Adolf Hitler on 'Public Opinion'

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I'VE BEEN READING THOMAS DALTON'S GREAT TRANSLATION OF MEIN KAMPF and enjoying it so much. I had read the Murphy translation twice and was satisfied with it, and I haven't yet compared the two up close, but I can tell Dalton's has a different feel to it. A very natural feel to me … maybe because Dalton is an American academic. I have Volume One of the dual German-English version, so I also like that I can compare the German on the left-hand page with the English on the right hand page and see that the paragraphs on both sides match so closely, giving me confidence that I am reading just what Hitler actually dictated in 1925 when he was 36 years old.

Certain passages came across to me as so pertinent to us today that I was inspired to run a series of posts whereby I just copy them (and comment if I feel called to). I'm not starting at the beginning but in Chapter 3, because this is where I first felt that what Hitler was saying was so very relevant to us today.

Page 189 – 3.12 'PUBLIC OPINION'

Objectively considered, there is no other principle that turns out to be quite so ill-conceived as parliamentarianism.

Here we may pass over the methods according to which the election of the representatives takes place […] Everyone who properly estimates the political intelligence of the masses can easily see that it is insufficient to independently form a general political outlook, or to select the men who might be competent to carry out their ideas.

Whatever definition we may give to the term 'public opinion,' only a very small part of it originates from personal experience or individual insight. The greater portion results from the manner in which public matters have been presented to the people, through an overwhelmingly impressive and persistent system of 'information.'


By far the most effective branch of political education—that which is best expressed by the word 'propaganda'—is conducted by the press. The press is the chief means employed in the process of political 'enlightenment.' It represents a kind of school for adults. This educational activity, however, is not in the hands of the state but in the clutches of powers that are of a very inferior character.

While still a young man in Vienna, I had excellent opportunities for coming to know the men who owned this machine for mass instruction, as well as those who supplied it with ideas. At first I was quite surprised when I realized how little time was necessary for this great evil power within the state to produce a certain belief among the public. It took the press only a few days to transform some ridiculously trivial matter into an issue of national importance—while vital problems were completely ignored or hidden away from public view.

The press succeeded in the magical art of producing names from nowhere within just a few weeks. They made it appear that the great hopes of the masses were bound up with those names. And so they made those names more popular than any man of real ability could ever hope for. All this was done despite the fact that such names were utterly unknown, even up to a month before the press publicly extolled them.

[…] To understand the really pernicious influence the press can exercise, one must study this infamous Jewish method whereby honorable and decent people are besmirched with filth, in the lowest form of abuse and slander, from hundreds of directions simultaneously—as if by magic.

Those spiritual robbers will grab at anything that might serve their evil ends.

They would poke their noses into the most intimate family affairs, and not rest until they had sniffed out some petty issue that could be used to destroy the victim's reputation. But even if nothing were discovered in the private or public life of the victim, they continued to hurl abuse at him in the belief that some of their charges would stick, even though refuted a thousand times. In most cases, it finally became impossible for the victim to continue his defense because the accuser worked together with so many accomplices that his slanders were repeated interminably.

But these slanderers would never admit that they were acting from motives that were believable or comprehensible to the common run of humanity. God forbid! The scoundrel who defamed his contemporaries in this villainous way would, like an octopus, cover himself with a cloud of respectability and clever phrases about his 'journalistic duty' and other such nonsense. When these pests gathered in large numbers at meetings and congresses, they would dish out a lot of slimy talk about a special kind of 'honor'—namely the professional honor of the journalist. Then the assembled species would bow their respects to one another.

Comment: What we are experiencing today in the age of Trump is simply a more heightened awareness of the kind of media manipulation that has always been going on. Hitler really hits it in the last two sentences - what we see when these 'journalists' get together in their numerous awards ceremonies, which are publicized as 'celebrity events.'


Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf


Parliamentarianism is the principle ill-conceived method of election of representatives in England when England was under a Sovereign King.  America's Founders kicked the King out of America in 1783 and has not a political sovereign since 1783.  America's Framers used the word "chosen" rather than elected or electing Representatives.
Although on the verge of annihilation by a ignorant citizenry , America, the Republic, is still there ever since 1788; comparing longevity of life of America's method of electing Representatives to Germany 1933-1945 method is there any justification in knocking the U.S. Constitution's method of choosing Representatives?    

Allan, I don't see that "USA" or its constitution is mentioned anywhere in the above, let alone "knocking it."

