Saturday Afternoon: Jews in White ethno-states - No!

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-10-11 18:08

Oct. 11, 2014

Like oil and water, Aryans and Jews don't mix, yet so many White Nationalists want to believe they do. Carolyn looks at a few "krazy karacters" who've made themselves home in the Right, New Right and Ethno-Right and asks if anything is gained. 1h56m. Main topics:

  • The Jew at right, radio host  Robert Stark, will host a debate between the converted Jew Luke Ford and Rodney Martin on "Are Jews good for Western Civilization?" (duh);
  • The disagreement about Jews amongst us makes for some irreconcilable differences between pro-White groups and organizations;
  • Carolyn argues that "White" or European is too broad a category to have meaning;
  • Who are National-Socialists, and how many who call themselves that don't fit the profile?


I think Bob in DC listens to Daniel S too much.
I have never seen N-S vs. Slavs as a significant problem. In fact, I think that disproportionate numbers of Slavs are Hitler-enthusiasts. Mostly the "problem" seems to occur when some ignoramus who still gives credence to old propaganda wants to draw attention to himself.
What portion of the US population is of Slavic descent anyway? Not a huge number. Not that much worth worrying about, unless you have Daniel S nagging you.

The Slavic question is important in Europe because of the EU. In the U.S. everything blends together. I do not know what Bob has in mind. Maybe he'll talk about it on his show tomorrow; I'm told Alex from Serbia might call in.

If I recall correctly, Stark is one-eighth Jew, which would not have made him a Jew under tne Nuremberg Laws. You have to judge the trustworthiness of people like that according to their actions.

He sure looks Jewish. What else could he be? It's that picture that made me think he could be totally Jewish. I think he's homosexual, and he looks that too. Now people are going to tell me I should stop "seeing things" and get the facts. I"ll try writing to RS and ask him.

In Stark’s 2012 interview James O'Meara mentioned his “wild boys,” the “heavy metal music” he loves, “drug induced mysticism” and said that all of this is compatible with “Aryan culture.” He also mentioned “androgyny”, “hermaphrodites,” “sexual rituals,” and that “all these are roots of Aryan culture.” James even spoke of “drugs creating Western culture” and that “the great opponent of that is the Jew,” who has hated “the horrible faggotry of paganism.” Which is of course bogus as I demonstrate in my articles about Greco-Roman pederasty.
More recently James was denominated featured author of the year at Greg Johnson's pro-homosexualist Counter-Currents.
In a moment during an interview (don't remember which) I noted that Stark's tone while discussing homoerotism denoted probable homosexuality. My intuiton, not 100% sure. 

If anyone wants to listen to it.

It won't play for me, but I remember it. It was one I was pretty shocked by.

You might not want to allow this, I wouldn't blame you. But, just so you are aware of its existence, here is James O'Meara's flickr account:

Oh yeah, and that nice Robert Stark says that James J. O'Meara is a high priest of Western Civilization -- that people like James are right that the homo has contributed the most to culture and civilization.

He reminds me of Veronica Clark. They think along the same lines.

James is also one of Greg Johnson's favorite people! Certainly his favorite writer ... after Jonathan Bowden, of course. :-)

More homosexuals of the movement exposed. Robert Stark, Mike Conner!

