The Shrinking 'Holocaust'

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2022-12-03 18:37

... How small can it get and still be called a Holocaust?

Prior to 2021, Majdanek was considered by the USHMM one of the six "extermination camps" in far Eastern Germany/General-Government (formerly Poland between the 1st and 2nd world wars). It's now been quietly removed from this group, leaving only five camps in which Jews are alleged to have been killed as part of a planned genocide.

By Carolyn Yeager

ANOTHER 'DEATH CAMP' HAS BEEN QUIETLY REMOVED from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) website's pages on the "Final Solution."

A recent email from Jon M. brought to my attention that the flagship U.S. Holocaust museum in Washington DC has made a significant change to their description of “the final solution.”

Compare the "Final Solution" page on the site today with the "Final Solution" page on April 21, 2021, using the Wayback Machine. It at that time read:

"After the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, the Nazis began the systematic deportation of Jews from all over Europe to six extermination camps established in former Polish territory—Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Majdanek.”

So while only five camps are included now, previous to April 2021 there were six. The current version of the "Final Solution" page has the sentence, but you kind of have to hunt for it :

"There were five killing centers: Chełmno, Bełżec, Sobibór, Treblinka, and Auschwitz-Birkenau."

Though they're now using the term “killing centers" in place of “extermination camps,” it refers to the same thing. It's another sign of how they're always fiddling with the language, as well as with their storyline . Will the word  “extermination” now go out of favor?

Alleged homicidal gas chamber, disguised as a shower room, with all the windows at Majdanek.

It was always a stretch to make the detention camp at Majdanek into an “extermination” camp or a "killing center," and the shower building there, with it's windows and other non-secure features, into a homicidal gas chamber. But they don't explain, or give any reasons, do they? No, they just say on this page :

... recent research has shed more light on the functions and operations at Lublin-Majdanek. [...] It [only] occasionally functioned as a killing site for victims who could not be killed at the Operation Reinhard camps.

No evidence presented that it ever functioned in that way, either. USHMM is blatantly saying so without a single example or detail to back it up. They expect to be taken at their word, and unfortunately they are. 

This latest “revision” is not completed on all pages of the website. They start with changing a main page or two, and eventually get to all the other places where that 'old' information is referred to, as they come upon it. For example, on the page titled KILLING CENTERS: An Overview, they name only the five camps in the text (Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka and Auschwitz-Birkenau) but use a map that includes Majdanek and map-description that reads: “the Nazis established six killing centers in former Polish territory—Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Trelinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Majdanek.

On another encyclopedia page: they still have Majdanek included, on the map and in the text. It clearly takes them awhile to locate every page that contains information they want to change, with maps no doubt being the last to be attended to.

Liar, liar, pants on fire

But what does this tell us? That the entire “Holocaust” was a compilation of wartime propaganda and atrocity tales, much of it made up on the fly, that was force-fed to the public by an already complicit and involved media. The hoaxers didn't have to concern themselves  with any pushback from the totally defeated and leaderless former Axis powers. Both Japan and Germany had been bombed without mercy and forced into Unconditional Surrender. Germany especially was stripped of everything. Italy had already changed allegiance in 1944. The Eastern European nations and eastern section of Germany were overrun and put behind an “Iron Curtain” by the  Soviet Union. This resulted in the former detention centers in the German 'General-Government' -- the former Poland and then Soviet Poland --  becoming off-limits to Western investigators and visitors for 45 years! During this time, the myth of the “Death Camps” was propagated and had free rein. It burrowed deep into the world consciousness.

Now that Revisionism is still engaged in undoing all the damage that was done to Truth, it seems only good and proper that the Holocaust Industry, such as the USHMM, sometimes unintentionally aids us in this gigantic undertaking. We can expect other major establishment sources of information (such as Wikipedia) to follow along eventually, since the USHMM is considered to be (wrongly, of course) an authoritative voice. In truth, the USHMM has always just made things up -- which is why they have to keep adjusting their narrative.


Thank you, Carolyn, for informing us on this. The more I go down the Holocaust rabbit hole, the more I come to realize the huge number of lies associated with, and thus the lies we were taught in school.
You booklet, Auschwitz: Underground guided tour, is a very helpful, although there is plenty more of course.

Thanks Ernesto. I'll interject here some figures I didn't put in the post above. From the Wikipedia page on Majdanek, currently: the "official" estimate is:

78,000 victims, of those 59,000 Jews, was determined in 2005 by Tomasz Kranz, director of the Research Department of the State Museum at Majdanek ...

The total number of victims has been a controversial topic of study, beginning with the research of Judge Zdzisław Łukaszkiewicz in 1948, who approximated a figure of 360,000 victims. It was followed by an estimation of around 235,000 victims by Czesław Rajca (1992) of the Majdanek Museum, which was cited by the museum for years. The current figure (of 78,000) is considered "incredibly low" by Rajca,[2] nevertheless it has been accepted by the Museum Board of Directors "with a certain caution", pending further research into the number of prisoners who were not entered into the Holocaust train records by German camp administration.

Now the USHMM is telling us that is all wrong--null and void. Yet we were expected to believe it for 80 years!! That's where simple belief gets you -- fooled! Wiki goes on to say:

Of the more than 2,000,000 Jewish people murdered in the course of Operation Reinhard, some 60,000 Jews (56,000 known by name)[27] were most certainly exterminated at Majdanek, amongst its almost 80,000 victims accounted for, altogether.[2][28][29]

Just think, these 56,000 murdered Jews are known by name!! Eighty thousand are accounted for at Majdanek! Yet now this has all been REVISED to not be so. By a stroke of the pen!

