Monica Schaefer given 10-month prison sentence; set free with time served

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2018-10-27 11:14

By Carolyn Yeager

BOTH MONICA AND HER BROTHER ALFRED RECEIVED PRISON SENTENCES on Oct. 26 at their trial in Munich, Germany, for "denying the Holocaust."

Monica, 59, (left) was given a sentence of 10 months and was set free immediately as she has been incarcerated for that long already. Alfred, 63, was sentenced to 3 years, 2 months - obviously seen as the more 'dangerous' of the two.

According to the Canadian Jewish News (the only media coverage I have found so far other than a brief email from Lady Michele Renouf who was personally contacted by one of their attorneys):

The siblings were tried together on six counts of “incitement to hatred” for producing and posting at least one video in which Monika Schaefer denied the Holocaust.

In the five-minute video uploaded to Youtube, titled 'Sorry, Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust,' Monica Schaefer said the Holocaust was the “biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.” Whoops, guess she didn't know that was hateful; she was trying to do good to Germans like herself and her mother. But in our post-WWII system only Jews are allowed to defend themselves.

In the video, Monica also claimed that death camps were really work camps where prisoners were kept “as healthy and as well-fed as was possible.” This is also hateful to the ears of Jews; they can't stand to hear that they were ever treated well or justly by White Europeans. It's pure agony for them.

The court found that the producer of this video was brother Alfred, who carried out this crime in the town of Tutzing, outside Munich. That puts it under Germany's jurisdiction. On top of that, Monica admitted that she knew he intended to publish it online. So guilty they are, and as we know, any evidence that supports that what they say about the "Holocaust" is true is not allowed in German courtrooms. It was determinded long ago (at the Nuremberg Tribunals in 1946) that Truth Is No Defense when it comes to the findings of those tribunals. Their findings are law and can no longer be questioned.

Alfred Schaefer will probably appeal his sentence ... not that it will do any good. He is considered a 'troublemaker' (another who wishes to defend National Socialist Germany) who they want to keep out of circulation as much as possible. But we congratulate Monica on finally being freed. We'll keep you informed as we know more.

UPDATE 10-28. A few more miscellanous details I have learned from the Jewish Canadian News:

"Monika Schaefer was tried on six counts of 'incitement of hatred' and was found guilty of four of them.
Her brother was charged with 14 counts of incitement and was found guilty of 11 of them." I do not know what they were.

"Alfred Schaefer showed “no particular reaction” to his sentence and told the court that he will not stop spreading the truth. He still faces other criminal charges, including for other videos he has made and for giving the straight-arm Nazi salute three times on the trial’s first day."

"B’nai Brith Canada said it provided detailed intelligence reports to German officials, leading to the siblings’ arrests. Supporters of the Schaefers have explicitly blamed B’nai Brith for their legal challenges."


But how many people even know Monika or Alfred exist? The YouTube video has been taken down. No mainstream news coverage. 
I sent a care package to Monika at the prison address you provided, and the German authorities returned it to me unopened!
Again, this is an example of the power these peope have, they can simply imprison somebody and nobody knows about it. This whole exercise was a warning to anyone thinking of promoting their ideas on Jews to a wider audience as Monika did. And guess what? IT WORKED.
We are on the precipice of extinction due to the cultural and demographic war that has been waged upon us by Jews and the self perpetuating destructive cycle their cultural domination has created in our own people! It is the civic nationalist brainwashed White who is responsible here, for he will no sooner turn us into a latin american failure than admit to the racial reality that explains why the US and Canada are so different to the rest of the colonized Americas.
The civic nationalist only cares about being morally right- to the detriment of REALITY and even his own future existence. How can anyone win against that level of crazy?!
You just need to look at what is happening, where we have baby formula shortages due to Chinese derived "Australians" selling the stuff enmasse to China at the detriment to our future White generation!
This is natural law in action- it is inter species competition for resources- and nobody will acknowledge or talk about it. 
This divided, racially diverse society where money and materialism rule is the complete opposite to the society Hitler envisioned. My reality today in "the future" that is this Australia is incredibly horrifying. 
The Nordic foundations of this country are finished- FOREVER. It's all OVER, don't you get it?!!! There is no racially aware European majority left to care about Monika or Alfred! All we have left are a bunch of civic nationalist moralists who are incapable of thinking outside the emotional sphere.
It was over in the 30's when no White country came to Hitler's aid.
You live in a fantasy world with all this talk of hope, and are trying to channel your readers into living in it with you, instead of trying to change the here and now that is this harsh, hopeless, reality.  
We had our chance to become a racially nationalist state (as the Jews always have been) under Hitler, and we blew it.
Australia is finsihed. Hanson (a crypto Polish Jew I believe- this true blue Aussie married a Polish immigrant!) and Palmer the only two alternative parties here are run by Jews. And then we have the issue of Jews being experts at inflitrating/creating pro White movements and websites, leaving one unware of who they can trust. 
All I have left to look forward to is this prison that is the Jewish cultural matrix- that perpetually promotes and praises Jew....while ironically portraying Israel in a constant negative light so as to foster within the Jewish people the impression of a permemant external threat. How convenient while I am writing this, Drake, the Jewish rapper just came on the radio, after a Lady Gaga song, now a Troye Sivan song, this prison is so complete. 
We are ruled by people who eat salted vegetables to remind them of the imagined suffering of their ancestors who were forced to build the pyramids of Egypt- when archaelogical evidence contradicts them!- we are basically ruled by mad men. Our predicament is so utterly hopeless and so incredibly pathetic.