I'd personally like to see some form of loosely tied European union or confederation. Something like this: The individual nation states would be sovereign with their own governments and have their own slightly varying political systems in accordance with their own disposition and needs. They would prioritize their own people and only permit citizenship among their own ethnic national group, but cooperate with one another on common economical and defensive questions. Mixed ( as in pan-European ) individuals would have to decide which part of their ancestry to identify with as double loyalties are impossible, even in an all European context. The different nationalities and nation states would all remain distinct and separate from eachother, but would counter the outside world as "one". It would not be necessary to enforce a systematic German hegemony, their inherent industriousness and mastery would win them their leading position. Their great population and central location at the crossroads of Europe also gives them the advantage. A spirit of free competition would reign. German supremacy would naturally exert itself. As today, in the EU. The Russias must be excluded, partly because Russia would interrupt the balance of power in Europe and partly because of their significant Asiatic racial input and neo-Bolshevik mindset. And without Russia, all other Slavic and Orthodox nations would lose their only leverage and be rendered harmless.
Concluding, let me quote Arthur Gütt:
"For all these reasons we consider it our duty to direct the attention of the European nations, and of the white race in general, towards the dangers threatening our common civilisation from Russia in the east and from Africa - by way of large armies composed of races of non European stock specially trained by France-in the south.
If there were another war, valuable national assets would be destroyed not only at the front, but also at home. Thus, racial hygiene and war (to quote Professor Ploetz) will always be irreconcilable enemies. The Chancellor wants peace not only for his own country's sake, but also because a European war would be the end of the white races and of white civilisation. Not only Central Europe, but France, Itay and Great Britain also, would perish, whilst Bolshevism would be the real victor.
I firmly believe that the recognition of this danger will bring the highly civilised nations closer together and will strengthen the feeling of solidarity."

Reino, thanks for this comment and links. It's an excellent start to discussing the possibilities.

Reino, after reading your first link on the Confederation, I think the Euro nations are too uneven to be able to agree enough on the right ground rules. In March 1943, the states in question were Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Greece. Some of these were and are totally unreliable.

Hitler was dismissive of the plan because he knew only German control would keep things on track. He reportedly said, and rightly I think, "Our neighbours are all our enemies; we must get all we can out of them, but cannot and must not promise them anything." The only two of these nations listed that I would pretty much trust to not turn tail are Finland and Croatia, based on past performance.

Your last link is really a fantastic read. I totally agree, and who can argue?, that the family, folk and race are the pivot upon which all else hinges.

Protecting the family and increasing the birth of healthy, racially pure offspring is the highest priority of the State in peacetime. We can judge any "movement" or organizations we form according to that standard. That's why free movement and marriages throughout Europe, even for Europeans, is not in the interests of our race. If we mix our nationalities all up, we'll have nothing but mongrels without any real sense of belonging, or Blood and Soil.

It's true than women in the normal state of mind are the natural keepers of the racial truth, while men are the animals who will throw it away without a care. Therefore, it requires laws that will be enforced.

Veronika Clark was recently on 
 I tried to warn Henrik by email that she was an admitted SPLC supporter, and I sent him these quotes by her:
“How dare you be so ignorant of the fact that I support your “opposition”. I’m a paid supporter of the SPLC and my duty is to undermine all white pride movements. It’s not my fault you listened to me and misused my unrelated research. Live and learn racists.” -.V. Kuzniar-Clark
“I’m an SPLC supporter. Have been since 2009. My job as an activist is to help undermine white nationalism, which I have been doing for a while now.” -.V. Kuzniar-Clark
I asked Veronika about the quotes and she admitted they were authentic by omission.

Red Ice is a lot like The Stark Truth -- they want to hear what everyone has to say.

I am listening to VKC go on and on about the details of the Reichstag Fire. For a long-dead issue this seems like way too much.The words "beating a dead horse" come to mind.
Probably no reputable historian in the past 50 years has given credence to the Communists' false-flag claim. Arthur Koetler, who was a Communist at the time, said that they had made it up. And not much more than that really needs to be said.
Alex Jones and people who believe everything that Alex Jones says are not really worth more than a cursory rebuttal. Some people might not realize that Jones is propagating a fringe view, but if after they've been informed, they persist, then any further effort would be wasted.
One ought to move beyond the settled question of whether the Reichstag Fire was a false-flag and instead focus on the credibility and motives of the people spreading such stupidity.

It's too bad that Henrik the interviewer didn't familiarize himself with some of the criticisms of VKC's claims. She uses the same half-handful of sources over and over and over. Ken magazine AGAIN? Christopher Hutton AGAIN?
She says that if you look closely at "N-S racial theory and theoreticians" you find that they had concluded that race was a synthesis of culture, sociology, biology, etc.
That is not a National-Socialist definition of race (Rasse). That's the definition of a people (Volk). She doesn't even learn from criticisms of her work that were made over a year ago but keeps saying the same things.
If she really did "look closely at N-S racial theory and theoreticians" as she suggests, instead of relying so heavily on Anglo-American sources, she might know better -- but I think that she is animated by some impulse that makes her incorrigible.

