White Nationalists' avoidance of confronting the “Holocaust” has far-reaching consequences

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2017-08-27 14:12

This is Jack Sen(gupta), half Bengali Indian, half English-British, who tries to pass as a White Nationalist but who professes Civic Nationalism.

By Carolyn Yeager

YESTERDAY, I WAS ONCE AGAIN SUPRISED TO SEE JACK SEN'S NAME prominently displayed under the “Featured Article” on the Occidental Observer's home page. Sen(gupta) is the notorious bully who used to use threats and harrassment against those who aroused his ire. I was once a victim of this opportunist myself, which I eventually documented in a couple of posts here at carolynyeager.net. Do a search on his name to see them.

The previous times that Sen(gupta) had a featured article at TOO are here, here and here.

Here is Andrew Joyce Ph.D., blatantly promoting Jack Sen and his “British Renaissance” nationalist 'project' in a 2015 article at TOO. BR was a total failure and is now offline, apparently defunct, without any explanation. (The initials may have morphed into “British Resistance” which appears to be mainly a support for Resistance Radio, on which both MacDonald and more recently Jared Taylor have been interviewed.)

You may justifiably ask, Why do you, Carolyn, take it upon yourself to criticize the content at TOO and some of the views and choices of Dr. Kevin MacDonald? I do so in this instance based on the fact that I wrote a comment to Sen's Aug. 25 article and my comment was denied publication. This long article by Sen is Part 1, which means a Part 2 is coming. (Jack Sen is very long-winded and always ends up saying more than the reader wants to wade through). But I have the alternative to use my own platform to publish this comment and to bring attention to how deep my differences with Dr. MacDonald go.

Here is my rejected comment:

I am disheartened that TOO and editor Kevin MacDonald has once again published an article by the notorious online harrass-er and quick change artist Jack Sen (Sengupta). Sen's creepy attacks on me have been only partially documented here (https://carolynyeager.net/what-ive-learned-about-jack-sengupta), an article that also includes his extensive lying about his own person and past.

Since I am not the only victim of Sen's characteristic attacks, one might question why TOO publishes him. I think it's because he comes (for some reason I can't fathom) highly recommended by Dr. Andrew Joyce, even though Sen's British Renaissance “Policy Institute” that Joyce had recommended a couple years ago to TOO readers has gone bust. But not to worry, Sen is calling himself co-founder with Nick Griffin of Resistance Radio, so that he can have some kind of position.

Sen and Griffin did a videocast a couple years ago (I think under the Resistance label) in which they trashed Holocaust Revisionism (https://carolynyeager.net/jack-sen-nick-griffin-agree-its-best-not-talk-about-holocaust). So there at least is what these four men have in common: they want to talk about the Jews but are not interested in questioning the Holocaust. On that note, I have to say my opinion of TOO has never been at a lower point.

So yes, it comes down once again to Holocaust Revisionism. This evil Holocaust lie is at the base of the successful erection of the Global New World Order that celebrates the dominance of Judaism and Israel. Those who purport to stand up against the rule of Jews, and the great privileges Jews enjoy since WWII (Special Treatment For Jews), but who yet quake in fear of taking on the Holocaust Myth because it's too 'third rail,' are assuring the loss of the very war they claim to be fighting.

They are wasting our time.

They will not succeed. They tell us they can 'go around' or 'step over' or otherwise ignore that huge elephant in the room so as to not arouse the wrath of the powerful Jewish establishment. If they ignore it, the Jews will allow them to continue writing their blogs and collecting donations, keeping all the White dissidents occupied and entertained, while not undermining Jewish moral authority.

This is moral cowardice. This is what I want to bring to your attention, and I will continue to do so.


Probably your comment was rejected as much for the advocacy of Holocaust Revisionism as for the criticism of Sengupta. MacDonald seems to be literally terrified of that subject.
At the same time, he does seem to be trying to collect non-White authors for TOO. In addition to this Indian, he now has two Jews.
Meanwhile he will no longer publish essays by me.
In November of last year I asked the rhetorical question, "Is Breitbart now more radical than The Occidental Observer?" The occasion for it was that MacDonald had published a rather lame article by one of his Jews, "Marcus Alethia, Ph.D.", that purported to defend Steve Bannon by denying that he was a racist and anti-Semite. Some defense! TOO's readers on the whole probably would be delighted if only Bannon were a racist and anti-Semite. It was moot and inane to "defend" Bannon from such imputations.
Meanwhile Ann Coulter, in an interview published on Breitbart, advocated following the lead of the Alt Right in relishing the label of racist. That is a much more radical attitude than that espoused by MacDonald's Jew. http://national-socialist-worldview.blogspot.com/2016/11/is-breitbart-now-more-radical-than.html
Jews don't share our interests, and when Indians get involved in our affairs, it seems that they lack our common sense. Look at the mindless parrot called Nikki Haley who would brainlessly conduct us into war, or that slimy doubletalker Dinesh D'souza who aggressively reinforces the Republican tendency toward cowardly flight from the accusation of racism. On the other end there is Alexander Jacob, who likes the Holocaust and therefore sees no reason to challenge it. (Tulsi Gabbard did good when she spoke against the Jews' anti-Syrian propaganda, but she's only half-Indian.) When Indians get involved in our affairs they tend to take us in directions that are not where we need to go. 