The German Reich under the "Leadership Principle" of Adolf Hitler was a strong and very successful nation. This was the very reason the Jews/Allies set out to destroy it, which they did. That is why it only lasted 12 years - not because of any inferiority of leadership or constitution, but because it was attacked and set upon by overwhelming outside forces. It was strong from within.

In my comment, I was referring to journalists and the media, not to America's constitutional republic. But you must admit that our USA, which started out so well, is now ruled by International Jewry much more than by the people who "choose their Representatives." Look at what's currently happening with Syria and the stampede to go to war and depose its president. That does not benefit us, but is the desire of Israel. This is disgraceful and demoralizing. Our Representatives are almost to a man Owned by Israel. What does that say about our manner of choosing them?

You may say the people don't choose the right men, or women. Fact is, there are seldom any 'right men' to choose from, and that is because we have such a (relatively) large Jewish population who feel obligated to Israel. Many have dual citizenship, which we should not allow. Blame our Representatives in Congress for that too.

P.S. One Jewish citizen of the USA is equal to about 1000 non-Jews in political activism and influence. That's not something we should just accept as 'our fault.'

Yes, I agree, you don't see that USA.
Americans are separated by a common language. America has an unconstitutional corrupt government for over one hundred years and that unconstitutional corrupt government is reelected every two years by a corrupt U.S. citizenry.

I got something from Germar Rudolf yesterday that I think is very good, about our vaunted "democracy." He said:

People get (dis)information spoon-fed by a powerful and influential minority, and then what kind of a decision do you expect?
As long as access and spreading of information is not general and equal, there is no democracy.

Even our public radio and TV is totally dominated by liberal Jews, with Jewish hosts for most programs. I remember when they carried out a big protest, claiming that Public Radio was too right-wing, there was no balance. I think that was in the 70's. It was a major public issue with the consequence that Public radio-tv was "opened up."  Now look at it.

Congress, not censorship, unconstitutionally changed the founded Republic (republician form of government) into a (mob ruled) democracy. But, yes, Jews are behind the change for over one hundred years, yet Jews do not elect U.S. Congress.
Republician form of government; Article IV, Section 4, Clause 1, (ever since 1788) "The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;"  

Democracy in the whole world it's an illlusion, it's a wish expression of the people who wants to believe in the system, but the sad evidences shows us that is a game controlled by very few and powerful people, jews in the vast majority, that has all the tools to manipulate the thinking of the people.

What do you suggest U.S. citizens do to or about Jews? 

Carolyn: If the butcher Assad is gone it will benefit us Europeans a lot: We expect then  that millions of Syrian refugees may be able to go home.
Iran is another big problem: They are already capable of producing at least two atomic bombs with their +3k centrifuges. Believe it or not, we Europeans don't want to be nuked by the crazy mullahs!
After years of Obama and Merkel and all the other traitors passivily, lethargically watching by while Putin felt free to invade other people's countries, spying on us, medlying into our elections, hacking our computer systems(this is a real big security issue: Ask the experts!), now it's a breath of fresh air that at last, some real man (Trump!), has the balls to, since last Friday, impose sanctions on the Russian gangster oligarchs, which is not aimed to punish Moscow for any particular event, but a broader measure aimed at the totality of the Russian government's ongoing and increasingly malign activities in the world, as a WH speaker put it.
Thank God we have now Trump to defend the Western world against rogue Russia and its pariah allies: Iran, Syria, North Korea etc...Enough is enough of Russian lies and agression!  As trump tweeted: "Get ready Russia!" 

President Trump is not a King and is not authorized nor empowered to legislate. There is no political sovereign in America after 1783. The powers of government are divided between four groups, Federal, State, Court, and "Citizenry" (the People); reference Amendment 10.
The U.S. Constitution requires Congress to declare war on a country before sending U.S. Troops, and Congress cannot amend the Constitution; reference Article V. All U.S. foreign wars after 1941 are not declared by Consgress, therefore, unconstitutional criminal acts of Congress.  
Although constitutional the U.S. had no legitimate business being involved in either WWI or WWII. Congress unconstitutionally funded, armed, and fed Communist Russia in WWII, while U.S. citizens were on rations.
Also, Congress has comitted treason by "giving Aid and Comfort" to America's enemy Israel (attacked the USS Liberty 1967) for over sixty five years.