We should all (as many as read this) write to Heinrik at Red Ice and complain about this guest. If she stuck in her theory about N-S racial theory, she deserves it.

Probably it was Red Ice who picked the subject of Reichstag false flag and VKC was happy to go along. Red Ice is, like, way behind the curve when it comes to "Hitler Truth", so for them and much of their audience this is still "news." It's unfortunate they select VKC to explain about it, but they also get lots of requests from listeners to interview someone the listener has heard and liked.

Your Abby Martin post was great. What a dunce.

To RichardP re: VKC's quotes -- Oh yes, they are authentic and she has said even worse. Really, everything attributed to her as having been posted under her various names turns out to be authentically her.

"Veronica K. Clark is a paying member of the SPLC and an admitted opponent of White European racial preservationist goals. On a pre-Renegade Broadcasting show w/Kyle Hunt she said she believes the only way (or possibly the 'best chance') for Whites to survive is to convert to Islam, lol. She likes to use bad sources even after having them shown to her to be untrustworthy and she distorts texts to push her secret desire, which is that Adolf Hitler was not a racialist, and exaggerates non-White, especially African, involvement in the Waffen-SS in order to downplay National-Socialist racial theory and principles. Her take on the Platterhof speech is but one example and one in which Carolyn Yeager has extensively dissected and deconstructed. There are also some strange videos of her online running around in a backyard waving a Second Reich flag and shooting a fake pistol while dressed in manga-style "Nazi" cosplay gear. She has said before that she is asexual. I believe she is mentally unstable."

I noticed there is no comment option for the program. What is interesting is that the copy function for the program graphic has been disabled. And her photo is said to be copyrighted. She is so afraid of anyone using an image of her in a negative way. She is really a control freak.

But at least there is a photo of her that she admits is her. Not very attractive; she loves lots of black eye-makeup. Zombie-like, if you ask me.

Vibrant show Miss Yeager. While I have some reservations regarding the "Germanic identity" comment you made I think is better if I share with all my background first. I'm a 23yo German-Swedish whose ancestry goes back to 1800s Vorpommern when the Swedes used to administer it. I'm German by default. lol
My reservations are with your view that Germanic identity isn't as strong or as relevant as National or Volkish identity, perhaps implying that is the same as a 'mixed identity'. While I can see how that can be concluded, a Germanic identity is narrower in the sense of Volk (they all share the same Volkgeist) -- not in the sense of Race, to which mixed Europeans would identify-- since the 'Volk' is composed of this Germanic peoples. Houston Stewart Chamberlain, among others, would often relay the general knowledge of how the German Volk are the historical sustainers and form the highest expression of Cultural and Racial Germanism more so than any other Germanic Nation in Europe and because of this it had a duty to relate to the other Germanic Volk. That geo-political complications and the Jewish element made it complicated is well known.
A Germanic identity isn't nebulous, nor are Germanics genetically, psychologicaly or intellectualy as distinct when compared to southern or eastern Europeans. Why do I mention the obvious? I think in America Germanic identity has a greater relevance (thus potential) than it does in Europe. After all, what is a German Volk composed of if not Germanics. For instance, in the 1300s, and 1500-1700s, some families came to Vorpommern from Scotland. By 1770, one out of six residents in Vorpommern was a Germanic immigrant with few exceptions.
Sorry if I was long-winded. I can always keep it short next time.

Congratulations on your Vorpommern ancestry. I remember that you said before that you were part Swedish.

Well, my thinking that Germanic (outside of Germany's borders) is not equal to being one of the "tribes" inside Germany proper is just that a "German" is one who's ancestors come from German tribes.  That is true for you, right? There is something of a mixed identity in German-Swedish, but not much and if you were born of those who've been living in Germany for awhile and identify as German, that takes care of that.

