Angie goes to Auschwitz

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2019-12-07 16:14

Angela Merkel poses under the famous gate with her Jewish entourage: WJC's Ronald Lauder to her right, the Jewish Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki to her left, and museum director and guide Piotr Cywinski at far left of photo. The white head of Josef Schuster, leader of Germany's Council of Jews peeks over Merkel's left shoulder.

By Carolyn Yeager

IN THE MIDST OF POLITICAL DIFFICULTIES FOR HER PARTY and for her government partnership with the SPD (which just elected new leaders who show little interest in continuing their participation with Merkel's CDU), the German chancellor found time for a seemingly surprise first visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial and museum in Poland.

She is only the third chancellor to ever visit Auschwitz—the previous two being Helmut Schmidt in 1977 and Helmut Kohl in 1989. This past September, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) spoke in Warsaw and condemned pre-1945 Germany for “putting its interests ahead of Europe's” as a whole, saying “Germans must oppose nationalism” and that Germans should not feel they are the “better Europeans.” Steinmeier attacked his own country for what Poland is increasingly pursuing for itself: a more nationalist (Poland First) path. Go figure.

Merkel walked through the gate at 9:30 a.m., accompanied by a whole gaggle of Jews that included the Jewish Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, A-B museum director Piotr Cywinski dressed in long black coat and black beret, deputy director Andrzej Kacorzyk and 87-year old camp survivor Bogdan Stanislaw Bartnikowski. Also trailing along were heads of Jewish organizations, such as Josef Schuster, chairman of the influential Central Council of Jews in Germany and Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress. Included too was the head of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, Romani Rose. Can Sinti and Roma be German, in truth? NO! They were invaders into Germany just like the Jews were.

After seeing the highlights of the main camp—the Arbeit Macht Frei sign, laying a wreath at the "Wall of Death," viewing some old shoes and luggage in the museum rooms—Merkel was shuttled to the Birkenau site to be photographed standing on the railroad tracks and placing candles in front of the so-called International Monument. She then gave a speech to assembled former inmates of the camp in the former shower and disinfection building, fancifully called The Sauna (below).

Angie spoke these words: “I am filled with a deep shame in the face of the crimes that were committed here by Germany. This is a story and a history that has to be told time and again, to ensure that we remain vigilant, to ensure that these crimes are not repeated, to ensure that we fight anti-Semitism.”

This litany is repeated over and over, year after year—remain vigilant, never to be repeated, fight anti-Semitism. For this is how they remain in power.

Here is the spiel that has been soundly refuted over the past 40 years, but continues to play in all of the media nevertheless:

Nazi Germany executed more than 1.1 million people at Auschwitz-Birkenau during the Holocaust (False). The gas chambers at the site near Krakow, Poland were key in the Nazi campaign to wipe out Europe’s Jewish population. (False) More than 6 million Jews were killed. (False)

Why the visit now?

The justification given for such a use of Chancellor Merkel's time is that it coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation (not to be confused with the International Auschwitz Council that oversees the memorial museum operation and its numerous administrators and employees. This is big business and everyone who can get in on the act wants to get in on it.)  In her speech at the site the chancellor announced Germany is once again donating 60 million euros (US $67 million) to that foundation.

The Washington Post suggested that:

Larger commemorations are planned for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz next month, but Merkel had been keen to ensure that she was able to visit before her term ends, according to German media reports. New leadership in her party’s coalition partner has added uncertainty to the future of her ruling alliance in recent weeks.

A perhaps more persuasive reason is the electoral decline of her party, the Christian Democrats, amid the rise of the more conservative AfD (Alternative fuer Deutschland) in recent elections. The common effort by all the parties currently to keep crimes blamed on “far-right intolerance” front and center in the headlines is to make Germans think twice before supporting AfD politicians. Globalist spokeswoman and Deutsche Welle state broadcaster Editor-in-Chief, Ines Pohl, wrote in a 12-6-19 editorial:

It is, therefore, upsetting and shameful that I, as a German, have to say that it is more important than at any time since the founding of the republic that the chancellor should have gone there. Now, a time when anti-Semitism and nationalist sentiments have been revived in Germany's parliament and are once again becoming socially acceptable. At a time when Jews on German streets and in German synagogues once more have to fear for their lives.

