“Holocau$t i$ fake hi$tory” is not anti-Semitism

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2017-03-11 23:01

This neatly written phrase was spray-painted on a synagogue outer garden wall in Seattle's upscale Capitol Hill neighborhood Thursday night. It's being treated as a hate crime and blamed, by extension, on President Trump, but where is the hate?

By Carolyn Yeager

A REPORT AT THE HILL headlined it “anti-Semitic vandalism” and repeated that it is an “anti-Semitic act.”

The Seattle Times used the words “toxic expression” and “anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying graffiti.” It may be holocaust-denying, but it is not anti-Semitic. The two are not the same.

Rabbi Daniel Weiner of Temple De Hirsch Sinai must be rubbing his hands with glee. A neighbor, thinking s/he was doing a good deed, covered the graffiti with a sheet on which was written “Love Wins”, but the rabbi took the sheet down.

“It was a very sweet gesture and touching, but we took it down … I think it’s extremely important that people see this.”

Of course they want people to see it. That's why Jews so often spray this graffiti themselves on their own buildings and walls so they can keep complaining that anti-Semitism is a serious problem in society. I am not suggesting Rabbi Weiner had anything to do with it, but only that he will not be in any hurry to scrub off the carefully drawn lwords. [Wouldn't it take practice with a spray can to print so clearly?] He said the Seattle police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

What could be better for the Jewish community?

Seattle Police Department spokesman Patrick Michaud said police did not have a suspect but officers will be patrolling the area around the temple when they have extra time between 911 calls.

Why this is not a hate crime

What needs to be said in relation to this story is that, apart from the vandalism, which is wrong, the statement “Holocaust is Fake History” is a true statement that is not anti-Jewish in itself. It is not an insult or a defamation against Jews, even if they are under the mistaken belief that a 'holocaust' really happened to Jews just as the Soviet Union and the world media back in the 1940's said it did (as war propaganda).

The current focus on fake news (which seems to have begun with President Donald Trump calling CNN a fake news outlet) makes it very convenient to get the truth across by using the fake news term for the familiar holocaust narrative. Most Jews do not like President Trump at all, and his straight talk is one of the reasons. Rabbi Wiener said of the graffiti to the Seattle Times:

“It really is a toxic mix of Holocaust denial, the stereotypical charge that Jews are obsessed with money, and the notion coming from the (President Trump) administration that all facts are fungible … fake facts, fake history,” Weiner said.

The notion of fake facts, fake history started way before Donald Trump came along, but he has made the concept real and recognizable to the majority of Americans. This is a fantastic contribution by him! Because of how the MSM has treated Trump's campaign, and now his first 50 days in office, everyone is aware that fake news exists smack dab among the major news outlets and television broadcasters. This makes 'fake history' something everyone can also understand and find evidence of.

The Holocaust IS fake history and Jews ARE the world masters with money. Why should we have to deny it? Denying it is what is fake.  Why have four of the last eight US Treasury Secretaries been Jews, a number greatly disproportionate to the population? Why is the head of the Federal Reserve Board always a Jew? It was a foreign Jew, Paul Warburg, who designed our questionable Federal Reserve System and became its first chairman. There are many surveys of the world's richest men (now including women) and invariably Jews appear way out of proportion to their numbers in society. It's common knowledge that Jews throughout history have been highly associated with gold, banking and financial investment schemes, in connection with usury. This is not based on lies, but on facts. Finally, it's also true that Jews continue to dream up more ways to extort more reparation money out of Germans, and to also get it from non-Germans, all based on Holocaust. Jews also have constant lawsuits pending for "stolen" artwork, "stolen" real estate etc. lost or left behind during WWII because of their emigration to other localities. So further enriching themselves is very much a part of Holocaust for Jews and that is the reason for writing the s's in the form of dollar signs. Similarly, the impossibility of the 'Holocaust' happening as it's been handed down to us is based on scientific and physicall facts, not lies – facts that deny it should be called a 'Holocaust' at all.

