Second AfD politician suffers automobile arson attack

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ON MARCH 10, AN ARSON ATTACK WAS DISCOVERED on the car of the AfD provisional Berlin party chairman Nicolaus Fest. The State Criminal Police Office has taken over the investigation. On the same night, a restaurant used temporarily by the AfD for events was also attacked.

Recently, the car of the AfD Federal President Tino Chrupalla was subjected to an arson attack in Saxony. Nicolaus Fest said that neither he nor the party would "back away because of radical leftist violence." He accused the other parties of "inconspicuous smear campaigns against the AfD". While the controlled media in Germany runs stories about the threat of "far-right" violence, the constant violence coming from the Left is ignored.

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Established parties are jointly responsible for violence against AfD politicians

On March 10 in Berlin, Beatrix von Storch, deputy federal spokeswoman for the AfD, complained that with a "defamation campaign against the AfD" the established parties had created a climate in which "extremists feel legitimized to use violence against members and politicians of the AfD".

 "With their defamation campaign against the AfD, the established parties have created a climate that legitimises extremists to use violence against members and politicians of the AfD. The completely uninhibited verbal attacks against the AfD are - as we are witnessing more and more often - the preliminary stage to politically motivated violence against those who think differently. These attacks are carried out by thugs, arsonists and other criminals and "people with attitude" - by the auxiliary troops of the established parties in the streets, in order to break down the AfD with brutal violence.

For the AfD, Parliamentary leader Tino Chrupalla called for verbal disarmament. The opposite side, however, pours oil on the fire in order to exclude the political opponent as an enemy from the democratic discourse. I call on the representatives of the established parties to condemn these attacks clearly and unequivocally and to return to fairness in political competition.”

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Those who allow themselves to be blackmailed by children's pictures are playing Erdogan's cards

March 9, Berlin: Honorary Chairman Alexander Gauland rejected the demand of German politicians who have spoken out in favour of giving priority to the reception of women and minors at the Turkish-Greek border and their admission to Germany. This demand, which at first sight appears humanitarian, is nothing more than an instrumentalisation of children:

"Bringing an arbitrarily determined number of underage migrants to Germany does not solve the actual problems on the ground. On the contrary: it sends exactly the wrong signal. It sets a further incentive for people willing to immigrate to send their children forward, just as it is already happening now. The next step is the reunion of families. The pull effect of the German welfare state is further strengthened.
Here, left-wing media and politicians in Germany are pulling in the same direction as Erdogan: Migrants who have been living in Turkey for years are deliberately mislabeled as refugees and staged images of crying children are produced and distributed as moral blackmail. Those who, like many German politicians of the old parties, demand the immediate admission of these people to the EU are playing Erdogan's game. Austria's Federal Chancellor Kurz has also put it clearly and correctly. A new 2015 is on the horizon here. We must not allow this to happen."

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Weidel and Gauland speak out against mass reception of youth and child migrants

On March 9 in Berlin, Deputy Chairwoman Alice Weidel and Honorary Chair Alexander Gauland view the decision of the coalition committee to accept children and young people from refugee camps in Greece throughout Europe as a fatal signal that could trigger a new wave of migration in which whole families will enter the EU via the 'anchor children':

"There is no question that Germany should do its utmost to improve the situation of the people in the Greek refugee camps. But with the money that German taxpayers now have to pay for the care of unaccompanied children and youths in Germany many more people could be helped locally. The Grand Coalition's decision to accept children and young people from the refugee camps in Greece means that the dam has burst. We all know that the number of up to 1,500 people agreed between the CDU/CSU and the SPD will not remain at the level agreed upon. Soon there will be calls for family reunification so that the children and young people do not have to live permanently separated from their parents.
It now becomes clear: Those who want to come to Germany only have to send their children forward. Illegal migration is worthwhile, is the fatal message. With its decision, the grand coalition is also stabbing the steadfast Greek government in the back and sending a fatal signal to Turkish President Erdogan. His tactics of putting Europe under pressure with refugees are beginning to bear fruit.

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EU Commission is putting the finishing touches to dictatorial climate legislation

On March 6, Dr. Sylvia Limmer, member of the Federal Executive Committee and EU Member of Parliament, commented on the climate law passed this week:

"The European Commission this week published the so-called climate bill. It states that climate neutrality within the European Union by 2050 is the ultimate goal. It is the first time that such targets have been enshrined in a law - and are therefore binding for all Member States.

