Merkel's government demands police lie about refugee violence

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A fight in a refugee shelter in Suhl, in the eastern state of Thuringia, left 11 people hurt. Police arrested 15 brawlers in the aftermath.

Are the refugee violence statistics sugar-coated?

An LKA (State Criminal Office) official told how the police downplay refugee crime - for the "civil peace". "It is not a lie, nothing is covered up, but there are things deliberately omitted," he says.

Hannover. The truth has many facets. Sometimes it can be terrible. Before his eyes, a refugee has struck another with a brutal headbutt, leaving the skull bloody. Markus Schwarz is an official of the state criminal police. He did not see the violence coming. Just a few days ago he had talked to the refugees in a relaxed way, about Islam, about German customs and about prophets in Christianity and Islam. It had seemed a very friendly atmosphere; the policeman and the university-educated Syrians had been curious to know about the other's different world. The conflict arose "out of nothing," says Schwarz. In the police report later, it said there was a dispute in an initial reception center "with a non-serious injury".

"There are instructions to use our judgment for interpretation so as to ensure that the civil peace is preserved," says Schwartz. The officials complained that they were expected to downplay and trivialize events like the bloody brawl. Too much bad news from the refugee camps could tip the mood [of Germans]. The fear is that “right-wing screamers were only waiting for fodder that confirms their ideological prejudices." Schwartz has for long been silent. Now he considers it his duty to speak.

"It is not lying, covering up anything, but some things are deliberately left out. That's the problem,” says Schwartz. He is sitting in a pub armchair. Schwartz is not his real name. For his protection his identity is being kept secret. He is half the age of his minister, Thomas de Maiziere. For just under two hours, he gave me his view of the disturbing situation for civil servants.

Schwartz is not a xenophobe. He just came off of a busy weekend as a volunteer in a charity collection point just behind the train station. He sorted used clothes, and accompanied a young father with his two year-old daughter to an ophthalmologist to treat her acute conjunctival irritation. The girl received assistance so that her eyes no longer watered. Schwartz does what he can. He doesn't complain about too much work. He complains that he has to twist or conceal the truth.

Statistics are cooked

Recently, he sat opposite the interior minister, he says. It was about the preparatory work for the police crime statistics, the issue of delinquency in and around refugee centers. One can not expect the people to want them to come out if it is confirmed by reports that there is an accumulation of sexual violence, of severe injury. "That would be a bad result," is what Schwarz says he understood from his top employer, the Minister.

He also passed it on to his people. Applying this filter makes the statistics a little different, some numbers would be supplied later, incidents would be glossed over and renamed. The word "honor killing" does not appear in the logs. "We make room for interpretation so that the civil peace is preserved," he says. Schwartz frequently crashes from enormous remorse. "You can use your discretion so that you do not lie, but you still have the sensation that you are [lying]."

Schwartz knows many unsavory facts from his own experience and from the descriptions of his colleagues from Saxony, Bavaria and from North Rhine-Westphalia. Sex to continue the journey was an almost routine forced currency for war-brutalized smugglers from the Balkans. Pedophiles were experiencing fat times because refugee children could be misused for child pornography crimes; the youngest age of the victim had fallen from their teens to two to six years.

This is what Merkel and her EU buddies are importing into Germany – in the millions! It's incredible, and no way to stop it without a mass uprising. Merkel's term as Chancellor continues for 2 more years.

She is guilty of using deceit to keep the German population from rebelling against her traitorous policy. Her ministers go along with it, some even enthusiastically. The leftist parties and the media are encouraging it. Why the great desire to introduce millions of Arab and Middle Eastern Muslims into Europe? Black Africans too! The only reason given is “humanitarianism” that Europe supposedly stands for. Since when?

It's such a transparent scheme to dilute the voting power of the National people to ensure that ethnic nationalism can never rise again. However, Eastern Europe is not going along and that puts a snag in the works.


In Finland the police has got the same orders. And there will be no more statistics. It is the same in Sweden. And the Finns have betrayed everybody. That was not a surprise for me.

Repe, I guess when you say "the Finns" you mean the political party called "Finns"? They were supposed to be a populist party. Are they still Eurosceptic?

They try to make it all about Muslims. These Arabs behave this way no matter what relgion or none. If Germans were Muslims or Finns, they wouldn't behave like this either. 

Yes, you are right. It's racial, and that means IQ. But it's also the culture of Islam, and radical Islam's goal is to convert the whole world. There is no "tolerance" for different strokes for different folks.

The concept of multiculturalism, with the concurrent breaking down of sovereign nation states, is the enemy. It's all Jews who are promoting that ... and many misguided Christian clergy under the concept of "Love Your Neighbor." When understood in that way, Christianity IS in the same league as Communism, so Hitler was right on that too!

They have betrayed everything. They don't want to finish with the EU. They have not done anything. The borders are open. The whole party is not critical towards multiculture. There are just some of them in the party. They are zionists and I wonder why they have joined into a party that is just populist that tries to get votes from everywhere and that acts acoording to what the newspapers have written. Timo Soini is a friend of Israel and he says his party is like the Republicans in the USA. Halla-aho & co have always just written and talked bs and they won't tell You any deep truths about the immigration etc. They are traitors. Timo Soini has said that very rich americans who know everything about the economics have written his speeches.

I'm thinking about the AfD party in Germany - they are Jew-and-Israel-friendly, but you almost have to be in Germany to get anywhere. But I don't think they would accept a multicultural Germany. They are the only viable party that sees the EU as the problem and cares about German culture and race. The NDP is completely infiltrated and demonized as 'Nazi'. There are good people in the CSU, and even in the CDU, but they are still committed to the European Union project.

We see now that rather than making Europe strong, the EU is weakening Europe by diluting it racially.

I grieve with you. But this might be what it takes to turn the tide All blessings sent your way.

Shineon83 • an hour ago

---I have long felt that the reason Merkel always "waited until the last minute" and looked at popular "polling results" prior to making important decisions, was because her decision-making skills were very poor, and that she had an inability to foresee the long-term implications of certain decisions....

---Now, I am absolutely certain of it. Germany's refugee response has been the ONE time in her entire Chancellorship that Merkel actually formulated her own decisions and policies--and it has been an utter catastrophe, leaving others within her cabinet (Schauble, de Maiziere) to take the lead, while Merkel appears deflated and out-of-touch.....

---I have always believed that the very definition of the term, "leader," is one who formulates their own vision--even if unpopular--then convinces others to follow it.....Unfortunately, Merkel loses on both fronts....

My response: That describes how Adolf Hitler went about it!

Germany Must Become Sovereign; We Need a Civil Rights Movement!
That Germany, from 1945 to the present day, has been an occupied country, as unequivocally documented by a book spotlighted by Snowden, Monitored Germany, by the historian Joseph Foschepoth. This is a status that all governments have accepted without resistance since 1945, and nothing changed with the reunification in 1990. It is very good that this situation is now out in the open, because now everyone must face the question of whether he wants to stay a subject, or become a free citizen in a sovereign republic.
Merkel's justification of the NSA's total-surveillance in Germany unfortunately confirms the thesis of Gertrud Höhler, who writes in her book, The Godmother, that Merkel is working for the dissolution of democracy in Germany; she allows the infiltration of "illegal activities into the legal system." And then there's the outrageous statement which she uttered on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the CDU: "For truly, we do not have a legal right to democracy and the social market economy for all eternity."
We need a second peaceful revolution, because we have been cheated out of the fruits of the first!
This article appears in the July 19, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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