This is what we're dealing with here. And it's all this way and will be seen as such eventually.

Thanks for that. Yes, it is amazing how much nonsense (I'm using a polite term) we have been told, and if anyone dared to question it, oh boy, the attacks. That is why I have so much respect for the late Ernst Zündel, whom I got to know through Michael Hoffman' book “The Great Holocaust Trial”. BTW, Hoffman coined the very appropriate term “Holocaustianity”, as you undoubtedly know.
That book gave me a quantum leap in my perspective of what happened. And, yes, your booklet also showed me many new things, although what I missed were links to sources of certain of your statements.
Back to Majdanek, it shows how the narrative can be changed overnight. Reminds me of the plaque at Auschwitz, changed from 4 million to 1½ million (mostly Jews), yet the total of 6 million was never revised down!
With this Majdanek change I would not be surprised if we will see more of such changes, on the quiet of course.

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Going to be tough getting their INFLATED numbers when another camp 'BITES THE DUST!'
Diane King

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Yes, I know the full booklet was 48 pages; I just printed the webpage and got 14 pages. I also looked at the orginal webpage.
You asked me to post my points here, so I did, perhaps I misunderstood you.
I shan't post my points there as you answered them here as a summary.

Further to my last comment here, I did after all post my questions on the other page, just for the record. So, you can delete my comment with questions on this page.

Thanks. I will get to it.

I have my 188 slide PowerPoint in PDF, I would hoping to pass it on to you for your review. It is a technical look at the camp
I have been working on it the past 1.5 to 2 years. 
It is on Dropbox

On their site, the USHMM still claims people were gassed at Majdanek: The SS murdered some prisoners  in the gas chambers, some upon arrival, and more after deeming them too weak to work. The total number of those who died in Majdanek's gas chambers is unknown.
So they have no idea how many were gassed, but they know for sure that people were gassed -- you're supposed to take their word for it.

Here is the current one:

It looks like this page has been changed (recently?); it no longer mentions gas chambers. All it says now on the subject is:

Majdanek primarily served to concentrate Jews whom the Germans spared temporarily for forced labor. It occasionally functioned as a killing site to murder victims who could not be killed at the Operation Reinhard killing centers: Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka II. It also contained a storage depot for property and valuables taken from the Jewish victims at the killing centers.

Like other concentration camps in the Reich, Majdanek also served as a killing site for targeted groups of individuals, including members of the Polish resistance, hostages taken from the Security Police prison in Lublin, and prisoners in the camp itself who were deemed no longer capable of work.

We see how they did this in stages, not in one big leap. As I wrote in a comment above, the original number killed at Majdanek was estimated, in 1948, at 360,000!!!

It has consistently been reduced to where it's now at "an occasional few" who cannot be identified at all. Note how they say, "like other concentration camps, occasional killings took place" ... trying to indict the entire German camp systen by innuendo. Don't say How. No mention of gas, or which other camps. They just play dirty.

Another thing stands out about USHMM: they don't give any sources for any of their information, but only sometimes link to other pages on their site. THEY are the source, as they see it. THEY are the ultimate authority. I don't know any other institution that does this.

Sorry, your artwork did not publish. Send me a link to it, and I'll try to do it.

Their whole plan for world domination relies on the big lie.  It's falling apart, like 911, JFK, etc.  The stage screen is being pulled back the ugly and evil  backstage is tere for all to see.

A joke that comes to me looking at the picture. Who was the richest personage in Europe in the 20th century whose fortune rivaled that of the Rockefellers, Astor and Dupont? The glassmaker of Madjaneck.
Thanks for your interesting articles.

What do we do with people (I am talking about a great majority) who do not come out of their cognitive dissonance? No matter how much evidence you show them, not opinions but scientific evidence, just by insinuating that the story is not as they have been told you see horror on their face.

Thank you for your great work.
In 1983, I visited my relatives in Germany for the first time, they took me to Dachau, and full of guilt, showed me what they would never do again.  I recall they showed me a photo of the paque at Auschwitz which stated "4.1 Million Jews died here".
Then in 2017 (by then I had become educated, and I knew the holoco$t was a myth), I saw a photo of the same plaque on th eintrnet, and it had been changed to "1.1 million jews died here".  I laughed at the notion that these same Jews that insisted on such massive numbers (eg. six million) and that they were all accounted for, and had families that mourned for them, suddenly lost 3 million souls.
In the vein of your article, the silently removed stories, Could you please shed some light on this ... are my memories correct, was there a plaque at Auschwitz that stated "4.1 million" ?

Scroll down and see photos of the original plaque and the newer one that replaced it. It actually says "one and a half million". But you're close enough. Too bad such information is essentially unavailable in Germany.

Exactly what I was looking for.  Perfect.
Yes, in Germany, none of this discussion is allowed, people can discuss this only with trusted family, and then only in whispers.  It actually causes rifts within families ... but that is because it is Truth that does that, as our Lord said.

Thank you for all the in depth resources. I find it very disturbing how long a lie has been perpetuated vs the Truth. The closer you get to the truth, the more you are censored and attacked. This goes for H-Hoax and modern Day C-Vid nonsense too. The more I learn about WWi, post-WWI leading up to WW2, the more I understand how Bolshevism tried to overthrow Germany and as many western European goverments (including USA). Many of the RED's in positions of power were "J's".