I'm mostly wanting to discourage the idea that having children made up of very unlike genetics, even if broadly European, is just hunky-dory. For example, the German-Polish woman I mentioned who had children with a Serbian. She is not contributing to the German "race" and keeping Germany German. In fact, since the children live in Germany and are German citizens, she is contributing to the de-Germanization of Germany! I see this as disastrous for Europe, but especially for Germany.

Yes, I did mention it, yet it took a while to complete my family tree actually. Prior to it I would identify myself as Germanic, but my ancestors didn't. They became Prussian Junkers after the Swedes left Vorpommern and eventually formed part of the Prussian/German military tradition until it was no longer possible to do so. Another inheritance taken away from me. I'm actually a first gen. German-American so I still feel and think pretty much German. Good thing I have always balked at being Americanized.
I agree, Miss Yeager, with your points regarding the de-germanization of Germany. However, the dichotomy for us Germans here in America or Canada is between racial 'White' identity (the WNst way) or Germanic, if one is primarily that, (the NS/Germanic Worldview way) and I'd rather encourage a Germanic identity that would discourage further mixing of Germanic related peoples outside of Europe. Is that reasonable, or even possible I wonder.

I'd rather encourage a Germanic identity that would discourage further mixing of Germanic related peoples outside of Europe. Is that reasonable, or even possible I wonder.

I don't know what's possible, but I think it's reasonable, and what I prefer also. So far, my family members have done pretty well in this regard but it's not a conscious thing ... just still instinctual I would say. But you, as such a young person still, could perhaps entertain the idea of how to instill such thinking in German-American people. Perhaps an approach that shows that people who are related ethnically make the strongest relationships and build the happiest family life because there are not discordant elements.

We have to have the courage to say these things - going against the current social thinking to some extent - and then we find that a lot of people think the same way and are grateful that someone is expressing it. Maybe a German couples and German family English language Internet forum for those who would like to share together about it. Single people could meet each other there too. And the benefits of keeping the "race" going could be discussed and taught ... and I know this could be done without it offending non-Germans.

I don't think something like this should be connected with N-S, but definitely with the positive value of continuance of the German "type" or retaining the German gene pool. So the racial element would have to come in.

The online element to such an endeavour would only be the beginning, in my view. Once I'm done with my studies I'd have the means to take it further. A Germanic organization for Anglo-Germanics in America. I only have a vague idea about it. A social club perhaps? Or a Cultural group; a Political or Communal endeavor to try to encourage Germanic ethics, values, etc and awaken their inner nature through social festive gatherings as such. I think there are many German Americans who yearn in their souls for the feeling of a community-- the Volksgemeinschaft.
Would such an endeavor have to completely reject White Nationalism as another yet expression of Americanism? What would be our attitude toward them, from this new American Germanic view? How much NS influence would we take in? What kind of guiding principles to favor? I know I'm thinking too far ahead; but I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds this possibility interesting as yet another way to fight back and regain our cultural inheritance. A people must know themselves in order to fight for themselves, after all.

Godspeed with your ideas, Michael. What you are considering is greatly needed and I believe you will figure it out and find a way to get started. Your last line is the guiding principle: A people must know themselves in order to fight for themselves, after all.

My answer to your first question: This is better than White Nationalism but doesn't interfere with it and can exist alongside it and cooperate with it.

Something with exclusive Germanic leadership would love the folk not simply with words or speech but with action, honesty and in truth; thus it'd be in 'good standing' even when rejected at first.
Thanks for the encouraging words, it means a lot to me since I often think that I'm a rather unrealistic relatively young idealist at times.