Not so. That narrative is wholly manufactured for purely political purposes. Two incidences from this year continue to be waved in our faces: that two (non-Jewish) people were killed on the sidewalk in front of a locked synagogue in Halle by a crazed extremist; and a pro-immigration mayor of a mid-sized town was stabbed to death by an angry anti-immigration German. Maybe we should be looking at the pro-immigrationists who are bringing foreign middle-easterners and Africans into the neighborhoods of peaceful, traditional-minded German folk without their consent, and in fact against their professed wishes. While German young girls and women are raped and murdered by these foreigners, Chancellor Mutti Merkel preaches to the former about their duty as Christians, and how they are guilty Germans with blood-stained hands.

But don't think she has all the support the polls say she does; the actual voting tells a different story.

The role of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation - 2009-2019

(From Wikipedia and the A-B Foundation websites.) The Foundation was registered in Warsaw in 2009 by Wladyslaw Bartoszewski to raise money for the conservation and renovation/renewal of the physical memorial site. Donald Tusk, then Polish PM, sent letters to dozens of countries requesting assistance. Germany donated 60 million euros in equal annual installments from 2011 to 2015. However in June 2010, Germany sent an additional 120,000 euros to cover the costs of running the office of the Foundation. Now, in 2019, Germany has pledged another 60 million euros (total 120+ million – compare to other countries). Everything about keeping the "Holocaust” up and running depends on the Germans and they don't disappoint! Auschwitz is the biggest tourist attraction in Poland, yet Poles expect only to gain from it, not to financially care for it.

In 2010 tiny Austria coughed up six million euros and the USA a little over 12 million in euros. In May 2011 Great Britain pledged 2.4 million in euros, and in October Poland finally offered 10 million in euros (the Polish currency is the Zloty). Finally Israel declared support with a measly 715,000 euros.

Other nations donated lesser amounts. According to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation website, the current task of the Foundation is to raise EUR 120 million for the Perpetual Fund (Germany through Merkel just gave half of it!), from which annual interest of EUR 4-5 million will allow for planned and systematic implementation of the necessary conservation work. This is exactly the way the Jews fund all their major Holohoax museums - with interest from their outsized  invested capital. Thus, they say, for the first time in its history the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial has a real chance to create a permanent, long-term conservation program that will make it possible to preserve the remains of the former camp for future generations (read forever). Realize this is over and above the money they earn, raise and spend for operating the museum(s) and educational programs. And stupid Gentiles are paying for it. No surprise there.

Many individual Jews and Poles benefit from receiving money for working for the Foundation. It has a president plus a 3-member management board, and in addition there is a 14-member council. Also a Financial Commission headed by Jozef Wancer with four members. Quite a payroll to meet and a very nice emolument for its Polish and Jewish members. I hope Germans appreciate the rich rewards their tax monies are giving to those Eastern Europeans who continually point the guilty finger at them and who agree with the sentiment that Germans should be the everlasting 'stuck pig' giving forth of its fat to its hungry neighbors.

They could rebel, you know. When?

Listen to this post being discussed on Wednesday's The Daily Nationist podcast.


Joerg Meuthen, AfD Federal Spokesman commented on a "prank" perpetrated December 4th on AfD Baden-Württemberg politician Christina Baum, in which a wooden cross with the inscription "Nazi Baum, no cock will crow before you die on 31.12.2019" [uncertain translation from German -cy] was placed in front of her office. The police are said to be investigating.

Meuthen's comment: "The seeds of hatred spread by governments and old parties against the AfD are being sown in a frightening way. This death threat against Christina Baum is only the tip of the iceberg. Attacks on AfD representatives are becoming increasingly frequent. Initially, AfD offices and events were attacked, but now it seems that the life and limb of AfD politicians is also being attacked.
Such death threats are the consequence of, for example, the ZDF talkshow with Maybrit Illner, wherein a talkguest may say that AfD members have forfeited their right to humanity without the hostess contradicting this or [blocking?] the transmission. I strongly urge the old parties and parts of the media to stop their hatred and agitation against the AfD."

There is a clear double standard in Germany, just as there is in the U.S. with Pres. Donald Trump and family, and with anyone who doesn't go along with the ultra-liberal positions. The media is mainly responsible, imo.

