New Prime Minister of Poland appointed by Law and Justice Party has “Jewish roots”

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2017-12-09 15:22

By Carolyn Yeager

THE SUCCESSOR TO PM BEATA SZYDLO,  close associate of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the ruling national-conservative, Christian-democratic PiS party in Poland, has been identified as a half-Jew. 

Right: Standing on the left at the Warsaw Zoo on Sept. 18, 2017Mateusz Morawiecki holds a document honoring rescuers of Polish Jewry . (Photo courtesy of From the Depths)

Mateusz Morawiecki was Finance Minister and a former bank chairman in the Santander Group. He was not even a member of Kaczynski's party two years ago, but joined the government as minister for economic development in 2015. His Jewish roots were known in Poland since he spoke about it earlier this year at a ceremony at the Warsaw Zoo.

He remembered two aunts who he said were Jews, at least one of which he was related to by blood (this latter according to a Jewish organizer of the Zoo event). Such an aunt has to be a sister of one's father or mother, making Morawiecki half-Jewish, probably through his mother. One of these aunts now lives in Israel, Morawiecki said, because she escaped eastward into Russian-held territories. This is where so many Polish Jews went who were later said to to have been murdered by the 'Nazis' in Auschwitz and elsewhere.

Morawiecki defends that 3 million myth as do all Poles, which makes it that 90% of Polish Jews were killed, whereas in reality they were welcomed into the Soviet Union, a fact which has been covered up in order to defend the imaginary number of 3 million Jewish-Polish deaths.

Morawiecki is only one of thousands or tens of thousands of Poles who are considered white Polish Christians but who have a great deal of Jewish blood. Throughout its history, the Polish people needed the help of the more intelligent Jews or Germans to enable them to find some success in competitive environments. Selecting Morawiecki for the finance and economy posts, and now for Prime Minister, knowing his Jewish background and sympathies, is an example of that.

I want to point out to people like Franklyn Rykaert and Guillaume Durocher that their enthusiastic support for the claim that Poland and Russia are so intrinsic a part of Europe can only be upheld by ignoring so many facts of history. This idea comes from the White Nationalist belief that skin color is all important – that all people who appear white in color are of equal, or close to equal, value; and from the European Union that wants to include as many people as possible. White Nationalists like to repeat that Poles are very antisemitic, yet Morawiecki says dozens of Christian-Catholic Poles “risked their lives to hide” his Jewish Aunt Irena. Multiply that with many, many other similar stories, and a different picture emerges. Poland has more "Righteous [Gentiles] Among the Nations" recognized by Israel than any other nation - a total of 6,706.


It would be odd for me to come to Poland's defense considering my family background, but regardless, I think Jews are much more trouble than they are worth and Poland would be better off without Jews.  The same goes for all Europe.  Incredibly, Ukraine now has the descendants of the Jewish murderers that led the genocide against Ukraine in the 1930's leading that country again.
I would finally like to see an accurate portrayal of the USSR in a good film, with the Jews as leaders of the deliberate murder of millions of Ukrainians while Germany was the only country speaking out against these horrors and I would like to see that film in every theater in Europe.
Ukraine, Latvia and others welcome German troops
1937 - Josef Goebbels comments on the mass murder and genocide the Jews are carrying out in Ukraine and elsewhere in the east

Peter, I hope you are not coming to Poland's defense, for they are guilty of as much infamy against Germany as Britain is ... and continuing up until today. Also against the Ukrainians - you must know this.

White people don't want to say anything bad about other white people; they prefer to blame everything on the Jews. But Jews are not responsible for everything. Both the Brits and the Poles tolerate Jews very well. Sure, everyone would be better off without Jews, but only Adolf Hitler was willing to prove it. And both these countries do their best to inspire hatred against him, and the vast majority of their people go along with it. I think it's time for Germans to stop being so nice and forgiving, and show some backbone.

I don't disagree with anything you wrote.  I have mixed feelings about Poles and Russians.  I feel both governments are doing a service to Europe with there stance against the migrant invasion (European genocide) and support for traditional values, while I regret their governments attitude towards Germans, particularly regarding WW II.  Like the rest of the world, they've been fed a narrative their whole lives which paints them as innocent as lambs in relation to the war and I now know they were not "innocent" at all.  That said, I've had some close Russian friends (who we agree on things when discussing Jews), but it's not easy bursting peoples beliefs that have been driven into them since childhood and in order to preserve a friendship I don't always say what is on my mind.
That said, I agree with you.  I support revisionist historians and I support AFD's Gauland and his statements.  That said, I think he has to be careful, especially if AFD ever takes power in Germany.
I'll also say that I have now read a lot about IQ, as it is now discussed on many websites, and I think there are differences in abilities between different races, I suspect the differences between Europeans are not genetic, but cultural and I sometimes think too much emphasis is put on IQ. 

