Germany exit polls: AfD takes 13% in very strong showing

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2017-09-24 14:10

Top candidates Alexander Gauland (Brandenburg) and Alice Weidel (Baden-Wurttemberg) are cheered at the AfD election night headquarters after leading the party to an impressive showing. They will hold a press conference tomorrow. There is video of the crowd celebrating at the official AfD web site. The regular press refuses to show anything positive about the party.

September 24, 2017

THE RIGHT IS CELEBRATING A MAJOR VICTORY TONIGHT IN GERMANY, while Angela Merkel has been badly bruised. The 2017 Federal election exit polls, always very accurate in Germany, show the four-year-old anti-immigrant Alternative fur Deutschland party with a stunning 13% share of the vote, whereas 11% was the highest that had been anticipated in the mainstream media.

Merkel's CDU-CSU coalition party was reduced to only 33% and the once dominant Social Democrat party is sitting at a palty 20.8%. You can follow the projected results here. Reuters also has a live thread here.  Interactive Map of how Germans voted here. This is not the final tally, which will probably not be available until tomorrow. But it's the best possible news for our beseiged beloved homeland, thanks to the persistence of patriots!

The AfD won 94 seats in the Bundestag. Projected votes for AfD in Western Germany are at 11% of the electorate, and a whopping 21.5% of the electorate in Eastern Germany.

The final tally is: 12.6% for the Alternative fuer Deutschland party; 10.7 for the Free Democrats (Corporate Libertarians); 9.2 for The Left (Communists); 8.9 for the Greens (Gays and Pedophiles). The CDU/CSU (Conservatives) won 30.2% and the SPD (Socialists) 20.8.

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I don't like the AfD, which is a Putinist front group, like France's Front National - hardly what Hitler would have wanted. But the reaction from old friends like Ron Lauder is marvellous:
The Overton window has shifted, the stranglehold has loosened. The notion that a German nationalist party (which says some vaguely nice things about German soldiers in WWI and WII) could be elected to the Bundestag was unthinkable twenty years ago.

It's just your idea that its a Putinist front, not theirs.

Since the AfD has managed to "shift the Overton window" maybe you should change your mind about not liking them.

Perhaps I'm wrong. Trump was cast by the media as a Putin puppet this time last year, but he has since proved himself to be his own man.
AfD's ties to Putin have been copiously documented. Google 'AfD Putin' and see...
 Here's one article from Der Spiegel in April last year.
AfD politicians may be banned from entering Ukraine for five years because of their support for Putin and the annexation of Crimea...
But it seems as though there is a Putinist and anti-Putinist faction in the AfD, Weidel leading the former, Petry the latter:
But not all members of the AfD leadership are pleased with the activities of the pro-Russian faction. At the party conference this weekend in Stuttgart, foreign policy is expected to be one of the more divisive issues. "In my assessment, AfD's approach to Russia is too imbalanced at the moment," says Alice Weidel, a member of the party's national executive committee. "It's important to me that the party isn't forced into a one-sided strategy on this issue." An economist by training, Weidel also warns against withdrawing from NATO. "We have enjoyed prosperity and peace for decades. We owe this to the Euro-Atlantic community," she says.
 But Frauke Petry, head of the national party, is following a different course. In a recent letter to party members, she began paving the way for a new strategic orientation toward the east.
 The Weidel faction has won out now that Petry has gone? We shall see...

"Frauke Petry, co-leader of AfD, stormed out of a news conference after saying she would take up her seat but would not be part of AfD's parliamentary group."

What does this mean? Is there infighting in the AFD party?

Frauke Petry has been at odds with the majority since before the campaigning started. But she was in the last months of her pregnancy so pulled back and attended to that. It's too bad she (and her new husband) takes the position she does -- I always liked her -- but now, politically,  I prefer the lesbian to the mother of five.

She is saying she wanted the AfD to be "part of the government", not an opposition party. But the government refuses to accept the AfD or even talk to them, so the AfD would have to water itself down way too much in order to reach Petry's goal. Won't work.

Petry doesn't want any association with "Nazism" but they're going to be called that no matter what. That's the only plan the Left has to deal with patriotic ideas. Petry is being unreasonable. Sad.

I've been noticing this line from Ronald Lauder:

Ronald Lauder, president of the New York-based World Jewish Congress, called Chancellor Angela Merkel a “true friend of Israel and the Jewish people” and decried the AfD’s gains at a time when anti-Semitism was increasing across the globe.

I've heard that a lot but have never heard her called 'a true friend of Germany and the German people,' have you? The self-hate in Germany has reached toxic levels.

Maybe this is why Petry left:

"One shouldn’t be fooled by organized Jewry’s fear of AfD. On Saturday, The Times of Israel boasted: Loathed by Jews, German’s far-right AfD loves the Jewish state. AfD’s propagandist at Facebook is Shahak Shapira, an Israeli citizen"

Frauke Petry wants the party to be more moderate than most AfD members do, but the party as a whole is NOT anti-Jewish and is Pro-Israel. Run-of-the-mill-bloggers like Rehmat just read various opinions on the Internet and copy them in order to put something on their blogs. They are worth no more than that.

Petry stated in plain language her reasons for going independent, so you don't need to speculate.

I believe support for Israel is in the German constitution (Basic Law), so it's not even an issue in Germany. One can only go by the party policy positions and the public statements of its leaders. The fact that everyone condemns the AfD as neo-nazi tells the tale. Adolf Hitler was accused of being pro-Jewish, a secret Jew ... and still is. I read that Times of Israel article myself. Jews always come at us from all sides. No surprise.