The Jews are quite correct, this “anti-Semitism” must stop and the sooner the better! I know I would feel badly about myself if I felt I was “anti-Semitic” in the slightest sense of the word.
When I look at what the Jews are doing to the Semitic Palestinians, I thank god that, unlike Jews, I'm not "anti-Semitic." The plight of the oppressed Palestinians by the “anti-Semitic” Jew is but one of a multitude of reasons why I’m intensely anti-Jew!
The best way I can see to stop the Jews’ continual crying, whining and kevtching about “anti-Semitism” is to get rid of all the Jews. Think about it, no Jews, no more of those horrible cries that serve to keep us awake at night with terrible thoughts of "anti-Semitism.”
Wouldn’t it be nice to have the Jew expunged forever from our thoughts as well as our nations? To achieve that end, shouldn’t the Star of David, along with all other symbols of Judaism, be outlawed instead of the Hakenkreuz? Then, instead of merely talking about the Jews’ parasitical predations upon our cultures, we could go back to work repairing the damage done by these hateful, bloodthirsty Jews.
That’s what I think about at night instead of “anti-Semitism.” As that dear boy Alex Linder once tagged his web site long ago: “No Jews, Just right!”
Remember, it begins with correct English that points straight at the source. So when one of those Social Justice Warriors confronts you with accusations of “anti-Semitism,” always appear deeply affronted before exclaiming – “I’m NOT “anti-Semitic!” I’m anti-Jew!

From the StarTribune, 12-6-19

Poland's Jewish prime minister said Friday his government wants to buy from Austria the site of the former Nazi German death camp Mauthausen-Gusen where their holohoax myth says that 'tens of thousands of Poles were killed during World War II.' Premier Mateusz Morawiecki said the intention is to preserve the memory of the camp's victims, who included many Polish intellectuals.

Poland's *historical revisionist-minded* government says that contemporary housing developments and business firms that cover a part of the site do not befit its nature. [These were there at the time, which puts in serious question that Mauthausen was a 'death camp.' So Poles will tear all that down so as to defend their 'death camp' lie. -cy] But Morawiecki did not explain how the purchase could be carried out.

Me: Poland is nuts. They are dead-set on rewriting and/or inventing a history to make themselves out as blameless and heroic victims. The Poles seem to be afraid the site will deteriorate and vanish, taking the "Holocaust" story that they play such a big role in, along with it. This lying will be their undoing, just as it is for the Jews.

Morawiecki said, “We cannot allow this site of a former annihilation camp to be turned into some site not worth memorializing.”  Even if it is.

The prime minister of Poland is NOT Jewish and you have absolutely ZERO proof to show otherwise.

His Jewish roots were known in Poland. Morawiecki spoke about it in some detail earlier this year at a ceremony at the Warsaw Zoo honoring a former zoo director and his wife, Jan and Antonina Żabiński, who saved hundreds of Jews there, and other rescues.

"Always at such ceremonies I begin reflecting on my family’s own story,” Morawiecki said. “My aunt Irena was a Jew, she survived the war and as a child of 10. Until she was 16, she stayed with a Polish family who rescued her” with help from a few dozen other non-Jewish Poles who risked their lives to hide her, he said.

Another aunt, named Roma, now lives in Israel, he said. She survived the Holocaust because she escaped eastward, Morawiecki said, presumably to Russian-held territories, while the rest of her family died.

Morawiecki later said at least one of the aunts was a blood relation, according to Jonny Daniels, founder of From the Depths, the commemoration group that organized the zoo ceremony.

I saw this story when it came out two years ago; never forgot it. Morawiecki is always front and center, and very pious in any Jewish commemoration. He was extremely solemn at Auschwitz with Merkel. It's more than a political duty for him.

I don't know of him ever denying he is Jewish. Why doesn't he? Can you show proof that he isn't? If I were convinced enough that I was wrong, I would be happy to change the article.

The Times of Israel would not publish a message about Morawiecki's "Jewish roots", if it were not true. His name in the form of Moraviecki occurs on the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index of Avotaynu. He is probably only partly Jewish (from his father's side), hence the Times of Israel mentions his "Jewish roots", instead of calling him a Jew. He looks Jewish, not Slavic to me.

