not what I expected, not European. I was again surprised that Jack Sen's voice was not British, but New Yorker! It turns out Sen has said he grew up in New York City - just as Vallone did. (That's just one of the many coincidences.)

So what is the reason for all this subterfuge? I had never understood what Giacomo “Jack” Vallone was trying to do with European Knights Project; it seemed haphazard, to say the best of it. I now guess that he was mainly trying to get attention and a step up into the political limelight. Since he is now in the political limelight, I'm going to have to write more about my experience with Vallone ... aka Jack Sen. Strange, strange indeed, is all I can say at this time.


White Nationalism has this chronic problem that anybody who makes a lot of noise can pass himself off as a leader, regardless of what his racial antecedents or motives may be.

I never understood this claim, that these two are the same person. They've both done a lot of interviews and their voices sound nothing alike.
I'm pretty sure this is Giancomo Vallone (or at least the man who goes by that name - it's not his real one), and you can see his face and hear his voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nyo4N-sfSD8
Anyway, I don't really care because I don't trust either one of these guys, but I don't think the claim is accurate.

"I don't really care" -- then why write this comment?

"Their voices sound nothing alike" -- FALSE.. I know that voice. Why jump in and defend him when you don't reallyt know anything about it?

"you can see his face and hear his voice:"  On that video you never see the mouth moving and the sound is distorted, but it is Sen/Vallone's voice. Why would a guy who is passing himself as White show himself as dark as that?

"I don't think the claim is accurate." -- It's not a claim for me; it's personal experience and that makes it it a fact.

For you Ben: an opinion

For me: knowledge

The person in that video [that Ben linked to] is the interviewer, not Giacomo/Jack.
As an editor on Renegade Tribune, I can confirm that they are indeed the same person, as he admitted as much in spam comments after being identified. He left probably at least a hundred over the course of more than a month, talking about how Americans aren't White, are trash, and about how many more likes and views his site or articles got. In the comments to one of Dana's old shows in 2013 he pretended to be different people stirring up hate between Poles and Germans and Europeans and Americans.

Absolutely !
Giacomo Vallone interviewed Dr Kevin MacDonald on European Knights.... While Sen is happy to show his face in the UK,  this interview was audio only. Naturally, he could not have been seen on camera with MacDonald because he'd have been busted.
On the European Knights when Sen was standing in election for ukip, Giacomo Vallone interviewed quote " The heroic brave Jack Sen " . Of course, this interview could also not be visual and of course, it could not even be audio, as the reality  was, Giacomo was interviewing himself !!! Hence, only a written transcript for the alleged interview where he lavished praise upon himself.
I have heard Giacomo speaking in interviews and i have heard him in the UK. He is the same person.
The IP address's do not lie. Giacomo's and Jack Sen's are identical and are the same IP address as his election site in West Lancashire. The evidence is out there.

It's very obviously the same voice.

Sen actually works for the Russians. He has been sent to Britain to harm British nationalism. he speaks fluent Russian, has a Russian wife, lives in Moscow most of th eyr only travelling into Britian for events. Every single thing he is invovled on ends up on RT.  https://www.rt.com/uk/333758-bnp-bankruptcy-saved-bequest/
It is as if he has them on speed dial.
I know as i worked with him and quit once i saw where all the money was coing from. It came from John Nugent
He also gets money from the man that funds Matthew Heimbach, American Freedom Party Russian Intel officer, Jason Claar
Matt Heimbach was due to speak in th UK but was bloced by our home office
Take a WILD guess who set the event up for Heimbach
SEN of course
See how Russia is mentioned here again
Sen speaks fluent Russian and grew up in a Russian Jewish community in Brooklyn. I personally believe he is  Vallone-using his swarthy appearance to claim he is italian, the quarter indian Sen, as well as someone named Alexande Volkov, who uses [email protected], the email acct regsitrered to the EKP site.
Expose him as the Russian scumbag agent he is

When Kyle Hunt called out Giacomo Vallone as Jack Sen and told him to stop libeling him in articles on EKP, Jack said that he'll never track him down in Moscow where he claimed to be based out of. After Kyle fingered him for his real identity the spamming stopped. He still has slanderous claims up, taking advantage of the fact that people do not have the funds for legal expenses.
I had very unpleasant dealings behind the scenes with John DeNugent over Jack Sen's behavior, DeNugent also verified that they are the same person, whether he will admit this publicly or not. It was clear that he was in cahoots will Sen in his subversion and perfidy. Jack Sen posted articles as Giacomo on EKP claiming that, among things, Kyle promoted the rape of White women, bestiality, had raped a dog himself, had organized a million man gay march, was a homosexual, pedophile promoter, etc. John DeNugent, when confronted with all of this, continued to disgusting mention how lovely Sen's wife and daughter are and how much good work Sen does.

