The Chauvin trial will be a defining event in our nation's history

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2021-03-21 15:36

Composite image of George Floyd murder trial as jury selection is underway. Far right is former police officer Derek Chauvin in courtroom where he silently takes notes; lower left shows fortifications protecting the Minneapolis courthouse from vandalism. 

By Carolyn Yeager

I WROTE ON THIS SITE on last Dec. 31 that the year 2021 would be a time of “great awakening.” I felt a strong impulse to predict that even though I had no way of being sure of it. I can now say I am sure based on the first three months of this year 2021. What extraordinary events already! And much more to come—a year jam-packed with unfolding news at a speed that will challenge the best of us to keep up.

A major meaningful event is and will be the George Floyd murder trial against Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is no longer a police officer, having been fired in conjunction with being charged with 2nd degree murder in the course of his arrest of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. [An alternative charge of 3rd degree murder, sought by the prosecution, has now been added. That tells me they already know they will have trouble getting a 2nd degree murder conviction.]

Left: Defense attorney Eric Nelson

I've been watching the live-streamed jury selection and enjoying the calm and respectful atmosphere in the courtroom among the participants. It's a soothing atmosphere compared with the pace and tone of the day-to-day news with it's projections of alarm and disorder. I will definitely watch the trial when it begins on March 29 and appreciate so much that I'm able to. I foresee this trial as becoming a DEFINING EVENT for the future of our country and world. It will be more influential overall than the O.J. Simpson trial, and certainly more dignified. I expect it to be highly instructive to the population--millions of whom will watch it or follow it, perhaps even a billion human inhabitants of our planet! It is as big as it gets.

The racial issues underlying it are immense for society. It's almost like it was brought about by the overall planetary social conciousness (even Higher Conciousness) to bring us some much needed clarity on these questions. Bringing clarity always meets with resistance and so it will here. But, obviously, we're ready as a nation to face these issues or it wouldn't be happening. I hope we can stay on the high road and not try to force a quick solution. This is not the time for confrontation by the least intelligent, but a time to allow the noble culture of our judicial system at its best to run the show. The judge, the prosecuting and defense attorneys all appear to desire a calm, fair working of our jury system of justice. I'm appreciating how “average” citizens, with no particular or special knowledge or prejudice one way or the other, make the best jurors. They only have to be smart enough to follow and understand the evidence that's presented. If they do that, I don't see how we wouldn't have a good outcome.

There will be more to come here when the trial gets underway. I want to say: Fasten your seatbelts.


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Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong.
I'm in a midwestern city where for a similar story, a cop was sacrificed to the mob so the city wouldn't burn - he's still in prison today.
I do hope the verdict here just (Not Guilty) but given Somalisota politics & cuckness, I'll have to see it to believe it.  

From what l understand there was no muderer it was all a staged event to trigger BLM violence, funded by Soros

Well, you won't find me looking at it that way. "From what I understand" is not at all decisive.

Nothing was staged, they simply exploited the event, as the Left are experts at.  GF died from a drug overdose and a bad heart.

A conviction would require ignoring all the facts. Officer Derek Chauvin behaved according to his training. George Floyd was saying that he couldn't breathe before anybody laid a hand on him: he had swallowed fentanyl, a drug known to cause breathing difficulty. Chauvin did not kill him. The whole controversy was media-generated.
Whether the jury acquits or convicts there will be trouble, and the unreasonableness of the anti-White faction in the USA will become even more conspicuous.

There will be unpredented, mass rioiting short of anything but a James Fields-style judicial lynching of Officer Chauvin.  The system cannot risk any level of fairness.  This is going to be, literally, a show trial.  It will take us to even deeper levels of anti-White reality in our daily lives.  

My prayers go out to Derek Chavin as with James Feilds and regardless of the outcome. Get ready for some ' Protesting '. 
Perhaps I should also pray for the Whites in Minneapolis. 

Chauvin is, simply put, cannon fodder for the black.  Floyd was a criminal -
practically all the black idols have been criminals.  Their deaths are by their
own hands.  The knee on the neck manuver is perfectly legal.