One would think that after all the hoaxing of "Giacomo Vallone" that TOO, MacDonald, Joyce would have some sense as to where (?) he's coming from. 
This certainly sends up flares as to what the ulterior motives of people who sponsor such phonies are. How do they benefit by what they do? Or who's filling their pockets?
Thanks for the heads up Carolyn. At a time when there is just so many charlatans and opportunists infiltrating into so many venues which ultimately end up threatening the health and validity of a pro White movement - actually denigrating it - exposes are much needed. Thanks for "separating the wheat from the chaff." 

All I can say is I'm with you, Carolyn (and Hadding Scott), and I feel your dismay over these less-than-brave White "leaders" or "spokespeople" who kowtow to TPTB and have contempt for Revisionism.  I share your moral conviction too that THE LIE about the "Holocaust" has to be confronted in order to move White people out from under the chains of mental enslavement to a false and foreign dogma that has been distorting German and American history for a very long time.  It's good to blow the horn on these men whose spines are not straight and sturdy and just call it as you see it, which is just really seeing things in the pro-White movement as they pathetically are.

You nailed it Virgo and I'm glad you just said that in my most recent post, "Andy Anglin chats with Greggy Johnson". Cheers!

with regard to Jack Sen. If so I certainly can pat myself on the back.

There have been two articles published at TOO since Part 1 of Sen's "expose" of Anne Marie Waters. I've never known Kevin MacDonald to put so much space between a Part 1 and Part 2 -- usually Two follows One immediately.

I confess I had a thought that if he actually clicked on the hyperlink of the article I wrote last years, he would have to be embarrassed at what he found.  MacDonald may also have gotten private word from someone he placed more confidence in than me ... like Jez Turner, former Sen friend  turned enemy. If so, this will have been the last stand for Sen, I would think. How many times can he reinvent himself?

So now it's three new 'featured articles" following Jack Sen's 'Part 1'. I'm quite sure Part 2 will not appear. But will there be an apology to the readers? I'm quite sure not.

My comment really should have been posted. It turns out that MacDonald often rejects things and removes things without saying a word about it. He won't say another word about Sen either, and neither will Andrew Joyce. Not impressive.

Jack Sen is known in the UK for stalking and harassing, especially women.
British Renaissance is no more than a tiny facebook group. He has lost the website and his you tube channel, no doubt, because he's broke.
British Resistance radio is the work of others, not Sen's. He just tries to put his name to everything.
There's not an org that will give him the time of day in the UK.  He's a clown, attempting to get blacks to join his group.
He is also the main suspect in giving details to Antifa, as everywhere Jez Turner has a meeting now, Antifa are there.

It's a sad case alright. He certainly had a way to get people to believe in him ... until they had reason to try to ditch him and then, wham - he gets nasty.

But what do you know -- Sen's Part Two was just published! Almost 3 weeks after Part One.  http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2017/09/12/if-elected-party-leader-zionist-anne-marie-waters-will-sound-ukips-death-knell-part-2/#more-154631

Before I wrote this comment I checked over at Sen's EKP site to see if he had added any new nastiness about me. What I found was that he had removed everything! And cleaned up that site in other ways, like getting rid of most of his fake list of 'contributors'. So perhaps someone like Andrew Joyce told him to stop behaving in such a juvenile way and clean up his act if he wanted anymore of his (Andrew's) help.

No one reads your site. the reason whay it was a wise move to clean his site of things about you. I know as i admi the site
The only failure is your attempts at bearing children. BR has been covered by mainstream websites including a broadcast on grooming gangs ON FOX NEWS
Nastiness taken down about you as he was hoping to ignore you. It will be going back up though with a lot more if this continues. One more word about him on your site or to anyone that knows him and more goes up.Rodney martin has a lot of great stuff on you, you wrinkled childrless harpy. Again one more mention of him and this will get as ugly as you are
Carl mason