So, yes, 'Holocaust is Fake History'. That is a statement of truth, and a statement that must now be boldly repeated wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.  It is a great statement, a great meme, powerful and concise, shocking but true. What's best about it is that it invites argument by those who want to disagree, and argument is welcomed by truth-tellers. So let's discuss it – not criminalize it.

Proclaiming 'Holocaust is Fake History' is not anti-Semitism, but liberation for all.


The term fake news came up because there were some obscure fly-by-night websites attracting huge amounts of traffic by posting fake stories that said things that people wanted to hear, like some proof that Obama is a Muslim. For a lot of people, that's clickbait and it will get widely reposted and draw a lot of traffic, and produce advertising revenue. I saw several examples of this kind of thing in a pro-Trump Facebook group before the election.
Some of them were spoofs of real news-sites, like abcnews.co.com, made to look like the real site. 
I would always point out that the story was fake, but I did not like the fact that Facebook took matters into their own hands by censoring such sites, because I thought that it was good for people to be skeptical about news. A lot of reporting by professional news-agencies is misleading. That has always been the case. It's good if people learn to be skeptical, instead of being made to believe that some big brother is making sure that they only get the truth.
The mainstream media were blatantly on Hillary Clinton's side during the election, and their bias was evident in a lot of fake and distorted reporting before the election. Remember the story about Trump's having raped Ivana, and Michelle Fields' accusation against Cory Lewandowski? And finally there was the baseless conspiracy-theory about Russia manipulating the election. There was a constant stream of such smears. There was no way that some fly-by-night blogs were more influential than this.
Well, amid the dismay over Trump's victory over and against all this media-bias it was absurdly claimed that Trump had won because of fake news, and Trump quite rightly turned it around and said that the mainstream media themselves represented fake news. 

The photo looks to be of the wall inside of a small park that was created to include the ediface of the old temple which was demolished to make room for a bigger newer Temple De Hirsch alongside of it.
In more serious news from Seattle, the world HQ of Amazon.com, CEO Jeff Bezos has capitulated to a request made by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Center in Jerusalem to remove all Holocaust revisionist history books from the company's book catalog. Amazon not only sold revisionist books and journals, but their print on demand service published them. What we have here is an example of an Israeli pressure group dictating to an American corporation what sort of information it can and can not sell thus breaching 'freedoms' purportedly guaranteed to the citizens of this country by the First Ammendment of the Constitution. As of last week Israel is the new boss of American history. Don't waste any time complaining about this to the company's customer service representatives because it's just another link in the inevitable chain of economic and psychological enslavement to the whims of the Jewish overseers of this consumer slave plantation we've been living on since VE Day l945.      

Yes, Charles, you're so right, but the Amazon capitulation can also work as a wake-up call about the unpleasantness of Jewish power. However, not if we accept it but only if we fight against it. Are you going to pledge not to purchase anything at all from Amazon as long as these books are not available? And stick to it? I hate to think of how many will rationalize that stance away.  http://carolynyeager.net/shock-amazon-deep-sixes-all-holocaust-revisionist-books-begs-boycott

I wrote to Jeff Bezos, telling him I was cancelling three book orders I pre-ordered, amounting $70 worth of books, saying, "You don't mind not selling books, right?  You decided not to sell 700, what's three more?"  But then I needed some sponge cloths, the German kind made by Bellacosa in Germany.  The online store wanted $12.95 plus $12.95 to ship them to me via Fed Ex.  That's $26 for 9 sturdy, well-made spone cloths that Amazon sells for only $9.95 with free shipping with Prime membership.  I looked everywhere in my town for these sponge cloths, two hardware stores, the Container Store, Bed, Bath & Beyond and even Target.  No deal.  
I hate Amazon and Bezos for its suppression of intellectual inquiry, for its censorship of free speech, for its intolerance toward anything not in sync with the Zionist perspective.  But this has only to do with books, right?  Does it also apply to sponge cloths and discounts on them?  
Convenience is still what drives compromise on principle.  I haven't given in, but there are choices that have to be made regularly.  Amazon has become a big conveience to me and to many.