Well-stated, Chris. I appreciate a deeply thought-out comment like this and thank you for sending it. I agree with what you say, especially the hopeless misdirection of the "civic nationalists" who feel virtuous in condeming "racisim" (Fox News is full of it). This is only leading us to our doom, playing into the hands of all the White-haters out there, who are more vocal and aggressive all the time. The greatest mistake we make is to condemn racisim in any form (as David Duke for one does, or did), exactly as it was a huge mistake to condemn the Israeli's as Nazis ... which many White Nationalists engaged in. I said so at the time, but these male know-it-alls knew better.

I disagree with this:

You live in a fantasy world with all this talk of hope, and are trying to channel your readers into living in it with you, instead of trying to change the here and now that is this harsh, hopeless, reality. 

I do not entertain any fantasy, but life goes on and we all have to live it unless we commit suicide. As long as I am here, I will look to the best possible solutions available, and currently that is what is being called "populism" and populist leaders. This is an inoffensive word that masses can and do support. The very best way to go in the US right now is with Donald Trump - that's just a truth. In Europe, it's AfD and Lega Norte, etc. England/Britain offers zilch, it is completely lost to Jews and inhabitants from it's own former Empire.  None of the (populist) parties is National Socialism, of course, but they offer a way to make the statement that we reject the anti-national, anti-border agenda. This is what we've come down to - sad, yes, but it's the only battle we can fight right now. So let's fight it with all our might! The old maxim is to never give up.

I sent a care package to Monika at the prison address you provided, and the German authorities returned it to me unopened!

Monica let us know not to send packages. The prison only allowed letters in envelopes. Stamps and money enclosed was acceptable, with which she could buy food and supplies at the prison 'commissary' once a week, or maybe it was twice a month. Some people tend to be too quick to send a bunch of stuff to our prisoners, thinking they are being "good" and virtuous (shades of your complaint of civic nationalists stuck in the emotional sphere). Better to wait a bit to get more information.

Thanks again for your excellent comment. I also so often feel and want to express my horror at the desire for sentimental approval that overrules the common sense of American conservatives who appear on TV. 

Here Chris, is this the video that you're looking for (Just one of many sites where it can be found)?

Thanks for the level headed reply Carolyn and for putting me back on track. I can always trust you to be on point and you never disappoint in your ability to understand complex issues. It's why I keep coming back here. 
You are right when you say England/Britain offers zilch! I am in Australia (practically an extension of Britain) and the situation here politically is hopeless. Yes we are completely lost to Jews, one only needs to look at our royal family and it's two recently acquired Jewish princesses Kate and Meghan to see that. And yes we are being swallowed up by immigrants from the former empire. It is why my comment unfortunately sounded so bleak.
I'm glad you can see hope at your end.