Thanks Peter. I'm glad you agree with me for the most part. Culture and IQ follow genetics. As we can clearly see by looking at the IQ maps, success and accomplishment is highly correlated to IQ scores.

Don't be afraid to be a proud German and take your rightful and responsible role in society. The world needs us.  I never did think that being the "most liked" was much of a goal. Laughing

All of humanity globally benefits when white European countries (and in particular Germany) remain racially homogenous and genetically intact. This is not a racist or hateful comment, but merely logic and fact. It doesn't mean that Europe or Germany should conquer the world and exploit others, it merely means that racial and ethnic groups are morally and rightfully permitted to have their own homelands: Europe for Europeans, Germany for Germans, France for the French, etc., just as there is Nigeria for Nigerians, Japan for Japanese, etc. The collective rights of ethnic groups of people, just like individual rights, should be respected. I wish more people understood this concept.

But Andrew, despite what you say, the truth is that most Europeans agree this does not apply to Germany.

After both World Wars, they ganged up and took (stole) territory that was "for Germans" and gave it to its neighbors in order to weaken Germany. This in spite of the fact that Germany's population was then crowded into too small a space while the recipient nations (always including Poles) already had more space for their population than they needed.

They did the same to Hungary and Austria, who were allies of Germany. And in no case has there been the slightest move toward undoing this wrong.

And on top of this, the Germans living for centuries in those parts of Germany were forced to leave their homes with very few belongings and march West to the only place that would have them - the much-smaller, crowded and impoverished  post-war Germany. A million died or were killed along the way.

So, this kind of talk about white Europe and Europeans is starting to make me sick.

I do not see how you could consider Poles or Russians other than as Europeans, and that irrespective of talents, attitudes or past historic behavior. I do not accept the idea that some European peoples should be considered as "inferior" to others. We have seen to what that led in history from the English treatment of the Irish. Saving Jews from persecution as many Poles did is the moral thing, but allowing them to control your country is not. Reportedly there are still many crypto- and part-Jews in Poland and they try to become the elite again. Emigration to Israel should be encouraged to these people.

If you're speaking to me personally, I do not care what you "see" or don't see.  Even you feel the need to include "irrespective of talents, attitudes or past historic behavior." Anyway, I did not say they were "not Europeans" but questioned how "intrinsic" a part of Europe they are. They are more peripheral than intrinsic, and that includes in their accomplishments. Particularly Poles have contributed very little (or nothing) in the way of cultural, artistic, scientific and industrial innovation. Both Copernicus and Veit Stoss, their two false claims to greatness, were German.

Nor do I care what you accept or don't accept. It is a fact that many national groups in the European Union are inferior to other national groups. Superior groups became larger and stronger via superior leadership; inferior groups remained small and weak. Poland and Rumania are exceptions to this only because they were given the territory of the losing powers by the victorious powers after both the first and second world wars.

Your idea that saving Jews from being deported out of Europe by the ruling power at the time "is the moral thing to do" - and then "encouraging [these same Jews] to emigrate to Israel" later because they are harmful to the country they inhabit, is the weakest and most ridiculous idea I've heard.

Poland wouldn't be so backward if it were ruled by clever Jews. Poland has always been a mess bc of Polish rule; that's why millions of them keep flooding the West, including increasing numbers of them immigrating illegally to America: They are fleeing the mess they created!

Poland, and other Slavic countries within the ex-USSR, became the target of the Zionists in Israel before WW2. I am well informed that various political figures were inserted in various positions as sleepers. The plan could not be initiated until the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, and within 10 years ALL the key positions throughout the Polish political spectrum were taken over, and remain since then, in Zionist Jewish hands. Everyone wondered why the Poles would allow American Nukes on their territory ? Considering their antipathy towards their previous Russian occupiers, most un-informed readers would have agreed that was enough, but that is far from the case, in fact there is a HUGE resistance in Poland now to the presence of the American Nukes. Their installation within Poland could have only brought to fruition with the help of the Jewish Sayanim who now control the entire day to day political and social functions of that country, to a far greater extent than their control of the German political scene. This information is brought to you from contacts within the Polish security services, many of whom are secretly waging a war of resistance against the usurpers who have stolen their Freedom of speech and thought, for it should be borne in mind that with the privitisation of the media in Poland, it was the Jews who ensured how and what the Poles would be told, what they would see and hear. The Poles are in fact more enslaved than they were to the time of the Soviet era, only the chains are less visible.

I don't necessarily agree with what you write here, but I have published it.

"Everyone wondered why the Poles would allow American Nukes on their territory?"

What's to wonder about? Poland wants to belong to the West, not the East. It can't defend itself so wants American and NATO military defenses on it's territory. People tend to make too much of Poland as some kind of a power, which it is not. It is more of a pawn.

