Joining Sven Longshanks on "The Daily Nationalist" weekly

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2019-03-06 19:27

I'VE BEEN JOINING SVEN LONGSHANKS ON HIS RADIO ARYAN 'THE DAILY NATIONALIST" BROADCAST once a week. So far I've done two half hour segments with him--here and here. Next week we'll do another one. I'm not going to post them here, but I encourage you to check out "The Daily Nationalist" page for updates.

So far we've discussed my FATHERLAND posts and a couple other topics. It's nice to have an opportunity to speak about what I think is important while someone else takes care of the technical details. And Sven does a great job. Very devoted guy.

Radio Aryan has also been live-streaming all my old Heretics' Hour podcasts for some time now and their audience seems to be enjoying them very much. 


Hello Carolyn, I remember Longshanks making a fuss over the table talks. Do you know if he still maintains his erroneous views on that subject?

No, I don't know and don't intend to ask. There are very few people with whom I completely agree on everything. Sven is a hard-working, kind person, I know that, and basically a National Socialist.

Excellent, Carolyn.  Glad that you're back on the air.  Sven's a real workhorse and deserves the support. 

Bravo to you Carolyn.
I don't agree with you or Sven on many issues, but I appreciate you both and I hope that you both continue to do your work for many years to come. Our people are often filled with extremism and intolerance (the bad kind!), in that they attack and reject anyone who disagrees with them on any issue. When we have 100 or 200 major issues (albeit related), how will we ever agree? Not only that, but as you pointed out in your talk with Sven, we change our minds when we learn new things about history. Requiring total agreement on all issues means that nobody can change their minds! It's anti-intellectual, anti-rational, and totally an emotional perspective.
Re: the Jews, that quote from Codreanu is always applicable:
A nation gets the Jews it deserves.
If White people, Europeans, Westerners, were able to purify themselves, the Jews would all be unemployed and exiled immediately. They make the situation worse, but our own weakness and our own failings are what creates the opportunity for them to control us.

I hear an English accent. Is this guy actually British?

Yes. "Longshanks" was a nickname of sorts given to King Edward 1 of England (1239-1307).

Mark Collett, head of the "Patriotic Alternative" in Britain (probably operated by MI5 HQ), is a nonce. A dedicated young nationalist blackmailed and flipped sides.There is photographic and video evidence publicly avaliable to support this.Mr. Collett also brought Kenny Smith into their group. Mr. Smith is directly responsible for the leak of documents including the 2008 BNP (British Nationalist Party) membership roster, including the personal details of all members. these are facts all viewers should be aware of.