Here is some hopeful news in Germany:

"Regional vote in Germany could see AfD in all parliaments across the country"

Oh, just go hang yourself, Chris. You're one sorry excuse for a human-being. With all your hand-wringing and lamenting and "everything's all over", you sound just like one of those Jewish Mafia figures sent in to discourage everybody, so this tiny, corrupt Jewish Cabal can continue to dominate the Financial & Banking Industry, so they can buy up all the Media and Politicians they need to rule over us.
What's this crap about Monika Schaefer's great YouTube video being unavailable? It's easily found on internet by just typing in the title - "Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust" - in any search engine (even Google!), and any idiot can find multiple links to it.
I think you should call yourself "Chris from the past" (and certainly not "Chris from the future"), as a new generation has taken up the torch of Truth from courageous fighters like Ernst Zündel and Robert Faurisson.
Literally millions (!) of young people (and some not so young), have watched the YouTube political satire video with Professor Faurisson and France's greatest contemporay comedian, Dieudonné, "La Verité pour toujours". What's great about internet is that the Jewish Mafia tries to take it down, and it pops right back up.
Quite a few German women have more balls than you do, Chris. And they're fighting for the Truth, against the Jewish Historical Con Artists:
- Monica's video is a great tool to make ordinary people think,- Ernst Zündel's lawyer, Syvia Stolz, and the 89 year-old German Grandma, Ursula Haverbeck, have gone to prison for their activism,- and Carolyn has done some fantastic work with her Auschwitz Tourist book, "Auschwitz, the Underground Guided Tour".
According to a 2014 study by the ADL - Anti Defamation Ligue to defend Jewish Pedophile Rapists, only 1/3 of the World's population believes that the Jewish "Genocide" narrative is accurately described by Historians. Hell, only 54% of the World's population has even heard of the "Holocaust"!
(See the May 14, 2014 article in The Atlantic, "The World is Full of Holocaust Deniers")
And you're still there wringing your hands, Chris, telling us that all is lost. So either hang yourself, or shutup and help one of the courageous German women who's doing something to fight back. You can always hide behind their skirt...

Eva I am simply relaying the reality I see at work everyday in one of the Whitest nations on earth in which nobody is aware of Jews and there is no interest by White people in preserving their majority anywhere. In fact when one of the people at work mentioned Trump was going to send the military in to help the white farmers in south africa it was in a humours way and they all felt it was funny! Nobody gave a damn about the white farmers. It washes over them like water off a ducks back.
This is why Trump is so dangerous. Jews are experts at portraying nationalist leaders in a comical way so that nobody takes them seriously. Trump advocates for White issues but by acting in such a hyperbolic manner he is actively working against Whites, and he knows it! I work in what should be a very conservative blue collar job, but everyone is liberal to an insufferable degree and there is no way you could even mention the word Jew and keep your job.
I interact daily with normal people and I can see there is no hope. As Hitler said, people don't think, and it is so true. They are all eerily unaware that in 100 years time everyone in this country will be of Asian or African origin and that they as a people and nation will be functionally extinct. 
When a loved one in your family dies you soon learn how long an eternity is- it is forever. Doesn't it scare you to think a whole people's will stop existing altogether forever and have no idea of their impending doom?
Hitler said we Anglos are the Jews of the Aryans. And again he was right. All anyone at work does is talk about money, 24/7, it is so boring, but it shows me that they are all prisoners of the Jewish confetti culture and are simply incapable of ever thinking the world could be different. 
I'm not going to be conned into believing any of this online stuff represents reality. Online merely caters to the awkaened and keeps them satisfied with hope when in reality only leaves them stuck in a dead end, while Jews actively work in the real world, which is the whole purpose of all these Jewish created pro White characters.
You also forget that Jews have done an expert job at making themselves appear like nice people, think of all those Jewish celebrities we all get invested in emotionally. How can you ever convince people it is morally acceptable to remove Jews from our societies now? You can't. They are here to stay and have won the war to inherit the future.
It's also hard to care about a nation that led to the downfall of Hitler's Germany. If they want to go extinct, let them. I no longer care.
All I know is the reality I see everyday. Everyone at work thinks Hitler is the incanation of evil. Everyone at work believes in Holocaust. I know because they comment on news stories in their facebook feeds. I am merely relaying reality, if that makes me a coward so be it. Nobody at work knows of Monika. All the modern day Australian cares about is themselves as individuals- that is the whole problem and we can't ever change that because racial nationalism cant offer a better alternative to this culture of conveniance Jews have created. Going down the racial nationalism path would entail massive sacrifice and the complete loss of a conveniant lifestyle in the short term, nobody is going to tolerate that. You don't understand how the average apolitical man thinks or how insufferably shallow he is.

