Don't be bamboozled into thinking you have to accept Joe Biden as the president

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2020-11-17 19:19

If you accept Joe Biden as president, remember that Kabala Harris is part of the deal. She will eventually take his place.

By Carolyn Yeager

ALL THE MAJOR NEWS OUTLETS, including Fox, are working steadily to convince us that Joe Biden has decisively won the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Not the slightest expression of doubt comes across the airwaves. The Republican party challenge to the result is reported as something that will soon be over, and none too soon.

Conversely, President Donald Trump is portrayed as an unreasoning conspiracy crackpot, refusing to see the reality that everyone else is fully aware of. His staff is depicted as having to tread carefully around him, trying to gently nudge him into acceptance of his obvious-to-everyone-else loss.

But what's clear to me is that it belies comprehension that the frail 78-year old Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (left) won the presidential election against energetic incumbent Donald J. Trump. Contrarily, I have no trouble believing that the victory was stolen by the Democrat Party allied with the left-wing media (msm). My first opportunity to vote was in the Kennedy vs. Nixon election of 1960; in that contest Chicago Mayor (and Boss) Richard J. Daly guaranteed a democrat majority in the state of Illinois (where I lived). At that time it didn't alarm me at all because I wanted Kennedy to win. Fast forward to 2016 and we saw all the illegality that took place by the Democrat-Media alliance in the 2016 Clinton-Trump election, for which no one went to jail or was even fired! Remember Donna Brazile, acting national chairman of the Democrat party, passing question topics to be used at the CNN town hall debate to the Hillary Clinton campaign staff BEFORE her debate with primary opponent Bernie Sanders!  Though Brazile later admitted it, she is now a well-paid “Contributor” (talking head) on conservative Fox News.

Here's how it works with the media folk: Their job is to keep the public believing in the democratic system by keeping us in expectation that “justice will be done.” Also by keeping personalities dominant over principles. Considering that this is true, why should you and I accept them as the final authority?

We shouldn't. The proper response is to say “No, thank you.” Remember Nancy Reagan's anti-drug 'Just Say No' campaign? No, I don't accept this fraud of a candidate who can only be a Trojan Horse used to bring an extreme-leftist, black “first” woman into the presidency of a country that would never have nominated her to begin with. No. I say no. No amount of argument that all responsible citizens must “accept the will of the voters” for “the good of the country” so we can "all come together" will work in this situation.

The questions about the integrity of the vote count are already serious enough that they will not be answered or proven to satisfactory standards. Questions will remain, no matter what the ultimate “findings” are pronounced to be. There is thus no reason to accept the election of Joe Biden as president if I am not convinced he is actually the winner.

I need to be convinced. At this point, it doesn't look like they're going to convince me.

What I am convinced of is that the Democrat party-Media is aiming to destroy White America and put in place a United Nations of America. I am convinced that the media, including Fox News, are not doing their job of protecting “Truth” but are instead protecting the status quo and their own status as privileged purveyers of what information we the people can receive. They will expect us to swallow it whole and come back in four years.

No, I will never be bamboozed into accepting Joe Biden, and later “Kabala” Harris, as the legitimate leader of my country - just because I've gotten used to it through media repetition. Never. Hope you won't either.


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I hope you are correct Ms. Boston:  Nicely written article.  

"My first opportunity to vote was in the Kennedy vs. Nixon election of 1960"
I find this very hard to believe.
I was way off.

Hi Carolyn,
No way do I accept these election results as portrayed by the msm! I’m not sure what will transpire, or the outcome of the voter fraud investigations, but if biden/harris are on the inauguration podium come January 2021, it will be one of the darkest days in my life. I hope the 70+ million disgruntled voters don’t accept this outcome either…

Thanks Richard. I hope we 70+ million can find some commonly accepted way of saying "No, we won't go" along with this result, and these drastic consequences. They like to say 'Elections Have Consequences'. Well, some consequences can't be swallowed because they are self-destructive. We all have the right to defend our life and liberty, and that's what its come down to. If it brings on a constitutional crisis, so be it. If we need it, let it be Now. Our future is in crisis (this is not just another election that can be fought out again in 4 years) and "Republicans" need to stand firm now against a treasonous democrat party and media. The Media especially need to be held to account for collusion and conspiring against the people. End the cowardice of those politicians who cherish votes above all else, and denounce the phony claim that immigration makes us stronger. So much to do, but the law-abiding people must stand firm this time.