Above you said that America, the Republic, is still there ever since 1788. But it's no longer functioning as a Republic, or at least it's very corrupted, so the original Republic did not hold til now. Or how do you define  a Republic?

Glad you mentioned the USS Liberty - that in itself was treason of an American president with the complicity of Congress. Shocking !!!! Who can respect a nation that allowed it (inc. the highly paid military) and continues to cover it up.

The Republic is still there because citizens still have the same two powers in government as citizens had in 1788. But, yes the U.S. government is unconstitutional, corrupted, and reelected every two years by a corrupt citizenry. The ratified 1788 Constitution did not create an unconstitutional government.
Congress created an unconstitutional government by enacting unconstitutional laws (Congress cannot constitutionally change the Constitution), and the States have ratified unconstitutional Amendments, and the Senate has approved unconstitutional treaties, and citizens have reelected a majority of Incumbent elected Officials of the House in Congress every two years (reference the first sentence of, Article I, Section 2, Clause1) Nothing forces citizens to reelect any Incumbent.
Powers and Rights: Amendment 10 articulates the 1788 Constitution delegates powers, and reserves powers to the people (citizens). The two citizen powers in government are not written as powers, but do have a certain limited force in government.
There is only one Right mentioned in the 1788 Constitution, and that Right applies only to Authors and Inventors (Article I, Section 8, Clause 8). Citizen's inalienable Rights have no power in government to force government compliance. That correctly eliminates the Second Amendment as a force "in government". If anything the 2nd in government is a force against government.

In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs forever and ever.
Oscar Wilde

A Constitution for the United States of America
Article I
Section 1
Clause 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.
* All (any whatsoever)
* legislative (create or pass laws)
* Powers (ability or official capacity to exercise control; authority)
* herein (within this document)
* granted (bestowed; conferred, [by a higher authority, We the People])
* shall (an order, a requirement, or an obligation)
* vested (settled, fixed, or absolute; being without contingency [can not be transferred])
1.. That, the first and only sentence of Section 1, is possibly the most important sentence in the Constitution;
2.. Grants to Congress alone, the power to legislate;
3.. Restricts that legislative power to the items, matters and subjects that are granted herein;
4.. Affirms that a higher authority (We the People) granted that power;
5.. Names the two bodies of representation that are granted legislative authority.
6.. Demands that that authority is vested in the Congress. Vested is permanent; this requirement can not be changed, even by amendment.
7.. As you study the document you will find that Congress is not given the power to transfer to any other person, office or branch of government any power to create laws, including the Executive and Judicial branches of government, and certainly including bureaucratic government creations.

I have the Ford Translation of Mein Kampfe and it is labelled as the UNCENCORED Version
Because before this version came out. a book by the same Translator came out called: "Mein Kampf: A Translation Controversy" which documents and reveals over 1000 errors in past English translations and much more.
if that is the case: what does it say about the older translations of Mein Kampfe ?

It doesn't say anything about them. If you don't know German yourself, you can't judge whether something is "correct" or not. Calling their translation "UNCENSORED"  is a scam. I don't recommend the Ford translation because I think it over-simplifies Hitler's ideas.

Also see here:  Randall Bytwerk is a long-time translator of German texts.

By the way, there is no 'e' at the end of Kampf.

Thank you Carolyn :)
I agree with you. one who doesn't read or speak German is more likely to 
fall into Allied Wartime propaganda traps more easily.
I'm fairly new to all this area of National Socialism. I simply recieved the Israeli
version of it throughout my entire life. and it is a step by step process for me
to break out of the Post War Anti German Propaganda machine that is still going on to this day.

HOW MIGHT ONE ACQUIRE A COPY? (Pardon the caps). I can't find it on Amazon. Likewise not on Castle Hill Publishers.

Hi Carolyn,
Alone from this short fragment I can see that this translation is different from the previous ones. It actually seems readable - a welcome novelty. It's a question of taste, which is more readable, Dalton's translation or the original. Not having read more, I have no idea how accurate it is, but a comparison of this fragement with the original tells me that Dalton was able to achieve this feat by liberating himself from the straitjacket of literal translation while preserving intact the ideas. 
Concerning the subject matter of the fragment. "Mein Kampf" was written just a few years ahead of Bernaises "Propaganda" but Hitler, not unlike Trump, understood very well what "quality" media did, and how. It's incredible how much this autodidact was able to learn and understand by himself and then apply it in the real world. And he did his research without google while struggling to survive in the very real sense.