Sen is a fraud. He has admitted that he is 1/4 Indian, but other pro Whites in the UK (see Dave Yorkshire link later in this post) claim to have inside knowledge he is actually 1/2 Indian.
Sen has been threatening a number of pro Whites in the UK by claiming they have been harassing him and his wife but they are all false claims with zero evidence. He even said he was going to the police to report pro Whites for harassment and (get this) racial slurs, i kid you not! He got all upset after the majority of sane thinking pro Whites in the UK called him out for not being White and pointed out it was highly suspicious why he was trying to take over British White nationalism.  His response was to threaten them with racial hate charges (he got especially butt hurt when one prominent pro White blog owner called him "swarthy").
You can find details on one of these exchanges on Morgoths Review
Search there for the poster called "British Resistance-Carl" and then follow the paper trail. A few months earlier Sen threatened to report the owner of this blog to the police (in email exchanges) unless he handed over the IP address of a poster who had been making negative (but totally accurate) posts about him. Again fish around on the blog and you'll find all the details. 
You can also see the comments by Dave Yorkshire on Sen here in post 36
He also threatened Yorkshire and a few others (Max Munson, Matt Tait etc.) with similar bully boy tactics.
There are lots more links out there and evidence of him harassing and threatening UK Pro Whites. His usual tactic is to make a wild unsubstantiated claim that someone has threatened his family and that he's going to the police to track them down. 

Jack Sen used to send me messages every once in a while telling me that I will be banned form entering the UK and telling me how ugly I am, etc. lol I still have the screen shots. He threatened to have Hellstorm taken down and then it was.  He claims that I have been "harassing his wife" when i've never spoen to her in my life and he parades her and his child around as a shielf (since his wife is White adn child half White) He also has posted on his site about me supposedy being a meth addict and being jewish lol I've heard he was involved in South African nationalism too.  
Jan and I did a show about him here: 

I was sceptical but when I watched the video Benjam Garland posted and the voices are identical. Also interesting to note that John De Nugent commented underneath the Red Ice show defending 'Jack Sen' avidly.

I came across the EkP page and called out his lies and duplicity regarding Renegade&KH, then he desperately messages me basically begging me to stop and why was I smearing him on on his FB page-That didnt work so he resorted to threats and then acting like the creepy trike-chaser pervert he is and even had the nerve to ask if we could exchange pictures of our kids, what a scumbag! How stupid have we become, Nick Griffin once again got himself collared by a cockroach, who for good reason many believe is working for the kosher communist SA GOV in order to infiltrate and cause dissent among our people everywhere....

ythe only begging came from your wife. I dont beg nobodies

is if people like Jack Sen are hostile, then why give them an interview. The same thing applies to Petry of the AfD.
I'm reading about Goebbels and in the early years as Gau in Berlin, he wouldn't have given them an interview but rather he'd have his SA throw them out on their ear. And hopefully after the police were called in , that might generate coverage from a main stream newspaper. Besides mentioning it in his own newspaper.
Why waste their time on people they know are hostile to them. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

I'm not sure you have made your point, but I will use your comment to point out that in 2014 the person I talked to, who said he was Giacomo Vallone, was actually Jack Sen(gupta). That still strikes me as very wierd.

When, during our conversation, I assured myself of Vallone's hostile underlying attitude toward what I represented, his contradictory, shifting positions from one article he wrote to the next, and his various author names, I was no longer willing to have him as a guest on my radio program, The Heretics' Hour. This made him angry and caused him to start threatening me (which surely didn't help!), and then bargaining ... but too bad. Why Nick Griffin teams up with such a person - without even vetting him, it seems (or did he?) - reflects very, very poorly on Griffin. I guess he is everything his detractors have said he was. He talks a good game though.

Even more, how has Vallone/Sen gotten as far as he has, with everyone commenting here telling the same story of his angry, immature retaliations?

We are surrounded and infiltrated by phonies. And it's because of weakness. I'll say it again - WEAKNESS.