Good evening, I must entirely disagree with your last paragraph on the simple basics of Genetics, since the offspring of the German-Polish and Serbian have produced specimens of very good quality, and it is most likely that their heredity lineage is traceable to one of the many Germanic tribes who have conquered all Europe from the West to the East of Russia. We must promote WHITE CONSCIOUSNESS between our people as long as their union is favorable to the augmentation of our race. 
Because even within our gene-pool we have opposites and we must discourage such occurrences, as well as from without. An excellent book on this topic will be by Anthony Ludovici "The Choice of a Mate"and "Foundations of the Nineteenth Century" by Chamberlain Houston Steward.
Mr. Chamberlain mentions that a good influx up to a 20% is favorable if such specimens are harmonious genetically and mentally to the general population.
We must first unite together to overcome the decline of our birth-rate globally by educating our Volk, then, it is up to the individual to make a conscious decision after all the facts are laid down to him. For there is always a small margin which we cannot overcome and that is the power of LOVE. Fortunately, that has always been small in proportion to the entire population.
Although, I must agree that we must foment German couples to procreate based on the vast information available today that proves and destroys to pieces Miscegenation, especially with opposite racial specimens.
And we must encourage not just the German Volk, but all other White European members of outstanding biological and psychophysical character. Both trends must be fomented and encourage, particularly the former, for the latter will come of its own Volition. Plus, they do not interfere nor contradict, if I am correct with the Nuremberg Racial Purity Laws.
For Mr. Chamberlain also agrees with your opinion as well:
"The firm national union is the surest protection against going astray: it signifies common memory, common hope, common intellectual nourishment; it fixes firmly the existing bond of blood and impels us to make it ever stronger."

Carolyn I'm surprised you didn't reference Robert Stark's recent comment at the Daily Stormer where he wrote:
  "First off all anyone who tries to exclude homosexuals or anyone with Jewish ancestry is an utter failure. Typical Americans losers who grow up on pop culture and fast food but one day decide they want to be like the Nazis they see in Hollywood. The Homo and The Negro is right that homos historically created culture not the losers with shaved heads and tattoos. As for Jews, sure there are plenty of plutocrat scum that are Jews but how dare you reject great white men such as myself for having Jewish ancestry. I am the ultimate ubermensch."
  Assuming this is the Robert Stark to whom you are referring, it's a clear admission of his homosexualiity and his Jewish ancestry. No wonder he was welcomed by Greg Johnson at Counter-Currents which is a hotbed of faggotry and general weirdness. Unfortunately White Nationalism attracts lots of unhelpful (and often destructive) weirdos and Robert Stark is definitely one of them. What the hell is a homosexual part-Jew doing in White Nationalist circles?! To top it off he also sounds like a complete dumbass in his broadcasts.

I had not seen it, Pete; I don't read all the comments all the time.  Much appreciated that you called attention to it. I feel so much better now about using Stark's picture on this program post. Once again, my sense of what's what has proved right. I thought that that photo which he selected would appeal to homosexuals, but not to women.

For those who want to see it for themselves, it's about 3/4th of the way down the page you link to. I'm sure it is this Robert Stark. He has become activist enough to speak out about it now.

P.S. I did write to him asking if he would reveal what percent Jewish he was, generally speaking, but he has not replied. I would guess it's more than 1/8th.

Carolyn I'm only 1/16th. I like women but everyone's a little bit gay. Ever heard of the Kinsey scale? I agree with James O'Meara that the homo contributed a lot to Western Civilization.

Robert, if you're only 1/16th why even bring it up or identify with it? Are you so proud of it? I think that's it. You seem to want to identify with homos too. You obviously see both those groups as superior, which is not a common view -- except among the Jews and homos. :-)

Boy, your debate program tonight with Rodney Martin was a total mess. I listened and had a good time chuckling over it. Luke Ford was, as usual, very competent as a speaker and said he was not a biological Jew at all. He's a religious Jew convert.

Compare that picture of Robert Stark (which he selected to represent himself and probably took it himself) with his statement that he's the ultimate ubermensch ... we see a very different value system from our own.

I did write that. Those guys over at DS take themselves way to seriously. 

Reino, what about half castes ? There are more and more of them with mass immigration and brain washing. How do you deal with the problem without utter ruthlessness....which is what is required.

Well, I have long since dismissed a "civilized" way out of this mess. I think cold-hearted ruthlessness is our only choice. 

Homosexuality often seems to be associated with narcissism. It would seem homosexuality has found favor among Jews for what it represents; men who are of little racial threat because they tend not to procreate and as outsiders readily have a hostility toward the society (Christian white culture) at large.