Oldies but Goodies

'Oldies but Goodies' from the Heretics' Hour

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2020-05-23 15:43

FOR THIS SLOW MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND here in the U.S., I thought I would feature a couple of “Oldies but Goodies” from my Heretics' Hour audio archive. Earlier this week, I recorded a couple of hours with Brian Ruhe and Pete Papaherakles on the current rash of lies about Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich put out by Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Jim Condit Jr. and Michael Hoffman. I mentioned some of my early podcasts that I thought were very good and still relevant.

Here are two from 2011 that fit that description. The stories and disinformation I refuted then is still being used today! Nothing new.

Disinformation on the Internet, Part One

Who are the culprits and why do they do it? Topics include:

  • Purpose of disinformation is to mislead, deceive or confuse;

  • People are put in place to lead all “conspiracy” movements;

  • Alternative Truth and Political Movements are targeted;

  • The myth of the Swastika-Star of David “commemorative coin”;

  • A giveaway sign: consistent false information with no retraction;

  • Examples of false info from two habitual offenders.

Disinformation on the Internet, Part Two

Carolyn discusses six major disinfo and conspiracy specialists who love to confuse Globalism with “the Nazis":

  • Alex Jones: V Campaign as resistance against “Nazi” NWO;

  • Jim Marrs: How America became the Fourth Reich;

  • Webster Tarpley: Ties together Britain, the US & “the Nazis;”

  • David Icke: Hitler was a Rothschild and a Reptilian;

  • Henry Makow: Hitler was a Rothschild, a British Agent and a Zionist;

  • Wayne Madsen: The Drew Pearson of the 21st Century.