Loudmouth “gold star father” says Allah in charge of U.S. election

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-08-05 13:22

Screenshot of Khizr Khan (in center) on Pakistani television bragging about his influence over the election process in the United States.

By Carolyn Yeager

SPEAKING ON A PAKISTANI NEWS PROGRAM, NUQTA-E-NAZAR, on Dunya News.tv, Khizr Khan said that “Allah makes people like Trump make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever.”

Khan, a Pakistani immigrant to the U.S. who has written scholarly treatises on Shariah Law being the highest legal authority for all Muslims, said Donald Trump is unacceptable to the U.S.! What is unacceptable is for a man in Khan's position to say such a thing. He is able to get away with it only because his son joined the U.S. Army and died in Iraq in 2004. This puts him off-limits to criticism because of what is called 'gold star families' (those who lost a family member engaged in the military defense of the USA).

Khan said he often gets emotional when speaking in public (just as I said about him last week) but “when nature wants you to do something, words come by themselves.” His speech at the Democratic National Convention was a gift from God, he said, because by criticizing him, Donald Trump “exposed himself.” He said Donald Trump's words “were stupid.”

"All immigrants are against the stupid Republican candidate,” Khan said.

Donald Trump wants to suspend immigration into the United States from countries that export Islamic jihadists, while Khan wants to import more and more Muslims into the U.S., no matter where they're from. Khan doesn't care how many American citizens are killed. What supercedes all else is the 14th Amendment to the Constitution that says, according to him, that “All citizens must be equal before the state.”

But those who want to immigrate – which Khan, as an immigration lawyer who lives in Virginia, wants to bring into our country in large numbers to undo the White majority – do not share in these rights or equality. Khan is clearly promoting “immigrant power” in order to prevent the desired change in the direction this country has been headed under Democrats and Globalist Republicans during this century. Khan represents the enemy of a White America, which is the only successful America that is possible. A non-white majority America can only be a degraded America – something we are already seeing.

I repeat, Khan represents the enemy, in spite of the fact that his son's choices turned Khizr and his wife into "gold star parents."

Khizr Khan really is the quintessential stereotypical opposition to the presidency of Donald Trump. Khizr Khan is what it looks like. Remember that when you go to vote.


Was Khizr Khan BRIBED by Hillary Clinton to hold his speech at the DNC?
"$375,000 Deposited To The Khan Law Account From The Clinton Foundation."

This may be the start of more to come.

The date for the deposit is 8/1, which sure fits, but there is no year date showing  ...

Everyone needs to see this: German mom has multicultural encounter with son's muslim 'friends'.

It's actually scary. They are not afraid because they don't have to be. Pass it around.


I have encountered or been witness to this kind of behavior on the part of police more than once and the obvious explanation is they're trained to act that way - with a little help in targeted situations from the psychical powers that (shoulden't) be. However, when Commissioner Bratton here was questioned a few years ago about a clear instance of excess and thinking divorced from rational fact as in Ludwigshafen and responded by saying that modifications in police training were necessary he was bood off the stage - no doubt with a little help from the usual propaganda sources and those reserved for the targetted situations by the psychical powers that (shouldn't) be, again. Bratton has just resigned after getting New York to the point of having the lowest big city crime in the world - and I predict it will go up now.

Yes, he really makes my skin crawl: grampa gets out his good book - just like ninety-y-o [white] vet - what a sleazebag imposter. Was puzzeled by his reference without citing anything but seems he intends for us to think of something along those lines: "inalienable rights, endowed by their maker" but if you're promoting at the same time a legal tradition where a woman must have four male witnesses - I mean I thought laws were supposed to be in the interest of justice - the two words are always used together. If I were them I would just try to have this embarassing stuff forgotten. It's archaic and seems the person who wrote it didn't have much of a legal mind. And this guy's said in so many words that Shariah takes precedence! It's idiotic. It's absurd. Unless you want to destroy a people, and a nation. And if I were them I'd watch out about trying or even THINKING about wrecking something as enduring and effective in practical terms as these laws - might be Alah doesn't want that. 

Throughout history when Muhammadans took over countries, they forced the population to convert and all those who wouldn't comply became "dhimmis"---second class citizens in their own country who were forced to pay a special tax called zakat.
The Muhammadans have jealously observed the Jewish takeover of the USA, and they believe they are going to duplicate it and become the ruling elite by massive emigration, buying land and business, and political power.

I was right to use the word "loudmouth" for Khan because he is still mouthing off about Donald Trump. In an opinion piece dated Fri., Aug. 5 at CNN titled "America is already great", Khan demands again that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan publicly rebuke Donald Trump, that Trump study the Constitution, and that Americans should vote for Hillary Clinton.

I have implored Trump to study the Constitution, I have implored the Republican leadership to rebuke Trump's rhetoric and policies. But too often they have stayed quiet.

*   *    *

America, embrace your neighbor, embrace liberty, justice and freedom for all. Choose a uniter. Choose a healer. Choose the most qualified candidate -- Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

He also speaks extensively about his deceased son's sacrifice as though, for him, his son is the only American who gave his life for his country and his is the only "gold star" family in the land!

I would think that most people at this point would consider his continued attention-seeking to be inappropriate. Especially since it's all about his personal opposition to immigration for Muslims becoming more difficult, not about what Trump said about him or his wife.

The guy's agenda is very clear. And it's not in the least to make life better for the American people, but only to fill this country with more Middle-Eastern Muslims.

It occurs to me that Capt. Khan was pretty stupid to walk up to the vehicle that crashed into the compound in the manner of a "suicide bomber" which it turned out to be. Did he feel the need to overcompensate to impress the men who were under him? There is a lot to be said about that incident, but no one will dare to.

Captain Khan was fighting Muslims and was killed by Muslims.  I wonder given Mr. Khan's political position on sharia if things were alright at home?  From my right of free speech which Mr. Khan would silence by name calliing, so one wonders if reading the Constitution he understood what he was reading, I  think in a big way the Khans are dishonoring their son's life if to use him to promote a political agenda that Captain Khan might not agree with.  This "deep grieving" after twelve years seems to me done with intent to garnish sympathy.  I honor the Captain but not Mr. Khan's usiing him to silence the Constitution.  I would ask him, 'Have you no decency, sir?" 

Yes, Al, that's the right question. Good for you.