Hey, are you the same Chris I had that discussion about the Eherentempel back in April? If so, I replied to your comment but never received a reply.
I wanted to make it clear that I didn't buy into the lies about Hitler. I apologize if it seemed that way. I have a tendency for self-decrepation. It's why I don't consider myself a National Socialist. In our modern times, all kinds of people lay claim to that identity but betray it when it conflicts with their interests. In that case, I prefer to identify as rootless.
Again, I really appreciate your insight on the Ehrentempel, that will be of great value.
If you haven't checked out my site (Ms. Yeager gave her own input about it here), I advocate pure Hitlerism, modeled on his core beliefs, distinguished from his political movement and from the riffraff that's sweeped under the umbrella term "esoteric Nazism". The creation of a new great German leader is two-fold; it requires a renewed contact with Nature (a visit to Germany's mountains and in the fields, woods, and meadows) and a special impulse (Rienzi is barely played nowadays, so that route seems blocked off).
Anyway, while Hitler did indict the British people as behaving the most like Jews, he was still willing to give them a place in a league of Nordic states. His amiability towards the British extended even to Churchill.

We are dealing with issues that are incedibly complex and beyond the scope of the average person's intellectual capacity. For starters we in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are never going to understand what it is like to be apart of a racially nationalist community as the Germans were.
For we are societies founded on immigration and made up of hybrid Europeans. My ancestors are Scottish and Irish- making me a hybrid. There is no core racial component to our societies and I believe this is why we will never awake. 
The Germans were a racially unique group that expressed this through their shared cultural characteristics, thus enabling them to have a sense of themselves that we in the Anglosphere never will. The Germans evolved as a peoples in their land! They are an intrinsic part of it! We can never understand this concept.
The British meanwhile were colonized by the Romans and underwent massive cultural upheavel that I think they lost a lot of ther racial core. Their international Empire leaves them with such a multicultural mindset (a byproduct of Roman colonization) that I don't see them ever capable of thinking internally and creating a community as National Socialist Germany did.
Germany never participated in the slave trade. It never created an international Empire apart from one or two minor exceptions. It has always been inward looking and usually was just trying to survive among the nations of Europe.
Britain isolated on it's island meanwhile participated in the slave trade, and attempted to conquer the world, and has with the help of it's American sister. Australia is the result of a British eugenics program that saw Britain deport it's undesirables to a desolate continent where they were expected to die. And then America and Britian have the audacity to accuse Hitler's Germany of being evil incarnate!
You also have the complex issue in which White Australia, and White Canada, Segregated America, fought against Nationalist Socialist Germany who was also White orientated. The hypocrisy beggers belief. Nobody understands how we can accuse Germany of racism when we were advocating the same policies!
Then you have the complex issue of Jewish imported Christianity. Christianity is a Jewish sect that was foisted upon us by radical Essene Jews who were rebelling against the sacrificial system of traditional Judaism. Christianity with it's Jewish God that is an island unto it'self disconnected us from our former pagan religions which connected us to nature, paving the way for a lot of the problems we see today with our racial cluelessness. Unlike traditional Judaism, Christianity took converts. This enables the Christian Jews to make Jews out of Gentiles and work towards their goal of creating a Gentile free world that way. Unlike traditional Judaism which sees "exhaustion" of gentiles through work and war as the only means to create a gentile free world. 
To awaken, one would have to reject everything in their existing culture. That is simply beyond the realm of comprehension for most Whites in the Anglosphere. Also a lot of people are materialistic people, very few are idealists. It makes sense that the idealists attracted to Hitler's thinking do not posses that material wealth needed to impact the world on a global scale, and it goes some way to explaining why no pro White movements have ever materialised in the Anglosphere to a successful degree.

Everything you said is true. Hitler should have finished them at Dunkirk, that jew-ridden vassal nation has historically always been at the helm of european degradation. He wanted to spare human lives as Christa Schroeder said it. What did he get instead? Hamburg, Dresden.This planet has been finished for a long time, boy. 

Finally! Monika is free and hopefully she will be reintegrating her home in Canada. Let's hope that her brother will appeal his sentence and that he will be able to also avoid additional prison time.
I can never understand how a human being can be persecuted and jailed for his/her beliefs and thoughts. Free speach in Germany? Or Canada for that matter. What a joke! Some REAL criminals are better treated than them. Shameful.

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