P.S. You say you're reading about Goebbels. Who is the author? It may be you're reading a lot of fiction. Just saying - everything has to be vetted, doesn't it.

listening to the first part of the interview with Nick Griffin. And really like this guy. Wish we would have had someone like Griffin and the BNP here in the States .
Now onto Jack Sen. For some reason the term wennie or weasle came to my mind. What his motives are I can't say but regardless of if he's a Russian plant, provocatuer or just plain moron isn't clear. And doesn't matter !
And that's the point I was making. I'm not sure of his motives but suspect he wrestles with not being fully White and probly wants to be. And that can be a dangerous thing as he could go from support to envy/anger in a heartbeat and cause needless damage. And perhaps as other posters have indicated by his weird life... he already has.
So by his involvement with the White movement at all, especially by trying to place himself in a forefront, promineint position is very, very strange and makes me suspect he is dangerous
Nick Griffin was kind to give him an interview but should have told him to blow off and crawl back into the hole he came out of and that BNP didn't need his support.
Goebbels might of had his ass kicked ! :-)

I have no time to research on Jack Sen so please could someone confirm if his wife is Russian and that he speaks fluently Russian?   If this is true there is a good chance he is a mole working for the Russians to mess up with Natonalism in the West.  Russians are very creepy and they never give up with espionage and murdering dissidents -  see the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in London.

There are indications that Litvinenko was murdered by a combination of US and UK secret services and the Jewish-Russian "oligarch"-in-exile Berezhovsky in order to smear Putin. See The Truthseeker, French counter-terror boss: "I have proof who killed Litvininko- it isn't Russia."
The Russians are not opposed to European nationalism. On the contrary, they see it as their future ally. They have invited European nationalists to a conference in St. Petersburg in 2015. For a report, see American Renaissance, March 23, 2015 , Jared Taylor : "Report from Saint Petersburg."
I don't think Jack Sen is an "agent" for whatever group or organization. I think his curious behavior can be sufficiently explained by the fact that he is not a real white man (while he wants to be one). All his antics hinge upon his "identity".

He really doesn't look like any Paki that I've ever seen. He looks similar to an Ashkenazi Jew that I knew a long time ago.

He isn't Paki but Indian - Bengali - or is it all the same to you?

Of course it's all the same. The difference between Pakistan and India is religious, not racial. The important point is that he doesn't look like them. He looks rather like an Ashkenazi Jew.

Tell me which has the best approximation of Sen/Vallone's appearance.
1. Bengali Indian men. https://www.google.com/search?q=%22West+bengal%22+man&biw=1096&bih=703&s...
2. Ashkenazi men. http://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-photo-seven-ashkenazi-jewish-men-a...

Today i received an e mail from John De Nugent. Vallone/Sen gave him my private e mail address. He threatened me becuase Sen had been crying to him that he was being busted all over the UK.
Vallone is the same person as Senn... I have the IP address's for both and they are the same and are registered to Sen's flat in West Lancs.

Because John de Nugent got threatening with me too, on two different occasions (not recently), and I was very surprised. Maybe he doesn't realize how pushy he becomes, but he definitely thinks he's a special case. Truly I think John is harmless though, I want to add that. But these people who are associating together have this in common, or they influence once another this way.

Thanks for your corroboration on this, Julie. I HOPE Sen is being busted all over the UK!

 An Indian-origin candidate for the far-right UK Independence Party (UKIP) has been suspended over alleged anti-Jewish remarks ahead of the May 7 General Elections.
Jack Sen, whose grandfather was Indian and served as a doctor in the British Indian Army during the Raj era, was to contest the seat from West Lancashire.

Excellent research, Carolyn! 
What a disappoint Jack or whatever this bozo's name has been.  I recall hearing an interview a number of years ago - he had a distincitve New York Italian-American accent.  Now, listening to recent Jack Sen interview on Red Ice his accent lost its edge, but it does sound (and verbal cadence) like the "Vallone" I heard in the past.  Thanks for revealing this fraudster - I would not trust him.     

Jack Sen organised the meeting with Heimbach. It was Sen who tipped off the Home Office in London that he was coming to the UK. He did that in the hope that UK newspapers would carry the story and give him publicity.
When members of the London forum arrived, they were met by the police. Sen lied to a BNP official that it was the BNP who called the police. Finally, the police told the BNP official that it was Sen who had called the police himself, in the hope media would be there. He was willing to sabotage his own meeting to get publicity. He's a lying, filthy piece of scum.

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