P.S. When I hit the post button for my above reply, look what appeared (comment below). I decided to leave it as an example of what we're up against and why we must "gird our loins" and stand firm for actual victory. This is not a joke. These are the people who think they have the right to form gangs and attack diners in restaurants because of their moral superiority.

I’m glad you included this reply. If this doesn’t show the dilemma we face, I don’t know what does. It’s chilling reading these psychotic rants. Makes me more determined than ever!

Richard, I get them all the time. I usually just delete them, often even before I finish reading them.

Today's news conference by the Trump Campaign lawyers was very encouraging. I especially liked "Jenna" and her tough talk. Check it out, she inspires confidence that this time something might happen. This is a great team.

Thanks for the video link. Seems impossible for any rational person to ignore the evidence Rudy Giuliani and the legal team present. Or at least introduce some doubt about the legitimacy of the process.
Priceless moment for me: Rudy was talking straight to the msm. “…the irrational, pathological hatred you have for the president…”, demonstrated repeatedly over the last four years. How true!
I do hope these findings start the (snow)ball rolling!

You're a pathetic racist inbred hillbilly living in a mud swap somewhere in Mississippi. I've literally looked at your page for 5 minutes, and even a sheep wouldn't be as gullible as you. Jesus Christ there is tons of evidence that the Holocaust existed, and fucking people who are still alive who live through it. You're probably too ignorant to understand all this becasue your parents are siblings and you've been sucking racism out of your moms titties for your whole life. You will be burned alive in hell.

Sidney Powell Releases the Voter Fraud Kraken On Media to Their Faces:

Et tu, Tuck?
 And just think: many on the dissident Right wanted him to run for President in 2024!

Yes, and I told them that at The Occidental Observer (see my comments to KMac's recent articles) that Carlson would never get in the ring and fight, which is what we need. He will remain a highly paid OBSERVER. At this point, I have come down firmly in Donald Trump's corner and his team of lawyers headed by Rudy Guiliani, not with Fox News or any news network. Yes, Guiliani is overly-vain and keeps trying to color his grey hair with do-it-yourself products, with disastrous results, but he's still a smart guy with his heart in the right place. Nobody's perfect!

The Carlson Vs. Powell Feud Reveals A Larger Failure No One Seems to Be Talking About:

That's an excellent point.

You're right, Carolyn, there is no way a man like Biden could be president. I found this 24-second clip from a post at Rush Limbaugh's site, 'Plugs Makes No Sense, So Kommie Takes Over (And Other Comedy Clips)'. If you watch it, you'll see that Biden's anti-senility drugs are wearing off - rapidly. Notice how Kamala Harris rescues Biden.
I simply can't believe that Biden would be president. He's not fit. It's like a bad dream.

To your remark about the attack on the white race, there was legislation in California trying to make it legal to act with prejudice against whites in order to rectify the past.  I can't verify this but I can believe it's true.  So while there isn't any systemic racism in the US today, the left wants to introduce it as long as it is against whites.  
That rant of the Trumptard was really indicative of a closed mind and a mean spirit.  If there is a heaven, Carolyn, I am sure you will be first in line for standing up for the truth.   The Jewish population didn't change all that much between and after the great wars.  But is it any wonder that the victors have to justify their destruction of Europe with things like the Nuremberg Trials or the so-called Holocaust?  God Bless people like Ursula Haverbeck, you, and all the other freedom fighters in the world for demanding the truth.  
We have an enemy within and should it prevail and the legal vote be suppressed we will live to fight another day.  But I am with you; I will never accept that our Beloved President lost this race.   Some things are just too obvious.