Thanks Franklin. Sometimes I appreciate you. Wink

It's always a crap shoot whenever one tries to figure out what the Collusive Race of Mongrel Jews is up to by looking at their overt actions. 
However, does any White Nationalist worth his/(this is for Carolyn,-)her salt deny that Our lot has improved somewhat over the last ..., say..., ten years? 
I should think not.Therefore, is it not logical to assume that the Jews' lot must be getting worse?  For this reason, Merkel the Jew-Bitch (sorry for the crude language..., I can't swallow the "...Mutti..." nickname) and her pack of Jewish Racially Related Thieves are giving one last parting shot aimed at creating a permanent "...Fund..." (read: interest and investment profits raised with the Fund to be used to expand future Holyhoax propaganda) in case the AfD shifts opinion away from Jew-fear and toward Jew-Retribution and with other Parties pull the plug on future government sponsored indoctrination programs. 
 What I do not understand is if the White Nationalists were really as sincere as they pretend to be, then why is there no open movements to give Germany back His freedom?  A German Freedom Movement would be very controversial and raise a sh!t storm in the Jew Stream Media that would shine a light on Cockroach Jews.  Would such a Movement be illegal in the USA (I.e.  treasonous?) ?

Merkel [...]. and her pack of Jewish Racially Related Thieves are giving one last parting shot aimed at creating a permanent "...Fund..."

Merkel did not come up with the idea of a 'Perpetual Fund' of 120 million euros from which to earn yearly interest of 4-5 million for operating expenses -- that is how all foundations operate and is the essence of capitalism. Merkel is just filling their coffers based on the Nuremberg-imposed notion of "German obligation." The greater problem is that there are a plethora of such foundations run in the name of former camp inmates ("survivors"), set up to keep the "death camp" hoax going in perpetuity.

POLAND, wanting to purchase the Mauthhausen so-called "death camp" property in Austria to keep it functioning smartly is a case in point. It would then be on a similar campaign to raise millions for its "preservation project."

Your comment asking why there is no White Nationalist unified "freedom for Germany" movement is well-justified. My answer is that it's because "White Nationalists" come in all shades and tints -- there is not sufficient unifying feelings holding them together.

Quite correct about the idea of perpetual funding not being her's, but I doubt that it is a very popular idea amongst most Germans.  It's the same idea, different configuration, behind Presidents pardoning notorious Jews as they depart from their final term in office.  I doubt these acts of overt criminality would be committed by candidates, like Trump, who are trying to get re-elected and attain majorities in all three branches.  Trump's final acts of either criminality/patriotism in 2024 will tell the most about his true feelings for America.   
Your second+third comments are also on point as usual.  It's always problematic for me when I see the actions of Poles and/or the Polish Gov't that go contrary to the interests of most Whites.  This goes ditto for most people in (once?) White Nations..., wherever they may be..., especially the English. 
1)  Most W.N.'ists can agree that the major problem is the Jews. 
2)  However, most W. N'ists. refuse to say this outright.  They prefer to focus on issues that Jews create and perpetuate for fear of coming under the Jewish gun themselves. 
3)  What these fearful Whites seem to think is that they will be spared if they avoid confronting the Jews head on.  This makes little sense to me based on past Jew behaviour.  Cowardly Whites, at best will be near the end of the slaughterhouse line..., but slaughtered they will be..., none the less. 
4)  Poles are a particular problem for me as a German.  Aside from the ones who are benign or have Germanic Core DNA, most of them are not to my liking..., but that is not a position I take publically. 
Europeans, no matter which sub-Race they come from..., must overlook age old strife and see the bigger Jew Problem in their midst.  After the Jews have been "...Neutralized..." then we can afford to address age old conflicts with a sense of reason and Christian compromise. 
Poles run a wide spectrum of abilities and characters.

Roy, when Poles are willing to see "the bigger Jew Problem in their midst" and not cater to both sides of the aisle, then I'll do the same in regard to them. What I hate most is how they side with Jews against Germans. No German that I know sides with Jews against Poles.

I also refuse to give up being German (-American) and replace it with European.

Ronald Lauder who paid for a load of anti Islam ads.
Seems some are allowed to disseminate propaganda and others just get called haters for trying to defend their race and nation.