I agree.  Poland and Czechoslovakia were created to weaken Germany and Austria and the new countries held millions of Germans that didn't want to be ruled over by foreigners.  The widely touted "self determination" was not applied to British and French colonies like India or Algeria, and indeed those countries grabbed more land (in the middle east) at the end of WW I.  Their colonies were far off places with no connection to their own countries.  Poland and Czechoslovakia were created so Britain and France could become allies with them and threaten Germany from both east and west.  Today the Americans ally with Poland and put their missile defense system on former German territory there to point it at Russia.  The American presence in Poland could also be used to threaten Germany. 
The British used Poland as an excuse to create a world war.  The Americans use Poland too.  If Great Britain attacked Germany because Germany attacked Poland, then why did they ally with the USSR and become great friends with the commies when they attacked Poland a few weeks after Germany attacked.  It was never about Poland. 

I just discovered the long essay by Steffen Werner titled "Germania Esse Delendum" (Germany must be destroyed) and plan to write some about it and post a good part of it here. It's available on the Web in German  and in English. Maybe you have read it.

It documents the desire of the English to destroy Germany since 1895 because of its economic competition. Yes, it was all dollars and cents for them (Gold)! Or I should say Pound Sterling. I had known this in general but had not seen all the detailed stories and shocking quotes from the English elites and politicians, including the bloodthirsty Churchill. Well, I forgot some of it too. We all forget too easily.

For example: "In 1895 the upper classes formed a war party against Germany which still operates in 1994" when this article was written.

They confessed in 1895: "We Englishmen have always been at war with our competitors in trade and traffic. Our main competitor in trade and traffic today is no longer France, but Germany: in a war with Germany, we would be able to gain a great deal and lose nothing."

Lots more.

Just some interesting data, even after 2 world wars, Germany still has become a much better in many aspects and productive country compared to the UK:

UK GDP: $2.788 trillion vs.
Germany GDP: $3.979 trillion (2016)

An indication of immense German character and ability in the face of adversity.

Document shows Britain was ready to declare war on Germany a week before Hitler invaded Poland.

It was actually a lot longer than a week! But here you see the gigantic hypocrisy of this people and they need to be held accountable for it, rather than letting their pomp and ceremony blind you to their treachery. "We are a peace-loving nation," intoned the king.Like hell !! Remember their 125 year foreign policy: We are at war with every/any nation that becomes a competitor in trade and traffic.

Found an interesting post on 4Chan/Pol on these matters, by someone who has the Poles, and the British and the Americans (colloquially known as 'burgers' on 4Chan)pegged exactly right. He describes the three types of German-hating posters, Polish, British and American:
Anonymous ID:zV5CQOfU Fri 13 Oct 2017 00:32:50 No.145013592
Please note that the most common responses to these threads come from three kinds of posters:
Poles: Extreme historical and racial hatred of Germans mixed with a severe inferiority complex coupled with revenge fantasies. These posters will try to present their own historical grievances with Germans as a common problem for humanity and the only reason they get away with this retarded bullshit is because they get support from Burgers who get all their news from Brietbart and all their history from memes.
British: Their hatred is based on nostalgic LARPing as their ancestors fighting 'The Hun' thinking the EU is some 'Fourth Reich' that they will fight against to restore 'Pax Britannia. They cling to the illusion that their country is better off than others when it is clearly among the top three worst Orwellian, multicultural countries in all of Europe but will project their problems onto others especially Germany. Take note that they can 'banter' with others but throw a fit when they are on the receiving end. They autistically think Brexit has solved all their problems as their hubris and arrogance prevents them from admitting their mistakes both past and present. Take note that whenever responding to these posters there is a large chance they are Polish diaspora but the chance they are legitimate Anglo is just as likely
America: What more needs to be said. Usually extreme anti-German hatred is from Anglo or Slavic descended Americans LARPing about 'muh heritage' but it also comes from cuckservatives reading too much Brietbart and screeching about BASED Poland and evil destroyer of Europe, Germany. Take note that these posters much like the British also deflect from their own problems thinking Trump has solved everything as their country sinks further down the demographic drain. Their history comes from memes and their own propaganda.
Others can also hate Germans but these are the three most common German-hater posters. Now you know.

"Poland has 10 times as many "Righteous [Gentiles] Among the Nations" [...] as it's nearest competitor" - Carolyn, are you high on crack or just fabricating BS?...Which "nearest competitor"? You clearly are out of touch with reality (not the first time).

That factoid came from Wikipedia. The words "nearest competitor" came from me as my attempt to complete the sentence, as none others were named in this particular article. But another Wikipedia page contradicts the '10 times' and shows the nearest competitor as The Netherlands with 5,595, so I have changed my text above.

Thank you for catching that. It figures that Franklyn Ryckaert's home country is #2 after Poland.