As if that were not enough, all future laws and laws already passed in the past will be reviewed to see whether they are in line with the targets set out in the climate law. Future laws will be based on reports from UN conferences or the IPCC, the so-called Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The fact that focusing on the content of reports coming from political institutions is highly problematic does not really need to be emphasised separately. Apparently, however, the Greta disciples - Greta was present on the podium at the presentation of the law alongside [Ursula] von der Leyen - see things differently in the Commission.

Moreover, the EU Commission even wants to examine at regular intervals the compatibility of the national energy and climate plans and the two annual progress reports with the objectives of the climate law and the road map drawn up by the Commission, i.e. whether the envisaged steps will be achieved on time. If they do not meet these conditions, this may lead to 'recommendations' to adapt them accordingly.

This may well be seen as interference in the actions of national governments. Another attack on the sovereignty of nation states, another attack on the principle of subsidiarity. The latter is already being undermined by suggesting a need for action at the highest level, which the Commission, of course, understands itself to be. Official justification, which is also already implemented in the EU Treaties: since the climate does not end at the borders, an individual Member State cannot take adequate measures, which only the EU can do. The principle of subsidiarity is therefore de facto already excluded with regard to climate issues.

The fact that the transition to climate neutrality according to the draft law is supposed to be irreversible gives a deep insight. There is no reference whatsoever to non-European measures, which puts the finishing touches to the Commission's climate-dictating legislation. The Commission sees itself as the messiah and wants to save the world on its own. Instead, it will merely ruin the German economy permanently.''


1. Arson attacks
„Second […] automobile“? Unfortunately the flaring of cars of people with different opinions has a long tradition, it is by no means only the second arson attack on AFD-politician cars, here only an excerpt of the car-related terrorist attacks:

Violence against the AFD is omnipresent, but the AFD members represent only a tiny subset. For decades violent, incendiary and terrorist attacks have been committed against dissenters. Here are a few more topic-related examples, even if is too uncritical of Israel and disseminates the usual anti-German stories with regard to [self-censorship]:

2. „Climate legislation“: The final deindustrialization of Germany, implementation of the Morgenthau Plan
With deindustrialization (under the pretext of climate protection) it is the same as with the extermination measures against the German people and the associated population exchange: they almost never speak out their goals directly, everything is camouflaged.
The energy system is deliberately destroyed. If you would just shut down the power plants, people would wonder what the point of that is. So one propagates pseudo alternatives (photovoltaics, monster wind turbines), praises this as a sustainable alternative and at the same time continues to ban the real energy alternatives.
The same in the automotive industry. If you would simply prohibit/shut down the cars, then people would pay attention here too. So one propagates pseudo-high-tech. First the expropriation of diesel cars, then the forced dead investments. Someone used the term "forced dead investments" (erzwungene Totinvestitionen): The industry is forced by law to invest in crazy technologies which ultimately leads to the ruin of the companies and the industry.
Double annihilation: The energy system is destroyed, as the basis for the industry. And the automobile industry is destroyed, forced dead investments in systems which will never produce viable products. And that even with tax money subsidized (Tesla factory and Chinese battery factory)!
This is the implementation of the Morgenthau Plan, the deindustrialization of Germany, this is how it works now in the final phase!
At the same time, all wealth continues to be consumed and destroyed for the population exchange of the people. When the Third World people can no longer be subsidized, open war breaks out. Germany as an industrial location will then be destroyed for the time being, public order will collapse.
Even the globalist system newspapers confirmed as early as 2013 that we have the fewest assets, are in the very last place, even behind Greece (graphs readable right at the beginning even without German knowledge):
„Germans are the poorest in the euro area“:
„Germans take last place in terms of assets“:

Yes, I'm aware that's something they do. Back a few years ago when I was covering the Pegida demos there was twice a spate of burnings of attendees parked cars while the rally was going on. I also recall when Frauke Petry's car was torched. I thought about adding that but was too lazy and the hour too late. Plus I want to keep the focus on right now and what needs to be done. We are living under what is more and more like a communist dictatorship. Guess we always have, but it's more noticeable. Thanks for the additional information.

So what does that say for those who are putting climate change on the front burner like Sanders and the Holy Left?  The code word Climate Change means shut down CO2 which is essential for life on this planet and as was said, the deindustialization of the West.  What can we do?  Nevertheless, we have no choice but to keep on fighting.  