It can't be just books, that would do no damage. Has to be everything, and that's where the convenience of Amazon will probably win the day. Bezos is so successful because he's built that into his company. Walmart did the same thing. It's not easy to be true to principles and fight the good fight.

Just buy ScotchBrite sponge cloths - they can be bought everywhere.

I did buy ScotchBrite sponge cloths, Carolyn.  I had to.  The German Casabella ones, however, really last for a very long time -- like a couple of years, just one of them.  Sigh.  Not really a great sacrifice to go with ScotchBrite though.

Good for you on cancelling your book orders.

I am not a big online shopper at all, but last year I ordered more from Amazon that all the years previous together. Two different orders I returned and got my money refunded. They make it very easy ... and  free. I needed a number of things, so I signed up for Prime and then cancelled it just before they were going to start charging me for it, so that worked out very well too. But that's how they get the volume, and the repeat business. It's hard to give up Amazon, I know that. But I'll never buy anything there again. Not that it will make the slightest difference to their bottom line.

A few years ago I gave up going to Starbucks because of its support of Israel.  Now its supporting the hiring of migrants.  I've told people I know about my boycott and why, but no matter, they go.  I don't think my boycott made much difference to their bottom line either, sadly, but I don't mind not going to Starbucks.  I pre-ordered the three books I cancelled with Amazon through an independent bookstore.  I told the independent bookstore that I'm a refugee from Amazon!!  

That's a place I won't go to. One came to my town 8-9 years ago and I've only been in it once ... and not to buy anything. Because of Israel, of course, but it's also over-priced. And unhealthy. It seems that Jews know like a laser just how to present their goods in a way most of us can't resist. Starbucks immediately became "the thing." 

I know some people would say I don't have any fun, but it's not fun for me to be ripped off or to be a pawn in somebody else's game. Love your comment that you're a refugee from Amazon. That's it!

I heard maybe a year ago that Howard Shultz, The Chairman and CEO of Starbucks, makes $9,200 an hour.
You can get a years membership at a large, well-equiped gym for under $200 a year. Join a gym! No matter what your age.

And I never once as much as set foot in a Starbucks. (Or Amazon.)

Calling the Holohoax fake history is a refreshing way to look at this so-called event so as to be able to see it more closely for what it really is.  I found it equally refreshing, though the "fake history" idea is superior, when Trump failed to mentioun the Jews in his Holocaust remembrance statement on January 27th.  He chose, instead, a more inclusive approach, changing the meaning from Jewish suffering to general human suffering.  Taking a chink out of the fake monolith was genius in my estimation.  He reframed it, gave it a different viewpoint.  

One suspicious indication that the so called holocaust is fake news is the lack of openness to any debate or dialogue.  But the so called holocaust gives meaning to the lives of the Jews.  It singles them out as being the innocent victims and, in a strange way, strengthens their claim that God chose them, that therefore they have rights above the rights of man.  Just like their Talmud says, gentiles are the sheep and they are the masters.  This being true the real victims are the German people who are accused of having an ignoble character and demonic motives for wanting to know the truth.  On top of this the Jews demand reparation from their victims.  Sincere and honest Jews would be very angry that they are being used by their kinsmen for fake history.  Sincere people should want an open and honest dialogue on issues where they disagree. 
Your reporting of the Bezos’s book burning as the CEO of AMAZON should be front page news but I heard not a peep from the Jewish owned medias. I only know about it because of your continued vigilance to expose these liars of history.    But again, all this is swept under the rug by the fear of being called anti-Semitic.  [The real anti-Semites are those very people who accuse others of being anti-Semitic, referring only to Jews, since Arabs are also Semitic peoples.  But then that is part of the fake history of the so called holocaust.]   Book banning is book burning.  


Criminalizing anti-Semitism, or 'criticism of Jews', is what the Jews are after. The Holocaust is a means to this goal. You may remember that when the Jews took charge in Russia, after the 1917 revolution, anti-Semitism became a capital offense. There's currently a very good article about this push in the UK at the Occidental Observer by Andrew Joyce.