If Poland has been infiltrated by Jews so much as you say, how do you explain its refusal to accept "refugees" from the Third World and the Cultural Marxist agenda (gay prides etc.) ?
@ Andrew
UK GDP $2,788 trillion, Germany GDP $ 3,979 trillion, looks great in absolute terms but not so much in relative terms. The UK's population is 65 million, Germany's population is 80 million. That is 1,23 times as much. Commensurate with this ratio Germany's GDP would be 1,23 x $2,788 = $ 3,429. In reality it is $ 3,979. That is only $0,55 trillion more. Germany's industry was destroyed in the war. Therefore it could start anew with modern machinery, while the UK plodded on with an old one. Same is true for Japan;s "economic miracle".
Interethnic hatred between European peoples should be a thing of the past, especially in this time of demographic threat from the Third World.
"Germania esse delendum" should be : (ceterum censeo) Germaniam esse delendam.
Yeah, those evil Dutch couldn't stop being human and ended second place after Poland !
Most Jews in the Netherlands were and are rather harmless BTW. Every country gets the Jews it deserves.

If you think that e,g. primitive Romanians, Serbs etc.. are Europeans you got no clue. Both the Japanese and Bangladeshi are Asians but would be ridiculous to claim they share the same Asian values. Do we share the same values with the Romanians?

"Germany's industry was destroyed in the war. Therefore it could start anew with modern machinery, while the UK plodded on with an old one. Same is true for Japan;s "economic miracle"."

These arguments for explaining Germany's economic resurgence after the war may be in error - It looks like Bastiat's "broken window fallacy":

"Most Jews in the Netherlands were and are rather harmless BTW. Every country gets the Jews it deserves."

So we have it from Franklin that the Netherlands Jews are "rather harmless." I do believe Franklin D. Roosevelt's family came from there - and of course we know how harmless he was. A wonderful Jew! His wife too, also a Roosevelt. Might you have been named after him? My brother, born in 1945, was given the middle name of Franklin after our great president, I'm sorry to say. Although my father didn't suspect Roosevelt was a Jew.

In any case, at this late date, and as a European White Nationalist, to call any Jews harmless seems totally out of order. This kind of thing is what has always made you suspect.

"Most" does not mean "all". We do have our share of leftist Jews, but they are comparatively few and harmless. Their greatest concern now is assimilation by intermarriage. And yes I was called after Franklin Roosevelt. My parents also considered to call me "Winston", but fortunately that didn't happen.

Big Jewish "umbrella" groups that constantly criticize real Dutch people/politicians and call them antisemitic are not 'harmless.' They are troublemakers. Here they're against a socialist who tries to defend the Palestinians.

Hi Carolyn, I see that you are still at it and going strong. Happy New Year!
If calling the Poles inferior is making you happier, so be it. However, it is the Poles, along with the Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks who are opposing the invasion of Islam. As they did throughout centuries in their wars against Ottoman Turks. And need I remind anyone that it was their fellow Slavs, the Russians, who were the main opponents of Turkey in Europe?
Are the "intrinsic Europeans" like Germans, French, Brits, the Dutch, Scandinavians and others too stupid or too cowardly to oppose to see through the multi-culti propaganda? Or perhaps both?
This being said, I am the first to criticize the official Polish historical myth with Poland being the innocent and pure, eternal victim of the Gemans and Russians. This myth is a real mess and makes me sick. Being fifty-fifty German and Polish, I identify as neither and prefer to read Russian newspapers :)

Hi Hasso! I'm so glad to hear from you. You know you're always welcome. My favorite Pole, haha ... no offense. A sincere Happy New Year wish to you.

Yeah, I'm fully aware of the Visigrad nations -- I give Hungary most of the credit. For the others, I would not say they are doing it "for Europe" but solely because they don't want foreigners and non-Christians in their own countries. Wise of them. They are very jealous of the independence, sovereignty, and peacefulness they enjoy. As the recipients of EU-Western European money since they joined (a long time now) they have the best of all worlds.  

These West European governments have been sold out since before WWI (probably) and it is they the patriots who remain (such as those who are always called Nazis) are up against. As you yourself say, Poland always played up to their camp - France, Britain and the German post-war puppet governments. No, there is nothing to admire in Poland's history, as far as I can see. YOU are one of the best things to come out of Poland!

With the NPD being battered almost to death by the other Germany political parties, the strong rise of the AfD gives one hope. And look at the FPOe in Austria, now part of the government! Changes are coming, although its a struggle all the way. Yes, I know they have to be pro-Semitic ... but it's the law!! Poland is just fortunate that Jews don't want to be there anymore. No opportunity.

What I would like to see is for the EU to cut Poland off because of its failure to cooperate, then see what Poland will do. I'm hoping it will come to that test.

Please keep in touch.