We in the US have to support Donald Trump, and other Republicans, in this upcoming election. No matter what grievances you have against him, they pale in the face of Democrats  winning and getting in control. They are only MUCH worse. That's how you "keep on fighting."

For example, Biden has announced his intention to rejoin the Global Climate Treaty that Trump got us out of. Biden is a complete and total fool, and has no idea what he's doing. He wants to put Barack Obama in charge again.

Totally agree.  Trump must win even though he seems to have taken up the Jews as God's victums.  Maybe his second term he can do something about the FED and the terrorist state of Israel.  He reminds me of the saying, keep your enemies closer. Anyway, yes we must continue to fight by seeing that Trump is reelected.  Pence is another story.  I don't know if I would trust him.  

"Pence is another story.  I don't know if I would trust him."

What wouldn't you trust him with? Especially considering the alternatives.

"Maybe his second term he can do something about the FED and the terrorist state of Israel."

Don't count on it. It's enough if he keeps making gains against illegal immigration, preserving the second amendment, keeping us out of war while drawing down our foreign military presence, and getting constitutional judges on the bench. Everything else is extra.

Maybe he can do something about the Fed?  Are you kidding?  He has successfully encouraged the Fed to drastically drop interest rates yet again, stealing money from savers to encourage more debt and prop up Wall St.  It was a huge mistake, it did not work, and the little people got screwed again.

Yes.  You are right.  The goal is the goal and keeping first things first.   Those four things you mentioned are most important, especially immigration and war.  

"We are living under what is more and more like a communist dictatorship." Yes, and they're not hiding it anymore. Nicolaus Fest has now published a short video [1] on the car bombing, other topics and the open announcement of the Left Party,[2] that they will shoot rich people.[3]
USA: It was written that Trump must start the revolution during his second term, otherwise they would lock him up afterwards and confiscate his assets, he would have no other choice. Trump is 100 % authentic, even if he has time and again to make tactics and temporary concessions because he is sabotaged again and again. The autochthonous Americans, however, stand behind him; if something were to happen to him, the revolution would probably start right now.
The window of opportunity is closing very soon both in the USA and in Germany due to the demographic takeover (at least 50% foreigners). In the USA there will probably be ethnic segregation, in Germany this is geographically impossible. Here only a reversal (Rückabwicklung) will guarantee the survival of the autochthonous Germans, otherwise Germany will become the land of the Arabs and Africans and end up like Rhodesia and South Africa. The Third World countries, however, will not take back their human garbage, so a war of survival will become inevitable.
[1] [Nicolaus Fest after the arson attack] Nicolaus Fest nach dem Brandanschlag
[2] [AfD TV:] DIE LINKE - "Reiche erschießen"
[3] ["The LINKE propagates its mass murder program unabashedly and with applause: 'After we shot a million...''"] „Die LINKE propagiert ihr Massenmordprogram ungeniert und unter Beifall: ‚Nachdem wir eine Million erschossen haben ...‘‘“

Hi everybody!
Very good news from Austria!
Chancellor Sebastian Kurz just announced he's gonna cut welfare to EU-immigrants. For instance you'll have to wait 5 years before you are allowed to claim social benefits - revolutionary mesures to say the least!
Trump under fire simply bc he refered to the Covid-19 as a "foreign" virus. The virus started in China and spread to Italy - the pandemic epicenter in Europe -  thanks to former italian  minister of interior, the corrupt Matteo Salvini who (the MSM call him anti-foreigner!!!!) sold italian ports to the Chinese and opened Italy's doors to hundreds of thousands. of immigrants from China. Salvini was in China to sign protocols of China's new Silkroad project. The coronavirus might be the last straw for Italy's financial system and its zombie banks. Danemark has just completely closed its borders.  By by by EU.
Keep tuned......

A car belonging to a member of Germany's far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party was set on fire early Monday morning (April 6) in Berlin's Schöneberg neighborhood, the party said in a statement.

Frank Hansel, chief whip for the AfD in the local parliament for the Berlin city-state, shared a photo of his burned-out Jaguar on Twitter.

As two nearby vehicles were damaged, Hansel [said] that "the middle class is also being attacked here."

The case is being investigated by the department of Germany's investigative police force tasked with dealing with crimes that appear to be politically motivated.