Carolyn, John Friend on the Charlottesville fallout

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2017-08-17 17:22

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe (left) and scenes from the chaotic Charlottesville (Defense of Robt. E. Lee monument) Rally on Saturday at right.

ON THE REALIST REPORT YESTERDAY, WE DISCUSS THE FALSE NARRATIVE PRESENTED BY THE MSM, their poor or totally lacking analysis of why the event unfolded as it did, and the role played by President Donald Trump. We also look at a possible positive outcome from all the attention and noise it's receiving, including from lawsuits expected to be brought against the City of C'ville, Mayor Signer and Governor McAuliffe, and the  investigation undertaken by the U.S. Dept. of Justice under Jeff Sessions. Highly recommended and timely.


A very balanced, informative discussion of the events at C'Ville.  I like listening to Alex Jones and his crew, but they sometimes get a little hyper over there.  Hope the lawsuits go forward, and that Jeff Sessions' Justice Department sheds light on the matter, including the role of the Mayor and Governor in setting up the violence.
Even if Trump gets impeached, his outreach is so enormous that we'll still win.  Probably that's why there appears to be a plot to remove him physically.